OLTL Update Tuesday 1/19/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/19/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Blair and Elijah are going at it in Todd’s home when he tells her that he can be late for work. Right then, she notices that he does not have his tie. At that point, Todd comes down the stairs to see them.

Rex and Stacy are at Oliver’s apartment when Kyle is also there. Rex gives Oliver the money for the work he will be doing and apologizes to Kyle if he has to take Oliver’s time away from him in order to protect Stacy’s baby He gives Oliver extra money for his trouble.. Kyle privately asks Rex if he can really “afford” what he is paying. Rex tells him that he does not care about money. He will sell everything he owns in order to prevent Mitch Laurence from getting his hands on “his” (Rex’s) baby.

Schuyler is with Rachel in their new apartment when he gets a call from Kim

Todd observes Blair with Elijah. He says nothing but appears jealous.

After Schuyler has left and Rachel is alone in the apartment, she hears a knock on the door and assumes that Schuyler has lost his key attain. But she is surprised to see that it’s Téa and Dani at the door. She hugs them.

Matthew enters Buenos Dias and notices Destiny at the table “forcing herself” to eat tofu. He sits down beside her and asks why he has not heard from her. She replies that she’s been busy. She explains that she has dance and other activities in school. He tells her that it has felt like he’s been avoiding him. She asks him why she would be avoiding him. He replies because of Dani.

Téa and Dani ask Rachel how she is settling into her new place. She replies that she likes it and it’s a little different than living with the Buchanans. She instantly changes the subject and asks them to fill her in on what it’s been like in Tahiti. It appears that Téa has a secret. Dani asks if she can shower. Rachel shows her to the bathroom. Alone with Téa, Rachel asks her what is going on. Téa admits that Tahiti was complicated to say the least. She informs Rachel that she promised Dani she would not say anything. And the bottom line is, Dani knows that Todd is her biological father.

IN Todd’s home, Blair observes that he is alone and lost in thought. She asks him if he has Téa on the brain. He asks her if she is consumed thinking about Elijah and remarks that he knows that they appeared to be “going at it”. Hearing that, she denies it.

At Oliver’s apartment, he can see that something is not ok with Kyle and asks him what is up. Kyle tells him that he just feels bad for Rex’s baby. Oliver tells Kyle that Mitch Laurence could come after it. Kyle then says that you have a sociopath like Mitch Laurence on one end. And a sick person like Stacy Morasco on the other. Oliver then rationalizes that Stacy is not all bad. She may have her problems. But he can see why Rex was “drawn” to her. She can be very seductive. And he knows that he also had a “connection” with Stacy. At that point, Kyle asks Oliver, for the first time, if he slept with Stacy Morasco.

Rex and Stacy go to Buenos Dias. Right then, Rex notices Elijah. He goes and informs Elijah that he thought about what they talked about and decided that he is not about to fight Gigi for custody of Shane. But, he has another kid and has concerns about that one.

Kim is alone in Clint’s home with Nigel. Nigel is suspicious about leaving her alone. Right then, Schuyler enters. She wants Nigel to leave her alone with Schuyler. Nigel leaves. Schuyler tells her he can clearly see that that guy hates her guts. She tells him that she has not invited him over for a social call. She wants to know what he might know about Stacy’s secret.

Kyle admits to Oliver that he’s shocked to find out, for the first time that Oliver has slept with Stacy Morasco, the very person he’s now guarding. Oliver then asks him what the big deal is as Kyle knows that Oliver has been with women before. Kyle asks just when that was that he slept with Stacy. Oliver replies at the ball, last year. He was lonely and got a little drunk. It was Valentine’s Day. And he admits that that was not the last time. It also happened, the night before he officially “came out”.

Kim tells Schuyler that Stacy needs something to induce labor. She needs his help since he works in a hospital. She knows that oxytocin can induce labor so that Stacy can have the baby early and have people believing it’s Rex’s.

When Stacy sees Rex talking to Elijah, she goes to introduce herself to Elijah and asks what they were talking about. They admit to her that they were talking about drawing up some legal documents for guardianship. She asks what about. He tells her that just in case something happened to either one of them, they cannot let the courts allow Mitch to take their baby. Right? Elijah explains to her that these documents would sever any ties that Mr. Laurence might have to Rex or to his baby. And he asks, while they are on the subject, do either of them have a will? They both admit that they don’t. He tells them that they should both have them so that the fate of their child can be determined.

Cole talks to Markko outside the apartment while Starr and Langston are inside eating breakfast. Langston tells Starr that she has something going on. But it’s a secret and Starr must promise not to tell Cole. Right then, Blair enters to wish her daughter a happy 18th birthday.

Rachel asks Téa how it was that she planned to wait before divulging to Dani that Todd was her father. But then something changed. Rachel asks Téa just what could have happened knowing that Todd shot Ross and that Dani knows that. At that point, Téa does not know how to answer that question. Right then, Dani is overhearing their conversation unseen.

Blair and Todd go to visit Starr in her new apartment with her friends. Blair tells her daughter it may appear that things are tough but everybody starts out at some point. But Todd is skeptical and inquires just how long it will last. Todd warns Starr and Cole that Langston and Markko might get tired of the smell and sound of a baby at some point and decide to move out. And when that happens, what will they do? Right then, Markko tells Langston that the previous night, it got a little loud. He tells her that sooner or later they will have their own place and all the privacy they want. Todd tells Starr that he doesn’t want to disappoint her on her birthday. He gives her a check to blow on her birthday. She thanks her dad and hugs him. He leaves. Blair stays. Starr asks if her father has Téa on the brain. Blair admits that is true.

Right then, Rachel and Téa talk alone about her situation regarding Todd and Dani finding out for the first time that they are father and daughter, while Dani overhears unseen. Téa tells Rachel that she would not have fallen in love with Todd if she did not know, in her heart that Todd has changed. Right then, Dani appears. Téa announces she has things to do and departs. Rachel talks to Dani alone and admits to her that Téa informed her that she (Dani) has found out that Todd is her bio dad. Instantly, Rachel asks her how she feels about finding that out for the first time.

At Buenos Dias, Destiny asks Matthew what is up with Dani. He tells her he suspects that she has fled the country with her mother but would rather not talk about Dani and asks Destiny why she would want to talk about Dani, knowing the two of them are not the best of friends. But she wants to know what has been going on with him and doesn’t want him to leave anything out.

At the other table, Elijah discusses with Rex and Stacy the future of her baby if anything should happen to either of them. Rex informs Elijah that he has two sister, Jessica and Natalie who are both good with kids. They have money. He is ok with having either of them raising his child. But Stacy is clearly not since she knows they both hate her. He asks her if she would rather have Gigi raise their kid. She replies she’d come back from the dead to prevent that from happening. He asks her whom else she might have in mind since her parents are gone.

Kim tells Schuyler that it might be in his interest to get the drugs for them to induce labor so that Stacy can have her baby early before Rex finds out that it could not be his.. He might be able to count the months since conception. Schuyler replies to Kim that he is not going to induce labor in order to help Stacy to fool Rex. It could harm the baby. It’s not meant for anybody to give birth 4 weeks early. He tells her he knows more about medical science than she does. And the health of this baby trumps Stacy’s love life. But she reminds him that he might be in as much trouble as Stacy is for keeping the secret. So he must get his hands on the oxytocin. He has no choice. But he tells her that he would rather admit to Rex that Stacy is not carrying his baby and that it’s his than do that.

Meanwhile, Oliver attempts to explain to Kyle that he “attempted” to date Layla and mess things up with Kyle and Nick. He admits that this was not his finest hour. He was not proud. But one night he got drunk, ran into Stacy, they left together and had sex. But then the next morning, he woke up hung over and realized he could not pretend anymore. So he came out to Stacy, to his parents, to Cristian and to Layla and to Kyle. And at that point, Kyle concludes that that would have to be the same week that Stacy’s baby was conceived. He then realizes that he must tell Oliver something. He admits that he did not know that Oliver slept with Stacy “a 2nd time”. Hearing that, Oliver asks if he is not aware that he’s “clean” and has been tested. Is Kyle questioning whether Oliver is committed to him? What is the problem? Kyle then asks Oliver if he remembers the “thing” that he (Kyle) was upset about the other day and that he could not talk about because of doctor/patient confidentiality. He then informs Oliver that it involves Stacy Morasco. She was at the hospital the other day with Schuyler Joplin. He was working and “walked in on them”. He overheard them admit that her baby is not Rex’s and that it’s Schuyler’s.

Right then,, Kim asks Schuyler just what he thinks will happen if he admits to Rex that Stacy’s baby is not Rex’s. Will that be in his (Schuyler’s) best interest? It will only cause Rex to get back with Gigi. Schuyler rationalizes that it will not change the fact that Rex cheated on Gigi with her sister. Kim asks Schuyler what will happen after Gigi finds out that Schuyler slept with Stacy also.

Schuyler tells Kim there is no way that he is helping Stacy induce labor. She again warns him that if Rex finds out the baby is not his (Rex’s) and is Schuyler’s, then Gigi will be done with Schuyler.

At Buenos Dias, Rex and Stacy are at an impasse while Elijah attempts to get them to agree on who adopts the baby in the event of their death.

Dani continues to ask Rachel many questions about Todd Manning’s history. Rachel is not comfortable answering and tells her that maybe she is not the person to be asking these questions of. But Dani protests that Rachel is one of her mom’s best friends. She went to school with Todd and lives in the same town. Who better? She tells her that she deserves to know about her father and is tired of being kept in the dark.

Todd returns home and turns to see Téa at his door. He smiles and appears happy to see her.

At Cole and Markko’s apartment, Starr thanks Markko for the waffles that he learned to make working at the kitchen of Buenos Dias. Blair is ready to put Starr and Cole to work at Capricorn for her. They go off without her. Alone with Langston, Blair asks her how things are now that she’s no longer at Dorian’s or at Todd’s. Langston admits that she misses Dorian but wont’ forgive her for what she did. Blair tells Langston she understands and if Langston needs anything to let her know. But she can see that Langston has something on her mind that she needs to share with somebody.

At Buenos Dias, Matthew confesses to Destiny that he knows he assured her that he and Dani wee just friends. That’s what he meant at the time. But he was concerned that she was going to leave town and move to Tahiti with her mom. And something “just happened”.

Right then, Dani continues to grill Rachel about what she might know regarding Todd Manning. At that point, Rachel gets a call. She then informs Dani that she has to get to work as one of their counselors has been arrested. She goes out the door and encourages Dani to call Matthew when she gets a chance. But as soon as Rachel is gone, Dani gets on her lap top computer.

Todd smiles when he sees Téa outside the door. She tells him she hesitated to call him afraid that he would screen her calls. He chuckles and tells her that he wouldn’t do that. He admits that he has been preparing his speech for their daughter. She smiles at him. And they kiss.

Kyle informs Oliver, for the first time, that apparently Stacy had a miscarriage. She lost Rex’ s baby but didn’t want him to know. She may have thought that having his child would be the only way to hold onto him. SO she had a plan to get pregnant by somebody else and pass it off as Rex’s. Kyle admits to Oliver that she came to him first a few months ago. But he didn’t have sex with her. At that point, Oliver is stunned and appears to put two and two together remembering that he did.

Kim attempts to rationalize with Schuyler on how he can safely find a way to induce labor so that Stacy’s baby can come out early. But he does not like the idea. Outside in the foyer, the doorbell rings. Nigel gets the door to see Stacy with Rex. She asks if Kim is there.

Téa tells Todd there is something they have to do.

Blair asks Langston what is on her mind. Langston warns her that this is not the typical run of the mill teenage problem. Blair tells Langston that she wants to know all about it. Langston then warns Blair that this is about sex. Right then, Blair gets a text message from Elijah but sits down and encourages Langston to lay it on her. Langston then admits that she is committed to Markko, loves him and is faithful. But there’s a guy named Ford who is Markko’s TA. She finds herself attracted to Ford. And last night, when she and Markko had sex, she was thinking about Ford.

At Buenos Dias, Matthew admits to Destiny that he does not understand his feelings for Destiny nor hers for him. And given the situation, he guesses he never will. And he knows that maybe if she had stayed, they could have figured it out. However, he concludes to Destiny, he doesn’t want to lose her also. He tells her that recently she has appeared distant to him. He misses her. He asks her if they are good. She tells him yes. And they both smile.

At Clint’s home, Rex asks Kim if Stacy could stay with Kim for a while as he has to leave. Alone with Stacy, Kim tells her that she went and talked to Schuyler yet it does not appear that he wants to get the drug to induce labor. Rex might catch on.

Oliver concludes to Kyle that from what he just heard, Stacy’s baby could be his.

Téa tells Todd that Dani is nervous. He asks her why. She tells him because she’s about to meet her father.

Right then, Dani gets on the computer and appears like she will find out information about Todd. And we can only guess just what specifically she will find out.

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