OLTL Update Friday 1/29/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 1/29/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

John is going to trial and Lowell wants to put him away for a long time. Marty asks Elijah what he can do for him. He admits that there is not much he can help John with since Lowell wants to nail him, and the judge seems to agree. It appears that “somebody” grabs Lowell’s cell phone from him and takes it unseen.

Stacy and Rex talk about “their” baby. She is happy and tells him that she can see that he is in love with this baby as she is.

At the shooting range. Dorian tells Charlie that they have no choice except to resort to drastic measures with Mitch. She tells him that both of their families are in danger and they must fight fire with fire. Charlie asks her just what her plan is.

Mitch and his nurse are standing before a drugged Jessica while she lies on the table. The nurse asks Mitch just what his plan is. He tells her that he will now take drastic measures in order to make Jessica a devoted loving mother. At that point, the nurse seems afraid of Mitch’s plan.

Todd goes to Starr’s new apartment hoping to find Dani. Starr comes out and tells her father that he needs to give Dani space. He must know that he cannot force the situation with her. Inside, Dani hears them talking. Starr tells Todd that she got over her issues with him, and in time Dani can to. She tells Todd she loves him and he needs to find out about Jessica. Todd then leaves. Starr goes inside and tells Dani that she realizes there is not a lot of room for her, Starr, Cole, Langston, Markko and baby Hope. Dani tells Starr she is afraid that she is imposing on them. Starr tells her there is no imposition since they are sisters.

At Todd’s home, Téa and Blair are alone, both knowing where Todd has probably gone. Blair assures Téa that Todd missed her when she was gone, but Téa claims that all she cares about now is her daughter.

The judge rules that the defendant, John McBain is being charged with assault. Outside, Brody attacks two guards with a gun and demands that they let him in. The prosecutor tells the judge that Commissioner Lowell and two other officers apprehended the defendant for assaulting Mitch Laurence. The judge then asks how the defendant pleads. Elijah answers not guilty and asks that charges be dropped immediately. He knows that Commissioner Lowell has a personal vendetta against his client and is obviously in Mitch Laurence’s pocket. The judge and prosecutor do not listen to him. Elijah reminds them that Mr. Laurence has not even graced this courtroom with his presence. Doesn’t his client have the right to confront his accuser? The prosecutor says that Mr. Laurence has suffered grievance bodily harm. Elijah demands to know just where Mitch is.

The nurse tells Mitch that she really doesn’t want to administer the ECT for Jessica without anesthesia because it will cause memory loss. Mitch tells her that is exactly what they hope to achieve.

Charlie asks Dorian just how she thinks they can motivate Mitch to give up Jessica. She tells him that she knows that Mitch has a weakness like everybody else. He tells her he still does not believe that there is any way that they can hurt that guy. She tells Charlie that Mitch’s feelings for his family is just about the only weakness he has. Hearing that, Charlie tells Dorian that it appears the only family Mitch has is Jessica. Dorian tells Charlie that Stacy is having Rex’s baby. That is Mitch’s grandchild. They can use that baby to get to Mitch. Hearing that, Charlie asks her what makes her think that Mitch even cares about that baby. She informs him that Mitch was ready to kidnap Stacy and raise the baby in his cult. That baby is more important to him than Jessica or Rex. He believes that baby is the heir to the throne. He sees it as the Messiah. Hearing that, Charlie asks her if she is kidding him. Dorian tells him that Mitch is one crazy bastard and obsessed about getting his hands on that baby. They need to get to the baby first.

Stacy talks to Rex about how many women she’s observed at the doctor’s office fall in love with their baby the minute they know they are pregnant. He seems less enthused and reminds her that it’s not like they planned this. She tells him for the longest time, it felt like aliens invaded her body. But not anymore. There is a baby growing inside of her. It’s her daughter. She tells Rex that she so appreciates all he has done for her letting her stay there and hiring Oliver to protect them. Rex acknowledges that it’s his baby too. She then asks Rex what things will be like after the baby is born.

The nurse reminds Mitch that electric convulsive therapy is typically used to treat schizophrenia. It’s not relevant to Jessica. She appears to not want to go through with it. Mitch tells her that with Jessica’s memory wiped out, he can do what he pleases. He tells her that they will help Jessica understand her true calling.

Blair tells Téa that if she wants Blair and the boys to go, they can. Téa tells her she does not want that. She knows that Blair just wants to give the boys a stable home. Blair laughs and tells Téa that with this family, it’s not an easy task. Téa tells her right now all she’s worried about is her daughter. Todd returns and admits that he wanted to go and see Dani but is depressed that she didn’t seem to want to see him. Blair tells Todd she knows it must hurt to feel as though his daughter hates him. But he must realize how Starr once felt similarly toward him but got over it. He then reminds Blair that Starr is different. She was already stuck with him by then. Blair tells him he must know that he does not know Dani nor know how things will pan out. Téa then reminds Todd that he is her father for better or for worse. He can’t give up nor assume she will never come around. She reminds Todd that Dani can’t stay at Starr’s forever and will eventually have to go to school. Blair then tells them that maybe she can help.

Dani tells Starr that she feels bad about ruining her 18th birthday and asks Starr if she really wanted to spend it with her messed up little sister. Starr tells her that she is very grateful to find out she has a sister. Cole enters with baby Hope. Starr introduces the baby to her aunt Dani and asks Dani if she wants to hold her. Dani admits that she hasn’t held many babies. She smiles and greets the baby and they smile at her.

The judge tells Elijah that John’s bail is denied. She tells Elijah if he continues to argue, she can charge him with contempt.

Stacy tells Rex that it’s so great to know that she can call him if anything happens. He tells her that she can stay there as long as she wants. Did she think that he was going to kick her out? She is the mother of his child, and he’s not going to let her live on the streets. She appears humble and gracious to him. She tells him that she does not want to ruin things. She asks if he thinks there might be a chance of there being something “more” between the two of them.

Charlie asks Dorian how she plans on using Stacy’s baby as leverage against Mitch. Is she suggesting that they kidnap Stacy? He tells her he refuses to do it.

Mitch’s nurse tells him that before they begin with the electric convulsive therapy, she must remind him that it can cause cognitive impairment. Jessica might become confused and not remember where she is. Mitch makes it clear that that is exactly what he wants. They have the machine ready and the nurse keeps raising objections worried that if the voltage is too high it could kill Jessica. Yet, Mitch is completely confident that he knows what he is doing. He tells her that he will administer the treatment since Jessica is his daughter.

Blair tells Todd and Téa that while Dani is not ready to leave Starr’s home, if they push her, it might push her farther away. She tells them that maybe she can talk to Dani. She, kind of, developed a relationship with her and Dani might listen to her. She continues to be gracious to Téa in telling her that she does not want to take her place in Dani’s life and she is grateful for Téa loving Blair’s daughter as if she were Téa’s own, so she wants to help with Dani.

Dani holds baby Hope while Starr and Cole happily tell her of all the fun they have with their baby daughter. Cole is then ready to leave for school. Alone with Starr, Dani asks her about the unplanned pregnancy. She tells Starr that she knows her “father” would not approve of her having sex with a boy. She remembers that Ross is not her father, and she really misses him.

Stacy graciously tells Rex that she can see he has good reason to hate her. She was terrible to him and to Gigi and to Shane. As crazy as all of this may sound, she loves him. She knows that he does not feel the same way and she cannot make him. Gigi is with Schuyler. The two of them are going to have a baby.

Dorian assesses to Charlie that he is willing to commit murder but won’t do a kidnapping. He tells her that ending Mitch Laurence is not murder. It’s a public service. She tells him she will grant him that. He tells her he is not about to kidnap a pregnant woman. Dorian tells him that they don’t intend to actually hand her over to Mitch. They’ll just let him believe that. It will force him to reveal his whereabouts. Then they can kill him.

Jessica has electrodes on her head and is awakening. She asks what is going on and why she can’t move. Mitch and the nurse stand before her.

Elijah tells the judge he apologizes for his outburst, but his client has the right to post bail. The judge reminds him that John McBain has had a long history of being a flight risk and orders that he is immediately moved to Statesville. Marty then tells them she cannot believe this. Out of nowhere, Brody appears with a gun and demands that nobody moves. John demands to know what he is doing. Brody tells John that he is going through with this no matter what. Lowell then instructs the cops and guards to shoot Brody. They hesitate.

When Jessica awakens, Mitch tells her that she has been a very rebellious young lady, but he will fix things. She is horrified and asks what they are going to do with her.

Blair tells Téa that she knows all too well what it’s like to be raising a teenage daughter with a mind of her own. Téa tells her she appreciates the offer but Daniela is her daughter. She’s going to go to her and deal with her. She’s going to do that right now. She then gets up to leave.

Dani cries remembering Ross. Starr tells her she understands that Dani recognizes Ross as the only dad she’s ever known. She reflects how Ross was always there for her, and she could not imagine Starr’s dad that way. Cole brings out baby Hope and announces she is all ready for her play date. Starr tells him that she wants to stay there with Dani and get to know her better.

Rex tells Stacy he can see how much it would mean to her for them to be a real family. She tells him not just for herself, but also, for their daughter. He declares that he will always be their baby’s father. She tells him she knows that he will always love the baby. She just wishes that he could feel something for her. She tells Rex that she loves him so much and wants to make him happy. SAnd she kisses him.

Charlie says he does not like using Stacy and her baby in order to get to Mitch. How can she be sure that no harm will come to them? Dorian then reminds Charlie that Mitch had no trouble murdering Charlie’s son. Now he has Jessica. How do we know that she won’t be his next victim? Charlie gets up to leave. She grabs a hold of him and tells him that they do not have the luxury of not involving anybody else. Desperate circumstances call for desperate measures. She asks him if he’s going to let Jessica down when she needs them.

Jessica struggles while strapped to the table and demands that Mitch and the nurse tell her what they mean about her losing her memory. The nurse again asks Mitch if he’s sure he wants to administer the ECT without the anesthesia. He tells her of course.

Brody holds a gun, points it at Lowell and tells him that he better tell him where Mitch has taken Jessica or he will kill him right where he stands.

Starr asks Dani what she wants to do today. Is she in the mood for talking? Shopping? Eating? Dani asks Starr if she doesn’t want to go to school and see her friends. Téa appears and tells Dani that she knows that Todd overstepped by wanting to visit her. She asks if she can come in. She asks Starr why she’s not in school. Starr tells Téa she can miss a day and wants to hang out with Dani. Téa then tells her daughter that she too will have to get back to school. Maybe she could enroll at Llanview High.

Rex tells Stacy that he is still worried about what Mitch might have done to Jessica. He gets on the phone. Alone, she gets on her phone to call Kim. She tells her that they need to “do it” now. Something “really good” happened with Rex. They need for her to have her baby now.

Charlie tells Dorian that he remembered her implying that she was worried that something could happen to her family. Then she threatened to expose him as a liar and a drunk if he divulged her secret. So, he wants to know if they are in this together. He tells her he wants to know exactly what Mitch is holding over her head.

In the courtroom, while Brody points the gun, Marty attempts to negotiate with him and tells him they can find whatever it is he wants. He tells her he wants Mitch Laurence. She tells him they can solve this together, but nobody needs to get hurt. He tells her that Laurence could be hurting Jessica right now. She then tells Lowell that if he knows where Mitch is, he must tell them. Lowell again affirms that he has no idea. Brody does not believe that and walks over to him and points the gun right at his face.

Mitch and the nurse are going to go through with their dastardly procedure with Jessica. She is terrified and pleads with them to believe her that she will do whatever they want. Mitch tells her he knows she won’t be able to keep her promise unless they do what he intends to do. As long as she is in love with Brody and committed to her life in Llanview, he needs to wipe out all of her memories in order to make her the “perfect daughter.”

Téa tells Dani that Llanview High is waiting to sign her up. Dani then happily asks her if she doesn’t have to go back to boarding school. Téa tells her daughter that it’s officially over. Dani then happily tells Téa and Starr she has to find something to wear. Alone with Téa, Starr tells her that she’s really grateful to have a sister. Téa tells her wait until they share closet space. She asks Starr how Dani is holding up. Starr admits not so good. Starr asks Téa how Todd is. Téa admits not so good.

Todd tells Blair that she and the boys may stay at his home for as long as they need to.

While Rex is on the phone with Bo, Stacy pours water on the floor to make it appear as though her water has broken. She then urges Rex to come quick.

Dorian tells Charlie that Mitch knows she would do anything for her girls. She’d die for them. He asks her if she’d kill for them. She tells Charlie that Mitch must be stopped. They cannot stop him unless they know where he is and using Stacy and her baby is the only way to get to Mitch. At that point, Charlie agrees to do it.

Mitch and the nurse are ready to administer the electric convulsive therapy. She tells him that they need to follow medical protocol. At that point, he yells that he will make this decision without her because he is Jessica’s father.

In the courtroom, Brody points the gun at Lowell and tells him he has one more chance to tell them where Mitch has taken Jessica. Lowell still does not answer. Brody fires a shot. Lowell hides behind John and the bullet hits John. John falls to the floor. 

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