OLTL Update Monday 1/18/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 1/18/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

After Charlie has run off, Viki runs into Bo and Nora outside of Buenos Dias Café. She informs them that she doesn’t even know where to go to look for her husband. She explains to them that Mitch Laurence came into the place and taunted Charlie about his son’s death while she was with him and her daughters. She admits that Charlie has started drinking again because he is so distraught over what happened to Jared. She doesn’t know what to do.

Charlie walks into the same bar where Dorian has gone wearing her disguise. She knows that she needs to find a way to kill Mitch Laurence, but she needs the “help” of somebody. Sure enough, it looks like she has found the right person. At that moment, she removes her shades to see Charlie.

After Oliver Fish informs Kyle that Rex has asked him to protect Stacy and “his” baby from Mitch Laurence, and Kyle remembers finding out that the baby is assumed to be Schuyler’s, and it couldn’t be Rex’s, and and that Schuyler and Stacy are lying about it, Kyle is not certain what to tell Fish.

Schuyler is similarly spooked when he is alone with Gigi.

Kim is preparing a drink for Clint. He is very happy with her assistance and companionship. The doorbell rings. He asks her to get rid of whoever it is. She goes to the door, and she sees Jessica and Natalie.

Rex tells Stacy that he can assure her that Mitch will not get near her. She will have either himself or Oliver Fish to protect her. She remembers that Kyle now knows that the baby is not Rex’s and suspects he might very well tell Oliver that he knows that.

Kyle admits to Oliver that he is bound by doctor patient confidentiality laws. So he can’t tell him exactly what happened “at work” today. Hearing that, Oliver realizes and tells him that it's okay, rationalizing that he would have the same oath of confidentiality if something happened at the police station and would not be able to tell Kyle about it.

Schuyler has a similar conversation with Gigi when she sees that he has something on his mind that he is not telling her. He’s going to be a doctor soon and she wants to be there for him. Roxy comes in and sees them together, and she is furious.

Stacy is not certain what to tell Rex regarding her “objections” about Oliver Fish being the chosen person to protect her. Rex then calls Oliver when Oliver’s ready to be alone with Kyle. Rex urges him to get there when he has to leave Stacy alone and offers to pay Oliver extra for his trouble.

Natalie and Jessica enter the house and talk to their father. Kim gets a call from Stacy who is alone in the house asking for her help. She tells them she is terribly sorry, but she has to run. Stacy is having a meltdown, and she will be back soon. Observing Kim, Natalie asks her not to “rush back” on their account. She reflects to Jessica that it appears their father is getting very chummy with Kim.

Bo and Nora sit by Viki and she explains that Charlie did slip after Jared’s funeral. He admitted to that, but he promised to her and to her daughters that he would stop drinking. She believes that he was sincere, and then Mitch Laurence showed up. She doesn’t know what to do for her husband. Bo and Nora reflect that she must know that she cannot do this for Charlie. Only Charlie can decide not to drink.

Meanwhile, in the bar, Charlie orders a double Vodka. Before he’s ready to drink it Dorian comes up behind him and asks him if he’s sure he wants to do that. Noticing her, he asks her what the hell she is doing there. She replies that she is hiding out. He tells her that there is no way she can hide. Nobody can do that. She tells him that he cannot hide behind a bottle. He asks her if she really had her reasons for pouring that alcohol down his throat and trying to kill him. Hearing that, she tells Charlie she sincerely apologies for doing that and she wants to make amends to him. He tells her that he has his reasons to drink. Mitch Laurence is free walking on the streets after killing his son and two other people. She reminds him that if he drinks he could lose Viki, and drinking won’t solve his problems. She asks him if he really wants to lose Viki. He then observes the glass of booze and hesitates to pick it up.

Viki tells Bo and Nora that Clint, Natalie and Jessica are growing closer now that Mitch Laurence is back in town. At least that’s one good thing.

Clint has a meal with his daughters and asks if anybody knows where Mitch is staying. It would be nice if he lived somewhere near hunting grounds. He tells them if somebody shot the SOB right between the eyes, they would be doing everybody on the planet a big favor.

Dorian tells Charlie that drinking will not bring Jared back, and it certainly will not stop Mitch Laurence. He asks her if she has a better idea. She tells him she thinks she does.

Oliver comes to the house before Rex is gone. Rex leaves him alone with Stacy. Oliver has his gun and is ready to guard Stacy from Mitch Laurence. Once they are alone, Oliver tells her that he realizes this could have just as easily have been his baby. Kim then enters and informs Stacy that Clint really seems to like her even though his daughters clearly hate her guts. Stacy tells Kim that things involving making Rex believe that this is his baby are not working out. Everybody finds it very odd that the baby is going to be due so much later than it would if it was conceived by her and Rex. If that’s not enough, Kyle Lewis overheard her conversation with Schuyler about the baby being Schuyler’s. They attempt to remain out of an earshot of Oliver yet realize he might very well find out from Kyle what he overheard. Now Rex has hired Oliver and is communicating with him about the baby. Once Rex finds out, she has had it. What is she going to do?

Kyle goes to Rodi’s to see Roxy confronting Gigi and Schuyler when she sees them together. He urges her not to start a fight with them. Kyle then goes up to Schuyler and tells him if it were up to him, Roxy would have the right to do anything she wants to him after what he did to her and her son.

Stacy informs Kim that Kyle confronted her and Schuyler that he happens to know that the baby is not Rex’s, and he was very tempted to tell Rex.

Viki tries and fails to contact Charlie on his phone and tells Nora it went straight to voicemail. Outside, Rex goes to talk to Bo about Mitch Laurence coming after Stacy and “his” baby. He explains that Mitch wants to take it and make it part of his cult. Bo tells Rex that they will need police protection. Rex informs him that he has hired Oliver Fish for that. Bo asks Rex how Gigi feels about that. Rex replies that she could care less. She has moved out permanently and dumped him for Schuyler Joplin.

Kyle and Roxy talk about the situation at Rodi’s. She tells him that she knows that her son would not have broken up with Gigi if Stacy were not carrying Rex’s baby. Kyle now has another “reason” to reveal what he knows.

Stacy tells Kim she cannot imagine what will happen as soon as Kyle finds out that his boyfriend is the daddy of her baby.

Clint tells Natalie and Jessica that he would love to shoot Mitch Laurence or help anybody to do it. He wouldn’t want to see anybody go to jail for that. They then encourage him to think about other things. Like, maybe, he can spend time with Bree. At that moment, they notice that their father seems to be in a lot better spirits than he was when Nora broke up with him and dumped him for Bo. He is not about to tell his daughters why he is “happier.” He then reveals to them that Kim lives at his home now.

Stacy tells Kim that the very existence of Mitch Laurence is what has prompted Rex to pay attention to her. Kim is ready to find a way for her to give birth at the right time so that Rex will believe the baby is his. She then asks if there might be a way to kill Mitch Laurence without leaving a trail.

At the bar, Dorian tells Charlie that maybe there is a sign that it is fate that they have run into each other under these circumstances. They are clearly both at their wits end. He asks just what they can “do” together. She then suggests that maybe he could kill Mitch Laurence. She can help him succeed and get away with it. Charlie then asks Dorian if she is serious about wanting him to kill Mitch Laurence, her buddy. She tells him that Mitch Laurence has to be put away. He asks why then had she let him go free. Has he threatened her? Does he have something on her? Did he threaten to go after the Cramer girls? In response to that, Dorian tells Charlie that he must never tell a living soul what she is about to tell him. She will make trouble for him and nobody will believe a drunk like him. She then admits that he is correct. Mitch could destroy her family just like he has destroyed Charlie’s’ family.

In Buenos Dias, Nora informs Viki that Clint has not only hired but invited a low life pole dancer to stay in his home. Nora tells Viki that she has shoes older than Kim. Hearing that, Viki asks Nora if she is really certain that Clint is “with” Kim. Nora tells Viki it appears that way.

After Clint tells Natalie and Jessica that Kim is going to be staying at his home, they both object. Jessica tries to rationalize to her father that she knows he is alone and might need some companionship after what Nora and Bo did. Natalie protests that Kim is a low life stripper and the best friend of the sick idiot who ruined Rex’s life. Clint tells his daughters that he knows that Kim is a gold digger looking for a sugar daddy. He admits to them that he knows that. She has helped him with a lot of things around the office and with his divorce. She’s fun to be with. He is not about to stay alone and depressed with nothing except his bourbon when he can be with a young lady who can make him laugh and have fun.

Kim and Stacy are brainstorming online about ways to delay labor so that Stacy won’t give birth until the time she would have if she were really having Rex’s baby.

At Rodi’s, after Kyle confronts Schuyler about the “lie,” Schuyler tells Kyle he must know all too well how it is when people waste their lives by denying their feelings about the people who are right for them.

Outside Buenos Dias, Rex tells Bo that Fish is going to help him protect Stacy and the baby. Gigi is out of his life. He’s not going to fight her for custody of Shane. Gigi and Shane are of no interest to Mitch. If Mitch comes after Rex’s unborn baby, Rex will kill him with his bare hands.

Dorian tells Charlie that John McBain demanded that she divulge what her secret is for working with Mitch. She’s not going to trust John or the cops to protect her. What good has that ever done in the past? She tells Charlie the only way that anybody can be safe is if Mitch dies for good.

Bo tells Rex that he can help him get the police protection and security that he needs.

Charlie tells Dorian that maybe a better idea than killing Mitch is to find a way to get him thrown in jail. She tells him that he must know that never works. It never ends. The only way anybody can have any peace is to kill Mitch. She tells Charlie she does not want to live with this any longer. She wants her family to be safe just like she knows that he wants his to be. He tells her that he knows that she would stop at nothing in order to make Viki suffer. That’s obviously got to be part of her plan in “joining forces” with Charlie. She tells him that she is not out to hurt Viki or him or anybody. He seems not to trust her and just wants to keep drinking. Realizing that Charlie is not going to listen to her, Dorian tells Charlie in that case, he may continue to drink. He can ruin his life, lose Viki and kill himself drinking. She gets up to leave but then turns around to tell Charlie that his alternative so that none of that has to happen is that he kills Mitch instead. That way he can save his family and all the people he loves and have some peace in his life. She then goes to sit by herself away from Charlie, as if to let him think about which is the preferred choice.

Bo asks Viki if he and Nora can give her a ride home. She tells them that she wants to stay a little longer. Nora urges her not to go home alone. Viki tells her she won’t be alone. Jessica and Natalie are at home.

Jessica and Natalie are ready to leave Clint’s home when Kim returns. Alone with Kim, Clint tells her she did not miss everything. They still have desert together.

Kyle returns to Oliver and tells him that he just wants to make certain that he is okay. Oliver is in law enforcement and anything could happen. Oliver tells Kyle that he can’t let anything happen to Stacy’s baby. It appears Kyle is ready to “tell” him something. Kyle urges Oliver to know that protecting Stacy is not entirely his responsibility. Oliver tells Kyle that he has a protectiveness toward the baby. It seems, although he does not say it that he somehow knows that the baby could be his.

Rex returns to Stacy and has a bib that he’s gotten for the baby. They both look happy for a change.

Kim is happily with Clint.

Alone, Dorian is very serious about her plan regarding Mitch.

Charlie returns to Viki who admits that she was worried. He finally tells her that he has found a way to pull it together and “make peace” with what happened. He doesn’t tell her what has happened or what his plan is. He hugs her and tells her that they are all going to be okay. He promises her. 

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