OLTL Update Tuesday 1/26/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/26/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Viki looks at a picture of Jessica and panics. Todd tells her that they might find her and they can blame Dorian for the fact that the police are worthless to help them. They are both furious with Dorian and with the cops.

Bo is kissing Nora. They are ready to move into a new place. He wants to order a mattress right away and forgets that it’s night time and they cannot get a mattress company to deliver a bed to them this time of night. He then concludes that they have waited this long and can wait longer. But she tells him that they have waited long enough to reveal how they feel about each other and to reveal to Clint and for Matthew to know about it and give them some privacy. Now they have the whole place to themselves and she is not waiting any longer. It looks like they are ready to sleep together.

Schuyler is looking at himself in the mirror shirtless. He is doing pushups and exercising in an attempt to get ready for his date with Gigi.

Kim is also in front of the mirror

Schuyler is afraid that he is too mundane.

But Kim is very confident that she can wear anything any dazzle anybody.

Schuyler is not certain what to wear and then realizes this is not a job interview. And he goes out into the kitchen and lights candles.

Kim is alone in Clint’s home drinking and unafraid while on Clint’s bed. When he enters his bedroom, she is waiting for him ready to seduce him.

Todd tells Viki that even though he may hate himself for it this morning, maybe he could find a way to get Bo his job back. Maybe he can pull strings in the Sun to get Lowell exposed and fired. And at least that way Bo can find Jessica. Viki tells her brother that she would be very grateful to him if he could do that. Right then, the doorbell rings. Todd gets the door and sees Téa.

Schuyler is getting ready for his date with Gigi when he gets a call from Stacy. She tells him that unless he helps her to have the baby early, she might have a talk with her big sis. Right then, he gets the door, sees Gigi and appears startled. He hangs up the phone not wanting Gigi to know whom he is talking to. Gigi enters and tells him that work was brutal. She waited on a big table and got a tiny tip. All she wants to do is relax. He has some Champaign for her. She asks him if Rachel has company unaware that he’s planned it for her.

Right then, Rachel is at the hospital ready to have a date with Greg while he’s at work She has ordered ribs realizing that he was working late. They are ready to kiss and be alone. He tells her that maybe they could go back to his place but realizes her apartment is closer. She informs him that she told Schuyler he could have the apartment to himself to entertain Gigi.

Schuyler prepares a meal for Gigi. He informs her that Rachel is out for the evening. She informs him that she has to get back to Shane in a few short hours. He tells her that he wants her to be able to relax without distractions or worries. He then turns off his phone and tells her he also remembers no interruptions. And they kiss.

Stacy is alone in the apartment leaving a voice message for Schuyler who’s turned off his phone. She tells him he can ignore her all he wants but if he messes this up for her, he will regret it. Right then, Rex enters the apartment. Stacy has a “romantic” dinner for him. She admits that she had the meal delivered. Rex eats but is less than impressed. He asks her how the baby is. She smiles and tells him it’s kicking up a storm. She tells him that they must pick out a name as this kid is going to be here very soon. He is worried about Mitch but not interested in her.

Kim is in her intimate wear and gives Clint a drink. She is clearly trying to seduce him. He tells her that the hard sell really isn’t necessary. He doubts that she is attracted to him as he is old enough to be her father. She tells him she likes rich, powerful men. It turns her on when she walks into the boardroom and he’s crushing a tycoon. She likes it when he pulls out his shot gun. She likes laughing with him. And she thinks he likes having her around. She is good company and easy on the eyes. And isn’t that good enough? Right then, he gets an urgent call from Viki. She tells him he must call her ASAP as this cannot wait. But his phone is turned off so he is unaware Clint reminds Kim that the last time they “did this” it was just for show for Nora. But she tells him that there is nothing that she can’t do for real ten times better.

Right then, Nora and Bo have slept together and talk about what it’s mean to have waited so long. He tells her it’s good to see her smile again. But they are both concerned about Clint. She realizes that she never should have married Clint and he should have never asked her. Bo reflects that he feels bad about his brother hurting. It might take some time to heal the situation. But they can be happy again and be together.

Clint hesitates with Kim. He tells her that she is a very beautiful, sexy young woman and everything a man could want. But it wasn’t that long ago when he was sharing that bed with his wife.

Meanwhile, Bo and Nora eat some take out and lie on a blanket in their new unfurnished home. He gets a call from Viki asking if he knows where to find Clint. He asks her what is going on. She replies that Jessica is missing.

Téa tells Todd that she heard that Jessica is missing and needed to make sure Viki is ok. She is worried what Mitch could do. Todd tells her that he thinks he knows how to keep everybody safe.

Stacy suggests that hers and Rex’s baby should have the name Kim. He does not like that name. He doesn’t like any name she suggests nor does he seem enthused with the idea that they are having a baby together. He tells her that he knows that Gigi had to do all this on her own and wonders if she had any fun. He wishes that he could have been there for her all those years ago. But Stacy reminds him that the two of them are a team and can do this together.

Meanwhile, Gigi is with Schuyler. She can see that he has something on his mind and asks if he is ok. He then remembers Kim telling him that he is going to get his hands on the drug for Stacy or else he will regret it.

Rex is washing dishes with Stacy. He tells her that he has to get to bed early. But he wants to sleep separately from her. She tells him he need not sleep on Shane’s uncomfortable bed. He tells her he’s so tired, he could fall asleep on a bed of nail. She then suggests why not sleep on the bed with her.

Kim reminds Clint that Nora is not his wife. Not since she started secretly seeing his brother. Hearing that, he tells her he knows. And he hates her for that. Kim asks him if he still loves her. She reminds him that he needs to know that Nora will not take him back. He needs to think about making himself happy and getting back in the saddle. At that point, Clint smiles and cannot resist her advances.

Right when Bo gets the call from Viki while he’s with Nora, he realizes that he has to do something about finding Jessica. She reminds him that she is still the DA and wants to help him. So she needs to go and find Clint even though he’s not answering his calls.

Kim tells Clint that maybe he needs to get away and take a vacation and let the rest of the family handle the business for a while. He needs to cheer up and if that means taking some time for himself, then there’s nothing wrong with that. She comes on to him again and tells him that nothing will ease his pain like a warm body. She kisses him and he does not stop her.

Greg and Rachel are in the empty hospital room talking about how he should be the chief of staff. She tells him she has to get back soon.

Téa asks Viki if there is anything she can do. Todd notices Viki is alone in the house and He then asks her where Charlie is. She does not know.

Clint and Kim are kissing and ready to undress.

Stacy wants to persuade Rex to sleep in the bed wit her. She tells him that she cannot exactly come on to him since she’s pregnant. He is still less than enthused. Right then, there’s a knock on the door. It’s Bo. Rex invites him in and asks what is going on. Bo informs Rex that his sister, Jessica is missing. Hearing that, Rex is shocked and knows he must do something.

Right then, Nora enters Clint’s bedroom, (which used to be hers). And she is shocked to catch him lying on the bed going at it with Kim.

Todd asks Viki to tell him where her husband is now that they are alone and she can privately tell her brother what is going on. He asks her just want is going on. Viki then tells Todd that Charlie would be there “if he could be there”. Todd tells Viki he needs to know more. But before they can continue their conversation, Téa walks in with Bree. Viki picks up her granddaughter and appears happy for her sake. Bu Bree asks her grandma where her mommy is knowing that something is not ok.

When Gigi is with Schuyler, Rex calls her and tells her that Jessica is missing. Bo just informed him that it’s got to be that Mitch has her. So they need to get Shane out of town. They cannot take any chances. She then tells Schuyler she has to go. He asks her what about Stacy. But she tells him that unfortunately it’s not her problem. She has to take care of her son. She has to go. .She kisses Schuyler good bye. He is very disappointed to have to cut their time together short.

After Bo informs Rex that Jessica has been kidnapped, Rex disparagingly tells Bo that he was just thinking that Jessica is the only good thing that has come from finding out that Mitch is his father. And now she is in danger. Bo tells Rex that he knows that the cops and security at the ranch can protect Shane or anybody else from Mitch. But Rex is less than confident remembering how cops have tried and failed to do something about Mitch too many times before already. Stacy listens to their conversation and is not certain what that means for her.

Nora tells Kim she needs to talk to Clint alone. He tells her if she has anything to say to him, she may contact his attorneys. But she tells Clint that Jessica has been kidnapped by Mitch Laurence. Hearing that, Clint is no longer interested in being with Kim and is ready to take action to save his daughter.

Viki explains to Bree that mommy had to go on a little trip and didn’t want to wake her up. But Bree demands that they tell her, knowing that they are not being truthful. Téa tells Bree that she bets that her mom is thinking about her right now and even though she’s not there, she loves her. Téa then informs Bree that she remembers when her little girl was Bree’s age. She tells Bree that when she went on business trips, her daughter missed her and drew her pictures. Todd then encourages Bree to come with him and Téa to get her crayons. Viki is alone when Clint enters. He hugs her. Nora is outside in the other room. She calls Rachel and informs her that she and Bo are going to leave town for a few days and asks if Rachel can let Matthew stay with her for a while. Rachel tells her of course. Right then, Bo enters with Rex, Shane and Stacy. Nora tells Shane that she is certain he will find the ranch really fun. But Shane knows that something is up. Bo then privately asks Nora how she found Clint and how it went. She does not want to tell him how she found Clint.

In the other room, Viki cries and tells Clint that it’s all her fault. She stepped down as mayor and let Dorian take over. Now Dorian and Lowell have ruined everything. Clint asks her if she’s heard from John McBain. She informs him that John has been fired and arrested and there is absolutely nothing they can do. Bree asked her what happened to her mommy and she had to lie to their granddaughter. She is very worried that Jessica could have another break down. Clint assures Viki that their daughter is now integrated. But Viki asks how anybody is safe. Bo then tells her that he has an idea if they will hear him out. Right then, Gigi enters. Shane asks his mom what is up with them having to go to the Texas ranch in the middle of the night. Rex then informs his son that his aunt Jessica has been kidnapped. They can go to a place where there is top security and many cowboys with guns. But Shane asks why it’s not safe for him to stay in Llanview but they are going to stay there. He wishes Rex could come with him. But sadly Rex has to stay with Stacy. Bo tells Viki and Clint about his idea. Clint tells his brother that this is one promise he better keep. Gigi comes in and greets Viki. Shane asks why they can’t all go. Rex tells his son that he’d like to go but cannot since Stacy cannot fly and he can’t leave her. Clint then informs Shane that his cousin Bree is coming with him. IN the other room, Stacy calls Kim and wonders what will happen if they cannot get the oxytocin form Schuyler. But Kim tells her she may relax.

Right then, we see Schuyler alone in the apartment appearing depressed without Gigi.

Shane tells his parents that they must know that if Mitch Laurence got away with killing Jared and has taken Jessica, then nobody is safe.

Rachel and Greg are having an intimate moment when she tells him she has to leave.

Kim is depressed to be alone without Clint.

All of the family and friends of Jessica are ready to put their plan into motion. Stacy stands alone and depressed sensing she is not a part of this.

Schuyler tries and fails to reach Gigi on his phone and throws it on the floor when he can’t find her.

Shane hugs both of his parents good bye. Nora and Bo leave with Bree and Shane. Viki, Clint, Rex and Gigi see them out the door.

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