OLTL Update Friday 2/26/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 2/26/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Brody is sleeping on the chair in the hospital waiting room all night unable to leave Jessica. Clint enters. Brody tells him that he just wants Jessica to remember him. Clint assures him that she will in time.

Jessica is inside her hospital room looking at a picture of herself and Brody at Capricorn. In the picture, Cristian Vega is in the background. It appears that she desires Cristian instead of Brody.

At the apartment, Cristian and Ford are working out and Cristian remembers that Ford did not come home last night. He knows what Ford might have been up to. Ford has indicated his “interest” in a student and Cristian remembers.

Langston is daydreaming and remembering her hot and steamy encounter with Ford the pervious night that was interrupted by Markko. Starr appears and notices that she has her mind elsewhere and is looking at herself in the mirror. Markko is also concerned about her. They wonder if she’s getting sick when she is making excuses not to attend Dorian’s party that she is hosting. She hugs Markko and tells him she’s so sorry. Starr knows that something is “up” with Langston.

It appears that Mr. Evans (father of Destiny, Greg and Shaun) is a security guard at the jail. Roxy enters and asks what he is doing there. He replies that he got a job in security and asks how she would know him and whom she is. She replies that her name is Roxanne Balsam. She owns a local hotel and is a hair dresser. She does his daughter, Destiny’s, hair. She remarks that his daughter is a great kid. She would like some “help” from him. There is somebody she would like to see.

Blair returns to Dorian and they talk about the party they are planning now that Dorian is back. They are happy about how Dorian knows how to throw a party. Dorian tells her niece that she wants her girls to know how much they mean to her. Blair reminds her aunt that she did the right thing firing Lowell, sending Mitch to prison and reinstating Bo. Blair is still worried whether all of the family is safe.

Kelly and Adriana are on a plane talking about Adriana’s “encounter” with the guy Adriana was with. Adriana did not like being interrupted. Kelly reminds her that she and Dorian were afraid that the guy was working for Mitch.

On another flight, Cassie is traveling. She pulls out a tea bag with her favorite tea. It appears to look suspicious.

Roxy asks Mr. Evans to find her name on the VIP list. He asks her if she really wants to go through with her plan. She admits that she really doesn’t want to do this, but she has a really big bone to pick with that son of a bitch.

Cristian tells Ford that he knows that he faked the flu so that he could go and see that “mystery girl” -- the one who left the scarf in this office. Layla appears and asks what mystery girl. Ford replies that if he told her, the girl wouldn’t be a mystery. Finding out that she is a student, Layla reminds Ford that he could get into a lot of trouble if he’s a teacher.

Right then, Langston cries and tells Markko that she has to get to the party because of how important it is to Dorian. He asks what if her fever comes back. She tells him she is “so done with that.” She then asks if they can talk about this later. Markko suspects nothing. Starr observes, knowing that something is up.

Blair asks Dorian what if Mitch has his followers watching them ready to endanger them. Dorian tells her that she knows how to kill a fun party and asks if she could make herself useful by seeing if the girls’ flight is scheduled to arrive on time.

At that moment, we notice Adriana and Kelly on the flight that appears to be experiencing some turbulence on their flight that looks suspicious.

We also see Cassie on her flight ready to drink her tea. A stewardess asks her what “kind” of tea. Cassie does not really know the answer to that.

Clint and Brody stand outside Jessica’s room. Brody tells her that he showed the photos and videos they have on his computer. Jessica remarks that it was like watching a movie. She did not remember them, however. Clint then tells Brody he knows that Jessica loves him and urges him not to give up on her. Inside her room, Jessica is looking at the picture of herself, Brody and Cristian and only interested in Cristian. Clint then enters and she asks her father about her “twin.” Clint replies that Natalie is a wonderful young woman and they love each other very much. Jessica then asks Clint if it’s true that he is not her biological father.

Mr. Evans unlocks the gates and lets Roxy enter to see Mitch. Mr. Evans warns Roxy to use caution. Mitch smugly greets Roxy.

After Markko asks Langston what is going on, she tells him that just because they live in a tiny apartment together, it doesn’t mean that they all have to be in everybody’s business. He then goes out the door suspecting nothing. Starr however knows better and demands that Langston sit down and start talking. Starr tells her she is so hiding something, and Starr wants to know what it is.

Ford tells Layla that he is a student just like the girl. As for his job as a TA, it’s not like he’s getting any severance pay or any reason to want to get in trouble. She tells him that he really does not want him to be leading a student on and breaking her heart. Ford asks what if she breaks his heart. Cristian then tells Ford he did not know that Ford had a heart. Ford remarks at least he has a six pack and goes off. Layla and Cristian are intimately and happily together, kissing and ready to go back to bed.

Dorian cannot reach Cassie. On the flight, we hear an announcement asking if there is a doctor on board. We just see Cassie’s tea bag in the tea.

In Jessica’s room, she talks to Clint about “Grandpa,” Asa. Clint then tells his daughter that he has to break more news to her. Her grandfather passed way.

Charlie then enters and asks Brody how Jessica is. Brody replies that the doctors say she will make a full recovery from the gunshot wound. Charlie is embarrassed. Brody tells Charlie he knows it was an accident. It was intended for Mitch, and he is not holding a grudge against Charlie for that.

Roxy goes to talk to Mitch privately. She tells him they both know what he “did.”

Layla tells Cristian as much as she’d like to crawl back into bed with him, she has to get back to work. She really can’t assume that her employers at the police station will let her miss a day.

Starr knows that something is up with Langston regarding sex. She asks her if she is pregnant. Langston tells her of course not. Starr then asks if she could have an STD. Langston asks how that could possibly happen. She’s only with Markko. Starr confirms that she knows that Markko is always faithful to her. Hearing that, Langston appears terribly panicked and guilty with what she was about to do but does not tell Starr what is going on and cries. She tells Starr that she knows that she has everything, but she feels so guilty. Starr asks her about what. Langston replies about not being the person she wants to be. Starr asks her if it’s about the application for LU. She knows that Langston can definitely get admitted. She asks about Ford. She tells Langston she saw him at Capricorn and he asked about her. Langston asks her why Ford would have been at Capricorn. When she finds out that Ford saw Starr, Cole and Markko but not herself, then she has a real “score to settle.” Ford knew where to find her. She goes out the door.

Brody tells Charlie that he would have done a lot worse to Mitch than what Charlie did after what Mitch did to Jessica. Charlie then asks Brody what Mitch did to her. Brody replies that Mitch had an ECT on a table and wiped out Jessica’s brain of all of her memories up after her senior year in high school. Charlie then asks if Viki knows about it. Brody tells him yes, and then tells Charlie that Jessica recognizes Viki and Clint but not himself, or Natalie or Bree or anybody she’s know since her senior year in high school. He tells Brody that he’d like to fry Mitch alive, and then shoot him so he sure does not judge Charlie for his intent with Mitch. He tells Charlie he must not give up on Viki and he must know that she loves him. Charlie tells him that maybe he should realize that Viki is done with him. Charlie encourages Brody to get Jessica back. Brody is similarly discouraged.

Jessica cries in her dad’s arms when he tells her that her grandpa died. She does not remember saying goodbye to Asa. He tells her that she did say goodbye to him when they had the funeral. She asks if he remembers the prom dress she wore. He remembers all about it. They laugh. She tells him she remembers the senior prom that she went to with Cristian. She asks if Cristian is “still a good man.” Clint tells her yes. He likes Cristian Vega. Clint gets a call and leaves the room. Jessica is still fixated on Cristian Vega and gets on the phone to call and ask for his number.

When Layla leaves the apartment, Cristian’s phone rings and Jessica is calling him and remembering their relationship as if it’s current. She asks him if he wants to get to the hospital and see her. He tells her yes. He can be right down there. He has no clue that she believes she’s living years ago when they were dating.

Kelly appears at Dorian’s door and Dorian greets her and asks her where Adriana is. Kelly tells her aunt that is the reason why she’s late. She’s afraid she has some bad news.

Mitch asks Roxy what she thinks he’s done. She tells him he knows. He asks her to indulge him.

Adriana enters Dorian’s house with crutches, informing her that she sprained her ankle. Dorian tells her she could sue that airport. Adriana tells her mother that it was her fault. She wasn’t looking where she was going. Blair appears to greet them both coldly and without enthusiasm to see them.

Langston goes to Ford’s apartment and angrily tells him that he lied to her.

Back at the apartment, Starr tells Cole that she can see that Langston has something going on. She assumes that she has worries about school. She told Langston maybe she should talk to that new TA, Ford. She also reflects that maybe “some people don’t need partners.” She jokes about that hottie girl who is Cole’s partner in his sociology project. She appears confident that regardless of how hot she is or whether Cole likes her or thinks she’s hot, she will not lose him to anybody else.

Cristian goes to the hospital and greets Brody. He informs him that Jessica just called and asked to see him. Hearing that, Brody asks why she would have called him. Cristian replies that she informed him that she was in the hospital and asked if everything is okay. Brody tells him yes, but he’s depressed to know that Jessica remembers him and wants to see Cristian but not him. Cristian then enters to see Jessica smiling and appearing elated that he is there.

Dorian serves Kelly’s favorite hors d'oeurves. Blair is still cold and makes a joke about Kelly gaining weight and having a bad dye job. Dorian then tells the two of them that this is supposed to be a celebration of Cramer women unity and wants them to hug and make up. They do so, but Blair is still holding a grudge. Starr enters and hugs her aunt (mommy’s cousin) Kelly. Dorian then asks what about Langston. Starr tells her aunt that she has “good news.” Langston is running late. She has other plans.

Langston confronts Ford about his little scheme to get her alone in an attempt to seduce her. He admits that if her boyfriend had not walked in on them, he would have. She then hauls off and slaps him.

Cristian and Jessica talk about their history.

Mitch talks to Roxy in a smug manner, telling her she looks just like she did before only with more hair. She tells him he better leave Jessica and Natalie and Rex alone. He makes an indirect threat to her about his next dastardly plan.

In Jessica’s hospital room, Cristian tells Jessica he’s glad that she remembers him. He is not feeling the feelings that she has for him.

Langston tells Ford that there was no way she would do anything with him because she loves her boyfriend. He smirks and tells her he knows that she wants him regardless. Every time he kissed her, she kissed him back. Last night, he asked her if she wanted him to go, and she said no. If she’d wanted him to leave, he would have gone. Like it or not, he tells her, she wants him just as much as he wants her. At that point, he kisses her passionately. Again, she does not stop him.

Mitch tells Roxy that maybe he can write a book. He is not at all afraid about being locked up. He tells her that he thinks a lot of people would be very interested to know about his past. Doesn’t she think so? At that point, she has a look of horror of her face and bangs on the bars, screaming for Mr. Evans to let her out of there. She runs out crying and panicking.

Dorian asks Starr why Langston had more important things than attending this celebration. Adriana tells her mom that she knows she is worried about Mitch but must know that he is in maximum security. Kelly and Blair argue. Reverend Andrew Carpenter, Cassie’s ex enters. Dorian is happy to see him and asks if he’s there to join them. He gravely tells her that he has some ‘bad news” about Cassie.

A strange woman enters the jail and tells a guard (other than Mr. Evans) that she would like to see Mitch Laurence. He asks her name. She replies Roxanne Balsam. He looks at the list and sees that Roxy was already there minutes ago. The woman tells him, she has to come back to tell Mitch something important. We look at her to see that she has the very same clothes and hair style as Roxy. 

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