OLTL Update Friday 1/15/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 1/15/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Dorian is bound and gagged and tied to a chair. Somebody removes the eye mask and cover from her mouth. She turns to see John McBain. Somebody is with John who removes restraints from her. John asks her if she’s going to scream. She screams.

Not far away, David goes to confront Ford about his defamation of David’s character.

Brody is with John while he asks Dorian how it is that he lost his job. She tells John that if he wants to find out how he got fired, he may ask the new police commissioner, his boss. John and Brody tell her that they think the person who hired that bottom feeder (herself) would know that answer to that.

Charlie, Viki, Jessica and Natalie are at Buenos Dias having lunch. Charlie confesses that he has been secretly drinking and lying about it. He deeply regrets his bad choices. All three of them tell him that they are there for him. They do not judge him. They blame Mitch for all that has happened. Mitch appears, smirks and says Buenos días to them.

Rex asks Fish if, maybe, he can help him offer some police protection for Stacy while she is pregnant with his child, and Mitch wants to kidnap her and take the baby. Hearing that, Fish is stunned and doesn’t know what to say or do.

Schuyler rushes to Stacy’s hospital exam room and tells her that he knows that he is the father of her baby. He’s just heard that Mitch Laurence is endangering his child. Kyle enters to overhear. They try to bluff and tell him that he misheard what they were talking about. Rex Balsam is her baby’s father. Schuyler is just saying it’s “his baby” since he and Stacy go way back. Kyle tells them they are lousy liars.

Rex is explaining to Fish how he may not believe much of what Stacy tells him. He saw for himself that Mitch and a nurse broke into her place and tried to drug and kidnap her.

Markko enters to see Langston and Ford together and is furious with Ford for looking like he is moving in on Langston.

Rex explains to Fish that he and Jessica have police protection from Mitch. Brody is there for Jessica. Mitch is leaving both Rex’s son and Jessica’s daughter alone, but Mitch has this thing about Stacy’s unborn baby. So she needs protection.

At Buenos Dias, Mitch acknowledges Jessica, his “darling daughter,” Natalie, his unfaithful wife, Viki, his daughter’s mother, and her loser husband. He goes on about quotes from the bible. Charlie confronts him and is ready to physically attack him reminding him that he murdered his son. Natalie reminds Mitch that an eye for an eye would justify ending Mitch’s life for killing Jared.

John and Brody ask Dorian how it is that she would hire Lowell to be the police commissioner. They both know that she does not care for Lowell, and he almost got her niece killed. She lies and tells them she believed that Lowell was the best man for the job. They know that the reason she hired him is because Mitch Laurence is threatening her.

Viki tells Mitch Laurence that he can say all of the cruel things he wants, but he will never hurt her family again. She tells him that they all have protection from trained professionals. Jessica tells Mitch that he is never coming near her daughter. She knows what he has attempted to do with Stacy Morasco and her unborn baby. Rex will make certain that he does not succeed. Mitch reminds them all that their kids are alive and well except for Charlie’s. At that point, Charlie grabs Mitch by his collar. Jessica and Natalie urge Charlie to know that he is part of their family. Viki urges Charlie to let go of Mitch and not let him get to him. At that point, Charlie lets go of Mitch.

John tells Dorian that he knows that before she fired Bo, she had conversations with Mitch Laurence while Mitch was in his hospital bed. She replies that she called Mitch to tell him that she is going to send him back to prison. But John knows that she and Mitch both have something to do with getting Bo fired and replaced with Lowell. They know that she would not want to do this unless Mitch might have forced her hand. She replies that there are no skeletons in her closet and nothing Mitch has on her. John then replies to Dorian that he knows the one thing she will stop at nothing at in order to protect, is the safety of her family.

Langston tells Markko that he need not be jealous and paranoid of Ford. He tells her that unknown to her, he cast a guy on a show to make David look like a loser and a girl who looks like her who is making out with him.

Ford tells David that he is not entitled to any money he makes on his show. David asks Ford, what about cease and desist. He asks him where he found that loser whom he cast as him. He ought to sue them both for slander. Ford tells David that is classified information. David tells him that David Vickers is not just a man. He’s a brand. Ford reminds David of his hemorrhoid commercial.

Rex tells Fish that he really doesn’t know of anybody else to ask for help. He knows that Bo and John trust him. He trusts Fish also. He knows that Fish would do the same thing if it were “his baby.”

Kyle tells Schuyler and Stacy that there is something morally reprehensible with their lying and having Rex falsely believing that this is his baby. Stacy asks him how he can get on his moral high horse after he switched stem cells to falsify the donor for Shane. He protests that he is not proud of his past, but he is attempting to clean up his act and get his life back on track. He’s not going to turn a blind eye to knowing something like this. Schuyler then asks Kyle if he’s planning on telling Rex that this is not his baby.

John asks Dorian if that is it. Is Mitch threatening to hurt the girls if she does not do what he wants? He tells her that he knows that Mitch is capable of putting fear into many people, and she may be in a position where she feels helpless. Hearing that, she tells John she is having trouble grasping this convoluted theory he has and asks why he would assume something like that.

Langston tells Markko that she cannot accept his always being jealous. He tells her that he has an agenda. She tells him that her agenda is to be with him. He has to stop going nuts every time she’s in a room with Ford. Can he do that?

David reminds Ford that it appears that he has “interest” in Langston. Markko is onto him.

Fish then agrees to help Rex by offering protection for Stacy’s baby.

Stacy asks Kyle why it is that he would care about Rex’s baby. He protests that Rex’s mother is a friend of his and he knows that this is wrong and he’s not going to keep his mouth shut. Schuyler reminds Kyle that he has no choice. He ought to know that as a med student, like Schuyler is, they have to respect doctor/patient confidentiality or else they can get the boot and their future as a doctor is ruined. He asks Kyle if he is willing to risk that. Kyle then goes out the door. Schuyler is very frustrated to know that he is always keeping this secret for Stacy.

Mitch continues to taunt Charlie about his emotional state and his alcoholism. Charlie tells Mitch that his son’s murderer is a sick criminal who ought to be put away. Mitch tells him that he acted in self-defense toward Jared. He continues to rationalize that he has protected Natalie from John and from Jared. He is offering her family an olive branch. Natalie tells him to choke on it and die.

When John and Brody tell Dorian that they are on to her, she urges John to know that if he cares about Blair he must understand the threat that Mitch Laurence is. She asks him just what he wants. He reminds her that he is no longer a cop. Brody reminds her that he is still employed by that criminal, Lowell, who is Mitch’s puppet. John tells her that what they want is for her, as mayor, to fire Lowell and reinstate Bo. They will protect her and her family from Mitch.

Langston tells Markko she would like him to apologize to Ford for going all “cave man” and accusing him of wanting to take his woman. He needs to know that Ford is a nice guy.

David manages to negotiate with Ford so that he can collect half of Ford’s proceeds for the show. David then enters and tells Markko he thinks he got the goods for him. Langston tells Markko that he must now see that Ford is a reasonable guy. She tells him that one person she will never forgive and who has gone too far is Dorian. He asks her why she cannot forgive Dorian. He reminds her that there may be things about Dorian she doesn’t know about. Refusing to speak to her may not be the thing to do. She tells him that Dorian has gone too far. What she’s done is unforgivable.

Dorian puts up a fight with John and Brody about how she can’t be safe from Mitch. They tell her that something has to be done. Mitch and Lowell are putting her family in danger. Mitch is free to threaten Stacy Morasco’s baby. Doesn’t Dorian care about that?

Fish tells Rex he agrees to make certain that Stacy and her baby are safe. He will protect her baby as if it’s his own.

Dorian tells John and Brody that she is not responsible for everything Mitch does. Brody asks her just what she intends to do when he goes after Starr and baby Hope and whoever he can use against her. She tells them that nothing and nobody is going to stop Mitch Laurence until he is dead. He has to stay dead. It didn’t happen before. She asks John if he intends to kill Mitch. John does not reply. She tells John she thought not. She gets up to leave. John tells her that Mitch Laurence already killed one person and got away with it. If he kills again, it will be her fault.

Mitch taunts Charlie about Jared. Charlie goes out the door rattled and infuriated. Viki goes after her husband. Natalie and Jessica follow them. Mitch is alone at the table looking smug. A waitress comes out and asks if she can take his order. He tells her that won’t be necessary. He is completely satisfied.

John concludes to Brody that now they know some things about Dorian. The main thing that is causing her to do what she is doing is that she is terrified of Mitch. Natalie and Jessica enter and inform them that Mitch came to greet them at Buenos Dias. They are very worried about Charlie. Natalie concludes that everybody will have to grieve for Jared in their own way.

Viki finds Charlie in the alley of Buenos Dias smashing trash cans. She urges her husband not to let Mitch do this to him. He cries and tells her that he was having a meal with his family. This sociopath who gets away with murdering his son comes in and quotes scriptures from the bible. There is no justice. He has to get out and be alone. Viki urges him not to go. He rushes off and there is nothing she can do.

Dorian enters a bar with a black hat and shades to make herself look unnoticeable. She holds a red rose. She orders a martini. She asks Mel’s ghost if he is there. She tells him she thinks she might have found a way out of this mess.

David tells Ford that he would like it in writing that he will receive a percentage of all of the royalties. Markko ask if Ford will offer him his cut. Ford tells him absolutely. Langston asks Markko if there is something he wants to say to Ford. Markko apologizes for going off on Ford. He tells Ford, by the way, his video stinks. They leave. Ford tells David that his percentage of earnings will decrease. David tells Ford that he knows about residuals and won’t let Ford screw him out of his money.

At the hospital, Kyle tells Schuyler that he has an opinion about what he and Stacy are doing. He is staying out of other people’s business. He is happy with his life and doesn’t want to judge others. He won't tell anybody. Schuyler thanks him and returns to Stacy. Rex enters, confronts Schuyler and tells him it’s bad enough that he’s moved in on Gigi. What does he think he’s doing with Stacy and Rex’s baby?

Mitch reads a scripture about how even when one has abundance, there is more than material possessions.

David collects his check from Ford and has some type of reaction. He appears to be afraid he has had an aneurism and needs a doctor.

In Stacy’s exam room, Schuyler explains to Rex that he is a med student now and just doing his job. Rex makes a remark that at least Schuyler is no longer hitting on minors in his new profession. It looks like Rex is playing right into Stacy’s hands.

Fish goes to tell Kyle that he is sorry but he’s going to be pretty busy in the next few months. He got a job moonlighting by offering police protection for Rex Balsam’s baby.

Stacy is continuing to lie to Rex that she is going to have his baby.

As soon as Kyle hears that Rex asked Fish to protect “his” (Rex’s) baby, Kyle appears stunned, remembering what he just heard. Fish asks him what has happened.

Brody talks to Jessica and John talks to Natalie about how they might have gotten some information from Dorian about what Mitch is doing.

Mitch reads more biblical scriptures.

Alone in the alley, Viki calls Charlie and urges him to call her. She looks at the trash cans and is worried.

Mitch reads a scripture about how doom will befall the masses.

Dorian sits by herself with her shades and black hat and asks how she is going to kill Mitch. She needs somebody’s “help” in doing that, but from whom? At that moment, a distraught Charlie enters and orders a vodka. 

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