OLTL Update Friday 2/12/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 2/12/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

John tells Natalie that he feels something for her and maybe he always had and always will. She tells him that she is surprised that he would admit it.

Schuyler asks Rex what he plans to do. Rex replies that he plans to find Gigi. Schuyler reminds Rex that Gigi loves him. Rex asks Schuyler which “version” of Schuyler he believes she loves. At that moment, Oliver asks Rex what about Stacy. She’s still stuck out in the snow and pregnant. Rex reminds Oliver that Stacy is no longer his problem. She’s Schuyler’s.

Gigi tells Stacy that it appears that the baby is unusually pink. It’s not normal, and she’s not making any sound. Stacy does not want to worry but agrees that she does not look right and asks Gigi what is wrong. Gigi tells her sister she must know that she is not a doctor. They are stranded up there.

Viki and Clint rush to the hospital to find out what happened to Jessica. They inquire how she could have gotten shot and by whom.

Dorian pulls the gun on Mitch and tells everybody she has to do this. For her girls.

In Paris, Kelly Cramer appears and greets Adriana.

Todd goes to see Starr and tells her that there is something he is worried about.

Dorian shows the FBI agents the picture that Mitch sent of her family with red Xs over their faces. She tells them that this man has threatened her family. Mitch again chants verses from the bible. She tells him he is evil and deserves to die. Mitch smugly tells her she should not do that if she loves those girls of her.

At the hospital, Viki and Clint are very worried to see how pale Jessica looks. Brody demands that doctors let him go with her into the OR. Greg Evans tells him he can’t. If Brody wants the doctors to save her, he has to get out of their way.

Schuyler asks Rex if he plans to walk away. Rex tells him that Stacy made his life a living hell along with Schuyler. Rex tells Schuyler he’s going to find Gigi and tell her the truth. Schuyler then admits to Oliver that he’s worried that it might ruin his future with Gigi. The most important thing now is Stacy and his kid.

Gigi tells Stacy that she will bundle up the baby and take her down to the main road. Gigi tells Stacy that Stacy cannot go anywhere after the birth of her baby. She tells her sister that the baby will be okay when she has her.

Starr asks Todd what happened between him and Téa. He does not want to answer that, but she demands. Todd then tells his daughter that Téa said that she could not live with him. It was because she was afraid that Dani might think that Téa was choosing him over her. Starr encourages her father to believe that Téa still loves him. Todd then tells his daughter that he has nowhere else to go. Starr hugs her father.

Stacy holds her baby and doesn’t want to give her up. Gigi gets on her winter coat and hat and bundles the baby up in a blanket. Stacy cries. Gigi goes out the door.

Outside, Oliver tells Schuyler that he’s a cop and it’s his job to take care of people. Schuyler can see that Stacy and her baby mean something to Oliver more than just that and asks Oliver what is up with that. At that moment, Marty and Kim appear and ask Schuyler and Oliver if they have found Stacy. Oliver informs her that they have not found her and they also have not found Natalie or John.

Natalie tells John that she feels something for him too.

Kelly asks Adriana why Dorian would fire Bo Buchanan and replace him with a sleaze like Lowell. Adriana replies that she did not understand so that’s why she called and attempted to find out. Adriana then concludes that Lowell must have something on Dorian. She is concerned that the papers are all over the situation regarding Dorian. Kelly concludes that maybe Dorian did not have any choice except to do what she did.

Dorian holds the gun on Mitch. He reminds her that she and her “hired gun” got his daughter shot. She tells him that that was an accident. It’s he who has endangered Jessica. Mitch asks her which of her girls does she want to lose first.

At the hospital, Clint and Viki ask Brody what happened. He then remembers rushing into the building with a gun to discover what Mitch was intending to do to Jessica. He is a bit afraid to tell them all that has happened. They tell him they know what Mitch Laurence is capable of. So he must tell them the whole story.

Natalie affirms to John that she’s married. It doesn’t matter that he’s gone. She still loves her husband. He tells her he knows. He tells her there are extraordinary circumstances. It seems like they are always together in some experience like a car chase or explosion. In situations like that, people might say and do things that they wouldn’t normally. She admits to John that she has felt this way before. She takes his hand.

Oliver and Marty talk alone. Kim asks Schuyler what he’s found out about Stacy and tells him “just as long” as Rex does not know that he’s not the father of her baby. Schuyler informs her that he told Rex about Stacy’s miscarriage and how she drugged him. Kim then asks if Rex believed him. He tells her of course he believed me and knows the truth now.

Rex goes to find Gigi. She is alone in the snow with the baby on foot, and she slips on ice.

At the hospital, Viki tells Brody that whatever happened, they need to know the details. They know about Jessica’s awful history and about Mitch. Clint tells Brody that they need to know no matter how ugly. Brody admits that it was ugly. Mitch had her on the table, drugged, knocked out and was ready to rape her. At that point, Viki puts her hands over her face and gasps.

Dorian holds the gun on Mitch and tells him she no longer will live in fear and her girls are safe.

In Paris, Kelly and Adriana reflect Dorian’s history with Mitch Laurence. She obviously pulled strings to let Mitch get away with murder as well as making Lowell the mayor and things do not add up.

Dorian tells Mitch that he must know that he is shackled and defeated. Her girls are safe. She is in control and has nothing to fear. Mitch is too smug and confident to be afraid and knows how to provoke her. The FBI agents demand that she put down her gun. She does not listen. He indicates to her that she does not know it, but somebody near and dear to her is already going to pay for what Dorian did to his daughter. Hearing that, she recoils in horror.

Adriana and Kelly talk about the French men Adriana might be interested in. She tells her cousin she has had some dates but nothing memorable. Kelly asks her if she is not still hung up on Rex Balsam. Adriana tells Kelly that it will just take some time. She and Rex were doing good and ready to get married until his high school sweetheart showed up. Gigi Morasco took Rex from her. She’s heard from her friend Layla that they have split up because Rex is having a baby with Gigi’s sister.

Todd and Starr sit outside the apartment. He tells her that maybe he should be happy that Dani has not gone off to Tahiti, but he’s worried about his family. Starr holds her father.

Rex goes to Gigi’s home and sees Stacy. She tells him that she just had her baby. He does not believe it and demands to know where Gigi is. She tells him that she had her baby. Rex does not believe a word she says and informs her he just found out that she and Schuyler lied to him and he now knows that it’s Schuyler’s baby, in which case she is not due yet. He knows about the false labor scam that she and Schuyler attempted to pull off. There’s no way she could have had the baby on her own. Stacy tells him that she did not have the baby on her own. Gigi helped her. Again, Rex asks where Gigi is.

While Gigi is on the ice with the baby, she knows that the ice is thin and she’s afraid to stand up. She realizes that she is walking on a lake.

Schuyler tells Kim that Rex is going to kill Stacy when he finds out that happened. She demands to know how he could have told him. Schuyler realizes that Rex was able to find out on his own. All that matters is that he finds Stacy since she is carrying his kid. Kim tells him that he must know that it’s Stacy who’s been doing all the work. She went through the pregnancy for 9 months. Men could never go through any such thing. He better not get the idea that he’s the father. He’s nothing more than the donor. Oliver still wants to find Stacy, but Kim tells them that she will.

At the hospital, Brody informs Clint and Viki what Mitch intended to do to Jessica. Viki tells Clint thank God that Brody got there in time so that nothing happened. He remembers finding her and finding out that she completely lost her memory and did not remember ever having met him. He then informs Clint and Viki that there was “something more.”

Marty tells Oliver and Schuyler that she is going to go  look for John herself with or without their help. Oliver urges her not to put herself in danger. He and Schuyler go off alone to save Stacy and the baby. Kim asks Marty if they believe that just because she and Marty are “chicks” that they cannot do anything. She then tells Marty that she’s going to call for help and try to find Stacy. Alone, Marty smells what appears to be smoke and walks toward the barn where Natalie and John have built a fire.

Natalie tells John that this is weird. He is involved with someone. She is grieving the loss of Jared, and now the situation with Mitch on top of everything else occurs. John can sense that she is afraid of something else.

At the hospital, Brody explains to Clint and Viki that Mitch had this idea about how Jessica should give up the previous ties she has to her family and join forces with him to help him raise Rex’s baby. Viki then asks if because she refused, Mitch shot her. Brody replies no. It didn’t exactly happen that way. Clint then demands that Brody tell him who did shoot her. At that moment, Greg comes out of the O.R. and admits that Jessica has lost a lot of blood.

Dorian is determined to take Mitch out with or without the approval of anybody. The FBI agents take him away. He continues to taunt her and make her afraid that he will kill her girls and there is nothing she can do to stop him.

Rex demands that Stacy tell him where Gigi is. She tells him that Gigi delivered the baby but there was something wrong with her. Rex is then horrified to find out that Gigi went out in 4 feet of snow. Stacy tells him that she was not driving. He asks if she was walking and tells her that he will go and find Gigi.

Meanwhile, on the ice over the lake, Gigi stands up with the baby in her arms and starts walking. She talks about pioneers with horses walking over ice. If the ice can hold all of them, it can hold the two of them. But at that point, she can hear the ice cracking and starts to panic.

At the hospital, Greg tells Viki and Clint that he will do everything he can for Jessica. They then follow the stretcher to the OR with Brody. Viki runs into Charlie at the door and informs him that Jessica has been shot. He tells her he knows. Viki asks him how he would know. He admits to her that he shot Jessica.

Dorian tells Mitch that since he murdered Jared Banks, he should die. He tells her that she better pray that Jessica lives or else she will lose her girls. She then tells him that what happened to Jessica was an accident. She does pray for Jessica. She is a lovely young woman who does not deserve to have slime like him for a father and she does not want anything to happen to her. It appears that Mitch is implying to Dorian that he has already done something to one of her girls. She demands to know which one and what he has done. She appears hysterical and horrified to think of what Mitch might have already done.

Kelly and Adriana are talking privately at the café. A strange man sits at another table observing and eavesdropping upon their conversation unnoticed.

Todd is ready to leave and tells Starr he does not want to bore her anymore. She urges her father not to go. She tells him that she loves him. He leaves, and she goes inside.

Natalie tells John that she thought they were over. She married Jared and loved him. She still loves him. She knows that she could not have survived the last few weeks without John. She then admits that it’s more than that. Every time she looks in his eyes, she can see that nothing has changed. He tells her that it doesn’t mean anything. She then concludes, of course not. He tells her that he will always feel something for her. It doesn’t just go away. She tells him that they have both moved on and maybe they should forget that they had this conversation. They both ask what is the point. They end up kissing. Marty walks in and sees them.

Stacy is alone and talks about how everything was going to be right with Rex and the baby. Now, he needs to find Gigi and the baby and get her to a hospital because she’s very worried what happened to her baby. Kim enters and is happily surprised to see Stacy. She rushes to hug her. Stacy cries and tells her that she had the baby.

Gigi walks on the ice that is about to crack. At that same moment, Rex , Schuyler and Oliver all appear. They are ready to save her. She demands that they do not move any closer because the ice is cracking. 

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