OLTL Update Monday 1/25/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 1/25/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Starr, Cole and Matthew show Dani pictures of Jack and Sam. They are happy but she is less than enthused. Starr wants to show her more pictures. She asks them to stop. She tells them all she can think of is that they are all Todd Manning’s children.

Todd and Téa are at the station trying and failing to find Dani. He tells her it’s entirely possible that she has gotten on a plane. She must realize that if their daughter could escape from a boarding school in England with a kid in a wheelchair and travel from one country to another unseen, it could happen. She tells Todd that he must trust her. They notice that the cops have John in handcuffs. Todd remarks if that is true then they have finally gotten it right.

Natalie is talking to Marty about grieving the loss of Jared. Every night she dreams that he is there. Then she wakes up and realizes he is gone. She has been blaming many people for it. She blames John because he first suspected that Jared was guilty. Marty tells her that that is normal. She maybe needed to find John and talk to him because she needed to grieve. Natalie then remarks that this is very weird. She is John’s ex and getting therapy from John’s girlfriend. She asks Marty if this works.

At the station, when Todd asks what is up with John. John tells Todd that the cops have arrested him because he went after Mitch Laurence after Mitch went after Todd’s niece, Jessica.

Brody rushes to find Jessica at Viki’s, but she is not there. There’s only the security guard outside, lying on the ground who’s gotten drugged by the evil nurse.

Inside, Viki calls to Brody. He asks her if Jessica is upstairs. She tells him no. She thought Jessica would be in the living room. He then informs her that he found the security guard drugged and passed out outside. He’s discovered Jessica’s purse and cell phone but no sign of Jessica. They then conclude that somebody who is working for Mitch has set a trap. Mitch knew that Brody would go to the docks so that Jessica would be alone there.

At the station, John informs Todd and Téa that Mitch went after him and Brody because they attempted to save Jessica. Todd concludes that Mitch might have gone after Dani. Téa asks why Mitch would want their daughter.

Marty asks Natalie if she believes she can communicate with John. Natalie admits that John knows her pretty well. Marty tells Natalie that sometimes people find a phantom spouse after the person they love has died. Sometimes they have children play that role. Natalie concludes that since she does not have children, maybe what Marty is trying to tell her is that she is using John as the phantom spouse.

At the station, after Téa asks Todd what Mitch might want with their daughter, he informs her that Mitch came to visit him and told him that he needed to pay Mitch back and reflected about how they both have daughters.

Meanwhile, Dani is with Starr, Cole and Matthew. She asks how they can make things work with their very complicated family. Starr replies that her mom knows how to pull them all together whenever there’s a birthday or family celebration.

At Capricorn, Blair asks Markko where Starr and Cole are. He informs her that they told him they could not make it. She asks if Langston is there. He tells her yes. Langston is having a good time. Unknown to them, Langston is outside kissing Ford. Blair then asks him where Langston is. He replies that she is in the lady’s room. He tells Blair that everything is okay. He even invited that “phony film maker.” Blair asks who this guy is. Markko replies that he doesn’t much care for this guy. He can see the guy likes Langston, but he invited him in order to make peace.

Starr shows Dani a picture of Blair. Dani then remembers that she knows Blair. She was with her in Seattle when Ross held them hostage. She remembers Blair informing her that she has a daughter with Todd. That must have been Starr. Matthew then reminds them that it’s getting late. His parents are looking for him, and he knows Dani’s parents must be looking for her. Maybe they at least need to make some calls. Dani then asks Starr and Cole if she can stay with them. Starr tells her sure. Under one condition.

At Capricorn, Blair tells Markko she will go and find Langston. Outside, Ford tells her she may go back in and go back to Markko. They continue to kiss.

Starr tells Dani that she needs to call her mom, and she can’t let Dani hide out. Dani then tells her that she won’t stay there if those are Starr’s conditions. She knows that Téa will ask her to see Todd. Starr urges her to know that Téa won’t do that until she is ready and urges Dani to please call Téa.

Todd tells Téa that Mitch Laurence is threatening Jessica and made some implications about Starr. Lowell is behind this. Téa asks how Daniela might be relevant to that.

Brody tells Viki that Lowell sent some cops to arrest John and himself when he went after Mitch. He tells her he was able to escape, but Jessica is missing and they must find her. Viki tells Brody that Mitch may not intend to hurt Jessica since she’s his daughter. She asks if maybe John can help them and asks Brody if John might have escaped.

At the station, the cops tell Todd, Téa and John that they cannot talk amongst themselves. She asks why they think that they can mandate these rules just because they are Lowell’s goons.

Marty asks Natalie if maybe she is somehow “using” John for her grief. She concludes that she and Natalie may both be substituting him for their deceased husbands. Marty tells Natalie that she (Natalie) has suffered a loss, and John plays a role for her. At that point, Natalie angrily tells Marty she does not know what she is talking about. Is Marty implying that John is Natalie’s “substitute husband?”  She tells Marty that that is what he is to her (Marty). She tells Marty that she is a manipulative bitch to be implying that Natalie is trying to take her boyfriend from her.

At the station, Lowell picks up John’s phone when he gets a call from Brody. Brody asks what he is doing with John’s phone and demands to know where Mitch has taken Jessica. Lowell smirks and tells him he has no idea. He might want to try St. Anne’s. He then hangs up.

Brody tells Viki that she must know that wherever Jessica is, she will find a phone and fight to get back to them. She must know that Jessica can take care of herself.

At the station, John tells Lowell that he knows his son, Justin. Does he think that his own family is safe? Hearing that, Lowell asks his officers if they have heard John make a threat. They reply yes. John tells Lowell that he must know that nobody is safe from Mitch Laurence. He must know that Mitch can turn on him just like anybody else. Is it worth it for Lowell to put John away for a short amount of time? He won’t be of much use to Mitch for very long. At that point, Lowell appears scared and demands that the cops put John in leg irons.

Marty tells Natalie that she is in crises right now. That is why she needs John. Natalie tells Marty that the “rescue thing” is Marty’s thing. If Marty has a problem with John, she must take it up with him. Marty then asks Natalie why, if she does not want John to be her rescuer does she always go and find him?

Blair goes and finds Langston and Ford kissing. She tells Langston she remembers their conversation where Langston said she was trying to stay away from him. Blair knows that Langston did not stop Ford from kissing her. At that point, Langston urges her not to tell Markko what she just saw.

Starr urges Dani to call her mom. Dani asks how she is supposed to call her mom and ask her questions about her dad, the rapist. They all urge Dani to just call her mom and tell her she is okay. At that moment, they get the door, and it’s Téa and Todd. They are very relieved to see their daughter is there.

Natalie tells Marty she has now gotten the message loud and clear which is, stay away from John, or else. She tells Marty she must cut the crap and not get “all shrinky.” Marty protests that she just does not want Natalie to get hurt. She knows that it’s natural for Natalie to want to turn to somebody to ease her pain. Natalie concludes as long as it’s not Marty’s boyfriend.

Brody goes to the station and sees that Lowell has arrested John. Lowell tells Brody if he wants to keep his job, then he needs to make the arrest.

Marty writes Natalie a referral to see another therapist. Natalie crumples up the paper and tells Marty that if she doesn’t want to work with her and wants her to stay away from John, that’s fine. But she better not dare hide behind a white lab coat and say it’s for Natalie’s own good because she knows better. Natalie then storms out the door.

When Téa and Todd arrive at Starr and Coles apartment to find Dani, she tells them that her mom can come in but Todd cannot.

Blair is outside with Langston urging her to realize what she just did. Inside, Ford tells Markko that he has not seen the birthday girl and wonders if Markko has. Blair then encourages Langston and Markko to go home and have a great night. They leave together. She then turns to face Ford and tells him she knows what he has been up to.

Téa tells Dani that she and Todd were going to tell her together. Dani does not buy that. Cole and Matthew leave them alone to talk. Todd talks outside to Starr. She informs her father that Dani knows all about him and all about everything. Dani asks her mom how she could love somebody who could do the things that Todd has done. She asks if she should call a rapist, Dad.

Starr tells Todd that Matthew brought Dani over to meet her and Cole hoping that maybe she could help. He asks her if she helped Dani to understand. Starr replies no. She could not. He reminds Starr that she forgave him after she found out. She reminds her father that she knew of him as the dad whom she loved throughout her life beforehand, yet, Dani’s situation is different. Starr concludes that maybe he just needs to take it slow with Dani. Todd tells her that they don’t have a lot of time. There’s a maniac on the loose. Starr urges her father not to be discouraged.

Téa tells Dani that she wants her to give Todd a chance because he is her biological father. She needs to get to know Todd first.

Todd and Starr talk alone outside. He tells her that he was hoping to give her better than this for her 18th birthday party. She concludes that he gave her a sister. Starr asks Todd to give Dani a chance.

Dani informs Téa that Starr, Cole and Matthew showed her pictures of Todd’s other kids. Téa tells her that they are her brothers, and baby Hope is her niece. She remembers that Dani always wanted brothers and sisters and a family. Starr then returns. But Dani tells Téa that she wants to stay with Starr and Cole. Téa tells her that’s too much to ask. Starr protests that she offered. They are her family. Dani tells her mother that she has a sister and a niece and wants to stay there. Téa then agrees and thanks Starr. She thanks Matthew for bringing her daughter to meet them. She leaves. Starr promises her it will be okay. Téa leaves. Todd asks Téa what the deal is. She informs him that Dani wants to stay there with Starr.

Natalie returns to Viki’s home. Viki informs her daughter that it looks as though Mitch has kidnapped Jessica. They can’t do much. John is now under arrest and Brody has gone to the police station. Natalie concludes that this makes perfect sense. That creep Lowell is obviously working for Mitch. Viki concludes that they can’t rely on the cops for help. Natalie tells her mom that John will get them through this.

At the station, while John is in cuffs, Brody brainstorms with him how to find Mitch and find Jessica.

Natalie tells Viki she is heading to the police station. Viki tells her she needs to stay there with Bree. Natalie is concerned about leaving her mother in the house alone when Charlie is not there. She tells her mother that she is tired of living in fear in their own home. She goes out the door.

Lowell asks Brody if he has finished his arrest report. Brody replies, yes. He then tells Brody he’s off the force. John gets a call from Marty. Lowell picks it up and tells Marty that her boyfriend is in dispose.

Blair asks Ford what is up with him and Langston. He tells Blair perhaps she should ask Langston. Blair tells him she did. Langston is a really sweet girl who loves her boyfriend. Ford smugly tells her he could tell by the way she kissed him (Ford).

Langston and Markko return to the apartment to see Starr and Cole with Matthew and a strange girl. Starr then introduces them to her sister.

At Capricorn, Blair asks Ford if he is into little girls. He tells her that Langston is now an adult. She asks him if he really wants a relationship with somebody so young. He asks her why not. She then kisses him. He then tells her he could be “persuaded to go the other way. She then concludes that it’s just like she thought. He doesn’t give a damn about Langston. He’s just a sleazy little player.

Natalie furiously enters the police station and demands that Lowell tell her where her sister is. He tells her he hasn’t a clue and for all he knows, Jessica could be stealing another baby. Natalie is then ready to physically attack her, but Brody stops her.

Téa brings a pillow for Dani. She looks at her daughter and tells her that maybe a goodnight hug would be too much to ask. Starr smiles at her and hugs her. Téa smiles at Starr and tells her how mature she is. Starr reminds Téa that today is her 18th birthday. Langston is with Markko but her mind is somewhere else.

Blair tells Ford he better stay away from Langston. He asks if she is her mother. She tells him she is the closest thing Langston has to a mother, and if he hurts Langston, she will hurt him.

Langston tells Markko she wants to hang out with the others, but her mind is clearly somewhere else. 

Todd goes to Viki’s home and can see that she is upset. He tells her that she must know that things can always change. She asks her brother what is up. He then shows her a picture of “his daughter.” Viki is shocked. Todd informs his sister that he and Téa have a daughter. Dani just found out all about him. He hasn’t a clue what to do, and he’s afraid he’s going to lose her.

At the station, it looks like Natalie and Marty want to spring John out of jail. 

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