OLTL Update Thursday 1/14/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 1/14/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Blair comes down the stairs of Todd’s home when she hears the doorbell ring. She opens it to see Dorian with some gifts. Blair tells her aunt she is not welcome. Dorian tells her niece that she has a peace offering. Blair tells Dorian she does not notice her head offered on a platter. Dorian protests that she has some birthday gifts for Starr. Dorian tells Blair realizes she made a serious mistake and would like to touch base. Blair then informs her that Starr and Langston have both moved out.

At Markko and Cole’s apartment, Langston realizes that it will not work to have the four of them all living together. So she informs Cole that she has been looking through the paper for new apartments.

While Ford has recently moved into Fish, Cristian and Layla’s new apartment, he has his shirt off and is exercising. He asks Fish if he can crack his back for him. Fish grabs a hold of him. Kyle enters assuming that it’s ok not to knock. And it looks suspicious.

Schuyler and Rachel re ready to move into their new apartment. Greg wonders just what their living arrangement is. Schuyler replies that they are roommates. Gigi is with Schuyler and assures Greg and Rachel that when Schuyler has free time, he will be with her and Shane. But Schuyler is worried about Rex’s situation involving Stacy’s baby.

Rex accompanies Stacy to her doctor’s appointment. She talks to another pregnant woman who remarks that it’s amazing that Stacy is due so soon and yet so much smaller than somebody who is due later. It appears that while the nurse overhears the conversation, she knows something.

Blair tells Dorian if Langston wanted Dorian to know where she is, Langston would have told Dorian herself. Blair tells Dorian she will not find out from her. Dorian then tells her niece that she understands her anger. Blair tells her that anger cannot begin to cover how she feels after Dorian got Bo fired and had Stanley Lowell take his place after he tried to get Starr and baby Hope killed and endangered many people. And she knows that Dorian has some sort of secret with Mitch Laurence. But Dorian urges Blair to tell her where Langston is. At that point, Blair divulges that Langston has moved in with Markko.

David Vickers goes to the apartment and invites his lawyer who is Elijah. Elijah informs them that David is suing Ford for copyright infringement. But Langston tells him that she and Markko have things to do. They need to go and find another apartment. But David reminds Markko that after he wins the lawsuit, Markko can cash in on the proceeds. And he won’t need to search for apartments anymore. He tells Markko that he is suing Ford for character assassination.

After Kyle enters the apartment to see Ford with Fish, Fish explains that he and Cristian and Layla needed a new roommate. Fish is not there very much and usually with Kyle. But Kyle is clearly not ok with Ford there, shirtless and acting “friendly” around his boyfriend.

Gigi and Greg leave Schuyler and Rachel’s new apartment to let them talk alone about how they both have significant others whom they do not live with and are moving in with each other. She reminds him that he is still keeping the secret that Gigi’s sister is carrying his baby.

After the pregnant woman at the clinic remarks how odd it is that Stacy is so far along in her pregnancy and yet looks so small, Stacy replies that she does not see being pregnant as an excuse to eat like a horse. Hearing that, the woman takes offense. Rex then asks her what that was about. She tells him that she did not appreciate this woman implying that her baby looked small. Right then, the doctor asks Stacy to come into the exam room. Stacy obviously does not want Rex to observe the ultrasound and realize that she is not pregnant with his baby. SO she asks Rex to let her talk to the doctor alone. The doctor then tells Stacy she can clearly see that she is keeping from Rex that it is not his baby that she is carrying.

Alone with Fish, Kyle tells him that he is suspicious of Ford. Fish tells him he has no reason to be jealous. Kyle tells him that he must know that it’s “ok to look”. Fish tells Kyle that he has not “noticed”. Kyle tells him that it’s plain to see that Ford is pretty hot. Fish tells Kyle that he does not sleep with straight guys. Kyle tells Fish that he knows that he has slept with straight women.

In the exam room, the doctor assures Stacy that she is bound by confidentiality laws and won’t tell anybody that Stacy is lying about the paternity of her baby. But it will be clear to see that she is lying when the baby is born so late.

Rachel talks to Schuyler about how it will be clear to see that Stacy’s baby is born very late to be Rex’s. He tells her that he will think of something that can keep the secret for him. Greg enters and tells Schuyler that he wants to help him through med school but indicates to him that he is Schuyler’s “superior”. Schuyler walks out the door and laughs with Gigi about how Greg appears so intimidating. She laughs and tells him that he’s well advised to stay away from Rachel. Right then, Langston enters and asks him if there is an apartment available. He tells her that there was. But he just signed the lease. Langston leaves. Schuyler tells Gigi that he feels blessed because of her. She tells him he makes her feel the same way. They kiss and Rex enters.

Ford is doing his ab exercises in just his shorts. Right then, Langston comes and knocks on his door. He opens it.

Dorian tells Blair that Langston is way too young to be cohabitating with her boyfriend. Blair reminds her aunt that both Langston and Starr are almost 18. She would prefer Starr not do it also but she realizes she has to let go at some point. Both girls are old enough to get out on their own and make their own mistakes. Dorian then indicates to Blair if only she was there for Langston. Hearing that, Blair tells Dorian that she has only herself to blame for that situation. Dorian then informs Blair that she had a “good reason” for hiring Lowell. Hearing that, Blair smirks and tells Dorian that she is fascinated to hear just what the reason is. Dorian tells Blair that she did it for the love of her family. Blair tells Dorian that her “love” hurts.

At Markko and Cole’s apartment, David tells Cole that he was out looking for opportunities to launch his show. And he now has an idea. He puts in the DVD to show Markko his new story idea. And strangely enough they see that it’s a show paying tribute to ugly people. And there is a picture of somebody who looks like David dressed like a totally unattractive dweeb. And it says: “Ugly David”.

Dorian tells Blair that she wants her family back. Blair tells her you can’t always get what you want. Dorian then tells Blair that thank God that in her (Blair's) case that that is true. She can see that Blair still wants Todd. At that point, Blair is ready to escort Dorian out the door. But Dorian tells her it’s a bit odd that out of all the places she could have stayed, she chooses her ex husband’s home right when Téa is no longer with him. Blair pushes Dorian out the door and slams it and yells that she is done with Todd.

After David shows Markko the show about “Ugly David”, Markko tells David that he may not have any ground to sue. It could just be a guy who looks like David. And he doesn’t want to get involved in it and help David with his potential lawsuit. But David informs Markko that he might change his mind when he notices Langston in it. They then notices that Langston appears as a “hot number”. She wears seductive clothes and finds Ford and makes out with him. At that point, Markko shuts the laptop, tells David he won’t see any more and is ready to help him to sue Ford.

Langston is with Ford in his new apartment.

Markko is then on the phone finding out what his chances are of successfully suing Ford. When Elijah is talking to David, he is distracted by a text from Blair. He goes out the door to be with Blair. Right then, Dorian appears at the door to find Langston. David sees her and glares at her.

Alone with Rachel, he tells her that he really doesn’t know that much about Schuyler Joplin. And her finding an apartment with Schuyler could indicate that he (Greg) is the kind of guy who would let the woman he wants slip through his fingers. But she assures him that she and Schuyler are not going to be more than roommates and friends because they are both head over heels about other people.

When Rex catches Schuyler and Gigi in the hallway kissing, they remind him that Schuyler lives in this building right across the hall from Fish, Layla and Cristian. Rex informs them that he has moved back in with Stacy. Hearing that, Gigi remarks that her sister “works fast”.

Stacy tells the doctor that she does not want anybody believing that the baby is not Rex’s. She remarks that she does not want that to get out to Mitch Laurence.

Right then, Rex attempts to explain to Schuyler and Gigi that he felt he had to move back in the place with Stacy. He could not leave her alone when she’s pregnant. He informs them that Mitch Laurence came after her. Hearing that, Schuyler appears spooked and has to know if the baby is ok. At that point, both Rex and Gigi wonder why Schuyler would be concerned about Stacy’s baby. Rex replies that Stacy and the baby are fine. But she’s a bit shaken up. Schuyler then demands to know what happened. Rex replies that Mitch had one of his flunkies come and attempt to inject her with a drug and kidnap her. Rex tells Schuyler that regardless of his personal feelings, Stacy and “his” baby need round the clock protection. Schuyler then asks just whom is protecting her. Rex tells Schuyler that he’s handling it and not like Stacy or his baby is any of Schuyler’s business. Schuyler then rushes off. Alone with Rex, Gigi remarks that regardless of circumstances, she is really sorry that Mitch is coming after his baby.

Blair is texting Elijah a message to not keep her waiting. At that point, he departs from Markko’s apartment. Dorian then enters and tells David she did not know he was in town. He tells her hat he has some important business to attend to. He asks her why she fired Bo. She tells David that he’s been away for so long and she doesn’t really owe him an explanation about that. He asks her about Amelia. She admits that she let her ambition get in the way of her personal life. And she tells him there is always room for him in her home. But he tells her that there is no way that he would consider living near her after she got his father fired. They are through, he tells her. Right then, Markko returns and tells David he is ready to go to battle with him and sue Ford. But he wonders where Elijah went.

Langston informs Ford that she is looking for an apartment to move into with Markko. Hearing that, he tells her that dating somebody is one thing. Living with them is quite another. And he asks her if she is really sure that Markko is “the one”. Hearing that, she tells him of course she is sure that Markko is the one. In response to that, he tells her he did not mean to upset her. She protest that she and Markko have been together for 2 years. And she can clearly tell that he does not like Markko. That’s why he went after his documentary. He tells her that he thought it was a bit self indulgent. Hearing that, she tells him it’s clear to see that he has a negative attitude about Markko. But he tells her that’s not true. He likes Markko although he has some criticism of his work. He then asks her about her living situation. She tells him that she just heard that David Vickers has come back. He and Markko are looking to sue somebody. Hearing that, Ford demands to know just when she saw David.

Markko comes out to see Dorian talking to David and asks if she has seen Langston. She stands by the door and tells Markko that she does not think he knows who he is dealing with. Markko then reminds Dorian that she is the woman who got the police commissioner fired and had Lowell take his place. He tells her that Langston has made the decision to be rid of her. She reminds him that she is still Langston’s mother. He goes out the door. David tells Dorian that he feels the same way about her as Markko.

Rex and Gigi talk alone about how they are both concerned about Stacy’s baby. He tells her that he is also concerned about his son. He will pay for her and Shane to live in a bigger place assuming that Schuyler cannot foot the bill of their place.

When Stacy is having her exam, Schuyler rushes into the hospital room and demands that she tells him when she was going to let him know that Mitch Laurence came after his baby.

Rachel tells Greg that she has considered them living together. But it’s too soon. She is still getting used to being in a relationship again. And she asks him if he wants to mark his territory by threatening Schuyler’s medical career while he shares the apartment with Rachel.

Blair goes to Elijah’s hotel room and they go at it.. He reminds her hat she still lives with her ex husband who killed his brother. She asks him if he does not like living dangerously.

Ford asks Langston how it could be that David is suddenly back in town. She asks him if there is something wrong. He then sits beside her on the couch, still shirtless, to show her some “musical ideas”. And right then, Markko walks in and catches them.

Dorian is alone in the hallway when somebody grabs a hold of her and covers her mouth.

Rex tells Gigi that he is going to look out of her and Shane even if they can’t be together. She then tells him that he has to get to Rodi’s. Right then, Oliver comes out into the hallway. Rex asks him if he’d like some money. He can hire him to offer some personal police protection for Stacy and the baby.

In the exam room, Schuyler tells Stacy that he cannot just ignore the fact that the baby she is carrying is his. And right then, Kyle enters to hear him reveal that.

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