OLTL Update Thursday 2/11/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 2/11/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

When it looks as though Stacy is ready to give birth and Gigi actually believes her, Gigi tells her sister that if the baby is coming now, then the only choice Stacy has is to let Gigi deliver her baby for her. But Stacy does not want to do that.

Rex is physically attacking Schuyler in the snow when he finds out that Stacy’s baby is not his, and that Schuyler knew about it for a long time but did not tell anybody. He knows the only reason Schuyler kept the secret for Stacy is because he wanted Gigi for himself and to have her believing that Rex is the creep who knocked up her sister and to believe that Schuyler could not possibly be the father of Stacy’s baby even though he is. But right then, Oliver appears and breaks up the fight and demands to know what is up with the two of them. He informs them that he found Jessica but admits that he cannot find Stacy.

At Clint’s home, Clint is able to deliver the joyous news to Viki and to Marty Saybrooke that Oliver Fish called and confirmed that Jessica is ok and Brody saved her from Mitch. But Kim overhears and asks if anybody knows what happened to Stacy. Clint admits that he has heard no word. But one thing Oliver did inform him about is that Mitch has Jessica at the geological station that’s part of that deserted area of Llantano Mountain. And Clint informs them that he did contact the FBI and assumes that they are on their way. Clint informs Kim that from what he heard, Mitch pushed Stacy out in the snow. Hearing that, Viki remarks that that makes no sense if Stacy is carrying Rex’s baby. Clint replies that Mitch is out of his mind and there’s no point in trying to make sense out of anything he does. Marty inquires where Natalie and John are. Clint tells him that he heard that they were ok and survived an explosion but nobody has found them.

It looks as though when Charlie arrives at the geological center and is ready to shoot Mitch, Jessica attempts to protect her “father” and she gets shot accidentally instead. Dorian arrives and attempts to prevent Charlie from shooting Mitch. But it’s too late. Brody and Dorian attempt to save Jessica. Dorian reminds them that she is a doctor and can help them. Brody is furious with Charlie. Mitch tells Dorian he knows that she planned this and he tells her if his “daughter” dies, it will be on Dorian’s hands.

Clint tells Kim that now that the snow has stopped, the officials can get a helicopter and everybody will be found and rescued including Stacy.

Right then, Gigi is ready to deliver Stacy’s baby. She coaches her with the contractions and tells her that she knows all about giving birth to a baby. Stacy is very worried. She admits that she is not ready to raise a child and is afraid that her baby daughter will hate her. But Gigi tells her that everything will fall into place when she sees the baby. She coaches Stacy on how to breathe.

Meanwhile, the three “baby daddies” are all on the mountain scratching their heads. Since neither Rex nor Schuyler has found Stacy, they ask Oliver what he discovered when he went there. He tells them that apparently, Mitch threw Stacy out of the place and into the snow. Neither Oliver nor Schuyler knows why that would have happened. But Rex tells them he knows it’s because Mitch figured out it was not his grandchild. Rex informs Oliver (assuming he does not know), that Stacy is not having his baby. It’s Schuyler’s.

When Stacy is dependent upon Gigi to deliver her baby for her, she asks Gigi why she would do that if she is so angry at her. Gigi replies that this is not for her. It’s for the baby. Stacy asks her sister if she would help her no matter whom the father is. Gigi tells her it’s still a baby. Stacy is again having a painful contraction and Gigi knows it’s time for the baby to come. She urges Stacy to push. But Stacy is afraid. It looks as though they baby is coming out.

Todd asks Téa if she did not tell him when she came back from Tahiti, that things would be ok between the two of them. She tells him she knows what she said. But she does not want him to do that. She is torn between him and Dani. She has to choose which one to live with since Dani refuses to live with Todd. He demands how she can deny their love.

It appears that Natalie is awake and knows where she is and who she is with when she’s with John. She tells him that she had a dream about Jared. She felt him lying right beside her as if he never left. She tells John she must be really losing it. John remarks that she got hit pretty hard. She then asks John he is aware if what she was saying and doing and feeling and if she said what she said to him.

Kim informs the others that Stacy was “way pregnant” and she went to the hospital even though it was false labor. She tells them she cannot just stay there. She tells them that she has called the cops too many times her life and waited. The others may have had better luck with law enforcement in their lives than she has. SO she intends to go up to that mountain and bring Stacy home herself.

Natalie asks John to tell her what happened. He affirms that like he said she was pretty out of it and thought that he was Jared. Hearing that, she is shocked. He tells her it’s no big deal. She remembers telling “somebody” she loved him and wanted to hear it back. It was John with whom she had that conversation and she knows she kissed him.

Dorian assists in treating Jessica’s gunshot wound with Brody. She gets Charlie and Brody to assist her. Mitch demands that they save her. Dorian tells the others they have to get her off this mountain or else she will not leave.

After Rex informs Oliver for the first time that he knows that Stacy is not having his child, Oliver tells him he is terribly sorry. Rex asks him not to be and informs him that this is the best news he’s gotten in a long time. For the first time, he can live knowing that Stacy is no longer his problem. Schuyler then tells him he is a jackass. Stacy is a pregnant woman who got thrown out into a storm. He asks Oliver if he found any tracks or any sign of Stacy. Schuyler admits that he is very worried. But, Rex tells him in a coy manner, things could be worse. At least she was not in labor.

Gigi coaches a very worried and despondent Stacy. She tells Stacy she must get that baby girl out and let her meet her mommy. Stacy needs to think about her “family” with Rex. She needs to think about everybody who got in her way. And right then, Stacy relives drugging Rex in order to seduce him and break him up with Gigi, preventing Gigi from calling him when she and Shane were in a car accident. Then she remembers smashing Gigi’s car and fighting with her and the time when she first came to town and wanted to “take” Gigi’s life from her. Gigi encourages her to think about everything she does to “win”. Stacy then remembers when she played the hero who would save Shane yet blackmailed Roxy to get the stem cells from her that were really Mitch’s. She then remembers drugging and seducing Schuyler and then getting Oliver to sleep with her when he was too drunk to know what he was doing in order to get pregnant. Gigi tells her this is it and urges her to push. Right then, Gigi pulls out the baby and encourages Stacy to say hi to her little girl. At that point, Stacy smiles.

Téa cries and tells Todd she is not denying anything. But, he reminds her that she wants to leave and never see him again. She asks if he knows how hard this is for her. He then urges her not to do it and to realize that it’s not too late.

Stacy holds the baby and expresses how grateful she is to her sister. She cries and tells Gigi she was so great. Gigi tells her the real talented one is the baby who got them to stop fighting for two seconds. They then relive their childhoods and growing up together and all of the good times they had together until things changed. Stacy decides she will name her child Sierra Rose after hers’ and Gigi’s favorite doll when they were children.

Schuyler and Oliver try to find a way to find Stacy. But Rex is only concerned about finding Gigi. Schuyler asks him if he does not care if Stacy freezes to death. Right then, they observe a helicopter.

In the geological building, Brody, Dorian and Charlie hear the chopper. The paramedics arrive and Dorian tells them that Jessica has lost a lot of blood and they need to get her to a hospital. An FBI agent asks Mitch his name. At that point, he puts Mitch in handcuffs and places him under arrest. When Mitch appears baffled, they inform him that they do not work for Mr. Lowell.

When Kim is ready to go and find Stacy by herself, Clint and Viki urge her to trust the agents to find her. She then goes into the other room and gets her coat on even though she’s just told them she believes they are correct. Marty follows her out the door and asks if she plans on going somewhere.

Natalie tells John that he could have stopped her with her belief that he was Jared. She admits she is sorry and is worried he must really think she is an idiot. She tells him that when she was kissing Jared, “he”, kissed her back. But John admits that he knows that he did. She asks if he kissed her even though he knew that she thought he was Jared. He confirms yes. She asks why.

Marty asks Kim why she is going to sneak off without telling Clint. Kim replies she did not want to worry him. But Marty may go in and tell the others that she’s gone. Inside, Clint tells Viki that he knows how cautious they must be. And even though he doesn’t like to think of this, they are the only people their grandchild can count on and the only family she has besides the girls. Bree is in Texas but still needs an answer that they cannot give her about where he mommy is. He tells Viki she needs to get some sleep. She tells him that she cannot. It seems the trouble never ends. They just sit there and cannot do anything.

The FBI agents are about to take Mitch Laurence into custody. Mitch protests that he is that girl’s father and she has been shot. Dorian tells them that she is the mayor of Llanview and she demands that they get that young woman the medical care she needs. She tells them that she is the daughter of two of Llanview’s most prominent citizens. They then ask who shot the girl. Charlie stands up and admits that he did. Mitch adds that Charlie was aiming for him. Dorian tells them it was all an accident and if anyone is responsible…But before she can finish, Charlie tells her it’s himself. He did it and if anyone answers, it will be himself.

Oliver attempts to get the helicopter to see the signal of his flashlight. Schuyler asks Rex if he plans to ditch Stacy in the snow. Rex tells him that Stacy is no longer his responsibility. She should have been his all along. But the two of them were too determined to destroy Rex and Gigi instead. He tells Schuyler they are both sick, selfish people. SO Schuyler may go and save Stacy. But he is going to find Gigi.

Stacy holds her baby in her arms. Gigi tells her what she needs to do as far as feeding and care. She tells her that from now on, she has to do everything she can to protect her. Stacy then admits that she could use a sister to show her how to be a good mom. She asks Gigi if she thinks they could ever get back to the way they were before. She tells her if there is any chance, she would do it. Gigi asks her what she would do or undo. Stacy asks her to just tell her. Gigi tells her sister maybe she could stop trying to scheme her way through life and be honest and decent. Stacy tells her sister she could try that. But, she tells her there is something she must know about Sierra Rose.

Téa tells Todd it’s not that simple. He tells her yes it is. She just needs to stay. But she tells him she has to go for Dani’s sake. She has gotten them a room at the palace for tonight. Todd asks her if she really thinks that is the best thing for Dani. And he urges her to spend the night with him. She tells him it would be so easy to comply. But then she would not be able to leave in the morning and she has to go. She tells him she will send for her things. She wants to talk. But he dismisses her and looks very depressed. She cries and goes out the door.

The FBI agents get Jessica into a stretcher, take Mitch into custody but also want to take Charlie in although Dorian protests that they cannot do that. Mitch tells Dorian that there will be hell to pay for what she did.

Marty admits to Kim that she has not heard any information about Stacy. But she can help Kim look for her. She knows Llanview. She knows the mountain. And she can drive Kim to find her.

Inside, Viki tells Clint that much of this has happened because she stepped down when she was elected mayor. Clint assures her that his men will get Jessica back. But right then, he gets a call that she’s been shot. At that point, both Clint and Viki are horrified and leave together.

Dorian asks the FBI agents if they heard what Mitch said to her. They tell her that Mitch is a prisoner who will be locked up. But, she concludes, that will not be good enough for her. She then pulls out Charlie’s gun and points it at Mitch.

Marty and Kim go out the door and Marty tells her that one way or another they can find somebody to help them.

Rex tells Schuyler that he is now determined to get Gigi back. She might not have much use for Schuyler after she finds out the truth. Schuyler asks Rex if he thinks he can win her back. Rex tells him that he thinks Gigi will forgive him.

Right then, while Stacy is happily holding her baby, it appears that she and Gigi become worried that there may be something wrong with the baby and that she needs medical care.

John admits to Natalie that he may still have feelings for her and maybe always will.

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