OLTL Update Tuesday 1/12/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/12/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Langston goes to see Markko and informs him of all that Dorian has been up to. Not only has she gotten Bo fired as police commissioner. She has replaced him with Stanley Lowell. Hearing that, Markko asks her if that would be the former mayor, the drug trafficking criminal who almost got Cole, Starr and Hope killed. She replies yes.

After Cole informs Starr that he wants her to move in with him as soon as she turns 18, she tells him she would like nothing more and rushes to hug him. But Todd tells her he is not going to “lose another daughter”. Hearing that, Starr asks him what he just said and asks how many daughters he has.

In Tahiti, while Dani is alone in the house, Ross appears. She is elated to see that her father is alive and well and has returned to her.

At the hotel, Matthew admits to his father that he is not ok knowing that Lowell is the new police commissioner. And Bo can see that his son has something else on his mind that might involve girl trouble.

At the station, a man comes to serve a subpoena to Nora. Out of nowhere David Vickers enters Bo’s office assuming he will see his “father” and be able to seek his help in arresting somebody for him. But he just happens to barge in on Blair and Elijah going at it on the desk. David asks them what is going on while they are getting dressed. Elijah informs David that this is not his father’s office anymore. David asks what has happened. He asks what type of low down spineless creep would cause Bo to lose his job. They inform David that it was Dorian.

After Langston informs Markko that Dorian appointed Lowell to be the new mayor, she admits to him that she doesn’t even know why Dorian does anything anymore. She is secretive and avoiding contacting her when she and the others are at Todd’s home. And she is not looking forward to speaking to Todd again.

Nora looks at her subpoena.

When Kim arrives at Clint’s home, he introduces his new executive assistant to Renee and Nigel. And he gets a call from his attorney. Renee glares at Kim and can see that she is trouble.

Bo asks Matthew which girl is on his mind. Is it Destiny or Dani? Matthew tells his dad that there’s no girl in his life and so he can’t have what is called girl trouble. But he admits that he can see that his dad knows many things since he is a cop and realizes his son is not telling him what is really on his mind. Bo tells Matthew he knows that Dani had to leave town and Matthew must miss her. Matthew then confesses to his father that he kissed Dani. It was his first kiss.

Dani asks her father how he got there. He admits that it hasn’t been easy. But what matters is he’s been given a second chance. He is going to find a place for them to live together. They can surf all day and live on the beach. He asks her how that sounds. She smiles.

Starr tells her father that she will always be his daughter no matter where she lives. And loving Cole does not make her love him any less. Cole then clarifies that they have a baby together and he will always be in Starr’s life.

Right then, when Dani and her father are together, Téa appears and is shocked to see Ross.

At Clint’s home, Renee and Nigel are clearly suspicious of Kim and express that they believe she is a gold digger. She tells them that Clint has hired her and invited her to live in his home. He likes her and there is nothing they can do about it. She tells them they better watch out or she can send Renee to a nursing home and get Nigel fired from his job. Right then, Clint appears and asks her if everything is ok. She replies perfect. Kim then asks Nigel if he would be sweet and take her things to her room. Alone with Clint, she asks him how things are. Clint tells her, with grim satisfaction, that now might the perfect time for steam to come out of Nora’s ears.

Right then, at the police station, we see Nora opening up a letter and looking upset.

After Blair and Elijah inform David Vickers that Dorian is now the mayor, has fired Bo and replaced him with Lowell as the new police commissioner, David asks if she is still with Amelia. Blair clarifies no. Amelia left Dorian. He then tells them that he has to talk to Dorian about getting “his pa’s” job back. After he’s gone, Blair and Elijah are happily together. She tells him that she may be temporarily staying at Todd’s home. But she is not about to sleep with him. She’s done with Todd. She departs and asks Elijah to call her later. When he goes out the door, Nora asks him to look at what she just got sent to her. He looks at it and remarks that she needs a lawyer.

Matthew and Bo discuss the complicated nature of relationships regarding when men and women are friends and when they are more. Matthew asks Bo if he’s had that going on with Nora and he shares that it appeared that he and Dani had mutual interest in each other. He feels bad that he may have hurt or disappointed Destiny by telling her he just wanted to be friends. And now Destiny is avoiding him and Dani has moved to Tahiti and he may never see her again. He can see that everything changed when he and Dani kissed. He tells his dad that the bad thing is that Dani hates Starr’s dad so much that she left Llanview and may never come back again.

When Téa sees Ross, she steps in front of her daughter and tells him if he hurts her daughter or thinks he can take her away from her mother, she will hunt him down to the ends of the earth. She tells him if he wants Dani, he will have to kill her (Téa) first.

At Todd’s, Starr tells him that she bets that the only reason he wants to hang on to her is because he misses Téa. But he tells his daughter this has nothing to do with Téa. She is still a kid, not even 18 and still in high school. But Starr and Cole remind him again that they are parents of a baby Todd again tells her that she is just not ready. She reminds him that he said he would give her anything for her 18th birthday party. What she wants is the right to make her own decisions. So, she tells Todd, if he doesn’t want to lose his only daughter, he needs to respect her decisions.

Dani tells Ross that she doesn’t want to go away with him and never see her mom again. She wants them both in her life. They have a second chance now. They are home. They can start over again. They can be a family again and be happy. She looks at both of her parents and they seem to know that it won’t work that way.

Markko assesses to Langston that Dorian screwed up big time. But she’s done crazy things before. And she’s never been this mad. She asks if he thinks she is overreacting. He tells her no. Lowell called a hit on his best friend. But Dorian has been there for her. He was similarly mad at his dad but never stopped thinking of him as his father. She then tells him that maybe she’s being a bit of a drama queen. But she’s not going to forgive Dorian. No matter how uncomfortable she is staying at Starr’s dad’s home and how little sleep she is getting, she is not about to return to Dorian’s. He then tells her that he has a bit of an issue about her staying at Todd Manning’s home. She asks him where he suggests she lives. He then tells her that maybe the can live together.

Nora enters Clint’s home and demands to know what Kim is doing there. Kim replies that she lives there. Elijah accompanies Nora and demands to know how Clint could be suing her for tons of money. Clint explains that he paid through the ceiling for a surgeon to help Mathew to walk again. He paid for both of them to use the international company jet. He is calculating the fuel and maintenance costs he incurred while she was sleeping with his brother. And he is also assessing the loss in B.E. stock that occurred during this scandal. He tells Nora and Elijah that once they see this all itemized on paper, they will see that $42 billion is a very fair price. He tells them if she can’t come up with all of it right now, he is willing to take a payment plan. She then gives him her engagement ring and tells him he may consider this his first installment. He tells her it’s a small drop in the bucket. Elijah then warns Clint that he is in for a lot of trouble if he persists with this lawsuit.

After Dani tells both Téa and Ross that she wants the three of them to be a family, Téa holds her daughter and tells her she is sorry but they cannot be a family again. Too many things have happened. But Dani tells her they can get past that. But Téa reminds Dani that Ross kidnapped her. Dani protests it was because she wouldn’t let him see his daughter. She reminds Dani that he wanted her to jump off a bridge and could have gotten her killed. But, Dani reminds her mom, he did that because of her. Téa took her away from her dad. He was desperate. Téa admits that she made some serious mistakes. Dani tells her that they can make things right. But Téa reminds her that they have not been happy for a long time. It’s too late to try. But at that point, Ross informs his daughter that he knows that her mother is in love with somebody else.

Matthew asks Bo if he feels the same way he is now feeling when Nora married uncle Clint. Bo replies yes. Matthew then tells his dad he’s sorry. If he had known, he might have never given them such a hard time. But Bo reminds his son that he (Matthew) had his own set of problems when that happened. Matthew tells Bo at least his mom didn’t leave. She and Bo had another chance. Bo then tells his son that he must know that if what he and Dani have is real, then they too can have another chance.

Téa tells Dani that she cannot blame Todd for killing Ross. Dani then admits to her father that she thought that Todd had killed him and wanted Todd to pay. So she stole a gun and planned to kill Todd.

Elijah reminds Clint that Asa’s house is Nora’s property. In Asa’s will, he awarded it to her and she has the legal right to sell it. But Clint tells them that she gave it to him when she slept with his brother. But Elijah reminds them that nothing was signed. The property remains in her name. And since Clint leaves them no other recourse, he has to ask everybody who is living there against Nora’s wishes to leave. Hearing that, Kim asks if she can have a word alone with her boss.

Bo and Matthew are talking and having a meal at the hotel. Right then, David enters and is amazed to see that his younger brother is “vertical”. He tells Bo that he wanted to give Dorian a piece of his mind for what she did to his father. But she wasn’t there. Bo then tells David that he doesn’t expect him to go and badger Dorian. David tells Bo he wants him to arrest somebody by the name of Robert Ford.

Langston tells Markko that she knows that if his dad ever found out that they were living in sin, he would never accept that. They are ready to have sex. But Markko admits that he kind of overdid it at the gym. She tells him she knows that. She ran into Ford and he told her about that.

Kim talks to Clint alone about how she can see that he loves this place. There are many other ways to get back at Nora besides losing his father’s house. Nora tells Elijah that Clint has gone too far having this tramp there. Clint then tells them that he will make a deal. He will keep the house in exchange for dropping the lawsuit. But this must be in writing. Nora asks Clint just what he is going with this low life bimbo. She is concerned that Kim might make a fool out of him. Hearing that, Clint tells her that that is her (Nora's) field of expertise. And Nora is hardly in any position to judge anybody. So he demands that she and Elijah get out of his house.

Blair walks in to overhear Starr debating with Todd over whether he will let her move in with Cole. He tells her that he and her mom discussed the situation. And as much as they don’t like it, they will have to let their daughter go. But, Todd and Blair remind Starr and Cole that they will have to pay their own way and learn the responsibility of adults. Starr and Cole go off. Todd and Blair are in awe of their daughter going off on her own.

David tells Bo that he wants him to arrest Robert Ford. Robert Ford stole David’s name, stole his reality show and recast David. And now Ford has it on the internet and is making a ton of money from David’s show. Bo tells David that what he needs is not a cop but a lawyer. Right then, Nora enters. David greets her as soon to be mommy dearest. He then tells her that as a lawyer maybe she can help him with his legal matter.

Markko asks Langston if she knows that Ford ripped his movie to shreds. She asks what he just said. She asks how he could do that. Markko’s film was amazing. He asks her if she knows how much he loves her. She tells him she used to until he enjoyed his filming more than being with her. He then tells her that they can have time alone together and have the whole place to themselves. He asks her where they want to start.

David tells Nora that Robert Ford stole his identify and he demands justice. Hearing that, Nora asks David not to talk to her about justice. Bo then asks her what just happened. She replies that Clint was ready to slap her with a multi million dollar lawsuit and has his gold digging girlfriend living with him and plotting his schemes with him. And she bets that Kim is going to go through Asa’s money so fast, they won’t have anything. Hearing that, David asks just whom this bimbo is. Nora replies that her name is Kimberly Andrews. Hearing that name, David appears like he might know her. He leaves and tells them they must encourage his little bro to jump back on the saddle and find the girl for him.

Ross tells Dani that all he wants is her. She asks him to stop and tells him he is scaring her.

At Todd’s, Starr and Cole pack up baby Hope and get ready to go. Starr tells her parents she will probably see them tomorrow. She tells them she is happy. She really is. She tells her dad that it won’t be that bad. She will always be his one and only daughter. She then encourages Cole to go and they leave with their baby daughter.

Ross tells Dani he needs her to do him a favor. He needs her to stop hating Todd. She asks why she should stop hating the guy who shot him. He replies because he’s asking her to. She asks why he does not believe that she can love him just because she won’t run away with him. He holds her and tells her that he has something to confess to her. And he admits to her that he is not her father.

Clint tells Kim that he appreciates her help. She asks if she can play some of her music when she’s alone in the house. He tells her she may do whatever she likes. He leaves. She plays the music she used to pole dance to. Right then, David Vickers enters. Seeing him, she demands to know how he got in there. He tells her he knows who she is. She’s Kimberly Andrews and he is onto her.

Nora tells Bo that Clint has thrown her and Matthew out and lets his gold-digger girlfriend live there. They are stuck in a hotel room. He tells her that he wants to be with her. She tells him she wants to be with him too. He tells her he wants to do it the right way. HE wants the three of them to make a home together. He tells her that he would like to find a nice place to live. She smiles and he kisses her.

Blair meets with Elijah. She informs him that her daughter is moving in with her boyfriend. But there is no point in talking about that now.

When Markko and Langston believe they have privacy in the apartment, Cole and Starr enter to surprise them. Markko and Langston put on their clothes, inform Starr and Cole that they are celebrating. Langston is moving in. Starr and Cole tell them that they have good news too. Starr and Hope are moving in too.

Alone in the house, Todd stares at a picture of Starr. And he compares it to the picture he has of Dani.

After Ross tells Dani that he is not her father, she demands to know how he could stay that. Téa tells her she needs to listen to him. He then confesses to Dani that he is not her father. Todd Manning is.

Right then, when Todd is alone, “somebody” enters. He turns and demands to know what the hell they are doing there.

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