OLTL Update Thursday 1/28/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 1/28/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Stacy, Kim and Schuyler notice that somebody is at the door but are not certain who. They know that they must beware of Mitch Laurence and not answer the door without knowing who is there. Right then, Schuyler goes outside to see Oliver holding a gun. He is startled and asks what he is doing there and concludes that he must be Stacy’s guard. Oliver tells Schuyler that he realizes that Schuyler is the baby’s real father.

Rachel sits at a table at Rodi’s, and talks to Gigi about Schuyler. Rachel assures Gigi that Schuyler crazy about her and always talks about her. Gigi then asks Rachel if Schuler “seems ok” to her. Rachel asks her what she means. Gigi tells Rachel that it seems that Schuyler has some sort of secret and asks Rachel if she knows what might be going on with him. Rachel does not know how to answer that question.

Right then, Mitch is holding Jessica at his secret place. The nurse is about to inject her with something. He remarks that she should be grateful since she is about to be given the best gift at all.

At the shooting range, after Charlie is gone and Dorian is alone, Rex appears. He reminds her that she has gone too far letting Mitch Laurence out of jail. He knows she has had something to do with that.

Charlie returns to Viki, informs her that he has heard about Jessica and asks if there is any news. He sees that she is distraught and wants to be there for her. She asks if he is sorry for what happened to Jessica or to them. She asks him why he is there. He sent her away last night and didn’t want her help. But he tells her that he wants to help her now. She tells him she is fine and turns away. She tells him all she can do is cope but is not certain what to do for him. He then urges her to know that he is sober and intends to be there for her. If she does not believe him, she may test him. But she asks what difference that would make when she can’t even trust him. He has lied about too many things. But he tells her that he has never lied about loving her. She then cries and demands to know where he was last night. Right then, he remembers his conversation with Dorian where she tells him that he can either crawl into a bottle and ruin his life or he can kill Mitch Laurence. Viki concludes that he made it very clear that he chose drinking over him. He protests that he did not do that. She then asks what then did he choose.

At the shooting place, Rex tells Dorian that he would like to be able to carry a gun. But her “boy” Lowell will not authorize it. Is there something she can do about hat? She then asks Rex just whom he intends to shoot.

Jessica tells Mitch that he is despicable to want to take Stacy’s baby. But he tells her that it is not Stacy’s baby. Stacy is only a vessel. She’s a soulless, godless creature. And he’s not going to be giving “their child” over to some pole dancing jezebel. Jessica tells Mitch that he cannot take Stacy’s baby.

At the apartment, Stacy shows Kim her last will and testament and tells her that in the event of her death, Kim is the only person she would want as her baby’s legal guardian. But Kim reminds her that she told her she does not do babies. Stacy tells her they must consider what could happen if she dies and something goes wrong with the DNA test and there’s some big fight between Rex and Schuyler and Oliver. What then?

Outside the door, Oliver asks Schuyler why he has not told Rex that he(Rex) could not possibly be the baby’s father. He tells Schuyler that he knows that Kyle is onto him. But, Schuyler asks him why this is any of his or Kyle’s business. Oliver does not know how to respond to that.

At Rodi’s, Gigi tells Rachel that it appears to her that Schuyler is covering something. She knows that Schuyler is “in recovery”. It’s possible that Rachel could shed some light on what is going on with him. But it appears that Rachel does not want to violate Schuyler’s confidence. Rachel then asks Gigi a question. She asks if Rex had not gotten Stacy pregnant, would she(Gigi) and Schuyler be together. Hearing that, Gigi concludes that that might be what Schuyler is afraid of.

At the shooting place, Rex tells Dorian that her boy Mitch Laurence has kidnapped Jessica. Things have really gone too far. She protests that that is not what she wanted to happen. He then asks her just what she thought would happen after she fired Bo Buchanan and hired Lowell in his place. Did Mitch pick him out? Dorian then tells Rex if he’s going to make accusations. He tells her that Mitch has come after his sister and now he’s coming after Rex’s baby.

Jessica tells Mitch that she will not be part of his sick plan. She tells him she wants to go back to her family. But Mitch “reminds” her that her only family now is himself and “their” baby. And the nurse prevents her from going anywhere whenever she gets up, by pointing the needle at her.

Todd awakens and tells Téa that he keeps having nightmares that he is losing her. He says that in his dream, Mitch killed her and Dani. She tells him that everything is ok. But she admits that nobody has found Jessica.

Mitch tells Jessica that he can see that there is a hole in her heart since Chloe died and there is nothing more painful than losing a child. He knows that when Chloe died, she broke into pieces and needed to create an alter to help her cope. And she had to replace her with another baby. Hearing that, she protest that she was terribly wrong. But Mitch tells her no. It was all in God’s plan.

Kim tells Stacy that she is not going to die and mustn’t believe that she will. She then agrees to do what Stacy asks. But she doesn’t want to hear any baby talk from Rex or Schuyler or Fish. Right then, Oliver and Schuyler enter together.

Rex informs Dorian that Mitch tried to kidnap Stacy and his baby. He wants to make the child part of his flock and raise it as his own. Hearing that, Dorian agrees that Mitch is sick and demented. He tells her he may not know the reason why Mitch took Jessica but he can guarantee that it has something to do with his baby.

Jessica tells Mitch that she realizes that Chloe is dead. But he tells her that he knows she was meant for better things. And she will help to raise the mentor’s child. He knows how much she misses Chloe. She’s a good mother. She needs a baby. And this baby will need her more than anything.

Viki tells Charlie she doesn’t know what to make of what he chose to do. She found him in a bar and begged him to come home with her. But he told her to go away and leave him alone and she left him with a martini. But at that point, he remembers that Dorian left her drink behind on the table for Viki to assume that Charlie was still drinking. So he protests that that wasn’t his drink.

Schuyler asks Oliver if he could give him a minute alone with Stacy. Oliver leaves. Kim and Stacy both corner Schuyler about what he and Oliver discussed outside the door. He informs them that he was getting grilled by Oliver and also by Kyle at the hospital with all kinds of questions about the baby. They conclude that Kyle obviously can’t say anything or else he will lose his job. But it’s not as simple as that.

At Rodi’s, Gigi admits to Rachel that she honestly does not know what could have happened if Stacy had not gotten pregnant with Rex’s child. They might have made it. But they were having problems before Schuyler came along. Rachel then tells her she that for all she knows, Stacy’s baby might not even be Rex’s. Gigi tells her she realizes that with Stacy’s history anything is possible. Rachel then reminds Gigi that Schuyler used to have a relationship with Stacy and he could have just as easily have gotten her pregnant as Rex has done.

Kim reminds Schuyler that the best thing to do in order for Rex not to get back with Gigi is to give them the drug so that they will believe that Stacy is having Rex’s baby. He then pulls the drug out of his pocket but tells them he will not let them use it on their own for Stacy to have her own drug induced labor.

Gigi tells Rachel that she knows that Schuyler used to sleep with Stacy. But that was when he was using, many years ago and in a very bad life condition. She knows that Schuyler is way too good for her skanky sister. Hearing that, Rachel asks her if she is saying that Rex is not.

Kim and Stacy remind Schuyler that he already stole the drug and remind him that it’s not “the same” as the previous situation. He tells them they’re right. His mom is already dead. But he knows that because he stole drugs from the hospital and because his mom lied for him, Todd Manning was able to blackmail her. And that lead to her taking her own life. And here he is stealing drugs again. And for what? They answer that he will have Gigi and Stacy will have Rex. He asks why they think it’s worth using his child as bait and asks what will happen that no matter what they do, Rex decides to go back to GIgi.

Dorian tells Rex she is truly sorry that Mitch is targeting her family. He asks her if it is really a surprise to her. Did she really think that Mitch would just go away? She tells him she resents his implications. He tells her that he knows she hates him and believes he was terrible to Adriana. She admits maybe. He tells her maybe he was. He tells her maybe he deserves what he gets from her. But she set Mitch Laurence free to hurt innocent people. He reminds her that Stacy’s baby is also his. And people who have done nothing wrong except to be part of Mitch’s family are paying for what she has done.

Jessica tells Mitch she does not need a baby in order to heal. She needs to go home. Her daughter Bree needs her. He tells Jessica that Bree has people taking care of her. And he indicates that she will never see Bree again.

Charlie tells Viki he swears to her that he did not drink last night. But the most important thing they need to do is find Jessica. He needs to help her. She concludes that he has his own problems to deal with and is still grieving Jared. He tells her that may be true. But she can always lean on him. She cries and tells him that she wishs that this could be ok. And she tells him that she cannot do this until he tells her what happened. There is nothing she can do in order to find Jessica but she would like to know where he went. The man who sent her away yesterday is not the man that she knows and loves.

Mitch tells Jessica she will not miss “those people”. It may sound hard to believe but soon she will forget all of those that she’s left behind. She tells him to rot in hell and affirms she will never forget her family. He tells her yes he will. He will make sure of it.

Todd and Téa get out of the shower and she asks if he is better and assures him that Mitch will not get to Daniela. But he tells her it’s not just Mitch. It’s Dani. Now that she knows the truth, she may never want anything to do with him. But Téa tells him that may not last forever. She tells him that Dan is stubborn not unlike Todd.

Dorian tells Rex that what Mitch has done has had nothing to do wit her. But he tells her that firing Bo was her doing. Bo would have kept Mitch in jail. And he tells Dorian that she could make herself useful if she really does care by helping to find Jessica. But she tells him she does not know where Jessica is. He asks what about her “boy”, Lowell. He asks her if he is supposed to just sit around with Stacy and the baby and wait for Mitch to strike. She asks him if he needs help protecting them. He replies that is what the gun is for. She suggests hiring guards and assigning police if he needs help. But he tells her he’s already taken care of. He knows that Mitch Laurence mainly wants to target the people who he sees as his family which are himself, Jessica and his baby.

Charlie tells Viki that he knows he has not been the man she married. He attempts to explain and she gets a call from Clint. When he is alone, he pulls out the gun. He then gets a call. It’s Dorian. She tells him he needs to come back. She has a perfect way to find Mitch. She knows how to get Jessica back if he gets over there. He then hangs up and asks Viki if Clint has come up with any news. She tells him no. Charlie suggests maybe going on TV. Maybe somebody has seen Jessica. She cries and tells Charlie she is very worried not knowing what Mitch is capable of. What if she does not get her baby back? He hugs her and tells her that she will. He tells her that he has to go but once again cannot tell her where.

Jessica attempts to go but Mitch’s guards restrain her, put her on a bed and inject her. She tells them she will never forget her family. And she is not going to raise another woman’s baby. But again, they inject her and she is unconscious.

Viki demands to know where Charlie is going. But he cannot tell her. He protests that he is not going to drink. At that point, she tells him she cannot deal with this game so he may go. He tells her that some day, she will understand. And she will get Jessica back. He leaves.

Mitch and his helpers have Jessica strapped to a bed and unconscious. They talk about how rebellious she is and how she needs “training”.

Schuyler tells Stacy that even if he wants Rex to believe that she is having his(Rex’s) baby so that Gigi does not go back to Rex, how can he trust the baby with Stacy? What if she goes back on the pole? He is concerned about the future of his baby. Stacy protests that she loves this baby and thinks about her every day. She has never loved anybody the same way. But he does not buy that.

Gigi tells Rachel that she is committed to Schuyler and he must trust her. But Rachel reminds her that “they” are addicts and do not trust so easily. All they do is hold on tight. Even when they don’t use, they can still be compulsive. They can lie, cheat and steal when they are desperate. Gigi then tells Rachel that it’s so hard to see Schuyler that way.

Stacy tells Schuyler that she is taking care of her baby. She has a living will that names Kim as the guardian in the event of her death. But he is not ok with that and tells them that he heard that Natalie or Jessica would raise the baby. She tells him she does not want her child to be treated like a charity case. But he reminds her that she is not the only parent of this child. He is the father. His name belongs in that place. If something happens, he is going to step up and be there for his child. He then demands that his name goes on that form as guardian. Kim then asks Schuyler if Stacy’s puts his name on the document, will he hand over the oxytocin? He tells her that he will administer it for her but does not trust her using it herself. He tells her if she cares about her baby, she can go to the hospital and pretend she is in labor. Then she calls him. And if everything appears ok for her to have the drug, he’ll give it to her.

When Jessica is passed out on the table, Mitch and his nurse reflect that she is a “willful girl”. But he tells her that when he is done with Jessica, she will gladly obey him.

Charlie meets Dorian after she’s called him and asks where Jessica is. She admits that she does not know off hand. But she does know how to lure Mitch out of hiding and get him to hand Jessica over to them. He asks how. She tells him that they can smoke Mitch out by handing over the one thing that means more to him than anything in the world.

Schuyler then tells Stacy and Kim that he needs a copy of the document that she is about to sign. She gives it to him and leaves. When he walks out the door Oliver is waiting outside. Schuyler reminds him that his boyfriend could get in a lot of trouble and lose his chance to be a doctor if he commits blackmail. Inside, Stacy admits she’s sad that Kim is “off the hook” and tells her she knows she’d(Kim) be a great mom.

While Jessica is out on the table, Mitch tells the nurse that Jessica is a good girl and deserves to be happy. He knows how to make that so. He knows that it’s remembering everything she’s left behind that makes her miserable. He’ll just have to make her forget everybody she used to love.

Charlie asks Dorian what it is that she thinks that they can give Mitch that means more than Jessica.

Right then, Stacy tells Kim she needs to tell her something very important about the baby.

Schuyler goes to Rodi’s. Gigi calls to him and announces to him that she has to tell him something. She then leads him into the kitchen so that they can talk alone.

Outside the door to the apartment, Oliver stands alone and remembers Stacy telling him that he must know that he is not this kid’s father. Right then, Rex returns. Oliver asks if he’s heard from Jessica. Rex admits no and asks if anybody has shown up. Oliver does not know how to answer that.

Alone with Schuyler, Gigi tells him that she probably couldn’t have said this before because she doesn’t know if things are “really over” between her and Rex. She may not have been ready before. But now she is. And now she can tell Schuyler that she loves him. And she tells him it wouldn’t hurt to hear it back. He then tells her he loves her too. But he is uneasy.

Oliver tells Rex that nobody is there except for Kim. Rex tells him that he is free to go. But Oliver wants to stay there knowing that the baby needs protection. Rex admits to Oliver that in all honesty, he appreciates getting all the protection he can get. And he tells Oliver that without a weapon he feels so helpless to protect his child. It’s so frustrating since he is the dad.

Stacy asks Kim if something happens, she could find the baby and tell her things about her mom. She’s worried that if Schuyler raises her, her baby won’t be raised the way she wants. She asks Kim to let her baby know that no matter how things started out, Stacy changed and she loves her child more than anything. At that point, Stacy cries.

Téa tells Todd she needs to get dressed and leave his home.

Dorian tells Charlie she knows Mitch’s weak spot. It won’t be easy. But they can do it.

Mitch closes his eyes and declares that he must take “drastic action”.

Dorian declares to Charlie that it would be a drastic measure for them to take. But Mitch leaves them no choice.

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