OLTL Update Monday 2/15/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 2/15/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Blair and Todd are wondering what they are going to do and about their potential future.

John is with Natalie. She concludes to him that they have both moved on and maybe should forget that they ever had this conversation about the two of them always having feelings for each other. They conclude that it can’t go on again. Although, it might not be that simple. They both agree there is no point. They end up kissing. At that moment, Marty walks in on them and is shocked. They are equally shocked to see her witnessing what they are doing.

At the hospital, Viki runs into Charlie who informs her that he shot Jessica. She demands to know what he just said and how it could happen. He admits that he went to the observatory with the intent of killing Mitch. She asks him why.

Dorian demands to know what Mitch has already planned with “one” of her girls and which one it is. He smirks and tells her she will know soon enough.

In Paris, Adriana and Kelly have their wine at a table. They are being seen and heard by a charming, strange man that they do not notice at another table.

Kim rushes into Gigi’s home and is surprised and shocked to see Stacy and find out that she had her baby. Stacy is really happy to see her best friend. Kim wonders where the baby is. Stacy replies that the baby is with Gigi who is making sure that everything is all right.

Gigi is stuck on the lake standing on cracking ice with the baby in her arms. Rex, Schuyler and Oliver all surround her. They are ready to save her and the baby. She demands that they do not come any closer. She attempts to walk, but she’s terrified that at any moment, she and the baby will fall in.

Kim asks Stacy how she wound up at Gigi’s home. Stacy tells her that Mitch threw her out. Kim knows the reason must be because he figured out that the kid was not his grandchild. She talks about how cold it was and how she only had that thin little coat and discount boots. She could not go any further. Then Gigi found her and brought her back there. She really freaked with the contractions. She smiles when she reflects how heroic Gigi was to deliver her baby. The baby is a beautiful little girl. Kim asks if she looks just like Oliver Fish. Stacy tells Kim no. She’s just like Rex.

When the three guys notice Gigi with Stacy’s baby, they wonder how it could be that Stacy would have given birth early now that they all know that she was not due. Gigi is terribly worried that the baby’s color is not normal. The guys do not know what to do in order to save her from the cracking ice.

Marty angrily tells John that because of his little secret with Natalie where she drove him away from the scene, she (Marty) almost got arrested. Her own son had to bail her out because of their little secret. John tells her he’s sorry. She tells him she should be.

At the hospital, Charlie attempts to explain to Viki why it was that he could not come back to her the last time they spoke when she saw him in the bar. But he is not drinking. The reason he did not tell her what was going on and lead her to believe that he was drinking is because he did not want her to know that he intended to kill Mitch. He had a “helper.”

Dorian tells the FBI agents that this man has to be stopped. Sending him to jail won’t work. He always gets out. Can’t they see that Mitch has threatened a member of her family? Sending him to prison won’t do any good since he has followers and members of his cult who will do his work for him as long as he lives.

The French man comes and introduces himself to Kelly and Adriana at the Paris Café, and they are a bit baffled at why he is talking to them or what he wants. He tells them he was admiring them and can tell that at least one of them is single and might be interested in him. Adriana looks at him and appears interested.

Blair tells Todd he can’t make Dani do anything. He certainly can’t make her like him. He needs to give her time to come around to it. Todd then tells Blair that he wants to speed up the process. He suggests, that he buys Dani a car. Hearing that, Blair tells him that she just knew he’d want to buy his way out of this one. They debate alone when Jack overhears their conversation and spies upon them unseen.

John asks Marty to give him a chance to explain. He tells her he did not know that she was going to get arrested. She tells him that she defended him and put her neck on the line for him. When she saw the wreckage in the car, she thought he was dead. She walked for a long distance alone in the snow and cold. He did not have the common courtesy to contact her all that while. When she finds him, she walks in upon him and his ex girlfriend making out.

Charlie tells Viki that all the charges have been dropped against Mitch. Jared’s life was taken when he was so young, and Mitch Laurence has to pay for it. Hearing that, Viki concludes that the time when he came back to her, after finding out that Jessica had been kidnapped; he promised to get her back but did not go into the details, but then he walked out. He tells her that he had to get out of her home at that point because he knew that if he did not, then he’d never be able to leave her.

Dorian urges the FBI agents to do something about Mitch and to let her call her daughter. She gets on her cell phone and calls Cassie afraid that Mitch has gotten to her. Cassie awakens when the phone rings and tells her mother that nothing out of the ordinary has happened. Dorian asks her if her doors are locked and if she’s had any “strange visitors.” At that point, Cassie asks her mother what is going on.

The charming stranger in Paris asks questions of Kelly and Adriana. They admit that they are from “the states.” Kelly is presently living in London and Adriana is living in Paris.

Kim tells Stacy she hates to break it to her, but Rex knows the truth. Schuyler spilled the beans to him. Rex is now determined to get back with Gigi. She came over there to attempt to do some damage control, but she could not find him or Gigi. Stacy informs Kim that Rex was already there looking for Gigi. She wants to talk about her baby, Sierra Rose. Kim likes that name. She then tells Kim that it’s too early to give birth after the conception she had with either Schuyler or with Oliver. So, that means it must be Rex’s baby. She believes in miracles. Kim knows that she is being unrealistic.

While Gigi and the baby are on the cracking ice, all three guys attempt to pull her off the ice. At that point, she falls through with the baby. Gigi grabs the baby and holds her above the ice but she sinks in.

Natalie explains that John did not even know that she was driving the get away car. The cops found them after it was too late. Then they got into the storm. The van ran off the road. There was a gas leak and it caught on fire. She was unconscious and delirious. John carried her into the barn and built the fire to keep them both warm and she didn’t know what was going on. Natalie tells Marty she may blame her. It’s not John’s fault. Hearing that, Marty tells them both that she thinks they all know what is going on.

Dorian calls Cassie and demands that she lock all of her doors and windows and gets police security. She must get a hold of Blair and all the others. Dorian tells Cassie she has no choice, but to demand she does that because Blair will not return her (Dorian’s) calls. Hearing that, Cassie tells her mother she is beginning to scare her and asks her what is up. She asks her if she is just doing that as a manipulation ploy to get the others to forgive her and come back to Dorian’s home. Dorian tells her daughter she has something far more crucial than that. Mitch Laurence has threatened all of Dorian’s girls. Cassie must call Blair and tell her and all of the Cramer women that they are in danger and must take action.

In Paris, Adriana seems interested in the Frenchman and he wants to know all about her. She tells him that one of the house specials is “to die for.” Hearing that, he remarks that that is an interesting choice of words. Kelly is silent and less trusting of him than Adriana is.

Gigi is sinking in the hole in the ice. The three guys are determined to save the baby. Oliver has her put the baby on her jacket and she and Schuyler slide her to safety. Rex, however, is the first to notice Gigi sinking into the cold water and is ready to save her.

Sam overhears his parents talk about how long it will take before Dani comes around and no longer hates Todd. They also talk about Starr and the whole situation involving her. Jack overhears Blair telling Todd that some day, Dani will feel she is a part of this family. Sam then concludes that nobody tells him anything. He goes away. Blair urges her ex husband not to give up. Todd calls the hotel to ask if Téa Delgado has checked in but he does not leave a message. Blair’s phone rings and it appears she sees she’s gotten a message from Cassie.

Natalie assures Marty that she is sorry but Marty must know that John is with her (Marty). Natalie then gets up to walk, but she finds that her leg may be hurt.

At the hospital, Charlie admits to Viki that he was ready to blow Mitch away, and the blame is his. The bullet went off and hit her daughter, and he prays to God that Jessica will be all right.

At the Paris café, the strange man tells Adriana she is “to die for.” Just then, Adriana gets a call on her cell. Kelly picks up the phone when Dorian calls and asks for her daughter. She tells Kelly she needs the two of them to go somewhere safe and lock all the doors. Kelly tells her aunt that she knows all about what she (Dorian) has been pulling in Llanview. Dorian urges Kelly to listen to her. Kelly terminates the conversation.

Kim tells Stacy that Stacy is her hero; getting away from Mitch Laurence, giving birth to the baby in the cabin and all that she has done. Stacy believes that Gigi is the hero. Kim tells Stacy that they can still make the baby look like it’s Rex’s if that’s what she wants to do. Kim then tells Stacy that maybe it’s good that her “wish” did not come true -- that Gigi disappears permanently.

When it appears that Gigi has fallen and sunken through the ice, Rex is determined to save her. The others urge him to be careful. But he dives in and pulls her out. Schuyler is ready to help him.

Viki tells Charlie she cannot listen to this anymore. She has to go and see what happened to her daughter. Mitch enters and clarifies to her that she is “their daughter.” He appears as smug as ever and tells Viki that maybe instead of focusing her anger toward him, she should blame Charlie and Dorian since they were the ones responsible for what happened. Dorian put Charlie up to going after him and shooting him. That’s how Jessica wound up shot.

Dorian urges the FBI agents to wait for her while she calls Cassie again and urges her to contact Kelly and Adriana. She explains to her daughter that she tried and failed to reach Adriana in Paris. Kelly picked up her phone and refused to listen to Dorian. She urges Cassie to get a hold of them both and give them the urgent message that Mitch Laurence is on the loose, and Mitch shot and killed Jared Banks in cold blood and got away with it. He made a direct threat to her girls, and there’s no telling what he could do next. Cassie then assures her mother that she will call Kelly.

Kelly asks questions of the strange man who Adriana seems to be interested in. Adriana tells them she has to catch a cab and get home. She has a lot of work to catch up on tonight. He tells her that she must let him take her home. She tells him that she could not impose. He smiles and tells her that since he made her late, she must let him drive her home.

Blair asks Todd if he is okay taking care of the boys while she leaves for a while. He asks her what is going on and why she appears worried. She then asks him if he has seen that her cousin Cassie is in the phone. She has to find Starr.

Stacy wants to get up and go outside to make sure that Gigi and the baby are okay. Kim demands that she not go anywhere in her condition. Kim tells her that she will take care of things. Stacy is resting and still believes that she can make Rex love her.

Schuyler and Rex both struggle to pull Gigi out of the hole in the ice. They get her out. It appears she is unconscious.

Adriana has reservations about letting this “stranger” drive her home. Kelly protests that this is a gorgeous stranger. It’s just what she needs in order to get over Rex Balsam once and for all. It seems she is insistent and not willing to accept no as an answer for Adriana and speaks for her, to the guy, that Adriana would be very pleased to accept a ride from him. Kelly then returns to her room and sits alone.

Mitch informs Viki that Charlie and Dorian plotted a plan to kill him. But their plan failed and their daughter paid the price. The medics take Mitch to the other room. Alone with Charlie, Viki asks if it’s true that he met Dorian in the bar that time and that she gave him the gun.

While Kelly is alone at the café, she gets a call from Cassie. Kelly informs her cousin that she just heard from Dorian who was going on and on like a raving lunatic about closing and locking doors and she wasn’t about to listen. Cassie then tells Kelly that apparently Mitch Laurence is back causing some serious trouble. Maybe they need to all be a bit more cautious until he’s back in prison. Kelly tells Cassie okay but admits she does not understand since she thought that Mitch was dead. Cassie then gets another call but urges Kelly to maybe make sure that Adriana is not alone tonight and for them both to be careful of strangers. Kelly is stunned remembering what has just happened involving a stranger.

John and Marty attempt to help Natalie walk after she has injured her leg. They leave the barn and go outside.

Kim returns from upstairs and notices that Stacy has left.

Oliver holds the baby and keeps her warm while Rex and Schuyler pull an unconscious Gigi out of the ice. Schuyler revives her and tells Rex he knows what he is doing since he is a med student. Gigi does not wake up. 

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