OLTL Update Monday 2/1/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 2/1/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Gigi and Schuyler are at the hospital making plans. He suggests a romantic evening at the Palace. She reminds him they cannot afford that, and instead, suggests a night alone at Viki’s cabin. A nurse approaches Schuyler and knows that somebody signed for some oxytocin. She knows that she has no memory of any Ob/Gyn patient having to have her labor induced. Schuyler knows about this but knows not to tell her where it came from.

Stacy “appears” to be going into labor when Rex and Kim are with her. Kim helps her to pull it off.

Mitch Laurence is ready to do the electro convulsive therapy on Jessica so that she will lose all of her memory and be able to help him raise Stacy’s unborn baby. Jessica is terrified while strapped to the table.

Meanwhile, in the courtroom while Lowell and the judge want to put John away for “assaulting” Mitch Laurence, Brody enters with a gun and demands to know where Mitch took Jessica. When Lowell refuses to answer him, he fires a shot at him. Lowell ducks, hides behind John, the bullet hits John and he falls to the floor.

When it appears that the electrodes are choking Jessica, the nurse is concerned, but Mitch tells her to readjust them. Jessica fights with them and tells them she refuses to let them wipe out her memory.

Téa and Starr are wondering how to get Dani ready to attend her first day of school at Llanview High. Téa tells Starr she really appreciates all of her help with Dani. Starr tells Téa she knows very well what it’s like to find out that Todd Manning is one’s father. She then asks Téa just how her father is doing with the situation involving Dani. Téa admits that he is not in a good way.

Jessica tells Mitch and the nurse that she can’t let them end her memory. She will do whatever he wants. She will help them raise the baby. Mitch then asks her if she has “found her way.” She pleads with him that she has. He tells her that this will be a happy day and she will be the perfect mother for this baby. Jessica tells Mitch that she wants to be but is concerned about what will happen to Stacy after the baby is born.

While it appears that Stacy is ready to give birth, Kim urges Rex to go and get his car ready. He gets ready to go and urges Stacy to breathe and for them to call the doctor. As soon as he is out the door, Stacy and Kim know that they can “cut the act” and stop pretending that she is going into labor.

At the hospital, after the nurse tells Schuyler how odd it is that “somebody” took some oxytocin, he tells her that something could have happened that they do not remember. Gigi stands beside him when Kim calls and informs him that Stacy is ready to “go into labor’ and have Rex believe she’s giving birth right now. He better be at the hospital to administer the drug to induce the labor or else he and Gigi are done. She will tell Gigi and Rex the truth if Schuyler does not cooperate.

Elijah goes to see Blair. They are ready to get it on. He informs her that he was not able to get the charges dropped against John and the judge wants John sent to Statesville.

In the courtroom, after Brody has accidentally shot John, Lowell wants to nail him even though he does not care what has happened to John.

After Blair finds out that John is getting sent to prison for a crime he did not commit, Elijah can see that she is concerned about John. He asks if she wants to go and see him. She admits that even if things between herself and John did not work out, she does not want any innocent man to be sent to prison. She tells Elijah she does not want the two of them to be spending time talking about John McBain. She has “better” things to do. She jumps on him and kisses him.

When John is lying on the floor after being shot, paramedics come and Marty coaches them to revive and save him. Brody tells them that Lowell is responsible for what happened to John. Lowell protests that it was Brody with the gun who shot John. But Brody tells Lowell that he (Lowell) was the target and jumped behind John to save his own skin. Lowell asks Brody if he is admitting that he wanted to murder Lowell. Brody tells Lowell that he (Lowell) wanted John out of the way so that Mitch Laurence could kidnap Jessica Brennan. Reporters enter and Lowell tells them that Officer Lovett is an unbalanced man. One reporter tells Lowell that Brody was decorated for bravery for putting Lowell in jail. Lowell tells them it was a serious mistake that the government had to correct. This is not the first time that Mr. Lovett has shot and attempted to kill somebody. He orders the cops to lock Brody up.

Mitch tells Jessica that she must know that Stacy Morasco does not matter. She need not concern herself with Stacy. She is his daughter and has “her own child.” Jessica asks Mitch if she can see Bree. Mitch tells her that Viki and the family can take care of Bree. Her life with the new baby and their followers will be rich and full. Jessica tells him she knows. Mitch then concludes that he knows she does not “believe” that yet, but she will.

After Schuyler gets off the phone with Kim who has demanded that he “helps” Stacy, Gigi asks him what that was about. He bluffs by telling her it was just a patient who expects unrealistic things from him.

Alone in the apartment, Kim tells Stacy that they are going to find a way to pull this off and she must know that Schuyler will take care of this. They both know that tap water spilled on the floor and fake labor pains may not convince anybody that it’s really happening. Kyle and Oliver Fish could very well reveal the truth to both Rex and Schuyler. Rex returns, and they keep the “act” up that Stacy is having contractions. Kim rushes out the door with Stacy. At that moment, Dorian and Charlie enter the apartment after they’ve left. Dorian assumes that Stacy will be alone. She knocks on the door. Nobody is there, however. Charlie tells her it’s a bit odd that the door is unlocked when Stacy is supposed to be under lock and key 24/7, and she is now suddenly gone. Dorian tells him that Mitch could not have taken her. Charlie asks Dorian if she is saying that they need to kidnap Stacy before Mitch does.

Téa admits to Starr that Todd informed her that he had a dream that Mitch Laurence killed Téa and Dani. It was right after she spent the night with him trying to convince him that everything would be all right. In response to that, Starr admits that Mitch really gets to many people. She and Cole ran into him at the coffee shop. Mitch was apparently preaching and looking for followers. They agree that they wish that somebody would finally do something about Mitch once and for all.

Dorian and Charlie enter the empty and unlocked apartment and wonder what happened to Stacy. Dorian wants to believe that she has not been kidnapped by Mitch yet. If they get to her first, they could save her from him. Charlie asks Dorian how they can get in contact with Mitch after they find Stacy.

Kim and Rex accompany Stacy to the hospital when she is “going into labor.” They are greeted by Gigi and Schuyler who are both utterly baffled that this would happen.

Blair is ready to seduce Elijah when he can sense that she might not be entirely over John.

When John gets wheeled away on the stretcher by the medical team and Marty accompanies them, Lowell is ready to get Brody in serious trouble for the attempted murder of a police officer.

Charlie steps outside the door and tells Dorian that he wants more than anything to win Viki back. He has to use a pregnant girl and her baby as bait in order to save Viki’s daughter. Dorian then encourages him to know that he will be a hero and must know that desperate times call for desperate measures.

When Jessica is strapped to the table and attempting to convince Mitch that she will do what he wants, she asks where they are going and if there is a cafeteria or somewhere to eat. He tells her that he can find her some accommodations and begins to remove her restraints. He urges her not to make him regret it. He takes her into the other room where the nurse is. They have another bed for her. She tells him that this is a nice room but there are no baby supplies. They need to have diapers and a changing table and a crib for the baby. As soon as Mitch and the nurse turn their heads and appear distracted, she manages to grab her cell phone and put it in her boot so they cannot see it. Mitch then agrees to provide supplies for the “prince” and asks Jessica if there is anything else she needs. She replies nothing more.

Charlie tells Dorian that Viki needed comforting and he walked out on her. Dorian tells him that Viki needs a solution. He’s going to give it to her. Charlie reminds Dorian that he killed somebody once, and his son paid for this. Now, he’s going to kill again. She then tells Charlie that her family has many times been disappointed in her and vowed never to forgive her, but they have let her back in. He tells her she may hope so but what she’s done now might have pushed them too far. He tells her he knows that everybody in her family has moved out of her house. She admits that her girls and her nephews have relocated, temporarily. He asks her what if they don’t come back. She replies that at least they will be alive and that’s all that matters. He reminds her that most people don’t beat Mitch at his own game. She tells him that they have to. He tells her that his son is in a coffin. Viki is never going to understand. It's all over for him. She then assesses to him that it’s not like he’s killing a man. He is ridding this earth of a vermin. He then tells her that they must do this. Yet, they realize that they first need Stacy and don’t know where to find her.

At the hospital, Stacy appears to be having labor pains, Kim and Rex attempt to “assist” her while Schuyler and Gigi observe silently. A doctor takes Stacy into an exam room. Rex tells them he cannot believe this is really happening. Outside the room, Gigi tells Schuyler the same thing. She tells him that she remembers Stacy getting pregnant and Rex lying about it. All this while, up until now, the baby was just an “idea.” But now it’s real. Rex has another child.

Jessica tells Mitch that if Stacy is going to give birth soon, he will have to be ready when the time comes and let her help him and rely on her experience with raising a baby. She then appears to feel faint and tells Mitch she needs to lie down. He lets her rest on the bed and leaves with the nurse. The moment she is alone, she stands up and pulls her cell phone out of her boot to call Brody.

When the cops get ready to take Brody away, he overpowers them. At that moment, his phone rings. Before Jessica can reach him, Mitch comes up behind her and pulls the phone out of her hand.

Outside the courthouse, the cops join the paramedics to take John to the hospital. They tell Marty they must put cuffs on him. John gets up out of the stretcher and knocks them out.

Blair tells Elijah that she’s sure he has some history with previous girlfriends and asks him to share. He asks her if she really wants to know about his past. She tells him that she knows how to have sex without strings or a relationship. If he doesn’t like that, he can go. He gets up to leave, and she is surprised. He surprises her by taking off his clothes, and they go at it.

Téa waits for Starr who is helping Dani pick out some clothes for her first day of school. Téa again reminds Starr that she might not get along great with her sister if they have to share a closet. Starr tells Téa that she is grateful to her and hugs Téa.

Schuyler and Gigi wait outside in the waiting room wondering what will happen when Stacy has her kid. She tells him that this child will be Shane’s little brother or sister, slash cousin. So, she has to wish the best for the baby. That baby might turn into a good person. She is grateful that she has found a great guy like Schuyler. She then walks over to the other room to observe Stacy with Kim and Rex. Schuyler stands there and then turns away. Kim then remembers that she has to get Rex out of the room so that she can “get” something from Schuyler. She asks him to go and get some stuff out of the vending machine and encourages him to take his time. When Rex leaves the room, Schuyler enters with the drug but hesitates.

When John disarms the cops that want to put him away, Marty helps him and jumps in the ambulance with him

Lowell tells the reporters that the first question of this investigation would be how Officer Lovett was able to smuggle a weapon into the courtroom. Whoever is behind that will suffer serious consequences. The second question will be how such a human being would even be cleared to be a police officer in the first place. A man like that, with such a history of mental illness, should never have such privileges and under his administration, Brody Lovett will never be put on the police force. They ask him more questions about how he set John up. He excuses himself and goes into the hallway to talk alone with the cop who is helping him. He demands to know how that cop let Brody Lovett out of his sight.

Brody runs outside to be with John and Marty. He informs them that Jessica tried to call him. He knows it had to have been her. So they must find her.

When Mitch catches Jessica on the phone, she attempts to explain what she was doing. He then drags her to the table and has the nurse come down there with all of the men she can find now.

Blair and Elijah are in bed together after sex reflecting on how they are both okay with not having emotional attachment to each other. They talk about wanting to be together all night long not caring about each other.

Charlie and Dorian wait in Rex’s apartment for Stacy. He asks her what is going to happen if Rex walks in and catches them there. She notices that he’s stepping in some “water or something.” They mop it up with a paper towel. Dorian observes a note about needing to get Stacy to the hospital. She smiles and declares that she thinks she has “found” Stacy.

When Stacy and Kim get Schuyler to “assist” them alone in the room, he tells them he cannot go through with administering the drug to induce the labor. Kim demands to know what he means by saying he cannot do it.

John, Marty and Brody encourage the cops who have helped them escape to go away and not allow themselves to get in trouble. John promises to not tell anybody that they “helped” them and tells them that he and Brody can take it from here. He encourages them to leave in the ambulance and tells them they are good cops with a lousy boss. They then leave and Marty is amazed at how both John and Brody pulled it off. How did Brody manage to find the gun and make it appear as though John had been shot? How did they manage to do that without Lowell finding out? A van pulls up, and Brody and John jump in before having a chance to tell Marty what they have secretly planned. The driver is Natalie with her hair up in a hat. She drives them away. Lowell appears and demands that Marty tells him what the hell happened.

Mitch then straps Jessica to the table and has the machine ready to do the electro convulsive therapy. She is terrified. Mitch smirks his evil smirk. 

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