OLTL Update Thursday 2/4/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 2/4/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Jessica awakens on the table and tells Mitch that she feels completely disoriented. He “assures” her that all will be well as long as she is moving toward her destiny.. She asks what. He tells her that her future is she is about to have a baby. And he’s on his way right now.

Schuyler is driving in the snow when he remembers Kim urging him not to tell the truth to Gigi and that telling her that it will only devastate her and won’t help either one of them. Right then, he gets a call from Gigi at her home. She tells him she just wanted to tell him that the weather is crazy and he should not even come. He tells her it’s too late. He’s already on his way. She tells him he must then turn around.

At the hospital, Rex finds Kim and demands that she tells him where Stacy went and what their secret is.

The crazy nurse has Stacy in her car. Charlie and Dorian attempt to follow them in his car. But they get stuck. Right then, they observe what appears to be a vehicle that has fallen down a hill. It’s the one where Natalie is driving John and Brody. Brody awakens and notices that Natalie is unconscious

Todd and Téa are having fun in bed together when she asks him if it’s snowing outside. She laughs and tells him if it is, then they don’t have to go anywhere.. They joke about how they have to stay stranded with the food they have in the cupboard and don’t seem to want to go anywhere.

Right then, Starr observes a picture of herself and Todd in happier days when Cole returns. He informs her that he got Elijah to represent his mother. But she will have to spend the night in jail regardless. Lowell wouldn’t even let him see his mom. And unfortunately, Lowell can do whatever he wants since Marty helped John escape.

John and Brody struggle to get Natalie to open her eyes and wake up when the vehicle has gone into a ditch.

When Jessica awakens, Mitch asks her if she knows who she is. She does not answer and appears not to know.

Right when Rex asks Kim what has happened to Stacy, for the first time Kim is afraid and remembers that that crazy nurse must have gotten her. Oliver then comes out and appears worried and protective.

When Stacy observes the vehicle in the ditch, she urges the nurse to pull over and help the people. Doesn’t God want them to do that? But the nurse tells her that the messenger does not want that and God helps those who help themselves. She tells her the “chosen one” is safe. The messenger awaits his arrival and so does the mother. But Stacy protests that she is its mother. And her baby is not a he. It’s a she.

Gigi asks Schuyler why he plans to drive to her home in the snow storm.

Charlie tells Dorian that they have to help the people in the van who went over the guard rail. But she sees it as more urgent to find Stacy.

Right then, it appears that John and Brody cannot get Natalie out of the vehicle. She tells them she cannot move. She’s stuck.

Cole talks to Elijah on the phone about getting Marty arraigned. But he admits to Starr that he’s less then optimistic. She assures him that his mom survived death and losing her memory not long ago. Compared to that, jail will be a piece of cake. He thanks her for all he has done for him.

Rex and Kim inform Oliver that they know that Mitch and the crazy nurse are on the war path to get Stacy’s baby

In the snow storm, John wants to make certain that Natalie is ok. But she tells him there is no time for that. He must find Mitch because Jessica cannot wait.

Mitch tells what appears to be a “memory-devoid” Jessica that she is his daughter, Jessica Laurence. And very soon, her baby will be there, in her arms and ready to put in the baby crib.

While Schuyler talks to Gigi on the phone, she asks what is going on and what he is not telling her. She asks if it has anything to do with Stacy’s baby. She urges him to tell her what is going on.

Dorian and Charlie argue when he reminds her that she is a doctor and can’t leave people who could be hurt in the snow storm after running off the road. She tells him that they don’t have any time to do anything except to find Mitch and kill him.

The nurse brings Stacy to the place where Mitch is keeping Jessica. Stacy finds Jessica and tells her she’s never been so happy to see her. Assuming that Jessica has her memory, she tells her she knows they haven’t been the best of friends but she will help her get out of there and not let Mitch hurt her. But Jessica says nothing and Stacy can see that something has happened to her.

Cole admits to Starr that he does not want to sleep waiting and wondering what will happen to his mom while she is in jail. But Starr urges him to get some sleep.

Stacy asks Jessica if she does not remember her. But Jessica seems to have no response. Mitch asks the nurse why it took her so long. She replies that Mayor Dorian Lord and some “friend” of hers almost got Stacy before they did. He demands to know how that could have happened and if Dorian intends to make trouble for them. She replies that hopefully it won’t happen because it appears that they had an accident. He asks if she thinks that Dorian has been killed in the accident. She tells him hopefully she has.

Charlie is determined to get his car to start and be able to save the people in the ditch although he does not know it’s his step-daughter, Brody and John. But Dorian sees that as less important than finding Mitch before it’s too late.

John and Brody attempt to get the electrical systems to work so that they can get the signal of where Mitch has taken Jessica.

Stacy urges Jessica to wake up and tells her she needs her help. Jessica says nothing and only feels Stacy’s belly to see that she is pregnant. Mitch smirks and tells Jessica she’s a good girl. The nurse tells Mitch that it appears that Stacy had “false labor”. She may have been faking the symptoms and is not ready to have her baby for a few weeks. Stacy demands to know what Mitch did to Jessica and why she’s turned into a zombie. Mitch tells Stacy that she is now also dependent on Nurse Charles.

At the hospital, Oliver demands that Kim tells him if Stacy is faking labor. She admits yes. He then asks if they should not tell Schuyler. She tells him that there’s no point in having Schuyler do anything except keep his mouth shut and not tell Gigi.

In Schuyler’s car, he tells Gigi that he loves her. Hearing that, she tells him that worries her. Whenever somebody tells her that, it always leads to bad news. And right then, he is about to tell her the truth that Rex is not Stacy’s baby’s father. But right then, he loses control of his car and appears to have a crash. And they lose their phone connection.

Téa gets up to shower. Todd stays in bed and assesses that it appears that they keep making these mistakes. She tells him that maybe they should talk more about that. He tells her he thought she was ok. But she tells him they still need to find out where they stand. But she tells him they are not going to figure anything out today. They both need to have clear heads. He tells her he has to go and see Viki. He doubts his sister is in bed while not knowing where her daughter is. And Téa should stay there in case Dani needs to find her and since the phone connection may not work in the storm. He asks Téa if she will be there when he comes back. She tells him she promises.

Dorian tells Charlie they have to leave right away to find Mitch. Right then, they hear a sound that appears to be a car horn. And that sounds to be Schuyler’s car after it runs off the road and he’s unconscious. Gigi is still on the phone urging him to continue what he was about to tell her about Rex. But he’s not there.

Dorian tells Charlie that they have to get back to civilization and find the authorities if he’s concerned about the people in the car crash and that they are no good to anybody stuck out there.

Brody hears his phone ring. He picks it up. It’s Rex calling him from the hospital. Brody informs him that they need his help. They have had an accident. Rex cannot hear him but informs him that Mitch took Stacy. Brody tells Rex that their truck rain off the road, Natalie is hurt and they need help. But Brody and Rex lose their connection. John and Brody then conclude that they all have to go and find Jessica. Brody goes off to see if he can find something out on foot. John refuses to leave Natalie. But she can smell gas and it appears there could be a fire.

At the hospital, Kim tells Rex and Oliver that they need to go and find Stacy. Rex informs her that the cops have closed off the roadway. But she tells them there has to be a way to get there in the snow.

The nurse “examines” Stacy. She tells Mitch that it appears that Stacy is not in labor and is not due for a few weeks. Hearing that, Mitch angrily demands to know how that could be since they know exactly when she conceived and that “his son” never laid a finger on that little tramp after the one “sordid incident”. Stacy tells Mitch exactly. And that is why Rex is not this baby’s father and Mitch is not his grandfather. Thank God. Hearing that, the nurse protests that Stacy is desperate and would say anything. Mitch then tells Stacy he wants her to tell him everything that happened and not leave a thing out. She then explains that she did get pregnant with Rex’s baby. But then her sister Gigi came to the loft and was ready to pay her to have an abortion. And shortly thereafter, she lost the baby. Mitch then asks if that is true, why didn’t she tell Rex that she miscarried? She tells him she couldn’t. That baby was the only tie she had to Rex. Losing a baby was hard enough. But losing Rex too was too much. And then her friend, Kim came to town and had a great idea. They both knew they could never again get Rex to sleep with her since he was back with Gigi. But they came up with a “list”. She concludes to Mitch that all she knows is this is not Rex’s baby. She tells Mitch she knows all about his “big plans”. All she wanted was to have a baby with Rex but it didn’t happen that way. Mitch then asks her how she perpetuated with this little charade. She then asks him if he will let her and Jessica go if she does. He tells her she must just tell him.

Right then, Schuyler is passed out in his car, in a ditch in the snowstorm. Gigi has lost the phone connection with him.

Dorian appears to have fallen in the snow and Charlie has walked off.

Stacy asks Mitch if he does not believe her. Mitch is silent.

Todd and Téa are together.

Cole and Starr are together when he shares with her for the first time that he cannot “count sheep” because he has a fear of them. He shares that when he was a small child, he met a sheep who snorted at him and he became afraid. Starr is fascinated to hear that and concludes that she guesses that counting sheep is out. Maybe, instead he could count some other type of farm animal. Maybe they can count how many days until Hope gets her license. Or how many pages are in his Sociology book. Or, she suggests, his freckles. And they appear to be happy together.

Rex, Oliver and Kim look at a map and try to find a way to the place where they believe Mitch has taken Stacy. Rex remembers he can find a 4x4 and he and Oliver are ready to leave. Kim demands that they let her come with them. She protests that Stacy is her best friend. Rex protests back that his psychopath father has kidnapped Stacy and his baby. And he’s kidnapped Rex’s sister. Kim protests that she could help. But Rex tells her no. It’s too dangerous. Oliver notices that there is no way she can climb a mountain in her high heels. She then realizes they are correct and urges them to just bring Stacy back home safe. They leave.

Stacy tells Mitch she knows he is not stupid and can check out her story with the hospital record and realize that there is no way she would be lying about that. Hearing that, Jessica addresses Mitch as “father” and asks him if that is “her baby”.

Brody, John and Natalie are all making efforts to get out of their crashed vehicle to find Mitch and Jessica before it’s too late. But it looks like a light is going to catch on fire

Charlie and Dorian are doing the same on foot.

Gigi tries to get her phone connection back from Schuyler but it goes to his voice mail. When Schuyler and his car are stuck in the snow, Brody looks like he’s found him but he sees that his phone has lost service.

Right then, the van where it appears John and Natalie are still stuck blows up and catches on fire from the gas leak.

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