OLTL Update Tuesday 2/16/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/16/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Clint demands that Brody tells him how it was that Jessica got shot. Brody explains that he got into the observatory and had Mitch subdued when Charlie appeared and was ready to shoot Mitch. He urged Charlie not to go through with it. But Charlie did not listen. Jessica stood in front of Mitch. Charlie fired a shot intended for Mitch but he accidentally shot Jessica. Clint is very surprised that Charlie would actually want to go through with killing Mitch. Brody explains that he did not act alone. He had a “helper”. Not far away, Dorian explains the same thing to Viki who is furious that Dorian put Charlie up to doing this and it could have killed her daughter. Dorian admits that she is guilty as charged. But, she protests, she had good reasons.

Cole and Starr hear a knock on the door in the middle of the night. He walks toward the door with a baseball bat not knowing who would be there at this time. Right then, Blair enters and tells them that they must get the baby and all of their stuff, let Langston know and get going with her. Starr asks why, when it’s 4 in the morning. Langston has gone to Ford’s office where she assumes she is alone and ready to get some work done. But she screams when somebody grabs her in the dark.

Viki furiously asks Dorian if Jessica is not just collateral damage to her. She tells Dorian she is completely selfish and doesn’t care if she ruins Charlie’s life and kills Viki’s daughter in the process. Dorian pretests that there were reasons. Viki replies that there are always reasons with Dorian and she asks her just what it was this time. Was it money? Power? Did Dorian just want to hurt her? Dorian replies that none of this would have happened were it not for Mitch Laurence. Viki must know what a monster that man is. Viki replies she does. But she did not know that he was responsible for Dorian’s actions as well.

By the frozen lake where Gigi has fallen, Schuyler and Rex revive hear and she awakens. Oliver holds the baby. They assure her that the baby will be ok and they will get her to a hospital. She then informs the three of them, for the first time that the baby’s name is Sierra Rose. Rex replies that he knows her name since he spoke to Stacy. Right then, Gigi remembers that Stacy is alone in the house. Right then, Stacy appears and asks where her baby is. She wants to hold Sierra Rose before she goes anywhere.

At the hospital, Brody informs Clint that when Dorian attempted to get Charlie to put the gun down and he fired, it accidentally hit Jessica instead of Mitch. Hearing that, Clint exclaims that once again, Dorian Lord has to get involved and he asks if she was trying to protect Mitch.

Dorian tells Viki that she is not trying to absolve herself for what happened. Viki tells her in that case, she needs to take responsibility and she walks off. Dorian tells Viki there were dire underlying circumstances. Viki accuses Dorian of being Mitch’s pawn. She did whatever he wanted. She set him free and she is responsible for that. Viki demands to know what Dorian was thinking. What was Mitch going to give to her? Dorian then replies that it was her girls’ lives.

Blair tells Starr and Cole that they need to go to Todd’s home. Starr tells her mother she is not going to have Cole and Langston and Markko at Todd’s home. Blair protests that Todd has security at his home. And they need to know that everybody related to Dorian is in danger.

Langston fights off the “unseen person” and punches him in the face. And it appears that it is Ford.

At the hospital, Dorian tells Viki that Mitch was behind bars. But there was still no guarantee. Viki needs to know what he did to Cassie and to her. But Viki asks Dorian why she made a deal with him. Dorian tells Viki that Mitch ordered her to fire Bo and hire Lowell or else her girls would pay the price. Viki reminds her that the whole town paid. Dorian protests that she intended to “Fix” it and that an opportunity presented itself. Hearing that, Viki concludes that the “opportunity” turned out to be Charlie. He lost his son and went back to drinking and was drowning in his grief. And Dorian gave him a drink and a gun. Dorian tells Viki she thought it might give Charlie some peace. Viki tells her no. Dorian thought he was the perfect scapegoat. Dorian tells Viki she did not know what to do and swears to her if she could take it all back she would. But Viki is not forgiving of her.

Right then, Stacy walks toward Gigi and the three guys, right over the frozen lake to be able to hold her baby. And she does not listen to them when the urge her not to walk over the ice. And right then, she falls through the ice.

In Paris, after Kelly has gotten the call from Cassie to warn her (on behalf of Dorian), she gets on her phone and leaves several messages for Adriana. Alone, she is wondering whether she is worrying for nothing or if her encouragement to Adriana to let the stranger guy drive her home was a mistake. And what Dorian will do to Kelly for being responsible for it. But she admits that very possibly Dorian is scaring her and Adriana for nothing and that strange guy is harmless.

At the hospital, Lowell and the cops enter. Clint furiously tells him that his daughter has been shot because of the police department’s failure to do their jobs. Lowell protests that he was just doing that and trying to track some “fugitive” ex cops. And when Lowell sees Brody, he asks him if he will “come quietly” with the officers down to the station. Clint tells Lowell if they touch Brody, they will deal with him. Lowell tells Clint this has nothing to do with him. Officer Lovett wanted Lowell dead. Down in the hallway, Viki tells Dorian that she acted foolishly and recklessly and didn’t care who got hurt. Dorian protests that she did not intend for anybody to get hurt. But Viki does not buy that. Dorian says that she did realize that she could not let Charlie throw his life away. Viki asks her when. After he already pulled the trigger? Dorian replies no. She tells her that she went after Charlie in an attempt to stop him. Viki tells her what a great success she was with that. She saved Mitch Laurence. Viki’s daughter was shot. Charlie is in serious trouble. Natalie is missing. And Bree is wondering when he mommy is coming home. Dorian tells Viki she had to protect her girls. Viki concludes to her that her girls are safe form Mitch right now. She only hopes that they are safe from Dorian.

Markko walks into the apartment and asks Blair, Starr and Cole if he just heard something about danger. Starr tells him they were just going to find out about it. Blair then admits that she does not have all the answers. But she got a phone call from her cousin Cassie who told her she had to get everybody to a safe place. Starr asks her if Cassie told her why. Blair replies that Dorian told her to. Hearing that, Cole asks her since when they start listening to Dorian. Blair replies that she wondered the same thing. But it sounds as though they are serious. At that point, Cole and Markko conclude that maybe they should listen and make sure that everybody is safe. Right then, Markko notices that Langston is gone.

Right then , Langston is bandaging up Ford acting protective that she might have hurt him. She acted with what she learned with kickboxing and assumed he was a rapist. He admits he went in and grabbed her assuming she was a burglar. And of course, she took the key that he gave her and entered his office assuming he would not be there and he forgot that he gave her the key and that he’d find her there alone at 4 in the morning.

Stacy falls into the ice. Gigi is insistent on saving her sister. But Schuyler insists that she get the baby to the hospital. Stacy keeps her head above water but struggles and urges them not to let anything happen to her baby. And right then, she sinks under the ice.

Everybody wonders where Langston is and realize that she did not leave a note as to where she would be. Blair asks the kids where Dani is. Starr informs her that she is with Rachel and Matthew. She’s safe and they saw her recently at Buenos Dias. Markko is worried about Langston and tells them he must call the police. But the others remind him that they won’t do anything. Starr tells Markko that she bets that Langston is fine.

Langston tells Ford that she should go.. They both find excuses for why she should stay there and where she should go. And of course, he has nothing on except his tight skimpy shorts. And of course, they end up kissing before she goes out the door. Right then, she gets a call from Markko demanding to know where she is.

At the hospital, Dorian tells Viki if it makes her happy, her girls all cut her out of their lives and moved out of her house when she hired Lowell. And she could not risk telling them the truth. Viki tells her she cannot believe that Dorian had them thinking that she was in cahoots with Mitch. Dorian tells Viki that it may be worth it if he could ensure their safety. And, she tells Viki, the reason she is now confessing to all of this is because every promise and every assurance she made to Mitch went out the window when she went after him. Right then, Clint and Brody appear in handcuffs. They inform Viki that Lowell arrested Brody. Clint went after Lowell and now they are both under arrest. Hearing that, Dorian decides to take a stand. And she announces to Lowell that he is fired.

Stacy struggles in the cold water with only Rex and Oliver to attempt to save her.

Schuyler drives Gigi and the baby to the hospital.

Oliver wants to save Stacy but is worried that something is not working.

Schuyler urges Gigi to tell him what she discovered after the baby was born so that they will have a better chance of saving her. She tells him that Dorian and Charlie came by her home and told her that they found his car in an accident. She went to look or him but found Stacy inside. She was passed out in the snow.

Rex and Oliver struggle to save Stacy.

Gigi reports to Schuyler that she brought her sister back to the cabin and she was actually going into labor. And she delivered the baby for Stacy.

Rex crawls over the ice. And right then, it appears that Oliver is ready to tell him what he knows about how the baby could be his and what he knows about Stacy walking out in the snow before giving birth. But he doesn’t actually spit it out. So Rex assumes the baby can only be Schuyler’s. Stacy is afraid she’s going to die. She tells Rex she’ sorry and sinks again into the cold lake. Rex dives into the frozen lake after Stacy although Oliver urges him not to.

Gigi then remembers that the last time she spoke to Schuyler, before the accident, he told her he had to tell her something urgent. And she asks him what that was.

Markko calls Langston while she’s with Ford and she does not know what to tell him.

In Paris, alone at the table, Kelly keeps leaving unanswered messages for Adriana and demands she calls her back. Right then, she calls Neville to ask if he’s seen Kevin, Zane or Joey. But nobody is there to give her any information except for David Vickers whom she assumes would be useless.

Dorian tells the cops that they must realize she is the mayor and she ordering them to release Clint and Brody. Lowell tells her she cannot give commands to her men. She reminds him that they are no longer his men. He asks her if she really wants to do this here and asks her under what grounds can she fire him. She tells him that he has misused his position to wage a personal vendetta against some of Llanview’s most prominent citizens. She tells him she can fire him for any reason or no reason and demands he give her his badge. He hands it over and walks away. She then tells Clint that she wants to apologize for everything that has happened. But he turns his back and walks away. She then assures Brody that as mayor she would like to guarantee that he and his partner will no longer be troubled by Lowell. Yet that does not appear to impress Clint or Viki. But the cops are very happy to be rid of Lowell and have Brody back on the force.

In Schuyler’s car, Gigi again asks him what he wanted to tell her. He tells her it’s not important and asks how Sierra is. She tells him she just wants to get her niece to the hospital. He then swears to her that they will. She asks him if he really wants to help this baby (having no clue that he believes he’s the father) He tells her that he will make certain that she is but does not tell Gigi the reason why.

Right then, Oliver crawls on the ice in an attempt to save Rex and Stacy. Rex rises out of the hole in the ice but admits that he cannot find Stacy. He won’t give up. But Oliver demands that he gets out before he is dead. He urges Rex to know that his son needs him.

Langston returns to the apartment and asks all of the people what is going on. Markko tells her that Starr’s mom came over and told them that they were in danger. So he freaked and panicked when he noticed she was gone. She replies that she went to the library realizing she could not sleep.

Right then, Ford is alone missing her.

Langston tells all of the people who are really worried that they have really freaked her out. Right then, Dorian appears with FBI agents to announce to them all that she has fired Lowell and she can explain if they will let her.

Right then, Kelly calls Kevin’s home but only reaches David Vickers. He just wants to shop and indulge. But she tells him that maybe she can give him a free trip to Paris.

Schuyler calls the hospital and alerts the emergency team. He then attempts to get a weather report on the car radio. But right then, Gigi hears a song on the radio that she remembers she used to sing to Shane.

We hear the song play while medical team comes to stand by Rex and Oliver and fail in their attempt to save Stacy.

Kelly sits alone at the restaurant drinking wine alone not knowing what to do.

Dorian joins her family and shows them the threat that Mitch gave to her hoping that they will understand what she felt she had to do.

Clint, Viki and Brody all stand outside Jessica’s hospital room. Right then, Schuyler and Gigi enter with the baby.

Oliver and Rex stand by the frozen lake afraid that Stacy is gone.

Schuyler yells that they need help for the baby in the hospital. The nurse asks if the two of them are the baby’s parents. Gigi replies no. But, she believes, “they” are on their way.

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