OLTL Update Friday 1/8/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 1/8/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Todd opens his door to see Starr, baby Hope, the boys, Addie, Blair and Langston. They inform him that Dorian has appointed Stanley Lowell as the new police commissioner. She has gone too far. They hope that Todd will not expect them all to live at Dorian’s after this.

Alone in her home, Dorian cries and hears the voice of deceased Mel. She turns to see him, and he tells her she’s gotten herself into a fine mess and he is the only friend she has.

Schuyler and Rachel are in the office while he is looking for another place to live. He informs her that Gigi was making up her mind about whether she chose him or Rex and she picked him and not Rex.

Gigi meets with Rex at Buenos Dias regarding Shane. She tells him that she wants their son to know that he is always loved no matter what. Hearing that, Rex informs her that he has been talking to a lawyer about getting full custody of his son.

Mitch Laurence enters the apartment after Stacy has managed to knock the nurse out. He tells her that she should have let Nurse Charles help her. She tells him that Nurse Charles is a lunatic. He tells her that she is the vessel. She is carrying his future. He needs her to let him help her. She tells him there is no way she’s going to any god forsaken compound. Hearing that, Mitch tells her whether she follows him or whether she is taken is entirely up to her.

Téa and Dani arrive in Tahiti. They notice that the place has been abandoned for a long time. Dani tells her mom that all the while she was stuck at the boarding school she used to dream about being back at this place. She envisioned the shells, the sand and all that she loved about her father. She cries and tells Téa she cannot believe that she will never see her dad again. Téa then has a memory of being with Todd. She holds her daughter in her arms. Dani thanks her mom for bringing her home.

Blair tells Todd that they need to stay with him because Dorian has gone too far.

Mel’s ghost tells Dorian that he is there to talk some sense into her. He’s been there before whenever she’s been at a crossroad. She asks if he is there because she fired Bo Buchanan. She then takes out a photo of the Cramer women and tells Mel that she had no choice. Mitch is a psycho. He threatened to kill her family if she did not do what he wanted. Mel then reminds her that none of her girls are aware of Mitch’s’ threats. She then urges Mel to tell her what she needs to do. She tells him that she is tired of always having to be the strong one and having to make all the decisions. She wishes that somebody could help her with that. He then reminds her that she will have to be the strong one because her fight with Mitch has just begun.

At Buenos Dias, after Rex has informed Gigi that he’s hired a lawyer to fight her for custody of Shane, she protests that only she can raise her son. Shane came all the way to the  to go see her because he loves her. Rex reminds her that she was shacking up with her new boyfriend and Shane had to see that. She asks him if he is merely doing this spiteful act because it was Stacy’s idea.

Mitch tells Stacy that she must know that they have a new police commissioner who won’t let him get in trouble, and Nurse Charles is going to help him. Stacy gets on the phone to call the cops. He reminds her that Commissioner Lowell dropped the charges because he “owes” Mitch for getting him out of prison. Mitch tells Stacy that she is “his” until his grandchild is born. After that, he will have no more use for her.

Rachel calls Téa on the phone and asks where she is. Téa informs her that she and Dani are in Tahiti. Dani wanted to come to the old place and say goodbye to Ross. They don’t plan on coming back. She has to put Dani first. Rachel tells Téa that she agrees, but what about Todd? Téa replies that as far as Dani is concerned, Todd killed her father. Rachel asks her how Todd is taking that. Téa replies that Todd is okay. Rachel asks Téa if they are talking about the same Todd. Téa tells Rachel that she is certain that Todd will be okay. Blair will see to that.

Alone with Todd in his place, Blair can see that he has Téa and Dani on his mind. She tells him that his daughter just needs a little more time. Todd tells his ex wife that Dani hates him and he can’t do anything about it when she’s in Tahiti. Starr and Langston enter and Todd appears to not want them in his home. Blair tells her daughter that maybe she needs to be a little easy on her father. He is upset about losing Téa. She does not tell her daughter the rest. Blair dismisses them and tells Todd she is really sorry about Téa. He is depressed and tells her so is he.

On the phone, Téa declares to Rachel that she is so surprised that Todd has managed to forgive her for what she did and wants what is best for Dani. She cannot believe it. She knows that it’s just a matter of time before Todd will come after her. He’s never been a patient man. Rachel asks Téa if she ever plans on coming home. Téa tells her she hopes so. She would like to tell Daniela the truth about her real father. Rachel hangs up and Schuyler asks her who that was. She replies a mother trying to make the best choice for her kid.

Rex tells Gigi that Stacy is aware that Gigi dumped him for a drug addict from Vegas. He asks her if Shane is okay with what she has done. She asks him if he plans to put Shane on the witness stand and ask him to choose. Does he know how that could damage their son? He tells her that he does not plan to do that. He has been pushed too far having their son and himself seeing her sleeping with Schuyler. She tells him that he must now know how she feels to see him in bed with her sister.

Stacy cries and tells Mitch that he won't take her anywhere. He insists that this child is his. At that point, Stacy admits for the first time that her baby is not his grandchild.

Rex asks if this is why this has happened. Has she slept with Schuyler in order to get back at him for getting Stacy pregnant. She tells him that they both must put Shane’s interests first. She tells Rex that she has moved out of the cabin. He asks her if she plans to move in with Schuyler.

Meanwhile, Rachel asks Schuyler if he plans to move in with Gigi when she notices he is looking at two bedroom places.

Rex tells Gigi that she can stay at the carriage house with Shane, but there is one condition.

Todd tells Blair that Téa left and went back to Tahiti with Dani. She tells him that she will come back to him. He forgave Téa. Blair encourages Todd to know that Téa loves him. He knows that Blair is the only person he can confide in with that. He is afraid that Téa will not be back as she has promised.

Dani tells her mom that her father knew how to cliff dive and that river was not as difficult to swim through as where they have gone before. She tells her mom that her dad would have survived if “that bastard” had not shot him.

Blair encourages Todd to believe that Dani will forgive him in time. He tells her he’s afraid she will not. Blair tells Todd if Téa really loves him, she won’t let her child hate him for the rest of her life. Todd must know how his other kids have forgiven him.

Téa tells Dani that even if Ross was an experienced cliff diver, she’s afraid that if he’d forced Dani over the side, she could have been killed. Dani tells her mom that she wishes things could have been the same as they were with just the three of them when they were so happy.

Dorian tells Mel’s ghost that she wants to be just as strong as Mitch --stronger. She needs to protect her girls. She does not know what she is supposed to do. Mel tells her that if she is no longer the mayor, Mitch will leave her alone.

Mitch asks Stacy if the baby she is carrying is not his grandchild. She protests that she miscarried Rex’s child and it’s true. He does not believe that. The nurse gets up and seems to know something.

Gigi asks Rex just what his “terms” are for her living with Shane at the carriage house. He replies that he does not want Schuyler around his son. She tells him that’s kind of difficult if she is going to have a relationship with him. He tells her what she does outside of the house is her business. Schuyler can’t be sleeping with her in her bed when their son is there. Gigi then agrees that she won’t have Schuyler over to the house until Shane is comfortable.

At the office, Schuyler admits to Rachel that he wants a two bedroom in case Gigi and Shane stay with him. She asks just how he can afford that when he’s so broke with the “hopes” that they will move in with him. He then tells Rachel that he has a plan for her. She (Rachel) can live with him.

Rex and Gigi part company at Buenos Dias.

Todd asks Blair why she is being so nice to him. She tells him she is always nice even though some times he does not deserve it. He asks her if she is staying the night. She tells him the kids will, but she might have other plans. She reminds him she is a big girl and can take care of herself.

Noticing that Dani is depressed over the loss of her father, Téa tells her daughter it’s late and she needs to get some sleep. She informs her that she is going to get some things out of the car and will be right back. Alone, Dani holds a picture of Ross in her arms and tells her daddy she loves him so much.

Todd asks Blair if she is seeing somebody. When Jack takes him out of the room, Blair is alone and pulls out Elijah’s business card.

Dorian tells Mel’s ghost that she is afraid that Mitch can come after her girls and kill them. It’s too late. Mitch already owns her and he knows it. He’s already won. Mel reminds her that there’s never been a person on the planet who has own Dorian Lord, so Dorian needs to think. Dorian concludes that maybe she could kill Mitch.

Rex enters his old apartment and sees Stacy struggling with Mitch. He demands to know what is going on. He is ready to call the police and let them know that Mitch Laurence escaped, but Mitch smirks.

Gigi goes to see Schuyler when he is talking to Rachel. Rachel tells them she will let them talk alone. Gigi informs Schuyler that Rex agreed to let her stay in the carriage house with Shane and won’t fight her for custody, but there are terms. Schuyler cannot visit her there.

After Rex is ready to call the cops on Mitch, Mitch informs him that Bo Buchanan is no longer the police commissioner. Former Mayor Lowell has been sworn in. If Rex does not believe him, he may call and find out.

Dorian asks Mel’s ghost what she is supposed to do, given her dire situation. He tells her that she can dance with him. She asks if that will be the answer. He tells her that she will be surprised. Dorian cries and seems to appear to have the answer.

At Todd’s, everybody gathers over a pizza. Jack talks about how the pizza delivery man did not provide the customer service they’ve come to expect in previous years. They all laugh. Todd tells the kids that he’d like to include their mom in a game if she does not have any plans. Blair asks just what type of game he means. She joins them in a card game. Todd goes to the other room alone, secretly revealing that he is incomplete without Téa.

In Tahiti, Téa is alone feeling the same feelings of missing Todd.

Rex calls and finds out that Mitch is correct. Bo is out and Lowell is in. Mitch tells Rex that he has been cleared of all charges. Stacy tells Rex that Mitch had this psycho come in there and attempt to stab and kill her and they intended to kidnap her baby. Mitch smirks and tells Rex that Ms. Morasco is getting overly dramatic. Rex tells Mitch if he goes near Rex’s family, he will kill him. Mitch reminds Rex that he won’t do that. He is Rex’s father. At that point, Rex appears stunned. Mitch walks out the door with the nurse.

After Gigi tells Schuyler that Rex tells her that his conditions are that she cannot have him over, he then tells her that he and Rachel were considering sharing a two bedroom. They are friends and work together and both need a new place to live.

Stacy tells Rex that that crazy nurse just barged in there with the big old needle. She and Mitch want to take her to their “compound” and raise the baby. She fought the nurse off. Then Mitch came in and tried to drag her off. The guy is crazy. Mitch talked about how the baby has his blood. Rex assures Stacy that Mitch is not going to take her baby. Stacy reminds Rex that he saw Mitch. She is afraid and all alone. At that point, Rex concludes to Stacy that she is not alone. He is moving back in.

Blair notices Elijah’s business card while Todd is alone lost in thoughts about Téa.

Téa tries to comfort Dani and asks her daughter if she wants some cocoa or hot milk with honey. She knows that Dani is not a kid anymore but remembers the past.

Mel’s ghost tells Dorian that he has to go. She tells him that he cannot go. He must tell her what to do and how to protect her girls. But he tells her she has to protect herself. She asks what he means. He tells her she must protect her soul. He leaves. She tells him he cannot leave her alone. This house is so empty. He faces her and tells her that she will never be alone. He will always be in her heart. Dorian concludes that she will not be alone. She is going to figure out something. At that moment, Mitch enters and tells her he is “home.” 

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