OLTL Update Monday 1/11/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 1/11/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Kim returns from what appears to be a vacation with Clint. He tells her that he scheduled this trip primarily to get away from Bo and Nora. As it turned out, he ended up having fun. He tells her that she may take the rest of the day off. She walks inside elated and confident that her scheme will work. Inside, Stacy informs Kim that when she was gone, Mitch Laurence tried to kill her.

Viki talks to Bo and to Charlie about this new plan involving Dorian firing Bo and appointing Lowell to take his place. What’s more, Lowell has released Mitch Laurence from prison and acquitted him of all charges. They know that Lowell will want to get John fired and/or arrested for a crime he did not commit. Natalie appears and informs them that she needs to talk to Charlie about the situation.

At the station, Lowell is ready to arrest John, make Nora very uncomfortable to be there, and remove Bo’s name from the door to his new office. Meanwhile, Jessica appears and informs Lowell that she would like to confess. She gives him a bloody letter opener with her finger prints and informs him that she stabbed Mitch Laurence. Nora stands beside her and smiles at Lowell.

Dorian is preparing breakfast in her home and has a “secret potion” that she puts in the eggs. She goes into the living room where Mitch is making himself at home. He notices the newspaper headlines that says that he has been acquitted of all charges and Stanley Lowell is the new police commissioner. Dorian tells Mitch she has a hearty “breakfast” for him (with the poison she’s put in it). He can eat it and leave. The sooner he’s out, the sooner she can call the fumigator.

At Todd’s home, Starr tells her father that it’s plain to see that his mind is elsewhere. Blair tells Todd he need not look at her. She did not tell their daughter anything. Starr tells her father that her mother did not have to tell her anything. It’s obvious that he wants Téa back.

At the house in Tahiti, Téa tries to get Dani to be in better spirits. But Dani is depressed remembering that her father was always there ready to walk through the door yet won’t anymore. It appears “somebody” is outside the door unseen.

Mitch picks up the knife and fork and then stirs his coffee. He asks Dorian what the occasion is. She tells him the sooner he eats his breakfast and gets out, the happier she will be. Mitch then tells Dorian that it’s kind of odd that she would be such a gracious hostess. He asks her if she might have poisoned the eggs she wants him to eat. She smiles and laughs and denies that. He tells her if anything would ever happen to ruin their plan, he knows where all of the Cramer girls are staying. It’s at Todd’s home. Right? At that point, she acknowledges that he must not be hungry and removes the breakfast tray. Mitch pours the coffee in the flower pot.

Blair, Starr and Todd look at the article about Stanley Lowell becoming the new police commissioner. Starr leaves her parents alone. Blair reminds her ex husband that his place is the Téa Delgado and Marty Saybrooke honeymoon suite. She has places to go. She tells him that she knows the best way for him to get over Téa is to find somebody else.

Téa tells Dani that maybe they need not say goodbye to Ross. Maybe they can merely pay their respects. It might make her feel better. They go out the door together. Ross appears unseen.

Clint goes to Viki’s home and demands to know how Dorian could have fired Bo, how Mitch Laurence got out of prison and Stanley Lowell is the new commissioner. Bo reminds his brother that he asked Dorian to fire him. Clint argues that he did no such thing and had no clue about Mitch Laurence or Stanley Lowell. Natalie demands to know how this could happen. Bo assures his niece not to worry. Clint then tells his brother he better not tell his (Clint's) daughter what to think. Natalie tells her father and uncle that she stabbed Mitch Laurence. She was afraid that he would get away with Jared’s death and everything that he has done. She took the letter opener and went to the station to see him getting freed and she stabbed him. John has been covering for her. Clint tries to console his daughter. Bo tells Natalie that she must let Nora handle this.

After Jessica confesses to Lowell for stabbing Mitch and Nora tells him that now he’s gotten his confession, he tells her they cannot possibly take Jessica seriously. She’s a mental patient. As soon as Jessica departs, Marty enters. Lowell tells her that he is busy. She tells him she must confess to stabbing Mitch Laurence. She stabbed him. Lowell tells her to get out of his office. She leaves a bloody knife with her fingerprints on Lowell’s desk and departs. Cole enters a similar letter opener. Nora then concludes that several suspects have come forward with the evidence. She asks the new commissioner how he’d like her to proceed with this investigation. In the other room, John asks the three suspects what they are all doing there. Marty replies that they have all confessed to stabbing Mitch. He tells them that he knows that none of them have done it. Marty reminds him, neither did he. Elijah enters and tells Lowell that he is representing John, and Lowell cannot prosecute his client without evidence. Nora reminds Lowell that it might not be in his best interest to arrest John. Lowell then instructs the cops to uncuff John. He then informs John that he is fired.

After Natalie confesses to stabbing Mitch, Clint assures his daughter that he will hire the best lawyer to make certain she does not spend a day in jail.  Viki tells Clint that maybe Bo should talk to Natalie since he knows the law better than any of them. Charlie then goes out the door. Viki follows her husband and asks him where he is going. He assures her that he is not going to drink. He just needs to get out for a while. In the meantime, he tells Viki she needs to be with Natalie who needs her.

Stacy informs Kim that when she was alone in the apartment, this nut job nurse comes out of nowhere and attempts to inject her with a needle, but Stacy managed to knock the nurse out. Then, Mitch appeared hoping to drag her away but it didn’t work. As soon as the nurse woke up, Rex came to the rescue. Kim concludes that she guesses that Mitch Laurence might be good for something.

Mitch sits on Dorian’s couch, reading the paper and making himself at home. She tells him that she’s done what he wants by firing Bo and replacing him with Lowell. Now he needs to stop threatening her girls. Mitch reminds her with a smirk, that their work together has just begun.

While with Todd, Blair is having a fantasy of a steamy scene with Elijah. Todd tells her that he knows that Téa is probably not going to come back to him since Dani will never forgive him for killing Ross. As long as Dani continues to hate him for that, Téa will probably never tell Dani that he is her father.

When Dani and Téa are out of the Tahiti house, Ross enters to find a wallet, puts cash and credit cards in his pocket and takes out some pictures of his daughter.

Stacy informs Kim that Gigi and Schuyler are hooking up. Gigi is not coming back to Rex. Plus, not only is Rex not returning to the carriage house to wait for Gigi, he’s going to be moving into the place with her (Stacy) in order to “protect” her and the baby from Mitch. Hearing that, Kim laughs and gives her a high five and they both conclude that they should be running a major corporation together.

Mitch tells Dorian that he needs some financial assistance from her. She tells him that she cannot be writing him checks. The watchdogs will be all over her. He then tells her that maybe she can just give him some cash then. The doorbell rings. Dorian asks Mitch to stay out of sight for both of their sakes. She then closes the door and goes out to the foyer to see Charlie at her front door. He demands to know how she can live with herself.

At the station, Lowell tells John he wants his badge. Elijah then tells the new commissioner that what he understands is that he dropped the charges against John because there was no evidence. Brody then tells Lowell if John is out of the force then so is he. John then urges Brody not to throw his career away because of this. Nora then reminds Lowell that he will have to answer to the press about all the things he intends to do. Elijah tells Jon that he can get the charges dropped and can go after Lowell for wrongful termination. John shakes Elijah’s hand and thanks him. The others go off. John thanks Marty for helping him and tells her he realizes she wasn’t exactly happy about his covering for Natalie. She tells him that she knows that he won’t be happy being a bartender even though he tells her not to worry. He has some things up his sleeve.  At that moment, Elijah gets a call from Blair.

Téa and Dani return to the Tahiti house after swimming on the beach, and Dani is still depressed without her father. Téa tells her daughter she needs to go upstairs. When Dani is alone in the house, she notices that something appears to be out of place with the photo of her father. It appears that he put something of his on it. She remembers when Ross got shot and fell into the water telling his daughter he loves her.

Mitch gets a call from Lowell and tells him he assumes that he is calling him with news about John McBain’s arraignment. Lowell cannot respond to that.

Dorian attempts to explain to Charlie why she did what she had to do. He demands to know how she could appoint a crook like Lowell to be police commissioner. Lowell obviously got Mitch Laurence acquitted. Mitch Laurence killed his son. What if it had been her kid? She then tells Charlie she understands. He furiously tells her no. She does not. She admits that if her child was killed the way Jared was, she would be devastated. She tells Charlie she did not want Mitch Laurence let out of jail. He then asks her why she doesn’t just fire Lowell.

On the phone with Mitch, Lowell tells him that he tried and failed to press charges against John and get him fired. Mitch then smugly reminds Lowell that he raised him up and Lowell is dragging him down. Lowell protests that he did not have a choice. Mitch calmly tells Lowell that we always have a choice. He must remember that the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. He hangs up.

On the phone, Blair asks Elijah if he has time for a break. He tells her perhaps he could squeeze her in.

John and Nora go to Viki’s home to inform Natalie, Viki, Jessica, Clint and Bo that John’s lawyer prevented Lowell from firing him and pressing charges against him. They are all grateful. Clint then goes out the door. Nora tells him that she hopes that they can at least be friendly. He tells her after what she did to him that is not possible. She will be hearing form his lawyers. Alone with John, Natalie asks him how he could have covered for her. He tells her she knows why. She cries and puts her arms around him.

At Todd’s, Cole comes to visit Starr. She kisses him and asks him to please tell her that Lowell is fired and Mitch Laurence is locked up. He tells her that Lowell wanted John fired but it didn’t happen. Todd enters and smirks. Cole then asks Todd why he thinks that is funny. Todd tells Cole he agrees that Lowell is corrupt and hopes he fries for what he does, but he hasn’t changed his opinion of John McBain. Cole then reminds Todd how he was responsible for Lowell almost managing to get him (Cole) killed.

In Tahiti, Téa tells Dani she needs to go take a shower. Alone, Dani observes the photo of her father. It appears that she knows that her father is around somewhere since he left something of his for her.

Kim tells Stacy she wants her to have it all. Stacy tells her that they will be in that big mansion on the hill before they know it. Kim notices Clint outside the door. He tells her he knows that he previously gave her the day off. He would like her to take some notes since he has decided to jump start his divorce. He will take her to dinner for the help he’s asking of her. She then tells him that she would like to join him but needs to look for a place to stay. He then offers her a place that he can arrange for her to live in.

Blair comes down to the station to be with Elijah.

Dorian tells Charlie she cannot fire Lowell. He demands to know why not. Mitch Laurence killed his son and caused him to start drinking again. She then asks if he is now drinking. He tells her not now. Not today. After a few go rounds with that son of a bitch, he slipped once. He was very tempted to kill Mitch with his bare hands. Now he knows that it was a waste of time to try to get through to her. Dorian then turns to Charlie and sounds sincere in telling him that she is truly sorry. He leaves. Mitch then asks her what Charlie Banks wanted. She replies that he just came by to tell her what a despicable person she is. Hearing that, Mitch tells her he knows all about how Charlie has good reason to hate her. She poured liquor down his throat when he was unconscious and tried to kill him. he nearly ruined his relationship with Viki. She admits to Mitch that he’s correct that she did do all of that.

After Clint leaves and tells Nora that his lawyer will be in touch, Bo tells her that it will just take some time and they have to wait. He tells her he hopes that this whole situation gets better. In the other room, Viki tells Natalie she’s so sorry that she had to keep all of this to herself. She hugs her daughter.

In Todd’s home, Cole admits how uncomfortable he is to have to see him whenever he wants to see his girlfriend and baby. Todd then tells him he better get used to it. They live with him now. Cole reminds him maybe not for long. Starr is almost 18. He asks her if she wants to move in with him when the time comes. She smiles and looks at her boyfriend in awe.

Clint tells Kim that he has a very big house and can certainly put her up in one of his spare rooms. In response to that, she tells him she really appreciates his offer, but he’s right in the middle of a divorce. How would that look? He tells her he really doesn’t care. She needs a place to stay, and he has a big empty house. He tells her that she is doing him a favor. In the last few weeks, he’s had a lot of work piling up, and when she lives in the same place as him, she can help him plough through it. She asks if he is really sure of this. He tells her he is sure. She then agrees to move in and hugs him. Stacy observes and smiles. Kim winks back at her.

John, Bo and Nora leave Viki’s house. Alone with Natalie and Jessica, Viki tells her daughters that she knows all too well how difficult it is for both of them to let go of what Mitch has done, but they both need to get on with their lives. She’s asking them to do that for her. She reminds them that they have each other. They love each other. They need each other. Above all else, Bree needs them. So she must ask them both for “no heroics.” Jessica then agrees. Natalie reminds her mom and sister that Mitch has to pay for what he did.

Outside, Bo and John tell Brody that they need his help in getting Mitch put away. He has resources that they don’t have.

Dorian finds Mitch the cash he wants and asks him to please go. Mitch then tells her a word to the wise. If he detects a means to an end for himself and he can trace it to her, he would not want to imagine what could happen to her charming Cramer girls. He goes out the door and she appears scared. Alone, she pulls out the poison she put in the food he knew not to eat.

Meanwhile, Blair and Elijah are going at it in Lowell’s empty new office.

Téa tells Dani that she will go and get some groceries if Dani waits for her. Dani may call her if she needs anything. As soon as Dani is alone, she again goes looking for her father knowing that he is not far away. He appears and tells her he is there for her. 

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