OLTL Update Tuesday 2/23/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/23/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Dani reruns to Téa’s hotel room with Matthew and wonders where her mom went. She knows that something is up. She then finds a note about “something coming up”. At first, she is relieved. But hearing that her mother has something going on that she is not telling anybody, she assumes it must be Todd Manning and she is not ok

Right then, Todd is alone in the house pretending not to think about Téa and burying himself in work. But Blair can tell that he is panicking not knowing where she is.

Téa goes to see Rachel who needs legal advice on behalf of Schuyler. Rachel explains that Greg informed her that it appeared that Schuyler illegally obtained oxytocin from the hospital. And it’s a drug used to induce labor during a pregnancy.

After Shane finds out that Stacy did not have Rex’s baby after all and she is gone, he asks his dad why he can’t get back with his mom. It’s a no-brainier, he tells Rex. Stacy lied about the pregnancy. And she’s not even there anymore to even attempt to sabotage Rex’s relationship with Gigi. But Rex frowns and reveals to his son that it’s not that simple. Shane reminds his father that the Stacy’s baby was a major reason why he and Gigi broke up. And once his mom finds out that Schuyler is the baby’s father instead of Rex and he’s lied to her along with Stacy, then she will dump Schuyler for sure. But Rex is less “optimistic” than his son.

At the hospital, Schuyler tells a distraught Gigi that the fact that they love each other should mean more than this mess. It shouldn’t have to change anything. But she tells him that what he has done is unacceptable and it changes everything.

Kim is at Clint’s home while Nigel attempts to pour the water so that she can soak her feet. She yells at him that it’s the wrong temperature and takes her frustration out on him. Right then, Clint enters and demands to know who the hell she thinks she is talking to.

Rex tells Shane that he knows that he would like for his dad to get back with his mom. He’d like that also. But she is with Schuyler. Shane protests that that might end before they know it. Right then, Roxy enters to hear the most recent news from her son and grandson.

Gigi tells Schuyler that she lost everything. He lost her man. She almost lost her son. Her sister came and betrayed her and threatened her son’s life and her man impregnated her sister. But then she thought she found somebody who would be there for her and who would never betray her and who was right for her. She met him. He then protests that he wants to be that person for her. But she tells him that everything that they have had together was all based on a lie. She tells him that the man whom she loved and who she was going to commit to is the man who would never get her sister pregnant. And even if he did, he would have stepped up and admitted to what happened and not pulled the stunt that he did.. He protests that it’s not like he chose to sleep with Stacy. She drugged him. He had no intention of having a child with her. All he could think about was wanting to be with Gigi and not wanting to lose her. She tells him that when she was done with Rex, she turned to him. And all along he was using her and tearing her family apart along with Stacy and with Rex. He then tells her that he thought the reason why she broke up with Rex and chose him was because he loved her. And now she’s telling him it was only because she mistakenly thought that Stacy was going to have Rex’s baby.

Rachel shows Téa the bottle of Oxytocin that she found in Schuyler’s possession Noticing it, Téa asks Rachel what reason Schuyler might have to steal the oxytocin. He can’t get high on it. Rachel tells her she thinks she knows why he took it and what it was intended for.

Matthew tells Dani that she can’t assume that Téa is with Todd. But Dani reminds him that Téa lied to her having her believe another man was her father and so she might very well be keeping the secret about Todd yet again. What’s more, it’s clear to see that her mom is always depressed and only cares about Todd. Matthew then asks Dani why then, she pulled her daughter out of Starr’s apartment and made her move into the hotel instead of moving her into Todd’s home. She asks him who’s side he’s on. He replies hers. But he thinks that it wouldn’t hurt her to try to get along with her mom. She replies it won’t happen. Not until her mom sees Todd Manning for the true creep he is.

After Blair finds Todd very depressed that Téa might have left him because she’s concluded that she cannot be his woman and Dani’s mother at the same time. Blair concludes what a bitch. Hasn’t Téa ever heard of multi-taking, she asks?

Dani then tells Matthew that she’d rather not talk about Todd or her mom. It’s too depressing. He asks her if she’d like to do homework. She then faces him and asks if he is kidding. He chuckles and admits that that is kind of depressing also. She then assesses to Matthew that the two of them have those whole big hotel room all to themselves. She then moves toward him and kisses him.

Todd tells Blair that that is what he likes about her. She knows that putting someone else down make him feel good. She tells him it’s faster than a greeting card. Todd then asks Blair what if he returns the favor. The then grabs her and kisses her and she squirms.

Gigi tells Schuyler she chose him because she fell him in love with him. Because he showed her that she can count on him. He was there for her through her son’s leukemia, through Stacy’s blackmail, through everything. The only reason she survived everything this past year was because of him. But now she doesn’t know who he is anymore.

When Clint comes in to hear Kim going off on Nigel, he apologizes to Nigel for her. Alone with Kim, he tells her she is way out of line. He tells her that she must know that this is his house. Nigel works for him and is a trusted employee. And she is little more than a house guest. He tells her that over the years, Nigel has done more for this family than she could ever imagine. And he will not be abused by some thoughtless little girl with a mean streak. He tells her that this is the last thing that he needs. Both of his daughters are in terrible situations and he doesn’t know what to do. And no matter how upset she is about losing Stacy, there is no excuse for her behavior. She apologizes.

Roxy goes to see Rex and Shane assuming that Stacy has given birth and nothing terrible has happened. She tells her son and grandson that she hopes that Stacy gets what she deserves. But they inform her that Stacy is dead.

Téa asks Rachel why she believes that Schuyler would steal a drug to induce labor and have a pre-mature baby. Rachel happens to know that he did not want to have a child and may have had motives for the baby or the mother not to live. And now the baby is in critical condition because of the premature birth. Rachel protests that she knows that Schuyler is a good person. But Téa reminds Rachel that maybe she does not know this guy as well as she thinks she does.

IN the hospital, Schuyler goes after Gigi and protests that he knows he made a serious mistake but he thought he was doing the right thing. She asks how he could possibly believe that. He answers that he saw how hurt and betrayed she felt by Rex when she thought it was his baby. And, hearing that, she concludes that he did not want her to see him the same way. He admits that’s true. He did not. She then assesses that Schuyler was thinking about what Schuyler wanted and needed. He was not thinking about her. And definitely, he was not thinking about that poor, sick baby. He reminds her that Rex already made a commitment to Stacy and the baby before he knew. But Gigi is not ok with the fact that he wanted to have a relationship with her based on a lie and didn’t own up to the fact that it was his baby and not Rex’s. And how was it ok to let Rex think that he was having a baby that was not his? How was it ok to watch another man raise his child?

Dani leads Matthew into the bedroom and kisses him and looks like she wants to sleep with him. He asks her what they are doing.

Todd tells Blair that if she can sleep with Elijah, why he can’t have her. She tells him that they can have sex but that’s all it will be. He tells her of course that’s all it will be. She is nothing more than that to him. But she pulls away, telling him that she refuses to be his blow up doll to help him get over Téa Delgado.

Dani then asks Matthew if he likes her and if he’s attracted to her. He tells her absolutely on both counts. But he doesn’t think either of them is ready to have sex yet.

Schuyler tells Gigi that he told himself if Rex and Stacy could find a way to make it work with the baby, then they (he and Gigi) can also make their relationship work in spite of the situation. They could be together forever and possibly have kids of their own some day. She asks him what he planned to do regarding the baby he already has. He replies that he thought he could keep an eye on her from a distance. He already knew that Rex was a good dad and could be that for Sierra Rose. And he (himself) would always be nearby in case something “bad” were to happen. Hearing that, Gigi jumps in and tells him that something bad did happen. She almost died on that mountain because of him.

Rachel asks Téa, supposing that it’s true that Schuyler did steal the drug from the hospital to enable the girl to have her baby early, then what kind of trouble would he be in? She tells Rachel that if the baby is in crises after being born pre-maturely, or if (heaven forbid), she dies and Schuyler gave her the drug, then, worst case scenario, he could get charged with murder.

Kim tells Clint that she was so relieved when she found that Stacy gave birth, assuming she was ok and so was the baby. And then when she left for not very long, she comes back and discovers Stacy has fallen though frozen ice and is dead right after giving birth to her baby. Her best friend is dead and it’s all her fault. Hearing that, Clint assures her it’s not her fault. But, she tells him, he doesn’t know all that happened. Right then, she remembers demanding that Schuyler gets his hands on the oxytocin so that Stacy could give birth early. She then hesitates to reveal that part to Clint. He tells her that it was Mitch Laurence’s fault that Stacy was out in the snow on the mountain right before having her baby. But Clint knows that there s something else going on that Kim is not telling him.

Rex reveals to Roxy for the first time that he knows who the father of Stacy’s baby is. It’s Schuyler Joplin. Hearing that, Roxy freaks and asks how Schuyler could have knocked Stacy up after she gave a roof to that “snake”. And Schuyler then went after Gigi, she reminds her son. She then asks if anyone told Gigi about that. Rex replies yes. She knows. Hearing that, Roxy is suddenly happy, assuming that Gigi will get back with Rex and dump Schuyler. But Rex, again, doubts that it’s that simple. Shane then tells his grandma that that is what he tried to tell his dad but he won’t listen. Roxy demands that Rex listens to his son and to her.

At the hospital, Gigi concludes that Schuyler knew all along that the psychopath, Mitch Laurence mistakenly thought that Sierra Rose was his grandchild. He would have left Stacy and the baby alone if he had known otherwise. But Schuyler kept quiet. And her sister is dead because of him.

Clint knows that Kim blames herself for what happened to Stacy and that there is something she is not telling. He assures her that she can tell him what she believes she did. In response to that, she just tells him that she let her best friend out of her sight. And if she had not, then Stacy would not have gone off to the frozen lake and died. But Clint tells her that he can’t let her blame herself for that. What she needs to do now is concentrate on being there for her best friends’ child. The baby has no mom and needs someone like Kim to be there for her. Kim then reflects that it’s up to only her to let Sierra Rose know the good person that her mommy was and know that Stacy was not a total bitch. She knows about Stacy’s problems but there was more to her than that. She knows that Stacy fell in love with Sierra Rose. And nobody knew it but her (Kim) At that point, Kim cries and Clint holds her in his arms.

After Roxy finds out for the first time that Schuyler is the father of Stacy’s baby and she encourages her son to get back with Gigi, he tells his mom that it’s not that simple. Stacy’s baby, who is Gigi’s niece is in critical condition. She has a congenital heart condition that requires surgery. Shane tells his dad that they must be able to fix her. Roxy encourages her son to believe that Gigi needs a shoulder to lean on with what has happened to the baby and shouldn’t have to be alone. Rex gets up to go and asks his mom and his son to wait for him. Shane then asks his dad to tell his mom that he’s sorry about Aunt Stacy. Rex agrees and goes out the door.

At the hospital, Gigi tells Schuyler that her sister would be alive if he had told the truth. She asks why he didn’t say anything. He replies that he was scared of losing her. She asks if it was worth all of this. He replies that having her in his life meant everything to him. He ruined everything else in his life with his addiction, with dropping out of med school and with his mother’s death. Being with her gave his life meaning. But, she reminds him, he did not trust her enough to tell her the truth. He admits that when he found out that Stacy was carrying his baby, all he could do was panic and be afraid that he would lose Gigi. He did not realize his mistake until it was too late. He tells her that he doesn’t want to lose her. But she tells him it’s too late. She will never see him the same way again.

Téa talks to Rachel about the legal trouble that could be facing Schuyler. She tells her that she can take care of this. She is a smart lawyer. And she knows that in order to prove a crime, the police need hard evidence. They (herself and Rachel) first of all don’t even know if he gave the drug to the mother of the baby. All they know at this point is that Schuyler stole the drug from the hospital. But without it, all they have is a vague accusation. When Rachel asks her what will happen, Téa tells her she can take care of it. Rachel needn’t let Greg find it in her home. But before she’s out the door, she advises Rachel, if she wants her relationship to work, this must be the last secret she keeps from Greg.

Dani tells Matthew, she just wishes he would take off his clothes and have sex with her. He said he like her and was attracted to her. He asks her why she wants to do this. She tells him she’d rather it be with somebody she knows and likes instead of ending up in a sick situation with somebody like Todd Manning.

When Todd tells Blair he wants her, she tells him that maybe he needs to find a “friend with benefits”. And that “friend” cannot be herself. She tells him she is sorry that he’s hurting. What should she say about what Téa has done to him? He tells her he’s done with Téa. She tells him she knows better. But she cannot help him. Somebody else has to be there in order to “break the cycle” for him. She tells him that she and the kids no longer need to stay there since Dorian is has fired Lowell and Mitch Laurence is in custody. She tells him that she is not going to be “second fiddle” to Téa Delgado again. And maybe he should go back to Téa since she is Dani’s mother. Maybe that’s better than moping around here.

Dani admits to Matthew that she’s worried that she could end up like Marty Saybrooke getting raped by someone like Todd. She admits that whenever she thinks of “her father”, she thinks about what he did. She cries and admits to Matthew that she just thought if her “first time” was with someone as amazing as him. If she just got it out of the way, she could stop thinking about things she doesn’t want to think about. Matthew then knows that something specific must have happened to trigger that. She then admits that Starr was telling others in her building that Dani was he sister. And she overheard a neighbor telling somebody that she was “the rapist’s daughter”. Matthew then puts his arm around her and tells her he wishes he could have been there to set them straight. She reminds him that it’s not like it’s a ‘lie”. But Matthew protests that she is not what her dad did. She is herself. He tells her that maybe it will take a while for her to heal from all of this. Hearing that, she tells Matthew that she is so happy to have him and nobody “gets” her like he does. She then kisses him and he does not stop her. And right then, Téa walks in to see them.

Clint talks to Kim about Stacy’s death. She asks about his daughters. He promises to get her a new pair of boots and he massages her feet. She asks why he is doing all of this for her. He replies because he wants to.

At the hospital, they get ready to take baby Sierra Rose in for surgery. Schuyler asks to talk to his baby daughter alone and apologizes for all he has done. Gigi and Rex both watch him coldly.

Matthew leaves Dani alone to talk to her mom. She affirms that he is great and so like other guys who would use her for sex when she offers. He admits that turning her down was not easy but he wants to wait until they are both ready and when it can be good for both of them.

Right then, we see Blair and Todd together while she comforts him.

Kim gets into bed under the covers. Clint holds her hand and comforts her.

After the baby has gone off to surgery, Rex tells Gigi he didn’t want her to go through this alone and thought she might want a friend. She tells him yes. They both ignore a very distraught and distressed Schuyler.

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