OLTL Update Thursday 2/18/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 2/18/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Mitch has the FBI agents and John accompany him to his jail cell. But of course, he smirks and tells them he won’t be there long. John reminds him that he will get charged for the kidnapping of both Stacy and Jessica. And if either of them dies, he will be charged with murder.

In the hospital, Clint remembers that Brody was about to tell him and Viki something. Right then, Brody remembers that they are not yet aware that Jessica has completely lost her memory. But before he can attempt to tell them anything, the doctor comes out to inform the three of them that Jessica is out of surgery, awake and is going to be alright.

Dorian is on the phone with Cassie urging her daughter to do something to protect herself from threats of Mitch and his followers.

Right then, in Paris, Kelly and David wonder what happened to Adriana when they cannot find her. She confesses that her cousin might be dead when she encouraged her to go off with this strange man. All she intended to do was to help her to get over Rex Balsam.

Right then, Rex. Oliver and the medical team are trying and failing to get Stacy out of the frozen lake. It appears they can’t even find her.

At the hospital, Schuyler and Gigi are wondering what might have happened to Stacy and the baby. They are both ready to go into the OR. She tells him that regardless of circumstances, nothing is going to stop her from looking after that baby until Stacy can do it herself.

The medical team tells Rex and Oliver that they cannot find Stacy and have done everything they can. Rex tells them they cannot give up. But they inform him that even if they do find her, she’s been under there for too long and will not survive. They then make it official that Stacy Morasco is dead. Rex and Oliver are both devastated. Rex tells the team that they cannot give up and declare her dead. He protests to Oliver that he realizes that Stacy was no saint; lying to him all those months and all. But she just came out there to be there for her baby daughter. Oliver then concludes that the baby has no mother. But, Rex assures him, the baby has a father who is with her now. Oliver does not respond to that comment.

Gigi is ready to go into the ICU and see the baby in the incubator. She tells Schuyler she is ready to take care of her and can deal with whatever happens as long as she is alive. Right then, Kyle looks in through the window appearing depressed and perplexed knowing the secret that they do not.

Right then, by the frozen lake, Rex remarks to Oliver that he can see that Oliver really cares about that baby. He asks Oliver if he can do him a favor by telling Gigi what has happened to her sister. Oliver then goes off. Rex then sits alone.

Kelly and David go to a hotel to attempt to find Adriana. He talks about how his family shut him out. He tells her that he loves Adriana like family. But it brings up bad memories for him. She demands that they find her together. Right then, she gets a call from Dorian. But David tells her that maybe she better not answer it since Dorian will kill her for letting Dorian’s daughter go off with a strange man. At that point, Kelly does not answer Dorian’s call.

Doirian is then at the station sitting beside Charlie remarking that Kelly refuses to talk to her. Charlie tells her that he just wants to make certain that Jessica is ok.

Right then, Dr. Greg Evans assures Viki, Clint and Brody that they have finished surgery with Jessica and she will be ok. They’ve removed the bullet and she’s very fortunate. Viki and Clint are elated but can see that Brody is not. Clint then asks him what is wrong. Brody then tells them that there is something else he knows that they do not. Clint asks him to just say it. He then tells them that he knows that before he got there, Mitch gave Jessica an electro shock. And when he got there, she did not remember him or anything else about her life or herself. And when she wakes up, she may not know them either..

GIgi and Schuyler are ready to take care of Stacy’s baby even though she has no clue that he could very well be the father of her baby.

Right then, Kim appears by the frozen lake, finds Rex, tells him she’s been looking all over for Stacy and asks if he’s found her. Right then, Rex hasn’t a clue what to tell her. She tells him that the last she saw Stacy, she was so worried about her baby, she snuck out. She’s concerned, knowing that Stacy just gave birth and is not exactly the “outdoorsy type”. In response to that, Rex tells Kim that there is something he must tell her. He attempts to explain that Stacy came out there to find Gigi and the baby. He then remembers how she fell through the ice and nobody could find her yet doesn’t know how to tell a very hopeful Kim who assumes that Stacy went to be with her baby and is ok.

At the hospital ICU, Gigi observes the baby Sierra Rose and assures her that even if she can’t have her mommy there with her now, her Aunt Gigi is here. Outside, Kyle informs Schuyler that she is premature and asks him what he knows about the birthing of Stacy’s baby. Schuyler tells him that he is worried since that is his baby girl. Kyle then asks Schuyler if Oliver knows about her. Schuyler replies that Oliver was there and asks Kyle about that, still having no clue about Oliver’s association to the baby is.

Right then, Oliver rushes to the station and runs into Dorian and Charlie. They ask him what happened to Stacy. He admits to her that Stacy had the baby but the baby is sick and he needs to get to the hospital to be there for her. Of course, they wonder why Oliver would go to the hospital for Stacy’s baby.

Kim is very certain that Stacy is ok and hasn’t a clue what happened and tells Rex she has to go to the hospital to see her buddy. Rex then urges her not to do that and informs her that Stacy did not make it.

Brody informs Clint and Viki that Mitch apparently wiped out Jessica’s memory with the ECT. They are outraged to know that he would want her to forget all about her family and all of the people she loves and who love her. Right then, Greg Evans tells them that they are welcome to go in and visit Jessica.

Mitch is in jail telling John that his daughter loves him and he will be with her soon. John reminds Mitch that he tried to rape her. He tells John that Charlie Banks and Dorian Lord belong behind bars for getting Jessica shot and they will both pay for what they have done.

At the station, Dorian continues to try and fail to reach Kelly and Adriana on her phone.

In Paris, Kelly and David are showing people pictures of Adrian but nobody has seen her.

Viki and Clint go to see Jessica and inform their daughter that they are there now and she will be alright. But when she opens her eyes, she looks at them as though they are strangers.

Not knowing what might have happened to Stacy, Kyle urges Schuyler to tell him what he knows. He tells him his reason is that he’s very close to Roxy who falsely believed that Stacy was having her grandchild. But he doesn’t tell him the “other” reason(regarding Oliver)

Kelly and David rush to see Adriana on a bed with a gag on her mouth and her hands tied. Kelly instantly assumes that a man is going to hurt her. As soon as she sees him appearing shirtless and moving toward Adriana on the bed, she goes after him and attacks him. But it appears that Adriana is willingly participating in an “activity” with him.

In Mitch’s jail cell, he tells John that Dorian has to learn that what goes around comes around.

At the station, Dorian is ready to go after Mitch. But Elijah tells her that she needs to let the feds do their jobs. She protests that Mitch is threatening her family. He asks her if she is sure that he is doing that or that they are in danger. Dorian tells him that she will not rest until she knows that Adrian is ok.

Kelly demands to know who this man is and if he is working for Mitch Laurence. She has just heard that he’s a French spy. But Adriana protests that he tied her up because she asked him to. It was a sex game. Yet, Kelly tells her that maybe the guy wanted her to believe that it was a sex game and really intends to kill her. But Adriana informs her cousin that it was her fantasy that she wanted. And besides, if he wanted to kill her, wouldn’t he have already done it?

At the station, Dorian tells Charlie that she wants him to be ok and doesn’t need his help with Adriana. He tells her he hopes that Adriana is ok. She tells him she hopes that Jessica is ok and to send her regards to Viki, Clint and the family.

When Viki and Clint appear beside Jessica’s bed wondering if she remembers them, she asks why she wouldn’t and smiles at them. They then tell her that they don’t want to tire her out but there is “somebody else” outside. They then go out to see Brody assuming that she’s regained her memory. Clint thanks Brody for taking care of his daughter.

After Rex tells Kim that Stacy is gone, she does not want to believe it and asks how her girl could be dead. She was so desperate to see her little baby. She asks what happened to Sierra Rose. Rex replies that she is at the hospital with Gigi and her father. He tells Kim that she knows what he is talking about. Doesn’t she? Schuyler is the baby’s father. Hearing that, Kim screams that Stacy is dead and she doesn’t want to be grilled about that. But she does admit that he’s correct that he is not the baby’s father. Schuyler is.

Oliver rushes to the hospital and asks Kyle how the baby is. Kyle admits that they do not know yet. He asks how Stacy is. Oliver admits that Stacy did not make it. She’s dead. Right then, Schuyler goes outside the maternity ward (ICU) and overhears their conversation. He is devastated and does not know what to tell Gigi when he sees her tending to the baby

Assuming that Jessica has regained her memory, as Viki and Clint have indicated that it appeared that way, Brody tells her that he is so happy she is back. All he cares about is her and she must know that she is the woman he loves. She says nothing. Outside, Clint assessed to Viki that both of their girls are safe and that is a miracle. Right then, Charlie appears before them and looks uneasy.

Adriana takes the call from Dorian on her phone and tells her the reason she did not previously answer is because it was “turned off”. David then remarks that was while she was “turned on”. Dorian demands her daughter tells her why she would have turned her phone off when she rarely ever does that. Adriana replies that she was “kind of tied up”.

Rex tells Kim that he can never forgive Stacy or for her after the despicable stunt they pulled with him having him falsely believing that the baby was his when it was Schuyler’s,.

Oliver informs Schuyler at the hospital, that the search and rescue team tried to do everything when Stacy fell into the lake but failed. It’s too late and she’s gone. Schuyler is distraught and panicked not knowing what to tell Gigi.

Inside, Gigi is talking to the baby, still completely unaware that Schuyler is the baby’s father. She tells her that whatever happens, she will be there for her. And Schuyler is a great guy who will treat her just like she is “his own”. And, she tells her niece, that her mommy is pretty special also. She will be with her soon. Right then, Schuyler enters and delivers the news that Stacy is gone.

Rex demands that Kim tells him just what they hoped to gain by keeping from him the secret that Schuyler is the father of Stacy’s baby. Did they get a good laugh out of it? Schuyler Joplin the very guy who stole the love of his life. Hearing that, she tells Rex he does not know what he is talking about.

At the jail facility, John and the FBI agents leave Mitch and encourage him to enjoy his new digs. But Mitch smirks alone, declaring that it’s not over and they will never be free of Mitch Laurence.

Dorian and Adriana have a conversation about Mitch Laurence coming back from the dead. But Adriana assures her mother that they will all be ok. They are Cramer women. Dorian believes that Mitch will be locked up and urges her daughter to keep in touch more. Kelly tells her cousin worried about her when she didn’t answer the phone and hugs her. David is making jokes about a “better binding technique” with the tie that Adriana’s friend used on her. Dorian then calls Cassie and assures her that Adriana and Kelly are safe and sound. Cassie tells her mother that Mitch and his followers cannot be everywhere all the time. Maybe Dorian is getting paranoid and letting Mitch push all her buttons. But Dorian is not so certain of that. Right then, Cassie tells her mother that she should try this really excellent calming tea that she’s tried. Cassie then takes a sip. And we wonder what will happen next.

Charlie assures Clint hat he would never hurt his daughter. He hates to be putting him through that. He thought he had to do this. He is not making any excuses. He had to settle the score for what Mitch Laurence did to his son. But he knows he went about it the wrong way. Viki and Clint do now know what to say. Charlie tells her he will never forgive himself for what he did to Jessica. And he will never stop loving Viki.

Brody tells Jessica she must be exhausted and needs some sleep. But he wanted to tell her how much he loves her. Right then, he gets up to leave. But she calls to him, angrily demanding to know who he is.

Kim then tells Rex that he does not know what he is talking about to believe that Schuyler is Stacy’s baby’s father. Schuyler is not her father any more than he is, she tells him.

Outside the ICU, Kyle acknowledges to Oliver that that kid no longer has a mother. She only has a father who might be himself. Right then, a doctor comes to deliver some “bad news’. Inside, Schuyler and Gigi are worried when it looks like the baby might be in trouble. Everybody is very worried about her fate.

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