OLTL Update Friday 1/22/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 1/22/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Langston and Markko appear at Capricorn and are amazed at how Blair has fixed it up for Starr. They notice that Starr is not there to see it yet. Markko then suggests that they enjoy being together. He tells her how hot she looks. Before he can go any further, Ford appears.

Meanwhile, Matthew takes Dani to meet Starr and Cole. Neither girl has a clue that they are sisters. Noticing Dani, Starr remembers she’s seen pictures of Téa’s daughter but has no clue that she is also Todd’s daughter. Matthew clarifies that they have the same dad and are sisters. Cole stands beside them silently while Dani tells Starr that Todd Manning is a disgrace. Even if her father, Ross, has some problems, he is not a rapist. Todd raped “that woman” and her son has good reason to want to kill him. Little does she know that Marty’s son is standing right before her.

Brody goes to find Mitch and physically attacks him after Mitch has written the letter asking Jessica to meet him on the docks.

At the bar, Dorian asks Charlie if he really wants to drink himself into oblivion. He asks her if Viki thinks she is losing him. He admits that she already is. But he’d rather have Viki hate him than do what is the only other alternative.

Viki returns to the house frustrated and observes her wedding pictures with Charlie.

In the other room, Jessica calls John and asks if he has seen Brody. He tells her that he will see if he can find him and suspects that he might have gone to find Mitch instead of going to the station. Meanwhile, outside, unknown to Jessica, Mitch’s nurse friend has drugged and knocked out the security guard.

At Capricorn, Ford wishes Langston a happy 18th birthday and remarks that she is a woman now. Markko leaves to go and call Starr and Cole. Ford brings two drinks for Langston and Markko and assures her that they are both virgin. He tells her that she looks really beautiful. She asks him if it’s true that he cast somebody who looks like her on his video. He replies yes. She tells him he should not have. He asks her why. She is a beautiful woman. She asks if he cast the character who looks like her as his love interest. He smiles and tells her it’s just a fantasy.

Matthew and Dani talk alone and let Starr talk to Cole alone. She admits that Todd showed her a picture of Téa’s daughter that fell out of his pocket. She didn’t question it. Cole knows that there must be something significant about her to Todd if he had that picture. Starr wants to deny that this girl who hates Todd is her sister. When Dani gets up to leave, Starr asks her to wait.

Téa and Todd go to the police station and ask Lowell to find her daughter. Yet, he could care less about her or about them. He has other things to do and wants to appear busy when it looks like Brody is missing.

Viki enters the house and Jessica informs her mother that she got a letter from Mitch. He told her that he was sorry about what happened at Buenos Dias and wanted to meet her. He promised to leave her family alone if she did. Viki urges her daughter to stay far away from Mitch Laurence. Jessica affirms that she will, but she’s afraid that Brody won’t.

Brody knocks Mitch to the ground and tells him he better stay away from Jessica. Mitch smirks and tells Brody that he knows that Brody is afraid that Jessica will get tired of him and see him as the beast of burden. Brody tells Mitch he better stay way from Jessica, Viki and from Natalie. Mitch asks what about Charlie.

In the bar, Charlie admits to Dorian that he really does not want to talk any more about Jared. His son was murdered by a guy who walks around town free and laughing. She needs to give him the gun.

On the docks, Brody tells Mitch that Charlie can take care of himself, but Mitch better stay away from the women. Mitch smirks and tells him that the women are his. At that point, Brody is ready to assault Mitch with a lethal weapon. Mitch taunts Brody to kill him. At that moment, John appears and urges Brody not to do it. Brody asks John to stay out of it and realizes it’s his call. He asks John what he’s doing there. John replies that Jessica called him. She was concerned that Brody might go after Mitch instead of going to the station. So John thought he might find him there.

Viki tells Jessica that they will all get through this. Jessica says she wants to believe that. Viki tells her it can happen as long as they all love and support each other. Jessica can see that her mother is very down about something and asks what it is. Viki does not want to share with her daughter what has just happened, but Jessica demands that she shares.

At the bar, Dorian urges Charlie not to let his marriage to Viki be ruined. That is why he must go after Mitch. She warns him that if he gets caught, he needs to prepare for the outcome. He then tells her he could care less if he goes to prison. Ever since Jared died, Charlie is just a dead man walking.

At the station, Téa is furious at Lowell for not wanting to help her and Todd find their daughter. Todd tells her he will find Dani without help from the cops and gets on his phone.

Starr asks Dani what Téa told her about how she had Dani with Todd. Dani replies that throughout her life, they believed that Ross was her father. Téa only slept with Todd once. But Téa got a DNA test to confirm that he is Dani’s biological father. She shows Starr the results. Starr sees it and concludes that it’s true. She has a sister she never before knew about.

At Capricorn, Markko calls Cole and asks where he is. Cole tells him that he and Starr cannot come to the party. Markko demands to know what is up. Cole cannot tell him the details yet but promises to tell him all about it later. He urges him and Langston to have a good time without them. Right when Ford is working on Langston, Markko returns and informs Langston that Starr and Cole cannot come. Cole didn’t say anything except that he’d explain it later. They are both disappointed that Starr is not coming and Langston wants to call her. Markko tells her, however, that that might not be a good idea. It appeared that they were in the middle of something. Cole encouraged them to have a good time so that’s what they are going to do, Markko tells her.

Starr sees the DNA report and tells Dani she cannot believe that she has a younger sister. Matthew informs Starr that that is why Téa and Dani returned to Llanview. Starr asks where Téa is and if she knows that Dani is there. Dani tells her she does not want to have anything to do with Téa or Todd ever again.

At the police station, Todd is making calls. Téa sits beside him. She tells him that she cannot find Dani either. Nora and Bo have not seen or heard from Matthew since this morning. Todd asks is Dani might be with Matthew. Téa tells him very possibly, but nobody knows where they are. Todd asks if maybe Dani has been kidnapped by Ross. He bets that now that Ross is alive and well, he kidnapped Todd’s daughter. Téa does not want to believe that but Todd does.

Dani tells Starr that she wants nothing to do with any father who is a rapist. Cole then asks Starr to talk alone outside. She admits she hasn’t a clue what to do after finding out for the first time that she has a sister. She remembers being a child and believing there was nothing wrong with her father. Then she learned the cold reality of the bad things Todd has done. She wishes she had had an older sister to help her deal when she found that out. Hearing that, Cole suggests to Starr that maybe she can be the older sister to help Dani with it.

Jessica asks Viki where Charlie is. Viki admits that she found him in a bar, yet, again. He has promised to stop drinking, yet, he is back at it again. He now admits that he is back on the sauce and there is nothing she can do for him. She now knows that he is absolutely right. She can’t.

In the bar, Charlie tells Dorian that he is not “that man” anymore. She asks him what kind of man he is. She asks if he would be willing to look Mitch Laurence straight in the eye and pull the trigger of a gun to blow him away. Charlie replies to her that he would do it with pleasure.

After John finds Brody and Mitch on the docks, Mitch tells them poor Natalie will always be his wife in the eyes of the Lord. Jessica is the fruit of his loins. She is as much a part of him as the air he breathes. She will always be inside of him. He will always be inside of her. Brody gets up to assault Mitch. John restrains him. At that moment, Lowell appears and demands to know what is going on.

After Cole suggests that Starr helps Dani get through knowing the grim truth about Todd as a big sister, she returns to Dani and asks if they can talk. She tells her that recently she found out what “their” dad did in college. Hearing that, Dani asks if it does not make her ill. She asks Starr if she is not aware that a girl hardly older than themselves was brutally raped by Todd. Her name was Marty Saybrooke. Does Starr know her? At that point, Cole urges Dani to stop. Dani then asks what his problem is. Starr then informs her that he is Marty’s son.

Right then, Todd informs Téa that he asked Marty if maybe she could help him by introducing herself to Dani. And she said no way.

Dani asks Cole if he is really the son of the girl whom Todd raped. Starr tells her yes. He’s her boyfriend. They have both tried not to make what their dad did ruin their lives. She and Cole have a baby together. She then reminds them that she also read that very recently, Todd kidnapped Marty after she lost her memory. He was going to kidnap Starr and Cole’s baby, having them believing that she died and raise the baby with Cole’s mom. How can they live with that and even consider forgiving him? Starr and Cole are not certain how to answer that.

Lowell tells John and Brody that they are not going anywhere until he straightens things out, after he sees Brody attack Mitch.

Dorian and Charlie are talking about his plan to blow Mitch away.

Viki tells Jessica that she would like more than anything to help Charlie. He refuses to accept help from anybody. Hearing that, Jessica tells her mother that maybe it’s her fault not to have told her the secret that Charlie wanted her to keep, before it was too late, when she saw Charlie drinking. Viki affirms to her daughter that it’s not her fault. It’s a decision that Charlie made all on his own. Viki then goes out the door to make some calls. The evil nurse enters through the door, finds Jessica and holds the hypodermic needle ready to inject Jessica and knock her out.

At Capricorn, Cristian asks Ford if he is enjoying himself. He tells him that there are a lot of hot women in Llanview. Ford just has to know where to look. Ford has his eyes on Langston while she dances with Markko. She cannot take her eyes off of Ford although she doesn’t want to think of him.

Dorian appears afraid of what will happen if Charlie fails with his plan. She tells Charlie that if Mitch Laurence finds out that she had anything to do with that, he will kill her girls. Charlie assures her that won’t happen. Mitch Laurence will be dead when he’s done with him.

Lowell brings the cops to take Brody to the station after he admits he was ready to assault Mitch. John asks if they really want to do that. Officer Lovett is a good cop. Jessica Buchanan could be in danger. Mitch then protests that Jessica is his daughter. John urges the cops to let Brody go. They let go of him and he runs.

The nurse finds Jessica alone, injects her and knocks her out.

Starr admits to Dani that she was similarly furious with Todd when she found out about the rape and all the things he’s done. Dani tells Starr that her situation was different. Starr has known and loved Todd throughout her life and could forgive him. Dani could never see Todd that way. Her mom wants her to meet and develop a relationship with Todd but Téa can’t make her do that. Starr tells Dani she realizes that nobody can make her want to forgive Todd. Maybe Téa just wanted Dani to see the good part of Todd Manning; what they know as a good man who she can love. Dani asks Starr how her mother or any woman could love Todd Manning.

At the station, Todd reflects to Téa that Marty was barely older than Star when it happened. So how could Dani ever understand when she finds that out. Téa consoles Todd and encourages him to know that all they can do is try, and he cannot give up on Dani.

At Capricorn, Ford finds Langston alone. He apologizes. She tells him it’s okay. He then asks her if she feels it, too, and he passionately kisses her.

Todd talks about how Starr once believed he had super powers. Then, when she found out what he had done, she never looked at him the same way. Téa tells Todd that he is not “that man” anymore. He tells her he’s not sure he believes it. She tells him she does. He just has to make Dani believe it. The way he made Starr believe it. The way he made her believe it. She tells Todd she loves him. He tells her he loves her too.

Starr tells Dani that she knows about Todd’s issues, but he can do some really great things, also. Dani asks Starr how she can overlook what Todd has done. Starr tells her she knows that Todd had an awful childhood. Hearing that, Dani protests that many people have awful childhoods and don’t do what Todd did. She asks Starr if she has forgiven Todd for what he did to Cole’s mom. Starr replies that it’s not for her to forgive. She tells Dani that Todd has other kids. Dani asks how many others there are. Starr tells Dani that she has two little brothers and her daughter. Matthew then reminds Dani that baby Hope is her niece.

Outside the bar, Dorian tells Charlie that they both have no choice except to take drastic action against Mitch. She tells him, appearing sincere, that she is really sorry for what has happened to him with Viki and his family.

Lowell has the cops take John away after Brody has escaped. Alone with Lowell, Mitch appears disappointed that it took them so long to come and do something. He warns Lowell that he better do something before Officer Lovett finds Mitch’s daughter.

Brody rushes to the house to find Jessica passed out on the floor. 

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