OLTL Update Monday 2/22/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 2/22/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Todd is on the phone arranging to get John bad publicity in The Sun. He talks about how John used Marty to help him escape the law and ran off with Natalie. John confronts him and tells him if he prints that story, he will regret it.

At the hospital, Marty informs Clint and Viki that she has talked to Jessica and it appears that she does not remember anything past her senior year in high school. Natalie appears and assumes that her sister will be okay. They tell her that it’s not that simple. Mitch wiped out her memory with electro shock. Hearing that, Natalie is horrified. A nurse informs Jessica that it is now 2010. Hearing that Jessica appears panicked and confused to hear that.

In the other room, Schuyler reveals to Gigi, for the first time, that the reason why Rex cannot authorize for Stacy’s baby to have the surgery to save her is because she is not Rex’s child. She is his.

Bo and Nora take Shane and Bree back to Gigi’s home. But they are not certain what to tell either of them about their respective moms.

After Gigi finds out that the baby is not Rex’s, she tells the two guys that she knows for a fact that that is Stacy’s baby. She delivered it. Rex tells her he knows, but he is not the father.

John tells Todd that he is not printing a “story” based upon facts. Todd then asks if it is not true that he left Marty in the dust while he ran off with his ex girlfriend. Did he not get Marty arrested? Or did he not run off with Natalie? What part has Todd gotten incorrect? Does John plan on sleeping with Natalie? If so, where will that leave Marty.

The doctor has Schuyler sign the papers and assures him they will do their best to save his daughter.

The nurse notices that Jessica’s pulse is racing right after she finds out that it’s 2010, not remembering the last 13 years of her life. In the other room, Viki, Clint, Natalie and Brody ask Marty just what it means that Jessica remembers up to that point but nothing beyond. She tells them that she really cannot predict what will happen. She urges them all to take it easy on her. Maybe they should not tell her the date. Viki asks if there is anything else they should not say. Marty advises them to please be gentle. At that moment, they enter. Natalie greets her sister and smiles. Jessica sees Natalie and seems to know who she is but does not recognize Natalie as her sister since 13 years ago, nobody knew that she was.

Nora asks Bo if he thinks that he should take Bree to see her mommy. Maybe it won’t be a bad idea for her to at least be with her family in spite of what has happened to Jessica. Bo agrees. Yet, neither of them have a clue that Jessica won’t remember her daughter. Nora gets Bree’s coat on and takes her to the hospital. Bo is then alone with Shane. He tells him the “girls are gone.” He thought they’d never leave. There must be a basketball game on. He notices that Shane is depressed. Shane assures Bo that he won’t throw his crayons on the ground but would really like to see his mom and the new baby. Bo then tells him he’ll see what he can do about that.

At the hospital, Oliver enters the ICU and tells Schuyler he will take care of the reports but if he needs a statement… Kyle stands beside him silently. Still having no clue what Oliver’s association is to “his” baby, Schuyler thanks Oliver for saving his baby’s life. Outside the door, Rex confronts Schuyler and tells him that he hopes the baby makes it. He asks him if he plans to “man up” and claim the baby as his own and reminds Schuyler that he has ruined his (Rex’s) life.

Natalie tells the others that she can see that her sister completely recognizes her. Jessica clarifies that she does not have a twin named Natalie. She asks Marty if it’s true that her boyfriend who used to date Natalie is named John McBain. Viki then tells her daughter that what matters is that she is okay and her family is there. Jessica tells them that there is no way that Natalie could be her twin. They don’t look at all alike. Natalie tells her the reason is because they have different fathers. Jessica is then very distressed and asks how twins could have different fathers. How could that be? She does not have a twin sister. She just has two brothers and her parents and why are they all talking about somebody named John McBain? How is this strange guy (Brody), who tells her he is her boyfriend associated with her? Marty takes the others outside and tells them that they don’t want to be keeping more secrets from Jessica or lie to her. She will be okay if they tell her what has happened. Clint and Viki go inside and admit that nobody knew that Natalie was her sister until she was an adult. Jessica then asks who Bree is. Viki replies that Bree is her daughter. Jessica is spooked to hear that she has a daughter and that she has no memory of her.

Bo calls Rex on his cell and informs him that they have returned. He asks how the baby is. Rex is ready to tell Bo more but Bo hands the phone over to Shane. Shane tells Rex he enjoyed the ranch and horses but misses his dad. He asks his dad how his baby sister is, assuming she is okay. Rex replies that she is really little. Shane asks if he can go to the hospital to see her. Hearing that, Rex tells his son that that is “not possible.” Shane asks why. Rex glares at Schuyler and tells Shane that he will be home soon to tell him everything.

Oliver returns to Kyle’s apartment. He talks about shooting Mitch Laurence, and getting in the middle of the situation, pulling Rex and Gigi out of a lake, saving the baby and failing to get Stacy out. Kyle reminds Oliver that he needs to face the fact that it might be his baby. Oliver tells Kyle that they heard Schuyler and that he is the father. Kyle reminds Oliver that Schuyler does not know there’s any possibility that anybody else could be. Oliver has to realize that since he had unprotected sex with Stacy, it’s entirely possible that he is the baby’s father. Oliver continues to raise objections and tells Kyle no. Hearing that, Kyle asks Oliver why he “knows” that he could not be the father of Sierra Rose.

At the hospital, Gigi wants to say something to Rex but only asks him to tell Shane that she will be home as soon as she can. She then goes to a private place and cries. She is horrified to find out for the first time that Schuyler is the father of Stacy’s baby.

Jessica asks how she could possibly have a daughter. Wouldn’t she remember that? Viki tells her daughter she will. She then asks if that cop who says he’s her boyfriend is the father? Or who is? They don’t know what to tell her about that.

In the hallway, Natalie and Brody ask Marty what to do regarding Jessica losing her memory and not remembering her. They are concerned especially with her not remembering Bree. Marty tells them that they must know that the whole situation scares Jessica. Natalie asks her how they can help her.

Jessica asks her parents who Bree’s father is. Viki replies that he was a terrific guy who unfortunately passed away. She is distressed to hear that. Clint tells her she has a lot to catch up on and doesn’t have to do it all at once. She is horrified to find out that she has lost the last 13 years of her life.

Nora appears with Bree and greets Natalie, Brody and Marty, assuming that if Jessica is “reported to be okay,” then there’s nothing wrong with Bree going to see her mommy. They don’t know what to tell her though.

Rex returns to see Shane with Bo. Shane asks if his “baby sister” has a name. Rex replies they named her Sierra Rose. He asks why he can’t see her. Is it just because she’s pre-mature? Rex explains that she has a heart condition. They have to do surgery and they are not certain of the outcome. Rex then tells his son there is something else he needs to know about Sierra Rose. She is not his baby sister, and Rex is not her father. Shane then asks who is. Rex replies Schuyler Joplin. Hearing that, Shane is really surprised

Gigi confronts Schuyler, outraged, to find out for the first time that he is the father of Stacy’s baby. She demands explanations.

Oliver tells Kyle that he does not want to go through the complicated procedures in finding out if the baby is his. Kyle tells him it’s very simple. All he has to do is get a saliva or hair sample from him. He can match it with the baby when he goes back to work at the hospital and nobody will notice him or question him. Oliver does not want to face it. Kyle reminds Oliver that the baby’s mother is dead. If he is the father, then he has legal rights. Oliver tells Kyle he doesn’t even want to think about anything “legal.” He wants the baby to grow up with “normal” parents.

At the hospital, Gigi furiously tells Schuyler that throughout the last 9 months, she had the mistaken idea that Rex was the baby’s dad. She had absolutely no clue that there was any way that he could possibly be. She tells him, if there is anything he has to say to her, she would really like to hear it.

John asks Todd if he thinks he’s going to win Marty over by acting like he cares about her. He must know that she will never forgive him after what he did. Todd tells John at least he didn’t get her thrown in jail or pull the stunt that John did. John asks Todd if Téa threw him out and if Todd’s own life is so screwed up that he has to ruin others’ lives. Todd smirks and tells John he just has to make a call to his editor. John then asks Todd how he thinks it will impress Viki to find out what he has done to her daughter.

Outside Jessica’s room, Nora is ready to bring an excited Bree to see her mommy after all this time. Marty, Natalie and Brody inform Nora for the first time that Jessica has lost her memory for anything that happened throughout the last 13 years of her life. Marty then goes in to talk to Jessica. Jessica is not okay to know that she has no recollection of anything that has happened throughout all this time. Marty enters and informs her that Bree is right outside and expects her mommy to remember her. She asks Jessica if she cannot at least welcome her daughter the way she would normally. Jessica agrees to do it for Bree’s sake. Nora then brings Bree inside. She rushes up to hug her mom and tells her how much she’s missed her. Jessica smiles and hugs this “strange” little girl and tells her she’s missed her also. Bree has a picture she drew for her mom. Jessica tells her that is a really great drawing. Bree then asks her mom when she can come skating with her and Brody. Not remembering either one of them but knowing that Bree doesn’t need to know that, Jessica tells Bree it will be soon and she is looking forward to it also. She then asks Bree if she can do her a favor and wear the red and black dress that she really likes. Bree happily agrees. The others assume that Jessica must remember something about her daughter. But as soon as Bree is gone, Jessica reveals that she has no memory whatsoever of her. She just mentioned the red and black dress because somebody gave her a picture of Bree wearing the dress before she came by.

Gigi reminds Schuyler that she remembers that Stacy declared that it was Rex’s baby. He was there and heard it also. He never once said differently. He protests that he had no clue at that point. She tells him that it’s pretty obvious and he would have to know because if he’s the father of Stacy’s baby, he’d have to have been sleeping with her at some point. He clarifies to Gigi no, he was not sleeping with Stacy at any time in the recent past before or after he started seeing her (Gigi) or before or after she and Rex broke up. He attempts to clarify to her that the pregnancy that they initially all saw when Stacy first got pregnant was the result of Stacy sleeping with Rex. It was Rex’s baby. Hearing that, Gigi asks why he said it “was” Rex’s baby. He then explains that Stacy had a miscarriage. Gigi demands to know when. Schuyler replies he doesn’t really know exactly when. He knows afterwards, Stacy was desperate to make Rex love her so that she’d have a reason to hold on to him. She was desperate enough to get pregnant any way she could and make Rex think she was still pregnant by him. So she drugged him (Schuyler) and had sex with him. He admits that he really didn’t even know what had happened because he was passed out. All he remembers from that experience was that he wanted to be with her (Gigi). She turns her back and doesn’t know what to say. He reaches for her and protests that he wanted to tell her. That is why he risked an accident driving in the blizzard up the mountain to see her so that he could tell her. She then recalls that they lost their connection on the cell phone. She remembers hearing that Stacy was not really in labor and faked it right when she came to the hospital. He clarifies that that is correct. At that point, Gigi asks if that is how he found out that he was the dad. She appears willing and able to forgive and absolve him if that was how he found out and the first time he knew about it. He admits, distraughtly, that he already knew. He then admits to Gigi that he found out right before Thanksgiving. She then assesses that he’s known that he was that baby’s father since before she moved out on Rex and before the two of them were together. All that time, he knew the truth? She asks how he could know that that baby was his and not say anything. He admits to her that he did not plan it. He then explains to her that it was kind of a “trade.” He urged Stacy to keep quiet and she had her own reasons in order to keep Rex. He admits that he had his own reasons, because he was so afraid that if Gigi found out, he’d lose her. He then asks Gigi if all that matters is not that he loves her and she loves him. He tells her it doesn’t have to change anything. She tells him it changes everything. 

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