OLTL Update Thursday 2/25/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 2/25/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At Capricorn, John goes and orders a drink. But Cristian can tell that he has something on his mind and is looking to see if “somebody” is there. Hearing that, John remarks that Cristian seems more like a detective than he does. Not far away, Starr, Cole and Markko express that they have really enjoyed listening to Snoop Dog. But they wish that Langston could be joining them. They all assume that she is just busy with work. But little do they know that she is with Ford.

Viki takes Natalie home from the hospital. Natalie is walking on crutches but ok. They run into Rex and Gigi who welcome Natalie back. Viki hugs Gigi and tells her she is so sorry about Stacy and asks how the baby is. Gigi remarks that she is taking care of the baby and not going to leave her. Rex and GIgi ask about Jessica. Viki and Natalie tell them that she “appears” to be ok. But she’s lost her memory of everything beyond her senior year in high school. She does not remember Natalie or Brody or her own daughter. Hearing that, Rex remarks that she probably won’t remember him either. Rex is shocked to hear that Mitch Laurence did to his sister. Viki admits that it will take a while for her to get her memory back.

Right then, Jessica is in her hospital room having a dream about being in love with somebody and wanting to be with him. But she doesn’t know who it is. Right then, she awakens to see Brody who wants her to get her memory back about their love. But when she sees him, she only remembers the “strange cop” who helped her and who has this “idea” that they used to be together.

Outside, Viki and Nalite go off together. GIgi encourages Rex to go with them since it will be hours before they know anything about Sierra Rose in surgery. But he tells he he wants to be there for her. He asks her where the hell Schuyler is. She replies that he denied his daughter for months. Why stop now? Right then, Schuyler appears and overhears them unseen when Gigi encourages Rex to go ahead and say it. He was right about Schuyler all along She tells him he must think she’s the world’s biggest idiot for trusting Schuyler. Rex tells her he’s not there to tell her he told her so. Right then, Schuyler leaves. She admit that he lied also to Rex. He then tells her that Sierra Rose may not be his baby. But she’s Shane’s cousin. She then asks if he told Shane the truth and how he took it. Rex admits that Shane was shocked but took it better than expected. Gigi then appears concerned about Rex and knows how he must not be ok after all he has lost.

Right then, Schuyler runs into Rachel who’s there to find him. She hugs him and tells him she thought he might need a friend. She knows that Stacy died and his baby is in surgery and all that has happened.

Langston pulls away from Ford when he kisses her and tells him that she loves Markko and doesn’t want to do this again. But he keeps telling her that he knows that she wants him. She tells him he needs to go. But he asks her if she really “wants” him to go. At that point, things heat up for both of them and neither wants him to go anywhere.

At Capricorn, Starr and Cole know that Markko is lost in thought and is ready to call Langston

Cristian and John talk about the situation on Llantano Mountain and what happened to Jessica. Cristian admits that he and Jessica used to have a relationship and remarks to John that you don’t just stop caring about somebody just because your lives change.

Marty then appears and informs them that she has talked to Jessica who is doing pretty well except she’s lost her memory and all the people in her lives beyond her senior year in high school

In Jessica’s hospital room, Brody shows her a web cam of the two of them happily together and she is telling him she loves him. She does not remember modern technology or web cams and he explains that there is a way to see videos from a portable computer.

In the hospital lobby, Rachel tells Schuyler that she knows about the oxytocen. He asks her what. She informs him that the hospital is doing an investigation. Greg told her that somebody forged a doctor’s signature to get a prescription for a drug that induces labor. And it was him. Right? He faces her and admits yes.

Gigi talks to Rex about how she can see how distraught he was to falsely believe that he was going to be a father and then this happens. She tells him that it was despicable for Schuyler to do this to him and to play with their lives this way. She tells Rex that she ripped into him for that. And to think he might have gotten away with it forever if Stacy had not gone missing. Rex appears emotionless and tells her maybe. She tells Rex no maybe about it. Her sister would be raising her baby right now. Rex then asks Gigi where she learned to deliver a baby. That is interesting. He admits that it’s pretty amazing that she could do it after all that Stacy has done to her. She tells Rex that it’s pretty hard to ignore a pregnant woman screaming bloody murder. It may be instinct to do anything to shut her up. But Rex tells her that it’s more than instinct. It takes heart. And he acknowledges that Gigi has one of the biggest hearts there is. She remarks too bad she gave it to the wrong guy

Jessica watches the “unfamiliar recording” that Brody shows her of the two of them. She admits she does not remember a thing and is not comfortable with his wanting to be intimate with her. She asks when that recording was made. She has no memory of it. She looks so much older, she tells him, still not remembering recent years in her life.. She asks how they met. He tells her that they were both in a hospital getting some help. They were able to help each other get better and got to know each other and they fell in love. But she doesn’t want to remember anything.

Outside her room, Natalie asks her mom if she’s spoken to Charlie after he accidentally shot Jessica. Viki admits to her daughter that she thought she knew this man but when she processes that, she doesn’t know what to think. Natalie tells her mom that they both know that Charlie intended to kill Mitch. So did she, she reminds Viki. Both herself and Charlie were grieving over the loss of Jared and had the same intent with Mitch. But Viki does not want to talk about Charlie. She just wants to make certain both of her daughters are ok. Right then, Natalie has the memory of being alone with John.

At Capricorn, Marty wants to get back with John and forget what she assumed he was doing with Natalie. She’s ready to accept it. But John has something on the brain that he is not admitting to Marty.

Right then, another girl enters who “knows” Cole. She’s a school mate at the University and hot. She takes Cole aside and Starr is kind of “insecure”. Alone with Markko, she tells him that she is not “jealous”. He tells her that he can see tht she might be feeling the same way he feels when Langston buries herself in her school. But they both need to know that their significant others love them. Cole then returns to Starr and informs her that the girl is his partner in Sociology and asks if she is ok with that. She tells him she’s ok with it. He tells her that it’s her call whether he does the project with her or not. But Starr is kind of insecure about the fact that this girl is really pretty and smart. She asks Cole what the project is about. He replies it’s human sexuality. But then, he tells her he was just joking. Yet he can see that for a moment, she freaked out. The girl then tells them that she has to go and it was nice meeting Starr. Markko then concludes that he will go back to Langston and admit that eh loves her. But little does he know what she is doing (with Ford). They are undressing and going at it. And right then, Markko is outside the door calling to her.

Schuyler tells Rachel that Stacy and Kim threatened to expose him for the lie about the baby if he did not steal the drug. They wanted to use it themselves. But he kept it because he thought, at least, he knew how to use it safely. She protests that nothing is “safe” about what he did. He tells her he knows.

Outside the baby’s OR, Rex talks to Gigi about how they were so afraid that Shane would not make it. Yet he did. So the same thing might happen for Sierra Rose. He asks her where Stacy came up with a name like that. Gigi then replies that she named the baby after their favorite dolls they each had as children. Stacy named her doll Sierra. Gigi named hers’ Rose. And Gigi cries remembering her sister.

Jessica tells Brody she’s sorry and doesn’t intend to hurt him. But the more she looks at the pictures and sees the web cam, the more numb she feels. He then tells her that he will leave. But he wants her to kiss him before he’s gone. She is not ready to do that. But he tells her that he knows that he is somehow in her dreams and in her heart. And he kisses her. But she does not respond the way he wants and expects. She seems to like him but has no memory of him.

Rachel admits that she found the bottle of oxytocen. Greg found it first and brought it to the house. He as going to investigate it. But she wasn’t going to let Schu;yler get in trouble. Only one other person know about it who is Téa. She is a bit worried tht she’s shared it with Téa. But wshe affirms to him that Téa is now her lawyer and will help them. There is no more evidence that could get him in trouble. But he tells her that his life is ruined. So it doesn’t rally matter anymore what happens.

Rex and Gigi reflect that even if she believes she’s done with Schuyler, if he’s the baby’s father, she will be “connected” to him forever. So will Shane if he is the father of GIgi’s niece and Shane’s cousin.

Natalie admits to her mom that when she was with John and he rescued her from the crash, she was delirious, running a fever and thought he was Jared. And she kissed him. And in the course of what they were doing, the “examined” their previous feelings for each other. And she reveals that she and John may be falling for each other again.

At Capricorn, John discusses the same thing with Marty and tells her that it was a mistake to kiss Natalie. He realized when she walked in, that he and Natalie are in the past. But, she tells him, she has one question. If she hadn’t have walked in when she did, how far would it have gone between him and Natalie.

Markko walks into the apartment, unexpected and unaware of what Langston was going to do with Ford. Before he enters, Ford hides. He asks if she was “ok” and why she locked the door on him. She then admits to Markko that she was not alone. He assumes, first that she mean that baby Hope was also there. She then tells him another alibi that the television was distracting her and preventing her from doing her work. He then acts concerned if she is ok. She admits that she might be coming down with something and asks if he can get her some aspirin. Markko then goes and Langston opens the closet door and pushes Ford out the door before Markko has a chance to see him.

At Capricorn, John tells Marty that he does not want to be with Natalie. He wants to be with her and believes they have something worth fighting for. He asks her if she thinks she can forgive him.

Natalie admits to Viki that her relationship with John was very intense. But things have changed and they are just friends.

In Jessica’s hospital room, she hands Brody back the pictures that he gave her of her life since high school and of them. But he wants her to keep them. She tells him that she appreciates his “help” when Mitch had kidnapped her. But she doesn’t have any “feelings” for him. Brody then tells her that if a miracle could happen up on the mountain so that he could save her, then he believes that anything is possible. But Jessica still has no memory or feelings about him.

Right then, the doctor comes out of surgery and announces to Rex and Gigi that the operation is over. But he does not tell them the verdict about the baby. Gigi appears worried.

After Brody has left Jessica’s room and she concludes that she has no memory, Viki is concerned that Brody might be pushing her too hard. She tells her mom that she does not blame him for what he is doing. She has no memory of anything regarding him or any time frame since she was a senior in high school. But she does feel as though she is getting close to “something”. There is something missing that she wants to remember. She just can’t figure out what it is.

Right then, Natalie and Brody have both gone to Capricorn disappointed that Jessica has no memory of either one of them. Cristian is nearby overhearing.

Jessica then tells her mom that she does not remember anything regarding Brody. But, when she looks at the pictures of her life since high school, she knows she “feels” something. But is it in regard to somebody other than Brody?

The doctor tells Gigi, Rex and Schuyler that he needs to talk to all three of them to let them know the verdict. He tells them that the surgery went well. But he has no guarantees about the baby’s heart. He does not know yet what will happen. All they can do now is wait. Gigi appears unsettled and upset. Schuyler wants to comfort her but knows he can’t

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