OLTL Update Monday 2/8/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 2/8/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

The snow is still coming down. Schuyler is struggling to walk when his car is still stuck and so are Rex and Oliver. Charlie is out walking also.

Inside Gigi’s cabin, while Dorian sits by the fire, she hears from the ghost of Mel. He tells her that he thought she was stronger than to do what she’s done. He was hoping that she’d find a solution to the problem involving Mitch Laurence without having to kill him. He tells her, she is having somebody else do her dirty work for her while her hands get to be squeaky clean. He asks if she has ever thought about what this will do to Charlie Banks.

Charlie is out in the snow with his gun declaring that Mitch is as good as dead.

Meanwhile, Mitch concludes to Jessica that he knows what he has to do. The two of them can have the perfect child together. Hearing that, she asks how that could happen if he’s her father.

At Viki’s, Todd tells his sister that he knows that Jessica is strong and will find a way to get back to them. Clint comes in and informs them that he just got a call from Kim who is frantic and afraid that Mitch Laurence may have kidnapped her pregnant friend, Stacy, as well. He tells them he encouraged Kim to get some sleep but is afraid she won’t be able to. Hearing that, Todd suggests Clint reads Kim a bedtime story. Hearing that, Viki asks Todd to just give it a rest. At that moment, Marty, Cole and Starr enter and ask if they’ve found out anything about Jessica. Viki admits that they still haven’t heard from her, and Stacy Morasco, who is pregnant with Rex’s child, is also missing. Marty asks about Natalie. Clint tells her that he has not heard from either of his daughters. Last he heard from Natalie, she was with John but didn’t tell them where they were headed. Hearing that, Marty is surprised to hear that Natalie is with John.

At that moment, Natalie appears unconscious. John carries her to a barn nearby. She does not seem to wake up.

Dorian tells Mel’s ghost that he promised her that she would find a way to save her girls from Mitch. He asks her what she came up with. Getting Viki’s husband to commit murder is what she’s done. She protests that she did not force Charlie to kill Mitch. She went to a local sleaze bar hoping to run into some lowlife who could do the deed for her. It just happened that Charlie showed up at the same place and had his own reasons to want to kill Mitch since Mitch murdered his son. Mel tells her that once again she is getting a man to pull strings for her. Again, she protests that she did not ask Charlie to do anything he didn’t already want to do for his own reasons. Charlie needs to kill Mitch as it’s the only way that Jared will ever rest in peace.

Meanwhile, Charlie stumbles in the snow. He hears and sees Jared. Jared asks his father what he is doing. Charlie tells his son that what he is doing is finding a way up this mountain to make Mitch pay for what he did and make certain he can never hurt anybody again. Jared asks his father if he really plans to do that in this blizzard. Charlie protests that Mitch has Jessica.

Inside the building, Mitch shows Jessica a gown that was handmade for Stacy to wear when she gave birth to the chosen one, but her child was not the one who was meant to lead them into the future. He asks the Lord to forgive him for not seeing what happened. He tells Jessica that the two of them can put this to far better use when the chosen one is conceived. She looks at it appearing spooked.

Stacy is stuck in the snow, gasping and appearing to have labor pains. She tells her baby that they will get her home safe and warm. She tells the baby that things will all be good as long as Schuyler has not told Gigi the truth.

Schuyler attempts to get up the hill to Gigi’s home.

Rex asks Oliver (as a rhetorical question, assuming Oliver would not know the answer any more than he would) why it was that Stacy would name Schuyler Joplin as her baby’s legal guardian. Oliver reveals to Rex that he might know the answer to that. Rex probes Oliver to tell him what he knows but is not admitting. Oliver evades the question and rationalizes that he heard that Schuyler and Stacy used to date a while back and have a history together. Rex tells him, he knows that Stacy hates Schuyler. He blew her out of the water when she attempted to take the stem cells and take credit for saving Shane and got her kicked out of Gigi’s home and ruined her “chances” with Rex. Why would she want him to be her baby’s guardian? Oliver replies, "Maybe she found a way to forgive Schuyler." Rex tells him he knows that Stacy is not the forgiving type, and there’s no way she’d put that type of trust in Schuyler. It makes no sense. He remarks to Oliver that he can tell he knows something. Oliver asks what he’d know. Rex then remarks that Oliver is a great cop but a lousy liar and demands to know what he knows.

John attempts to get Natalie to wake up and talk. It appears that she sees him as Jared. She tells him she knows that he would come back to her. She envisions Jared and tells him how much she’s missed how he feels, how he smells and how he looks at her. John tries to say something to her. She only hears from Jared and tells him all that matters is that he is there now. John tries to get through to her that she’s been in an accident. She’s hurt. She’s confused, and he’s not Jared. She urges him not to say that and tells him how much she needs him.

Todd asks Starr how Dani is. She admits that Dani is still trying to get used to the fact that he is her dad. She tells him that she just needs time. Todd asks how much time. He’s afraid that something could happen and it will be too late. He reminds her about what has happened to her Aunt Viki trying and failing to keep her kids safe. Viki and Clint talk about what might have happened to their daughters. They know that they’ve lost contact with John and Brody. She tells him it’s possible that Charlie will find Jessica. Clint asks Viki what Charlie might know or be able to do.

Mel’s ghost tells Dorian she must know that Charlie is grief stricken and really desperate, but he’s not a murderer. She tells him that eliminating Mitch Laurence is not murder. It’s humanitarian relief. Mel tells her that Mitch Laurence is evil and should but put away for eternity, but if she takes him there, Mel would be more concerned for her soul than for Mitch’s. She tells Mel that her conscience is clear. He asks her, "Even after trying to kidnap a pregnant girl in a scheme to trap Mitch?" He asks her where is that girl now.

Stacy walks through the woods in the snow and tells her baby not to worry. Schuyler loves her sister way too much to risk losing her by telling her the truth. She realizes Schuyler has the mistaken idea that he’s the father when she knows that it’s really Oliver Fish.

When Rex and Oliver surround Schuyler’s car, Rex tells them they must find him because Stacy could be with him. Oliver seems to know that that is not likely.

In the barn, Natalie gasps and calls John, Jared. John knows that he must have her believe that he’s Jared so he calls her Sparky as Jared did.

Mitch tells Jessica that the two of them will bring their family together, She, who is his darling daughter, his son Rex, himself and the chosen one. That is what God wants. She turns and tells him she’s not sure that’s what she wants.

Viki and Clint admit to Starr, Todd, Marty and Cole that they wonder what Mitch might be capable of doing to Jessica knowing that he is her father.

Mitch tells Jessica that this is the perfect way to give life to the chosen one. He loves her and they will have a child together. Hearing that, she tells him that she thinks she loves somebody else.

Mel tells Dorian that she delivered that pregnant girl into Mitch’s hands. She protests that it was the whack job nurse who did that. She tells him that wasn’t the way it was supposed to happen and she asked for his help. He tells her that for her to rationalize that it’s okay to put Charlie up to doing that while manipulating him in his grief makes her sound not unlike the man she wants to murder. In response to that, she yells how dare he compare her to Mitch. She tells him she doesn’t know what else to do since Mitch has threatened her family. He asks her if she thinks she is giving Charlie closure by sending him back to the bottle. He tells her she must know that Charlie’s life will be ruined if he goes through with murdering Mitch. Dorian protests that Charlie’s life ended when his son died.

In the snow, Charlie tells Jared that he sees him all the time on the streets, in passing cars and in the park. Then he realizes that it’s not Jared. He’s gone. Yet, Mitch is still there, still breathing. That is what he has to make right for Jared and for Jessica. At that moment, Jared appears before him, sits beside him and tells his father that he must get used to the fact that he’s gone. Charlie protests that Jared is not supposed to be gone. He should be alive and pursuing his dreams. Jared is his boy. He is Jared’s father. Jared asks his father if he intends to be a murderer. Charlie tells him that’s the way it has to be. Jared asks his father why. Charlie replies because Mitch took everything from him. He didn’t even get a chance to know his son after they were reunited after all these years. He ruined any chance that they had. He’s afraid that all Jared knew was his old man the pathetic drunk. It was because he was weak that he must be strong now. Jared asks if Charlie thinks that killing Mitch will change anything. He (Jared) will still be dead, and will Charlie be able to accept that?

In the barn, Natalie still believes that John is Jared and tells him how cold she is. He covers her in a blanket and attempts to build a fire. He talks about the survival that his (John’s) old man taught him. Hearing that, Natalie asks if Charlie taught Jared survival skills. She remarks that she thought she lost Jared. She tells him she loves him.

Marty tells Viki she needs to eat to keep up her strength. Cole tells her he can go to the kitchen. Alone with Marty and Clint, Viki remarks that Cole seems to be a great young man. Marty tells Viki and Clint that if anybody can make it through this, Jessica can. She’s one of the strongest women Marty knows. Starr talks alone to her father remarking that Dani is really brave to enter a new school and start a whole knew life and really admires her for that. She remarks that Dani at least has friends. Hearing that, Todd asks what friends. Starr tells him Dani has gotten to know Matthew. Hearing that, Todd tells her he does not want Dani anywhere near Nora’s son and doesn’t want him poisoning Dani’s mind against him. Starr asks him why he has to start that. In the other room, Cole and Marty are talking privately about Todd. She tells him that he must know that Todd is Jessica’s uncle. Cole remarks, regardless of that, he does not think he can see the human side of that guy. She tells her son that regardless of how they feel about Todd, he loves his niece and must be terribly worried about her. Hearing that, Cole asks his mother if she is worried about John.

In the meantime, when Natalie tells “Jared” (John) that she loves him and asks him why he didn’t say it back to her.

Cole tells his mother that he suspects she might have “issues” with the fact that John is with his ex girlfriend. She tells her son that Natalie is Jessica’s sister and it doesn’t matter who John is with as long as they bring Jessica back safely. He tells her he gets that but knows there’s something going on with her. He tells her she must know that John loves her.

Natalie tells “Jared” she needs him to say it. John hesitates, but then tells her he loves her, too.

Rex and Oliver find the car that Brody, John and Natalie were in and notice it was demolished in an explosion. Rex does not know who was in this vehicle he’s never seen. Oliver is able to identify the tracking device that John and Brody had him install for them. Rex is shocked to find out that John and Brody were in the car. Oliver remarks that it was them and whoever they got to be their getaway driver.

John builds a fire and urges Natalie to stay awake when he sees that she is freezing. He holds her and she still believes that he’s Jared. She envisions a fireplace.

Rex is worried that if the vehicle that John and Brody were in exploded and nobody can find them, then it is even more important that they find Stacy.

Stacy continues to walk in the snow, but it appears something is happening.

Mel asks Dorian if she might not want to sabotage Charlie’s happiness with Viki. She angrily tells him that she could never be so petty. He affirms to her that Charlie is a good man. She tells him that may be but she refuses to apologize for her plan to kill Mitch. Wanting to kill him is the best decision she’s made in a long time. Mel asks her why in that case she doesn’t just kill him herself. Is she worried about going to prison, yet, believes it’s okay if Charlie does? If he goes away for the rest of his life, will she live happily and safely with her family? She replies that she won’t let anything happen to Charlie. If he gets in trouble, she’ll find the best lawyer for him. Mel tells her if she cares about Charlie, she won’t let him go through with this.

Out in the blizzard, Charlie protests to Jared’s ghost that Mitch has to pay for what he did. Jared asks his father if maybe he has to pay with his own life for what happened to Jared. Maybe he doesn’t want to live anymore with the guilt in knowing that he (himself) is alive and Jared is gone. Jared tells Charlie that maybe Mitch is just the middle man. Maybe Charlie does not need Mitch to do what he (Charlie) really wants to do. At that moment, Jared disappears, and Charlie is lost in thought

Mitch tells Jessica that he is all she knows and all she wants or needs in her life. She mustn’t trouble herself with things that don’t exist. He tells her they are all that matters. She must come and “lie with him.” She tells him, "No, This is wrong." She does not want to do that. She does not want to create this child with him. She gets up to leave, runs to the door and yells for help. Mitch injects her with a needle, and she passes out.

Stacy is ready to pass out in the snow and wonders if she’s going to die. Not far away, Rex yells out to her.

Mitch then has Jessica knocked out and lying on the bed.

Dorian tells Mel’s ghost that there is no telling what Mitch could do to her girls knowing that she’s double-crossed him. She and Charlie tried and failed to get Stacy into a car and could have protected her from Mitch. Now, he has Jessica and Stacy and she has no clue what he could do to her girls. She cries and tells Mel he must know that Mitch has no mercy and no conscience. He holds her hand and tells her he understands. She looks at Mel and tells him she has lost him and can’t lose anybody else. He tells her that the only life she has any control over now is Charlie.

In the snow after talking to Jared’s ghost, Charlie declares that his life is damn near meaningless now. He has lost Viki. Who was he kidding. He never deserved her in the first place. She deserves so much better than him, and so does Jared. He wishes he could trade places with Jared, but he can’t. All he can do is give Jared the satisfaction of knowing that Mitch did not get away with it. Then, Jared can live in peace. He asks Jared if that is not what he wants. Jared does not answer and disappears.

Viki tells Clint that she cannot eat anything when both of their daughters are missing. He tells her she must know that they are strong and will come out of it.

Marty gets a call from Oliver asking if she’s heard from John. She replies, "No." Oliver informs her that John was in a vehicle where there’s been an accident on Llantano Mountain.

Mel tells Dorian that if Charlie pulls that trigger, it will not only ruin his life, but it will ruin his soul. It will also ruin her soul. She tells him that her girls’ lives are in danger, and she does not have time to worry about the hereafter. He tells her that they have a date many years from now. He just wants to make sure she comes to the right place.

Out in the snow, Charlie declares to Jared that he knows what he has to do.

Rex knows Stacy is not far way. He tells her he is coming. Not far away, she is passed out in the snow. Oliver is alone in the snow, and so is Schuyler. They are walking toward Gigi’s cabin. Schuyler falls in the snow and appears to have passed out.

Marty informs Viki and Clint that Oliver informed her that there was an explosion. She knows that Natalie was with John and Brody in the car that exploded.

Natalie still believes that John is Jared. She tells him he cannot leave her. She loves him so much. She needs him to kiss her. He does.

Dorian gets up and dressed and ready to leave Gigi’s cabin. She intends to find Charlie before he pulls that trigger.

Mitch has Jessica unconscious and looks like he is ready to have his way with her.

Dorian goes out the door hoping she is not too late.

Right before Mitch can go any further with Jessica, Brody busts into the room with a gun and demands that Mitch get away from her.

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