OLTL Update Tuesday 2/2/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/2/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Cole and Starr are waiting for Marty while she attends John’s trial. Cole knows that his mother is being held up and they both know that Lowell is obviously up to no good.

Right then, in the parking lot outside the courthouse, Lowell demands to know where John and Brody are. It has appeared that John has needed medical care and an ambulance. Lowell remarks that he finds it a bit odd, if John has been shot and taken to the hospital that she’s not with her boyfriend. And it seems a bit odd that both John and Brody have vanished.

When Natalie picks the two of them up and drives them away in the van, it appears that John did not know that she was determined to do this. But Brody tells him that he could not have stopped Natalie. She tells them that all is well now. They are safe and sound and Lowell cannot get to them. John asks her to pull over. But Brody tells him there’s no time for that. They must find Jessica before it’s too late.

Right then, it appears that Mitch has gotten Jessica sedated and he believes that she will be “transformed” just the way he wants. And he remarks that she will raise Rex’s baby just as if it were her own. But will that really happen?

Right then, when Schuyler enters the hospital room with Stacy and Kim and they have gotten Rex to leave so that he can partake in their secret plan, Schuyler decides that he cannot do this. He cannot give Stacy the drug to induce labor. They remind him that they had an agreement. He tells them he won’t do it just to fool Rex. Kim reminds him that the labor can go smoothly without any harm to the baby. It will convince Rex and Gigi that it’s Rex’s baby and not his and he won’t lose Gigi. Everybody will get what they want. But he tells her that he’s not really concerned about that anymore.

Gigi is ready to walk out. But Rex goes after her and urges her to wait.. She tells him that it’s a little late to make things right between the two of them. Now Stacy is having her baby. He follows her into the waiting room and admits that he understands that it must feel terrible for her to be running into her sister at this time today. She admits to Rex that she knows she has had 9 months to prepare for this day and assumed that it would be easier. But now all the pain comes back to hit her now.

In the exam room, Stacy and Kim tell Schuyler that he better come through on what he has promised. He asks them how he is supposed to live with himself knowing that he’s hurt his own child. But they tell him it’s too late when Rex believes that Stacy is in labor.

The nurse informs Mitch that she’s just heard that Stacy Morasco is about to give birth.. Mitch then concludes that when the “vessel” arrives, his daughter will be able to hold this baby in her arms. And his “dear darling Jessica” will stop mourning the baby she lost.

Starr, Dani and Cole listen to a radio news report about Lieutenant John McBain getting shot in the court room. Cole tells them he must go and find his mom and John and they must stay with baby Hope.

While in the parking lot, the cops inform Lowell that Brody and John have escaped and Lowell concludes that he has been set up.

While Natalie drives John and Brody out of the area, Brody informs her that he’s certain that Jessica has attempted to call him. But she was not able to get through and he still hasn’t a clue where she is.

When the nurse informs Mitch that Stacy is about to have her baby, he orders the nurse to bring the “harlot” back safely and make certain that Mitch’s “son” is unharmed. And he tells an unconscious Jessica that maybe now that Rex knows that they have his baby, he might decide to come back to his true family.

Schuyler tells Stacy and Kim that he did not just decide this now. He tried to convince himself for a long time that he could go through with this and the baby would not be harmed. But now that he is standing there with a needle in his hand, he cannot do it. Kim tells him in that case, she will do it. But he tells her nobody is doing anything. She then asks him just what he wants. She knows he wants something. Clearly Gigi isn’t enough. Otherwise he would not have made this decision. Does he want money? Drugs? A few free lap dances? He tells her that she doesn’t understand this is not about that.

Gigi tells Rex it’s bad enough that her sister is having his baby. But seeing him taking such good care of her, taking her to the hospital and making sure she is ok and getting her the candy she wants. She cries remembering the pregnancy and birth of Shane when she was all alone with nobody there for her. She had to pay the cab the last of her tip money f in order to get to the hospital and give birth. But the worst thing was having to walk into the hospital all alone. She was in labor for 12 hours. And she spent every agonizing minute wishing to God she knew where Rex was. He asks if it was so that she could kill him. She tells him so that she could cal him and ask him to be with her.

While Natalie drives the van, John and Brody are brainstorming their escape with the GPS route that Fish sent them. But, John remembers that Lowell is probably looking for them and he left Marty “holding the bag”.

Back outside the courthouse, Lowell tells the cops he wants an APB on McBain and Lovett. They better find them now. He tells Marty she needs to “hold it right now”.

While Starr and Dani wait for Cole, Starr tells Dani that she knows Cole is very close to John. She also informs her that her mom was married to John for a short while. It was just for a custody thing and didn’t last. But John has been a really good friend to her family and she really hopes that he is ok. Hearing that, Dani comments that she bets “their” father would disagree. She knows that John McBain was the one who rescued Cole’s mom from Todd when he kept Marty captive. Starr concludes that Dani must have read everything. Dani then concludes she wants to change the subject and asks Starr about what she should wear her first day of school. Hearing that, Starr reminds her that Matthew will be the same year in high school as she is. Dani concludes that she will have at least one “friend she knows”. In response to that, Starr smirks and tells Dani that she can see that Matthew is more to Dani than just a “friend she knows”. Dani tells Starr that she’s afraid that maybe Matthew doesn’t really care for her. He hasn’t called her since he noticed her meltdown regarding Todd. Matthew might think she’s some sort of high maintenance emotionally messed up girl. But Starr assures Dani that she seriously doubts that Matthew thinks that about her. She tells her she’s known Matthew since he was a child. Right then, there’s a knock on the door. They open it and it’s Matthew.

Todd tells Téa he knows he should not have burst over to Starr’s apartment to see Dani today. But he could not help himself. She tells him that she knows he wanted to make things right with her. She understands that. Look at the way she charged out of there this morning. She had to make things right with her daughter. Todd tells Téa he’s afraid that now that Dani knows the truth about him, she will never forgive him.

Kim asks Schuyler if he really intends to tell Rex and Gigi the truth. Doesn’t he know that she will never forgive him? He tells her he runs that risk. But maybe if Gigi loves him, as she told him she does, then they can get past it.

Gigi concludes to Rex that it appears Stacy has “the best” of him. But he affirms to her that regardless of whether Stacy is having his baby or anything else, she will never have his heart.

Kim reminds Schuyler that if Gigi was incapable of forgiving Rex when she thought he got Stacy pregnant, chances are she won’t forgive him (Schuyler) either. He tells her that that is just a chance he will have to take.

Mitch tells unconscious Jessica that he knows she “was” afraid. But she will see that there is nothing to be afraid of when his grandson arrives and that hole in her heart is no longer there.

Kim tells Schuyler he must know that Gigi would not love him if she knew he’d lie about something like this. She only loves the nice, sweet, honest guy who is there for her when Rex is not and who would never do something like this.. In response to that, he tells her that’s exactly why he has to come clean. She then asks him if he thinks it will be as easy as this. Does he really think Gigi will forgive him and forget the whole thing and everything will go back to the way it was after she finds out he’s been lying to her every day they’ve been together? She tells him nobody loves anybody that much. He then tells her that if Gigi can’t forgive him, that’s his own damn fault. And he’ll have to accept the consequences. But this is not happening.

Gigi tells Rex she does not want to hear that his heart still belongs to her. Her sister is having his baby. She spent all those years thinking that he will come back to her, believing that if he did everything would be perfect. She saw the reality of how it was to be with him yet she kept holding on until he put them out of their misery and realized they are through.. He asks her if she intends to go back to Viki’s cabin where she and Schuyler first hooked up. Will Schuyler be there for her?

Schuyler tells Kim that he will have to take his chances on Gigi finding out the truth. Kim tells him that they won’t be able to get past this. It will devastate Gigi. She has seen him as her knight in shining armor. Rex failed with that. So Schuyler needs to save her from the truth.

Lowell asks tells Marty he knows she was lying when she said she did not go with John because there was no room in the ambulance. He just found out that John did not go anywhere in an ambulance. She must be in on this. At that point, he places her under arrest and cuffs her for aiding and abetting John and Brody. But right then, Cole rushes to the scene, grabs a hold of Lowell and tells him he better not touch his mother.

Téa stands beside Todd and they look in the mirror. She tells him he must trust her that Daniela will forgive him. She just needs some time. He asks her what he does in the meantime. Take up crocheting? He tells her that he does not like this feeling of not knowing where he stands with Dani or with her.

When Matthew goes to see Starr and Dani, Starr tells him that she knows that they would like to catch up, but he first must tell her if he’s heard any news about Jessica. Matthew admits that his uncle Clint has not heard anything. Starr asks what about her aunt Viki. Hearing that, Dani asks if “aunt Viki is also her aunt”. Starr then remembers that she has not told Dani about the whole family yet.. Starr explains that their aunt Viki is Todd’s sister. Matthew adds, to Dani that Viki is nothing like Todd. She’s really awesome. Starr affirms that is true. And Jessica is Viki’s daughter. Dani tells them she hopes she gets to meet Jessica. Matthew then asks Starr if she’s heard about John McBain. Starr tells him that Cole just went to the courthouse to be with his mom.

Cole physically grabs Lowell and tells him he knows that Lowell almost got him killed and he is not going to hurt his mother. Lowell asks Cole if he wants to share a cell with his mother. Marty then urges her son to know that everything is ok. John is ok. He and Brody went off to find Jessica. And Cole must know that Starr and Hope need him. She then tells Lowell he may cuff her. The cops then put her in cuffs.

While Natalie, John and Brody are in the van, cops are surrounding them, lights are flashing and sirens are sounding.

Mitch tells unconscious Jessica that a woman feels joy when giving birth and bringing a child into the world. But for the fallen woman who is carrying his grandchild, there will be no joy but only anguish..

In the hospital exam room, Kim tells Schuyler she won’t let him this to her best friend. Stacy asks him if he plans to rat her out to Rex.

Rex asks Gigi if she loves Schuyler. She does not answer. He asks hr to please let him hear it so that he can start his new life and so that she can put him out of his misery. She then replies yes. She does love Schuyler. Right then, not far away in the hospital, Mitch’s nurse enters.

John and Brody are ready to get out their guns to protect themselves when Lowell’s officers catch them.

Rex tells Gigi that he loves her. That will never change. But the way she feels when she sees him and Stacy together is the way he feels when he sees her and Schuyler together. But if he’s good to her and she confirms that he is, then Rex concludes ok. Rex then turns away. She tells him he must know that everything is going to be fine. Once Stacy has her baby, this time he will get to love his child from the second it’s born and that is a gift. She cries and tells him she wishes him and Stacy luck and happiness. And she walks off. Meanwhile, the nurse goes outside the door of the room where Schuyler is discussing with Stacy and Kim what will happen if and when Rex finds out that the baby is not his and that they have lied. Schuyler gets up to go out the door and has no clue that they have been overheard

Marty tells Lowell she remembers his son Justin. Lowell tells her that her dope addict son set his son up. Cole protests that he did that so that Lowell could be exposed for drug trafficking. Marty asks Lowell if he does not love his son. She asks what he might have done if Lowell had kidnapped his son instead of Jessica or if he’d killed Justin instead of Jared Banks. Would he let Mitch walk? Lowell turns away and tells her that unlike his predecessor, his first loyalty is to the law. She tells him his only loyalty is to himself. She tells him that John will find Mitch and Jessica. Lowell tells her not to count on it.

Right then, Brody and John are firing shots and ducking while Natalie drives. They are appearing confident that they will outrun Lowell and his cops.

Marty tells Lowell God help him. Sooner or later, he will no longer be of use to Mitch Laurence. And then Mitch will turn on him and won’t even be as “merciful” as Lowell has been to her son.

Starr tells Dani and Matthew she will go check on Hope and let them talk alone. Dani tells him that she is happy to have met Starr and thinks she is really cool. She’s really happy to see Matthew again and promises no more “Todd talk”. She tells Matthew she wants to hear all about him. He then admits to her that there is this ‘problem” he’s been having. There’s this girl he can’t stop thinking about. It’s her. She admits that she can’t stop thinking about him either. At that point, they kiss but are interrupted by Starr’s phone. Cole informs her that John escaped and is looking for Jessica and Mitch. But there’s not all good news. Lowell has taken it out on Marty and arrested her.

Cole asks his mom if she was in on John’s and Brody’s scheme. She admits she did not know about it but they did fool Lowell.

Right then, John and Brody manage to shoot out the tires of the cops who are attempting to catch them. Lowell is very disappointed in his officers. Natalie continues to drive and the two cops remain confident.

Stacy asks Kim what they are going to do now that Schuyler is not going to help them. Kim tells her there are things she can do. She can make it appear that she is having false labor. Kim tells her she just has to go and catch Schuyler before he rats her out. Right then, Schuyler and Rex come face to face.

Todd asks Téa where they stand. She tells him when she and Dani came back from Tahiti and she previously thought they’d never see each other again, and they kissed, she thought that everything was going to be alright. But she now knows it is not that simple.

Starr announces to Dani and Matthew that John is ok. He escaped and is looking for Jessica. They are both happy to hear that. Alone with Matthew, Dani tells him that she totally underestimated Llanview. He tells her he’s so happy that she’s going to live here. And he is ready to kiss her again when they are alone. But Starr gets another call and interrupts them.

Lowell has the cops book Marty and find her a cell. Cole tells his mom he will find her a lawyer. She assures her son that she will be ok and encourages him to take care of himself. Cole goes away.

John tells Brody and Natalie that Mitch Laurence can’t be far away. Stacy is almost ready to have her baby. Natalie wonders if Rex might know.

Stacy then tells the unborn baby that this is the deal. Even if Rex finds out that he or she is not his and doesn’t love the baby, she will always love her child regardless. And they must have faith that Kim will find Schuyler and urge him to keep his mouth shut. And everything will be ok.

In the hallway, Schuyler asks Rex if Gigi has left. Rex replies that she went back to the cabin. Rex can right then sense that Schuyler has something going on that he is not revealing. Right then, Rex runs into Kim and demands to know what she’s doing there. Who is watching Stacy while she’s giving birth? And right when Stacy is alone, the nurse walks in.

Brody tells John he still doesn’t get it. Why has he taken Jessica if he just wants Rex’s baby? Natalie explains that Mitch has always been obsessed about Jessica.

Right then, Lowell calls Mitch to inform him that Lovett and McBain escaped. Mitch tells them he’s not worried. They will never find him. But it looks like John and Brody have traced Lowell’s phone to find out where he has called Mitch and will find him yet.

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