OLTL Update Tuesday 2/9/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/9/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

In the hospital, after Kyle has dropped the bombshell upon Roxy that Stacy’s baby is neither Rex’s child nor Mitch’s grandchild, she tells him that she knows babies can be a lot of work. But she really wanted to be able to take care of this baby, watch it grow and develop and be its grandma. And all the while, that low life skank Stacy has been lying and having people falsely believing that she was having Rex’s child. He tells her he’s really sorry but she must know that Stacy is not exactly an amateur at scamming in this manner. She tells him in a way, Rex is lucky to never have to deal with Stacy again. But she really feels for the real father of Stacy’s baby and knows he will be in for a rude awakening. Hearing that, Kyle is silent knowing what he knows.

Right then, while still stuck in the blizzard, Oliver is trying and failing to find Rex while Rex is looking for Stacy.

Todd takes Starr back to her apartment and tells her he just wanted to protect her from the snow storm. But she tells him she knows that he might also want to see Dani.

Clint is on his phone trying and failing to find his daughters. Yet everybody tells him that there is a snow storm on Llantano Mountain and it’s easier said than done. Viki and Marty overhear. Marty assures Viki that regardless of how sick Mitch is, Jessica is his daughter and he loves her. Viki asks what about Natalie. Marty replies that Natalie is with John who would never let anything happen to her.

Right then, Natalie and John are together and she still believes he is Jared. She tells him how much she has missed him and wants to hear that he loves her as much as she loves him. Hearing that, John can only tell her that he loves her.

Oliver goes looking for Rex. Rex finds Schuyler in the snow and tells him that he and Oliver found his car stalled by the side of the mountain. He tells Schuyler that he has been hurt and needs to get to a doctor. But Schuyler tells Rex there’s no time for that. He has to find Gigi.

Right then, Gigi is in the snow and finds Stacy. She asks what happened to her baby, believing that Stacy was going to give birth not long ago. But Stacy tells her she did not and instead she ran into the “mayor”. Gigi struggles to get her sister back on her feet and attempts to help her. Not far away, Rex tells Schuyler that he must find Stacy. She is in serious danger. Gigi tries to get Stacy up on her feet and tells her that maybe Schuyler can help them. She urges Stacy to come with her knowing that Schuyler was driving to her place and apparently had a car accident.

Schuyler asks Rex what has happened to Stacy knowing that Rex is supposed to believe that she went into labor. Schuyler tells Rex that he was supposed to protect Stacy knowing that she was going to have the baby. But he let her out of his sight and she could be in danger.

Brody goes to the place where Mitch is holding Jessica and demands to know what he did to her. Mitch tells Brody he will find out what Mitch will do to him if he does not put down his gun.

Outside the apartment, Cole tells Starr and Todd that he will go inside and make sure Dani is ok. Outside, Todd tells Starr that he was afraid that Dani might not still be there. Starr asks her father why she wouldn’t be. Todd replies that he is worried about “something”.

Right then, Clint is on his phone demanding that the authorities do something to find Jessica and Natalie.

Roxy tells Kyle that she wishes she knew who the sap was who knocked Stacy up. He tells her that he knows that she must tell Rex about Stacy but if anybody found out that he told her the secret, he’d be in a lot of trouble for breeching doctor/patient confidentiality. She promises not to tell anybody that he told her. She tells him that she really appreciates his friendship. And she tells him that she will never forgive Stacy for what she did to her (Roxy's) son. If Stacy wasn’t already kidnapped, she tells Kyle, she’d wring her neck. Hearing that, Kyle tells Roxy she’d probably have to stand in line in order to do that. At that point, she makes a comment about somebody else she’s going to confront and she leaves. Kyle calls to her. But she’s gone.

Kim finds Clint who tells her that Officer Fish called to inform them that they found the car where Natalie, John and Brody were in exploded by a ravine with no sign of anybody. She tells him that might be good news where if nobody saw them it could mean they got out. At that point, Clint tells her he’s going to call the governor to see if they can get some help. Alone, Kim says they have to be ok. If they are not, then who will save Stacy.?

Gigi wants to get Stacy inside. But she tells her she’s too tired to go anywhere. She also does not want her sister to ask her questions that she knows she cannot answer.

Rex and Schuyler argue about what to do. Schuyler tells him they can’t stay stuck up there or else they are going to die. Rex tells Schuyler they can’t just sit and wait. Stacy could be out there somewhere. Schuyler asks Rex what if she is not.

While delirious and running a fever, Natalie tells John (believing he is Jared) that he means everything to her. But now they need to find Jessica and save her from Mitch.

Brody is ready to tie Mitch up and hurt him. But before he has a chance to do anything, the nurse comes up behind him and looks like she is choking him.

Clint gets off the phone and declares to Viki and Marty that the governor is useless. He said it’s too early to do a missing person’s investigation for Natalie and John and they’re getting no help from the National Guard. Marty reminds him that Lowell is controlling the police. Clint concludes to Viki that their daughters along with John, Brody and Stacy are now on their own. Outside the door, Kim frantically tries to reach Stacy on her phone. She tells her she knows that she will somehow get away from Mitch. She tells her that it appeared the last time she spoke to Schuyler that he was not going to help them with their scam. But it’s entirely possible that he changed his mind and won’t tell Rex. At that point, Roxy appears and asks her what he won’t tell Rex. That Rex is not Stacy’s baby daddy?

Rex is out in the snow yelling for Stacy. Schuyler looks like he’s about to pass out in the snow. Rex calls for Oliver John and Brody. Schuyler tells him there is no other way up the mountain. So what are they going to do?

Gigi gets Stacy into her home and Stacy tells her that it looks like Jessica is stuck somewhere and nobody can save her.

While Jessica appears to be unconscious, the nurse physically attacks Brody. Yet it looks like Jessica’s hand moves and Brody’s gun is within her reach.

Rex gets into Schuyler’s car and tells him he must find another way up this mountain. In response to that, Schuyler asks him even if he does find another way up the mountain, does he think he will find where Mitch took Stacy? Rex replies that he thinks he’s taken her to an observatory off the map. Schuyler asks if he thinks he’s going to find it on a hunch.

Gigi asks Stacy if she was actually with Mitch. Stacy informs her sister yes. When she left the hospital, mayor Dorian Lord and some guy wanted to take her with them to save her from Mitch. But before they could do that, the crazy nurse got to her and took her to Mitch. She also tells Gigi that she could see that Jessica appeared to be drugged and Rex is lucky that Mitch did not kidnap him.

Rex gets straight to the point and asks Schuyler if he can tell him why Stacy named him as their baby’s legal guardian.

Gigi asks Stacy just what this confusion was about whether she was in labor and how it was that the nurse came and kidnapped her. It doesn’t sound like a very credible story, she tells her.

While Brody and the nurse continue to struggle, Oliver appears with a gun. Everybody is stunned to see him.

Starr tells her father that she was surprised to hear that he was having problems with Tea and she assumed that they would be back together. She asks if they are not together. He replies that she’s still there but they haven’t really made any plans. He admits that Tea could not accept the problem that he has with Dani. Starr then tells her father that she does not want him to give up on Dani or on Tea.

Oliver puts Mitch under arrest while he’s strapped to a chair. Brody attempts to free Jessica. Oliver informs Brody that he found the car where Brody was in with John and Natalie but couldn’t find either of them.

Right then, Natalie tells John that she is terribly tired. He tells her that she has to stay awake. She still sees him as Jared and asks her to tell the story of how they first met. And John remembers when he first met Natalie years ago when they played pool and she was ready for a tournament. He remembers coaching her to get ready and how to have the perfect form and indicated that he was interested in her.

Kim tells Roxy she’s delusional with what she is accusing her of. Roxy tells Kim she is onto the scheme that she and Stacy pulled off. Kim tells Roxy she better not go spreading these rumors around town about her. Roxy tells her that they both know the truth and when Rex finds out, he will be done with Stacy.

Brody and Oliver are ready to rescue Jessica but don’t know how to get down the mountain or how to find Natalie or John. Oliver also remembers that he can’t find Rex. And he demands that Mitch tells him what he did with Stacy Morasco.

Stacy tells Gigi that Schuyler did not know what he was talking about and she cannot trust him since he’s on drugs. Gigi reminds her that Schuyler does not use anymore and knows what he is talking about. He’s a med student and knows about false labor. And she knows that Schuyler had something important to tell her about the baby. It was important enough to drive through the blizzard to tell Gigi in person. So, Gigi demands that Stacy tells her what it is and what she is hiding.

Rex demands to know why Stacy would name him as her kid’s legal guardian. He knows that Stacy would not have chosen her ex boyfriend ex junkie for that. And he tells Schuyler that there is no way that he will let him raise his kid. In response to that, Schuyler shows that he is defensive and tells Rex like hell he won’t. Rex obviously wonders why Schuyler would make a comment like that and what the kid would mean to him.

Oliver demands that Mitch tells him where Stacy is. Mitch replies that she is of no use to him after he found out that she was going to pass off her bastard as the chosen one. Oliver then demands to know if that means that Mitch threw her out and appears surprisingly concerned. Mitch smugly talks about how she was spewing out all kinds of things he could care less about regarding the father of her child. Oliver furiously tells Mitch he swears to him if anything happens to Stacy or the baby, Mitch will pay. Not far away, while Brody takes care of Jessica, they overhear and are surprised at how Oliver is behaving. Mitch then asks Oliver why the life of a degenerate slut like Stacy Morasco would matter to him. He asks if it’s because they are “birds of a feather? Do they share some deeper bond?

Stacy tells Gigi she cannot believe her. She is 9 months pregnant and was left for dead in the snow after being kidnapped. And still Gigi has to make her the bad guy. Gigi protests that Stacy is a bad person. She was going to let Gigi’s son die if Gigi did not break up with Rex. Stacy reminds her sister that she did arrange for Shane to get the stem cells and did save his life. Hearing that, Gigi asks if she is supposed to forget what happened and believe that Stacy did something heroic because she didn’t let him die? Gigi tells her she needs to try standing by your child afraid they will die and knowing that their life is in the hands of somebody as selfish as Stacy. In response to that, Stacy tells her sister she knows what it’s like to fear for her child’s life. She knows what that crazy nurse and Mitch were about to do to her. And not long ago, she thought she and the baby were going to die in the snow. She is ready to tell Gigi that she had to fight like hell to prevent Mitch from taking her baby. And she almost admits to Gigi what she “almost told” Mitch and the nurse…but then remembers she cannot finish her sentence. In response to that, Gigi asks her what she was just going to say that she almost told them.

Out in the storm, Rex and Schuyler argue about who has the rights to Rex’s child. Rex asks Schuyler why he doesn’t just try to build his own family. And he demands to know why Schuyler is so interested in Rex’s kid and in Stacy. Schuyler tells Rex he cannot answer that. Not until he tells Gigi first.

Todd leaves and Starr says good night to her father and tells him she loves him. When she gets inside, Cole admits to her that he’s worried about John. He talked to his mom and she reported that nobody can find him.

Natalie is telling John (still believing he’s Jared) that she remembers the first night they kissed and she does not want this night to end. Right then, he is having flash backs of the relationship that he and Natalie used to have. And he tells her there will be a lot of nights. He relives kissing her and being intimate with her. She tells him there were some “bad times too”. John then remembers shortly after they met when John was responsible for Cristian’s death and Natalie furiously confronted him. John remembers their confrontations and arguments. She then tells him that the good had them beat by a long shot. John then remembers the two of them playing pool, developing a relationship, kissing, sleeping together and all of the passion they had together. She tells him those were some of the most special moments of her life. John tells her him too.

Clint is frantically trying to find out what happened to both of his daughters.

Outside, Kim tells Roxy she either “plays ball”, or Kyle will have to choose between med school and prison.. Kim then goes into Clint’s home. Outside, Roxy leaves a message for Rex and tells her son she’s really worried about him. Right then Kyle gets on the phone and leaves a message for Oliver that he had to tell Roxy that Stacy’s baby was not her grandchild. He did not tell her anything about Oliver or about Schuyler. But he had to do it because he could not stand to see her so upset. Roxy is ready to reveal the secret to Rex whenever he gets her message. Kyle tells Oliver that Roxy was terribly afraid that something could happen to the baby if it was her grandchild so he had to tell her the truth because she was in so much pain worrying.

In the place where Mitch is keeping Jessica, Oliver is ready to nail him for what he did to Stacy. But when Brody tells Jessica he’s there for her, she admits that she does not know him. Right then, Mitch smirks.

Gigi tells Stacy that some things really do not add up and appear very fishy. She knows all about pregnancy, labor and what happens when one’s water breaks. She knows that Stacy is lying about her water breaking. She then asks her sister what else she is faking.

Rex physically attacks Schuler and demands to know if he and Gigi plan on taking Rex’s kid. Schuyler cannot answer the question nor tell Rex what is really going on although Rex demands an answer.

Gigi tells Stacy just what it was that made her want to have people believing that she is the only woman in history whose water could break during false labor. And that could only mean that she is lying about something much bigger. It would be something that Schuyler would risk driving through a blizzard to tell her. She tells Stacy she now concludes that Stacy is not carrying Rex’s baby. Is she?

Rex grabs a hold of Schuyler and tells him that he saved Schuyler’s life. So Schuyler owes him an explanation. He demands to know why Schuyler would be so interested in Rex’s kid and why Stacy would want Schuyler to raise Rex’s child. Schuyler then replies because it’s not Rex’s child. It’s his.

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