OLTL Update Thursday 1/21/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 1/21/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Starr and Cole are ready to attend her birthday celebration at Capricorn. She has decided to take her father’s money and buy a playhouse for Hope instead of something for herself.

Viki tells Charlie she is going to watch the sun set from the terrace and wishes he could join her. But he is buried and distracted in work. She asks if he is ok. But before he can answer her, he gets a call from Dorian. He makes to sound to Viki as though he is talking to a business associate and tells Dorian he does not think that it’s possible to go through with her plan. But she tells him that they must stick to their plan and kill Mitch. Outside in the other room, Jessica and Brody discover an envelope under the door. He picks it up and they are horrified to see that it’s to Jessica from her “loving father”.

Téa goes looking for Dani at Rachel’s but cannot find her. Yet, they notice that she has printed the information she’s found online about Todd’s shady past.

After Dani has found out the information from Llannet Search about Todd’s history and when he committed rape, she goes off and nobody knows where to find her except for Matthew.

Todd goes to talk to Marty. When she sees him, she tells him she is going to call security. But he tells her that he needs her help.

At the hospital, Natalie is with John distraught about the fact that Jared is dead and Mitch is alive. And she tells him she has to do something about it.

Brody and Jessica hesitate to open the envelope. But she tells him she can handle anything.

When Charlie gets off the phone to Dorian, he tells Viki it was a client whom he has to leave in order to meet. But she knows that he is hiding a secret.

IN Marty’s office, Todd informs her that he just found out that he has a daughter with Téa. Téa wants to take him to officially meet his daughter. And he would like Marty to come with him when he does that.

At the docks where Matthew finds Dani, she tells him that she was going to go with her mother to meet her father. But now that she’s found out that he’s a rapist, she is not about to do that.

Marty tells Todd that the situation with Dani has nothing to do with her. She’s Téa’s child. But Todd tells Marty he needs her to help for Dani to see “who he is”. And maybe she needs to hear it from him before she hears it from somebody else. And he’s asking Marty to maybe help talk to her. It’s going to be hard enough for Dani to know that Todd is her father without knowing the rest. Marty asks if he would like for Dani to meet the woman he’s raped. He tells her yes. He wants Dani to know that Marty has forgiven him.

Natalie tells John that she was getting through the day ok. But when she was sleeping, she discovered that all she has is anger. Mitch is alive and Jared is dead. It’s not fair. All she has is hate for Mitch. She falls asleep at night and wants to dream about Jared. But all she has is nightmares about Mitch. She finds herself obsessed and does not like the person she is becoming. She cries and tells him that she is there to get some professional help.

In Marty’s office, Todd tells her that he wants to step up and admit that what he did was wrong. And he needs her to tell his daughter that he is not a monster. Marty says nothing. But Todd tells her that the beauty is that she will see Marty and find out that Marty has forgiven Todd. But Marty tells Todd that she has not forgiven him. She won’t.

At the docks, Dani is reading the newspaper article to Matthew about the rape at the fraternity of Marty Saybrooke. Matthew tells her he doesn’t need to hear more. But Dani tells him she’s found out that’s not even the half of it. Just recently, Todd found the same woman after she’d had a brain injury. He kidnapped her and locked her in a house where she was isolated and he kept from her that she had a grown son who believed that she was dead. Can he imagine being that boy? She tells him if she were Marty’s son, she’d kill Todd Manning.

Right then, Cole admits to Starr that he does not like her father after what Todd did to her mother. But, he tells her if her dad mellows out and is a good grandfather to Hope, that’s fine. But Hope needs to know that they have her back. She tells him that she thinks that her father is damaged. He’s done a million horrible things. But she believes that he is a good man and she has forgiven him.

Dani confirms with Matthew that she has found out for the first time that Todd got charged with raping Marty Saybrooke all over again recently. And her mother defended Todd and he got off. She concludes to Matthew that there is no way she can accept such a man as her father.

Noticing the printed material about Todd in Rachel’s apartment, Téa asks Rachel not to tell her that she told Dani the part about the rape when the spoke alone. Rachel tells her of course not. But Téa needs to realize that Dani will want to know all about it. They wonder what they are going to do after Dani finds out the information she can easily access about Todd.

Jessica and Brody read the letter Mitch wrote to her. He tells her that he wants her to know that he loves her and that that “stalwart” boyfriend thinks he is protecting her. But he is a “beast of burden”. Hopefully, in time, Jessica will become tired of Brody. He tells Jessica he knows her. He is part of her. But Jessica confirms to Brody that Mitch does not know her at all. They read further that Mitch “forgives” her for attempting to take his life years ago. He tells her that he wants to meet her on the docks. And if she does what he asks, he promises to leave her mother, Charlie and Natalie alone. In response to that Brody says in his dreams. But Jessica might have another idea.

Charlie goes to secretly meet Dorian at the bar. She asks him if he’s going to do it or not. He tells her that if he kills Mitch, it will probably ruin what is left of his life. She tells him if he keeps drinking, it will definitely ruin what is left of his life. She then pulls a gun out of her purse and tells Charlie there is no other option. And she asks him to do it for Viki.

Brody tells Jessica she’s not going anywhere near Mitch Laurence. But she tells him if it means that he will leave her family alone, she has to. He asks her if she thinks that Mitch keeps his promises. She must know that he has lied to her too many times. He is pushing Jessica’s “I’ll save all” button. Brody then reminds Jessica that Mitch dug her husband out of the ground. He shot Jared. He wants to meet her on the docks where she tried to kill him. Does she really think that she can trust anything Mitch says or does? She tells Brody she has to do something. Natalie is distraught to have lost Jared and have to see Mitch alive and free. Her mother can’t deal with it. And Charlie is going out of his mind. But Brody reminds her that they would all rather cut off their left arms than let her go and talk to Mitch Laurence.

At the bar, Dorian shows Charlie the gun and tells him that nobody will know. She assures him the gun cannot be traced nor can Mitch after Charlie does what has to be done. She then takes another drink, admits to Charlie that this place grosses her out and asks if he will excuse her while she goes and freshens up. She leaves Charlie alone at the table and he is tempted to pick up her drink. Right then, Viki enters through the door and spots her husband yet he does not see her.

Natalie admits to John that she needs to find a way to keep on living. She asks him why he is there. She knows that he has a scheme going on involving attempting to put Mitch Laurence away.

Todd thinks that Dani needs to know that Marty has moved on and Todd did not destroy her life.

Meanwhile, Téa and Rachel attempt to brainstorm as to where they think that Dani might have gone.

At the docks, Dani tells Matthew that she wants to go back home to be with her real dad. He tells her that there is nothing for her in Tahiti. And sooner or later she has to deal with the fact that Todd Manning is her real father. But, Dani protests she does not want Todd anywhere in her life. He tells her he does not blame her for that. But she does have to go back and talk to her mom. Matthew tells her she must know that Téa won’t make her live with Todd. Worst case scenario, she will send Dani back to boarding school and Matthew will really miss her. Right then, Matthew gets a call from Rachel who asks him if he has seen or hear from Daniela Rayburn.

Charlie sits alone at the bar remembering Mitch telling him that he is a drunk. It’s the hand that God dealt him and nothing changes that. He remembers Mitch taunting him about how he knows that he blames himself for ruining Jared’s life and for his death. Right then, he hears Viki call to him and turns around to see her. He asks her if she has been following him. She admits that she has. She is worried. She knows he’s been so distracted all day. Then he got a secretive call. And he’s lied to her about where he’s going. He then concludes that she does not trust him. But she knows that last night he disappeared. She understands how hideous Mitch is. But he can’t even look at her. She knows how the urge to drown that pain is overwhelming. But drinking just makes it worse. He protests that he has not been drinking. But she asks why it is that she sees drinks on the table. If he’s not drinking, then explain this.

At the hospital, John admits to Natalie that he is trying to find the nurse who is working for Mitch and who helped him recover when he was in the private clinic. He admits to her that he’s no longer a cop and has no warrant. But warrants only make judges happy and you cannot force anybody to talk to you. She then suggests if he’s trying to “charm” the information out of HR, maybe he could use her help. He asks her if she is not there to see Marty. She admits yes. But she’d like to help him when she’s done.

Marty concludes to Todd that the two of them are behaving in a civilized manner for the interest of their kids and their grandchild. But she tolerates him at best. She does not like him. Yet, he remembers the “relationship” they had when she lost her memory and believed she loved him. Hearing that, she tells him that what he did will never be better. He can’t make it all better just because he wants that. She tells him she will not give that to him.

When Rachel calls Matthew, he tells her that he did not know that Dani is in town. And Rachel needs to tell Téa that Dani can take care of herself if she is worried. He tells his sister he has to go. Dani then thanks Matthew for covering for her. He urges her to check in with her mom as Rachel told him that Téa is sick with worry about her daughter. But Dani tells him she cannot talk to Téa or to anybody else. He asks if she means not even himself. She tells Matthew that his father is a wonderful man. He hasn’t a clue what this feels like. But he tells her she is wrong.

Starr and Cole assemble the playhouse for Hope and she is very excited. But he is less enthused and reminds her that Langston and Markko are not sharing the love and feel a bit cramped. But she tells him that it’s not their fault. Markko is extremely jealous of Ford and Langston has writer’s block. They talk about Langston wanting to write a musical about Starr and Cole’s relationship. They talk about how they could be compared to Romeo and Juliet. They talk about all that has happened in their lives in the last year.

Brody tells Jessica that he believes that Mitch is trying to manipulate her. He wants to take the letter to the station. She reminds him that Lowell will not do anything about it. But he tells her that Lowell will not be there forever and the cops need to have the letter as evidence.

At the bar, Charlie tells Viki she may go home. He doesn’t need her help. He’ll be back soon. But she needs to know why he’s there if he’s not drinking. He then urges her to go home before Dorian comes out of the bathroom, not wanting her to know about their secret meeting. She urges him to come home with her and know that they can pull through this. But he resists. He tells her that he has done everything he can do. He’s attended enough meetings. He’s prayed and asked God why his son was gunned down by Mitch and Mitch got away with it. He knows how to “fix” it and just wishes that Viki would trust him. He urges her to go home and take care of her kids. He cannot be the man she wants and needs. She then asks him what he is saying. He tells her she needs to stay away from him.

Brody tells Jessica that with Mitch’s promises to stay away from her family, he’s working her. That’s all it is. They joke about how he could take the words Mitch uses to describe him and be offended. She tells him about how good he is with Bree and he must know that she loves him and hates Mitch. She kisses him. Right then, they turn to see a cop outside the door. He tells her that Jason will be right outside. He’s going to leave and asks Jessica not wait up. She tells him she is sorry he has to deal with her psychopath father. He tells her that he loves her no matter what. And he leaves. But before he’s out the door, he crumples up Mitch’s letter almost as if he’s afraid of it.

Todd tells Marty she must think of Daniela. She’s just a kid. He tells her that even if she cannot be supportive of him, maybe she should just tell Dani about herself, her family, her career, her boyfriend. But she tells him she owes him nothing. Right then, Todd gets a call from Téa informing him that Dani has disappeared. Right then, Marty opens her door and is surprised to see Natalie.

Starr and tell Cole that they can have a happy ending. She tells him that maybe they can be late for the party at Capricorn. Right then, there’s a knock on the door. They answer it and are surprised to see Matthew with Dani. Starr has no clue who is with Matthew when he introduces her to his “friend, Dani”. Little does Dani know that Matthew has taken her to meet Todd’s daughter and Marty’s son.

Todd goes to Rachel’s apartment where Téa informs him that Dani is gone and it appears that she has gotten on the computer browser to find out information about him. Concluding that his daughter “knows”, he is not certain what to do.

Starr notices Dani and tells her that she recognizes her as Téa Delgado’s daughter from the picture her dad showed her of Dani.

Todd tells Téa that he wanted to be the one to tell Dani. He explains that he thought and hoped that if it came from him, then maybe he could make Dani see that he is not that person anymore. Téa urges Todd to know that he can make her see it. But he is hopeless and afraid that he’s lost Dani forever.

Starr tells Dani he thought that she and her mom left town. Knowing that Starr’s father shot Dani’s father, Starr tells Dani that she knows she must be angry at her Todd. Right then, Matthew interrupts Starr to tell her that this may appear as a big shock but her father is Dani’s father too. The two of them are sisters.

At the bar, Viki admits to Charlie that she can’t let him go. But he tells her she must stay away from him until he has this “fixed”. He just has to do this the only way he knows how. She tells him they can do this together. But he tells her that this is something he needs to settle alone. She needs to let him do that. She reminds him that they took vows for better or for worse. Hearing that, he reminds her that that would not be the first promise he’s broken. She tells him he is breaking her heart. But he tells her she must get out of there. She then tells him she will be waiting for him at their home. Right then, Dorian returns and tells him she is so sorry. He then agrees to do it. He will kill Mitch Laurence.

Right then, Mitch sits alone at the docks reading the bible.

Jessica is alone in the house with a guard standing outside. She calls the station and asks for Brody. But nobody has seen him.

Natalie admits to Marty that she would like to talk to her about what is going on. John leaves them alone to talk. Right then, John gets a call from Jessica informing him that she is trying and failing to find Brody. She’s worried and afraid that maybe Brody has secretly gone after Mitch.

Right then, Brody goes to find Mitch on the docks, grabs him from behind and physically attacks him.

Outside the house, Mitch’s nurse friend knocks out the police guard while Jessica is alone inside.

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