OLTL Update Friday 2/19/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 2/19/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Marty and John are together and wondering about the future of their relationship.

Bo and Nora are on the jet and wondering when or how they will tell Shane that his Aunt Stacy drowned in the frozen lake right after giving birth to his cousin. He appears happy and Bo assures him that he will soon be with his folks.

By the frozen lake, Rex grills Kim about how she and Stacy made a fool out of him; making him care about a kid that, all the while was not his. It was really Schuyler’s. In response to that, she faces him and admits that he does not know anything. She tells him that the baby is not Schuyler’s any more than she is his. Rex then asks her what she is talking about. If Schuyler is not the father and neither is he, then who is? She does not know how to answer that.

Oliver and Kyle stand outside the window of the ICU where Gigi and Schuyler are with the baby, still keeping their secret. Gigi tells Schuyler that she thought that Rex and Oliver had saved Stacy. Schuyler tells her that they really did try to save her, but she saw Stacy fall in the hole in the frozen lake. There is no way she could have survived since she was too weak from the labor. Gigi then concludes that her sister drowned. She cries and Schuyler holds her. A doctor introduces himself to Gigi knowing that she is the closest family member to Stacy and to the baby. He informs her that the baby has a congenital heart defect and is “very compromised.” Gigi asks what that means. Is it that she may not make it?

In Jessica’s hospital recovery room, Brody affirms that he loves her and is so grateful that she will be okay. He will now just let her get some rest. Before he goes out the door, she calls to him and firmly demands to know who he is. He turns and tells her it’s himself. It’s Brody. Brody Lovett. In response to that, Jessica first appears confused. Then she tells him that maybe she does “know” him. He tells her of course she “knows him.” All she tells him she remembers is that he is “that guy” who tried to help her with “that weird man” who said he was her father and that a messenger was calling him or whatever. Brody clarifies that was Mitch Laurence, and he is very dangerous. Jessica then asks if the nurse was shot. He reminds Jessica that she lost consciousness and was drugged. She admits that she does not remember anything before waking up to see Mitch, him and the nurse. She asks if he saved her from that horrible man. She thanks him but does not remember him. She asks if he is a cop or something. He admits that he has not been on the force for very long and that she encouraged him to apply when he doubted himself and gave him the confidence to believe that he would be valued in law enforcement. She is very uneasy not remembering anything about him or how she could have had such a discussion with somebody she doesn’t even know. She affirms that he is a stranger, and she thinks she would remember if she knew anything about him or had any conversations or any type of involvement with him. Sensing that he wants to touch her, she yells at him not to touch her and to get away from her and leave. At that moment, Viki and Clint enter. She tells them that “this cop” keeps insisting that she knows him. She wants them to make him leave. Nobody knows what to do.

John informs Marty that he wants her to know that Dorian fired Lowell and the Feds are all over him. She appears cold and lost in her work. He encourages her to believe that once Bo gets reinstated, Marty’s legal troubles will go away. She remarks that she hopes so. She tells him she has a lot of work to catch up on. He then tells her he knows she is hurt, but he does not want her to shut him out.

On the flight back to Llanview, Shane asks Bo and Nora about Stacy’s baby. They affirm that she did have the baby. He asks if he has a brother or a sister and how things went with Stacy having the baby. Nora excuses herself and tells Bo and Shane that she will let them catch up. She takes Bree to another place. Alone with Shane, Bo answers that Stacy had a girl. Shane can tell by his expression that he is less than happy and asks if Bo does not like girls. Bo tells him that girls are great. Shane then asks Bo why he seems so sad. Bo then admits that he has some bad news. His Aunt Stacy had an accident. There was a big storm. Bo admits that he does not have all the details. After having the baby, she walked over a frozen lake and fell through the ice and into the lake. Hearing that, Shane assumes that Stacy is alive and well and merely angry that it was cold. Bo then explains to Shane that it was cold and Stacy just had the baby and was pretty worn out and they weren’t able to get her out in time. Shane assumes that she is still okay. Bo tells Shane, “No, she drowned.”

By the frozen lake, Rex asks Kim if the baby if not Schuyler’s nor his, then whose is it? Kim replies that it’s Stacy. She protests that it was Stacy who conceived and carried her and gave birth. Rex asks Kim if he is supposed to be grateful. Kim tells Rex that Stacy loved him and would have done anything for him and he doesn’t even care. He tells her that he is sorry about what happened to Stacy. Kim tells Rex that Stacy was ready to give up everything for him. She asks if anybody else has given up anything for him. Certainly Gigi has not, she reminds him.

At the hospital, Gigi asks the doctor if she might have had something to do with the congenital heart condition by failing to keep the baby warm when she took her out in the cold. He tells her no. It had nothing to do with that.

Outside, Kyle attempts to explain to Oliver about how the heart has trouble pumping blood. Schuyler and the doctor explain the same thing to Gigi. They conclude that the only way to save the baby is to perform heart surgery.

Rex tells Kim that this is not about Gigi. Kim protests that it was always about Gigi. They were sisters and always competed. Rex tells Kim that he’s sorry for what happened, but she must know that her friend had a serious problem. She (Kim) bought into this insane fantasy that Stacy had. Kim tells him if he does not want to believe that Stacy loved him, that’s fine. She tells him he must know that Gigi lied to him, cheated on him and dumped him. Rex reminds her it was because Stacy threatened Shane’s life if she did not. Kim protests that Stacy was willing to stop at nothing in order to fight for him. Gigi eventually decided to dump Rex and move on all on her own. So, she asks him again, who loves him more? He asks what about who he loves and who he wants. Kim tells Rex too bad that “she” didn’t love or want him back. So maybe he and Stacy have more in common than he realizes. Rex then demands that Kim tells him who the father is. She does not answer.

At the hospital, Oliver assesses that the baby who could be his will need open heart surgery. How is that possible when she is so tiny? Can’t they wait until she gets bigger? Kyle answers that she won’t survive. Kyle reminds Oliver, that somebody has to authorize permission. Stacy cannot since she’s dead. Kyle reminds Oliver that it’s entirely possible that Schuyler is not the father. Inside the ICU, Gigi assumes that it will have to be her to make the decision. Schuyler does not tell her that Stacy has signed over legal guardianship of the baby to him.

In the other room, Todd tells Natalie that he bets she will get back with John. She tells him he doesn’t know what he is talking about. She and John are through.

In Marty’s office, John is asking her why she won’t even speak to him or look at him. He tells her he does not blame her for being angry. She asks him what the point is. He tells her that the point is that he is sorry. She asks if he’s sorry that it happened or that she caught him with Natalie. He tells her that he could see that Natalie is in a lot of pain. However, he knows that it does not make it right. He realizes that nobody can fix it for her. Now that Natalie is back, safe and sound, she will have to deal with the loss of her husband and he hopes for her sake that she does. He tells Marty that he knows he needs to get back to his own life and to her and hopes that she can trust him to get back in. He kisses her and she does not stop him at first.

Brody urges Jessica to remember. Clint tells him that maybe what his daughter needs is time to recover. He takes him outside so that Viki can talk to her daughter alone. Brody tells Clint that she said she knows him from the observatory and trusts that he was going to help her, so deep down, she must trust him somewhat. Clint tells Brody he must know that the electroshock has destroyed some of her memory and that they are lucky that she is even alive. Brody expresses that he just wants her back. Clint tells him he knows and he just needs to give it some time. Brody protests to Clint that he can see that Jessica remembers her parents so why doesn’t she remember him? Inside Jessica’s room, she tells her mom that she does not remember that man. Viki tells her that she doesn’t have to rush anything. She just needs to get better so that she can go home to Bree. As soon as Jessica hears her daughter’s name, she draws a blank.

On the jet, Nora holds Bree in her lap and paints her nails for her. Bree expresses that she misses her mom. Nora tells her she knows she does, and her mom misses her too, and they will see her soon.

Assuming that Jessica must remember her daughter, Viki tells her that Bree has been in Texas with Bo and Nora and she will see her soon. Jessica draws a blank and asks, who is Bree.

At the hospital, Natalie tells Todd he’s wrong if he thinks that John still has the hots for her. He’s with Marty. He tells her he can see that she still has feelings for John. She doesn’t want to hear that.

Marty pushes John away. He tells her he’s sorry he hurt her and wants to make this work. She shuts him out. She runs into Viki, Clint and Brody and asks what is happening. Viki informs her that Jessica is out of surgery and appears to be all right. Brody informs her that Jessica seems to recognize him from the observatory, but she has no idea who he is. She seemed to recognize her parents but drew a blank when Viki mentioned Bree. Viki assures Marty that she didn’t actually tell her daughter who Bree was when she said she did not remember her daughter. They ask Marty what they think should be done knowing that Jessica has had ECT. She replies that she’d rather not speculate. She’d rather talk to Jessica. Even though she told Brody that the improper use of ECT can cause permanent memory loss, Jessica did remember her parents. So, maybe, they can just hang onto that. She then enters Jessica’s room and it appears that Jessica remembers her old friend Marty.

John runs into Natalie. She tells him that her ankle is broken, but they say she will be okay. She then asks him if he and Marty are back together since she saw him come out of her office. John does not know how to respond to that and frowns.

After Bo informs Shane that Stacy died, Shane admits that maybe it’s wrong but his honest feelings are that he hated his aunt and wanted her to die. It’s her fault that his parents broke up. Bo admits to Shane that he does not blame him for being mad at Stacy and tells him he was too. He informs Shane that his dad (Rex) is like a son to him (Bo). Shane clarifies, Bo probably didn’t want Stacy to die. Bo tells Shane maybe not, but it’s not anybody’s fault that she died. He acknowledges to Shane, that he’s proud of him. He remembers that before they left for Texas, Shane went over and hugged his Aunt Stacy and padded the baby. That took a lot of courage after what he just admitted to Bo. He tells Shane that that was respectful and caring, just for his dad’s sake. He tells Shane, that was a very mature thing for him to do. Shane tells Bo that he didn’t really want Stacy to die. In the other seat, Nora observes them together and smiles.

By the frozen lake, Kim tells Rex that Stacy got killed because of him. She dragged herself out to the lake because of him thinking how much of a mess she was. She tells Rex that Stacy loved him more than her sister ever will. She tells Rex he may go run back to Gigi, and she hopes he’s miserable. Rex then asks Kim to let him take her home. Kim yells at him to leave her alone and go back to his precious Gigi. Stacy is in that freezing water and he doesn’t even care. She tells him she refuses to leave Stacy and she cries. Rex then walks away.

At the hospital, Kyle reminds Oliver that he could very easily find out if he (Oliver) is the baby’s father. She’s already been though so many tests. All he’d have to do is swab the inside of Oliver’s cheek, run a DNA panel and find out if it’s a match. Oliver informs him that it would not matter if they did. Kyle asks if he does not want to find out if that is his daughter. Oliver tells him he said no.

In the ICU, Gigi tells Schuyler she just wants to know what Stacy would want her to do. He tells her that Stacy already told her. When she walked on the ice, she told her that all she wanted was to save Sierra Rose at any cost. The doctor comes in and asks Gigi if the father of the baby is available.

By the frozen lake, Kim reminisces, to Stacy about all the times they had together. And she reminds her friend if only she hadn’t gone out in the storm, she’d have been ok. She cries and demands to know why Stacy went out alone. There were supposed to be a team!

At the hospital, Oliver admits to Kyle that he’s right. The baby could be his (Oliver’s). Stacy told Schuyler it was his and why would she say that if it were not true? She even wrote Schuyler up in her will. She chose him to raise her child if something happened to her. Kyle protests that Oliver has been there for Stacy and even risked his life to rescue her in a blizzard. Oliver urges Kyle to let it go.

In the ICU, Gigi still hasn’t a clue that Schuyler could be the father nor in any way relevant to legal decisions about the baby. She then goes out into the hallway and runs into Rex.

Natalie encourages John to get back with Marty. He informs her that he tried and failed to get Marty to talk about it. Hearing that, Natalie tells him it’s interesting to hear about a therapist who doesn’t want to “talk about it.” He tells her he knows. He tried to apologize to Marty but she won’t listen. Natalie then admits to John that when Marty walked in to see the two of them kissing, she may not have known what it meant to John and she tells him that if she were in Marty’s shoes, she’d want to know the answer to that.

Jessica talks to Marty in a friendly manner and admits that she has heard she was shot but doesn’t remember who did it, how it happened or any of the details. Marty informs her that is not uncommon when the mind blocks out certain things. She admits to Marty that she’s puzzled by some cop whom she is supposed to know. She heard about somebody named Bree whom she has no recollection of. Marty then tells her that she was given electro convulsive shock before she was shot and that could cause memory loss. She tells Jessica she knows what it’s like to have people talking to her like she should know them when she does not. She (Marty) knew what it felt like not remembering her son. Jessica then smiles and asks Marty if she has a son.

In the hospital hallway, Todd gets on his phone and has reporters write a gossip column about John McBain abandoning his girlfriend, Marty Saybrooke, in the cold, for recently widowed Natalie Banks. Not far away, John talks to Natalie, who encourages him not to give up on Marty. She tells him she will be glad if he gets Marty back because he saved her (Natalie’s) life. John looks at her in a perplexed manner, hearing her encouraging him to get back with another woman. She tells him that she would hate to be the reason that messes things up for him. She tells him if Marty is the one for him, then she wants him to be happy.

In Jessica’s hospital room, Marty asks Jessica if she does not remember Marty’s son, Cole. Hearing that, Jessica laughs and tells Marty she could not possibly have a son. She is not even married, yet. It appears that Jessica must remember her distant past but only up to a certain point. Marty then tells Jessica that Patrick passed away a few years ago, but she’s gotten on with her life. Now she does have a boyfriend, John McBain. She asks Jessica if that rings any bells. At that point, Jessica appears to be frightened and panicked not to remember anything about that. Marty reminds Jessica that John went out with her sister. Hearing that, Jessica asks how “Megan” could date someone named John McBain. She never heard of that. Marty then clarifies that it was not Megan. It was Natalie. Hearing that, Jessica appears panicked and distressed and tells Marty she does not have a sister named Natalie nor knows who John McBain is. Marty then tells Jessica that everything will be okay. She just has one more question. She asks Jessica if she knows what year it is.

In the jet, Bo gives Shane a Kleenex when he can see he is crying over the loss of his Aunt Stacy. Bo tells him if he ever wants to call him, he can give Shane his cell number or they can text. He enters his number into Shane’s phone. They both admit that Rex is really busy, but they can communicate by phone or text.

Kim sits by the frozen lake alone and cries. She tells Stacy never to worry. She swears on her life that that baby will never want for anything. She’ll buy her jet skis or a princess costume or whatever she wants.

Rex enters the hospital and runs into Gigi. He appears stressed and unemotional attempting to explain to her that he did everything he could to save her sister, but it was too late. She tells him she knows. They must talk about the baby. She needs surgery even if she’s only a few days old. It’s a life and death emergency. She could die without it. She tells Rex she realizes it’s a lot of think of. She tells him, he is her father and they need him to sign off on it right away. Hearing that, Rex does not know what to tell Gigi. Schuyler stands beside her silently. Rex tells her he’s sorry. He cannot grant permission. Not far away, Oliver and Kyle stand by silently observing their conversation not knowing what to say or do.

Natalie is still encouraging John to get back with Marty and expressing no feelings of loss to assume he’s moved on, but he may feel differently. Todd sarcastically encourages John to get back with Natalie. John looks at him in an irritated manner.

Marty informs Viki and Clint that Jessica appears to have a “selective” memory where she remembers her parents and Megan but not Natalie or her daughter or John or Brody. Apparently, she does not remember anything since her senior year in high school.

Gigi urges Rex to know that, even though without the surgery Sierra Rose can die, he cannot give the go-ahead. She demands to know why. Schuyler then answers because Rex is not the baby’s father. He is. Oliver and Kyle overhear and appear devastated.

We see the frozen lake where Stacy has apparently fallen to her death. Yet, isn’t it odd that nobody has found a body? 

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