OLTL Update Friday 2/5/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 2/5/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

While people are out in the blizzard, a news report says that visibility makes it near to impossible to drive and that the Llantano Mountain driving area has been shut down.

Rex and Oliver are in Rex’s car. They both remember that there is a place that sounds like where Mitch has probably taken Jessica and where the nurse has taken Stacy. It’s the observatory. Oliver remarks that it’s really coming down. Rex affirms that if “Nurse Rachet” can make it in this snow, so can they. Rex tells Oliver that he can go the rest of the way and drop Oliver off somewhere if he’d prefer. Oliver asks why he’d want that. Rex replies it’s not like it’s “his” (Oliver’s) baby they need to rescue. Oliver does not respond to that comment.

Back at the hospital, Kyle notices Kim standing alone and tells her that he can clearly see that Stacy was ready to have her baby in another month, and it’s plain to see that it was a false labor. He tells her he knows all about her little scheme. She tells him she’s in no mood to argue. She’s worried because Stacy has been kidnapped. Hearing that, Kyle knows that this will affect his boyfriend.

Dorian and Charlie walk in the blizzard and he notices that the light is on in Viki's cabin. He tells her that maybe they should go inside. She asks him if it would be in either of their best interests to be inviting themselves to Viki’s home when they’re attempting to commit murder.

Viki and Clint are at her house without any clues on how to find Jessica when Todd comes to the door. He informs his sister that he thinks he might know what Mitch wants with Jessica.

When Stacy arrives and Jessica observes her, having no memory of anything, she asks her “father’ if he meant that he wants this girl’s baby to be hers? Hearing that, Stacy lashes out at Mitch to find out that he was going to take her baby and let Jessica raise it. Hearing them both, he yells that he wants silence. Stacy cries and tells Mitch he must believe that she is telling the truth. This is not his grandchild. It’s not Rex’s baby. The nurse stands beside them overhearing. Mitch then bursts out laughing and tells her that he believes her. Mitch asks the nurse if she believes that “this harlot” is telling the truth. The nurse replies that she believes what he believes. She tells him, Stacy’s story is confirmed in the examination she gave her. At that point, Mitch flies into a rage, knocks the crib over, smashes it on the floor and tells them that this has all been a lie. Stacy looks at him, appearing terrified and crying and tells him she’s sorry. She just wanted his son to love her.

Oliver protests to Rex that Rex hired him to look out for Stacy. Rex reminds him that he is not “on the clock.” However, he thanks him for caring about his baby.

At the hospital, after Kim informs Kyle that Mitch has taken Stacy, he demands to know how Mitch could have gotten to her. He asks if she could at least tell her where Oliver is. She replies that he’s with Rex and they’ve gone to find Stacy. She leaves and Kyle calls Oliver to inform him that he just found out that he is looking for Stacy with Rex. He tells Oliver he can’t be out there in this weather. Things are really out of hand. First, Stacy lies about the baby being Rex’s. Then she lies to Schuyler by not telling him that it might be Oliver’s. He urges Oliver to tell Rex that this baby couldn’t possibly be his (Rex’s) and would have to either be Oliver’s or Schuyler’s.

Meanwhile, Schuyler attempts to get his stalled car to start. But it does not. He then gets out of the car and walks in the snow attempting to get to Gigi's cabin.

In the cabin, Gigi tells Schuler that she will count to three, and if he’s not there, she will go out to find him.

Not far away, out in the blizzard, Charlie tells Dorian that they can’t ignore the people who are stuck in their cars in the snow who need help. She must look at herself and see that she can barely walk. She yells to him that she is fine and their main priority is to find the crazy nurse and Stacy. He tells her that they have to get to Viki’s cabin. If it means telling her everything, then so be it. She then asks him if he thinks that Viki is just going to let them waltz out and kill Mitch. She tells Charlie they have to find Stacy and Mitch and Jessica before it’s too late. At that moment, she falls and cannot walk any farther.

Todd tells Viki and Clint that he might have some clue what Mitch wants with Jessica. He admits that Mitch came by his place and threatened him to urge Jessica to accept Mitch as her father. What he used as leverage was telling Todd that he knows Todd would want the same for his daughter, Dani. He tells Viki that he regrets telling her sooner. He was too busy with his own crap to heed the threat to Jessica’s safety. Hearing that, Viki assures her brother that it’s not his fault that Mitch has done what he’s done. Todd tells her it is. He should have killed Mitch when he had a chance. Clint admits that he agrees because if Mitch were dead, none of this would have happened. Viki tells her brother and ex husband that they are wrong and must know that killing Mitch is not the answer. Todd then asks her what is the answer.

Mitch prays and asks God why He told him that a child was waiting that would redeem Mitch and lead his flock to salvation. He tells Him that he was willing to sacrifice human lives as well as his own in order to ensure the safe birth of the chosen one. Now, there is no “chosen one.” He screams that it’s all because of “this whore of Babylon.” Hearing that, Stacy cries and appears terrified.

On the phone with Kyle while in Rex’s car, Oliver is careful about what he says regarding admitting to Rex that Stacy is not having his baby and that it might very well be Oliver’s. They lose their phone connection and Roxy walks into the hospital to see Kyle assuming that everything is good regarding her son having a baby. Rex asks Oliver if “something is wrong” with him and Kyle.

Gigi is at her cabin awaiting Schuyler and unaware that he is stuck and stranded in the snow storm. She hears a knock on the door assuming it’s him. It’s Charlie and Dorian to her surprise.

Viki informs Todd that Mitch had somebody drug a guard that was sitting right outside their home and they took Jessica. There’s not much Todd could have done that would have made any difference. Todd tells her he owes her and owes Jessica. Last year when Jessica was Tess, he didn’t tell anybody because Tess threatened to reveal that he was hiding Marty. So Tess did not get the care she needed while pregnant. Viki tells Todd that there was more than that involved in Jessica’s baby dying. Todd tells her that he let both her and Jessica down.

Clint goes home and makes calls when Kim returns to his home. He can see that she is upset and she admits that her best friend, Stacy is gone and Mitch Laurence took her. He comforts her and she cries in his arms.

Oliver admits to Rex that Kyle believes the whole thing has gone too far with Stacy and the baby. He can’t tell him the whole thing when they notice both Dorian’s and Schuyler’s cars stuck in a ditch in the snow.

When Dorian and Charlie arrive at Gigi’s home, she asks what they are doing out in the storm. Dorian answers that they were attempting to find Jessica after Mitch took her somewhere.

Mitch tells Stacy that she scammed and falsified that she was carrying his son’s child and passed him off as the chosen one. He tells her, even he underestimated the depths of her evil. She cries and pleads. Jessica silently listens as Mitch tells Stacy she will pay.

Cole gets off the phone with Elijah and finds out that his mom has been arraigned. He informs Starr. She is really happy. He tells her he wants to go to the courthouse right now.

After Kim informs Clint that Mitch has Stacy, he tells her that he heard that that might happen but he was so concerned about Jessica that he didn’t pay any attention. She tells him it may not be all bad. If Jessica and Stacy are there together, maybe they can help each other.

Mitch says that the righteous will prevail and he will wash his feet in the blood of the wicked. Jessica silently listens while Mitch continues to terrify Stacy and pushes her up against the wall appearing like he will kill her.

Nigel observes Kim crying in Clint’s arms when she tells him she’s worried and blames herself for letting Stacy out of her sight and into harm’s way when she was pregnant and Mitch was after her.

Viki tells Todd that she cannot allow herself to imagine the worst. She must have hope that Jessica will come home safe. She knows that Jessica would want that. Todd tells his sister that he knows how much she loves Jessica. Now he can see that Dani reminds him of Jessica. She is still not speaking to him, but he would like for Viki to meet her.

Charlie and Dorian inform Gigi that her car stalled and they noticed another vehicle very close by that Gigi concludes is Schuyler’s.

Rex and Oliver attempt to find out who was driving the abandoned car. Schuyler had gone out walking, so they don’t see him. They then discover Schuyler’s identification in his car and conclude that he was on his way to visit Gigi.

When Roxy goes to celebrate in the hospital with Kyle after believing that her grandchild has been birthed, she notices that he is worried about something. He admits that Stacy has not given birth yet, and Mitch Laurence has taken her somewhere. Hearing that, Roxy is horrified and screams. She demands to know where Mitch could have taken her. He replies Llantano Mountain. Kyle informs her for the first time that Stacy was not in labor. It was a false alarm. She then reveals to Kyle that he really doesn’t “understand” what happened between herself and Mitch Laurence. He tells her he knows that Mitch is Rex’s biological father and doesn’t judge. She tells him there is more than that. The baby could die because of what happened between herself and Mitch Laurence.

Mitch proceeds to strangle Stacy and tells her she is a blasphemous one to be pretending to be carrying the chosen one when Jessica speaks up. She asks him to stop. At that point, he lets go of Stacy.

Cole gets dressed and ready to go to the courthouse to pick up his mom and take her home. Starr wants to come with him. He reminds her that there is a blizzard. She tells him that Hope will be fine as there are many people who are available to stay with her.

Roxy admits to Kyle that she has to finally admit to what she did all those year ago because the guilt is overwhelming her. He asks her what this is all about. She tells him that if anything happens to her grandchild, it will be all her fault. If he dies, Rex will want to kill her. She admits that she wants him to. At that point, Kyle tells her it’s okay. Still assuming that this baby is Rex’s, she protests that it’s not okay. Kyle then tells her there is something she needs to know about that baby. It will make her feel less guilty. He admits to her that she’s not the only one here who has a secret. He tells her this is huge and if anybody finds out that he told her this, he will be in big trouble. He needs to tell her that the baby that Stacy is carrying is not Rex’s child and not her grandchild.

In the blizzard, Rex and Oliver stand by Oliver’s empty car wondering where he went. Schuyler appears to have fallen and has a bloody cut on his head. He attempts to tie the wound on his leg and attempts to get his phone to work but it doesn’t look like it’s going to work.

At Gigi’s, she informs Charlie and Dorian that she has been trying and failing to reach Schuyler after he called her and told her he was on his way and had to tell her something. Charlie tells her that maybe Schuyler went back and they don’t even know that it’s his car. She tells Charlie she has to go out and see if Schuyler has been hurt. She loves him. She asks Charlie if it were Viki, wouldn’t he go to find her?

Todd asks Viki if she wants to tell him why Charlie is not there or if it’s none of his business. She tells her brother she’d rather not talk about that now. He concludes that Charlie is probably drinking again.

Nigel tells Kim that he could not help overhearing about her friend. Noticing that he is sensitive to her, she tells him she feels bad about treating him like something stuck on the bottom of her shoe. He tells her regardless of whether they get along, he is sorry about her friend.

Jessica tells Mitch that “this woman” is carrying an innocent baby, one of God’s creatures, even if Mitch does not want the baby. So she asks him to please not punish the baby for the sins of the mother. At that point, he lets go of Stacy and tells Jessica she’s right. He knows what he must do. Stacy asks what that means and if she can go. He tells Jessica she’s right that it’s not up to him to decide what will happen to Stacy. So he will let God decide what will happen to her. She asks if she can go. Mitch tells her yes. If it’s God’s will for her to survive the storm, she will. If it’s not, then she won’t. She is not okay with that and urges Jessica to at least tell Mitch that she needs a ride down the mountain. Both Jessica and the nurse are silent while Mitch takes Stacy to the door and pushes her out.

After Rex and Oliver find out that both Dorian and Schuyler have been stranded in the snow, Oliver wants to help them both. Rex, kind, of hesitates. Oliver then concludes that they need to walk. When Rex tries to find gloves in the car, he comes across Stacy’s will. He is very surprised to see that she names Schuyler Joplin as her baby’s legal guardian in the event of her death.

Roxy assesses to Kyle that Stacy is having her grandchild and Rex knocked her up. Kyle then explains to her that he’s not supposed to tell anybody and the only reason he found this out is because he works in the hospital. She asks what he has found out. He tells her, for the first time, that Stacy miscarried Rex’s child and never told anybody. She then determined she had to get pregnant again by somebody else since Rex was done with her so that Rex would mistakenly think that it was his baby. He tells Roxy that everybody believes that this is Rex’s baby but it’s not. She asks him if he’s sure. He tells her that he had to tell her the truth because he couldn’t stand to see her suffer because of Mitch. He couldn’t let another person get duped by Stacy.

Mitch pushes Stacy out into the snow. She pounds on the door and demands he lets her in. She later walks away hoping that Rex will find her.

Charlie tells Gigi she can’t go out in the blizzard alone. She tells him yes she can. She’s from Michigan and storms like this are nothing. If he has a chance to find Jessica, he must do it for Viki. He then urges her to make sure she has her phone with her and to please be careful because Viki would never forgive him if he let anything happen to her. She then goes out the door. Alone with Charlie, Dorian tells him they must find Mitch before he hurts one of her girls or Jessica.

After Mitch has pushed Stacy out the door into the snow, Jessica asks her “father” if he believes that “that girl” and her baby will survive. Mitch prays, reminding God that He told him that he would have a child and be able to raise him with his daughter. He has been waiting for the chosen one all of these years. He asks if he might have misunderstood that the boy was not meant to be of his son’s loins. At that point, he kneels beside Jessica and concludes that the Lord has answered and he knows what “they” must do. Mitch concludes to Jessica that God has spoken to him. The answer is “right there.” He asks Nurse Charles to leave him alone with Jessica. He then tells her that she will get to have a baby. She asks how that will happen. He tells her that they will have a baby together.

Clint tells Kim that he knows that Mitch Laurence would take Jessica as well as his grandchild because he’d do anything to get his hooks into his own flesh and blood. Hearing that, Kim is tempted to reveal to him that the baby is not Rex’s. She hesitates but does not tell him.

Mitch tells Jessica that together they will create the chosen one. It will be their own flesh and blood. He will give her a child.

Viki admits to Todd that the last time Charlie came back, he indicated he was not drinking again. He has been hiding some secret about something and it does not seem relevant to drinking. He said something about “some day she will understand, and he promised that he will get Jessica back.

Alone in Gigi’s cabin, Dorian and Charlie argue. He is ready to go out and tells her she can’t come with him. He is going to find Mitch and she needs to take care of her frostbitten toes.

After Kyle reveals the startling truth to Roxy, she cries and reminds him that that was supposed to be her grandchild. She was going to be there for that baby from moment one. She didn’t get to have that chance with Shane. She admits to Kyle that she has loved that baby all this while even though she cannot stand Stacy. Even though it hasn’t been born yet, she has loved that kid. Now, he’s telling her that Rex isn’t even the father. She then remembers him that Rex and Gigi broke up because Stacy told him that he was the father of her child. She concludes that that bitch, Stacy is dead.

Stacy goes out into the blizzard and calls for help. At that moment, it appears she might actually be going into labor.

Rex asks Oliver why Stacy would name Schuyler Joplin as her baby’s legal guardian. Oliver does not respond to that although he knows the answer.

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