OLTL Update Thursday 1/7/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 1/7/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Dorian rushes home attempts to talk to Starr about a decision she has just make. But Starr has to go and take care of her crying baby. Dorian tells her she needs to find Blair. Where is she?

Right then, Blair is with Elijah.

Stacy calls Rex to remind him that she has an Ob-Gyn appointment and asks if he plans to accompany her. She acts gracious and tells him that she can pick up some stuff for Shane or help Gigi in her new place or do whatever she can do to “help”. But Rex tells her that Gigi isn’t coming home. She has decided she wants to be with Schuyler.

Viki and Charlie go to meet Gigi at Buenos Dias. Charlie sits alone observing another customer drinking a beer and becomes haunted. Alone with Viki, Gigi tells her how grateful she is to have this great place to stay.

After Stacy finds out that Gigi has dropped Rex, she acts disappointed but is elated. Right then, she gets a knock at the door and goes to answer it. It appears to be the same mysterious strange woman who attempted to “help” Stacy get the goods from Roxy when she stole the bag of blood that would save Shane…. Stacy tells her she is carrying Rex’s child. The woman tells Stacy’ the boss will be thrilled”. Noticing her, Stacy remembers that she is the same nurse who gave her the stem cells to have leverage with Rex. And that is how she found Stacy again. Stacy concludes that this woman is working with Mitch Laurence. The woman confirms that she is and tells her that it’s time she pays Mitch back.

When Elijah is in his hotel room with Blair, Rex comes to see him and asks why he has not returned any of his calls. Blair goes out the door. Rex tells Elijah that he needs some legal help. Bo Buchanan has recommended him and told Rex that Elijah is a take no prisoners lawyer. And Rex has contacted Elijah because he wants soul custody of his son.

Schuyler enters the Buenos Dias. Gigi introduces him to Viki. They are happily together. Charlie stairs at the man at the table drinking a beer. The man then gets up and leaves it unattended. Charlie then goes over to pick it up. But Viki catches him.

Langston is sitting alone at the table. Markko’s new TA, Ford, enters. She is clearly lost in thought. Ford asks if he can sit with her. She knows she must tell him that she is waiting for her boyfriend. But he reminds her that Markko is busy at the gym pumping iron and working out. Hearing that, she tells Ford that Markko is going to kill himself trying to “compete with…” but she cannot finish her sentence. Right then, she remembers seeing Ford pouring water all over his hot shirtless body and how Markko feels he is a tough act to follow.

Natalie goes to see John and tells him that he needs to help her find a way to nail Mitch. She does not care if she is ready to go to jail for stabbing Mitch. Right then, Marty enters.

At Buenos Dias, when Viki catches Charlie ready to take the beer from the table, he tells her he was ready to throw it out. But she does not buy that. They talk about all of the good memories they have had of this place and when they met in Texas. He also tells her that it brings back memories of Jared. They used to meet at that table every Monday morning for breakfast ready to do business together. She tells him that she knows he is tired of hurting. But the only way to get past it is to get through it and not by running from it.

Ford asks Langston what she is working on when he sees her laptop. She admits that she is doing a musical type of documentary and looking for ideas. First she wanted to write about Starr and her baby. But Starr got freaked out by that. Ford tells her that maybe she is a great story. Her globe trotting parents leave her orphaned. She gets adopted by Dorian Lord. She falls in love with the boy from the other side of the tracks. But right when they are talking, she gets a page on her phone. But she appears to be too distracted to answer it. It’s a text message from Dorian urging her to come home right away.

Dorian calls Blair to come home. She has Starr and Addie in the living room and tells Blair that she needs them all there. But Blair is distracted and has to go upstairs and take a shower.

When Marty comes into John’s home and sees Natalie, she tells her that she knows that she has suffered a terrible tragedy. She needs to get some help. Natalie admits to Marty that that may be true. Natalie goes out the door. Marty tells John she can clearly see that Natalie stabbed Mitch and John is covering for her.

In Elijah’s room, Rex tells him that his son’s mother moved into a new place, a cabin in the woods. She was only there for about a week and he catches her in bed with another guy. He intended for her stay at the new place to only be temporary. Gigi intended to come home and be with their son. But this other guy is too important to her for that. Elijah then asks Rex what their relationship is. Rex admits that he and Gigi have never been legally married and have only talked about it. And Elijah asks Rex if he is suing for custody because he believes it’s best for his son? Or because he wants to get revenge upon his girlfriend?

At Buenos Dias, Gigi tells Schuyler that she cannot stay at Viki’s cabin forever. She has a lot on her mind involving where he’s going to stay. But he knows that there is more than that on her mind.

Stacy tells the mysterious nurse that she seriously doubts that Mitch Laurence has been running the world the last few months from his hospital bed while in a coma nor has anything to do with this nurse’s dastardly plan. But the nurse tells Stacy she knows that all she wants is Rex. And Stacy can have him if she gives up her child to Mitch.

Elijah assesses that Rex and Gigi were never married. Rex protests that he wanted to. She found excuses not to. And now she’s with another man. Elijah then tells Rex that he will level with him. The courts may be “more balanced” than before. But they still usually rule in favor of the mother. So they will have a difficult case to win. But Rex protests that he cannot accept that. He won’t let Schuyler Joplin raise his son.

The mysterious nurse tells Stacy that she does not have a choice in the matter. Stacy becomes afraid. And the nurse pulls out a needle ready to inject Stacy.

At Dorian’s house, Addie asks her sister what she is doing. Dorian replies that as mayor she needs to appoint a new police commissioner. Starr asks her why she is panicking. Blair asks her why on earth she would have fired Bo in the first place. Dorian again gets in a panic and tells them she has to wait until Langston gets home. Blair tells her aunt that she and Addie and Starr and Langston are really not interested in whom Dorian wants to appoint as the new police commissioner. Blair gathers her mother and her daughter and takes them out of the room.

Marty tells John she is afraid she could lose him. He could get in a lot of serious trouble. He tampered with police evidence. Bo has now gotten fired. He asks her what she wants. She tells him she wants in. She doesn’t want him shutting her out. She wants to help.

Dorian calls a press conference at her house. She introduces her family. She announces that she is ready to make a new start as far as appointing a new police commissioner. Reporters ask her how it is that she could have fired Bo and reminds her that it’s illegal to do so over a person matter. She tells them that she cannot discuss a legal investigation. She tells them she can inform them that she has chosen somebody with great experience and integrity and who can hit the ground running. A reporter asks just who she could possibly imagine could replace Bo. And right then, out of nowhere, Stanley Lowell, the previous corrupt drug lord mayor appears. Dorian seems as surprised to see him as anybody and not in a good way. He answers the question that he is the person for the job. Blair, Starr and Addie turn to look at him in horror.

At Buenos Dias, when Langston gets up and gets ready to go home to Dorian, Ford encourages her to write a documentary about her life. He tells her he’d definitely see it if it’s about her.

Noticing that Stanley Lowell is Dorian’s newly appointed police commissioner, Starr demands to know if this is some kind of a joke. Blair tells her if it is, it’s not funny. Blair reminds Dorian that Lowell’s hired thugs kidnapped her daughter and granddaughter. And a reporter asks Dorian how an indicted criminal could become a police commissioner. She has no answer but reminds the reporters that they are in her home. Lowell replies that there were no formal charges filed against him. Lowell then hands out news reports for everybody to read about how he got framed when attempting to conduct an investigation. The Llanview PD prevented him from catching the drug lords. Blair argues that she does not buy that for a minute. He mentions that the police department did a terrible thing by putting a young boy up to doing their dirty work. Starr protests that it he is referring to Cole and the mayor almost got Cole killed. Right then, Lowell goes out the door and the reporters follow and ask him many questions. Alone with Dorian, Blair, Starr and Addie face her and confront her. Blair asks her aunt if she has completely lost her mind.

Rex informs Elijah that he almost lost his son the leukemia a year ago. He fought to save his son. He missed out on the first 10 years of his life.. He is willing and able to pay Elijah whatever he owes him and make any sacrifice he can. Hearing that, Elijah tells Rex that his (Elijah's) brother had a very similar idea involving getting custody of his child. And he wound up dead. So, he warns Rex, that if he intends to go to war, he might end up losing his son, ruining his life, and nobody will win.

The mysterious nurse is going to inject Stacy with the “medicine” to knock her out. Stacy is afraid and tells her she will call the cops. But the line is dead. Stacy tells the nurse she will have to kill her first.

Meanwhile, Natalie goes to Jared’s gravesite and tells him that she failed him. She could not prevent Mitch from getting what he deserves. She cries and tells him that every day that he is gone, she dies a little more. She tells her deceased husband that nothing feels right except this. She puts her head down on the gravestone and tells Jared that she just wants to be right there. Right then, Charlie and Viki appear and notice her.

John tells Marty that he really had no choice except to cover for Natalie when she stabbed Mitch. She tells him there must be some way that he can get out of this. He tells her that he is not going to be satisfied until Mitch Laurence is buried in the ground. Right then, John gets a call about Dorian’s press conference on the television. And he asks Marty if she can guess who Dorian named as Bo’s successor.

Langston enters the house to hear Starr angrily reminding her aunt that former mayor Lowell almost got her and baby Hope killed. Blair asks how she could possibly do that. Langston enters and tells the others they must be joking. But Addie tells her it’s true. Dorian has appointed Stanley Lowell as the police commissioner. Dorian then tells Starr, Blair and Addie that Stanley Lowell is going to be running the police department and that’s all there is to it. The three of them all go off up the stairs. Alone with Dorian, Langston asks her mom how on earth she could do something like that.

Marty asks John the same question. He tells her that he bets that Mitch is behind it. Marty then gets up to go and tells John that she is going to confront Dorian. He tells her that if she goes there and tips everybody off, it will only make things harder. She tells him that she is on a mission. But before she gets out the door, Lowell and two uniform cops are at John’s door.

At Buenos Dias, Schuyler tells Gigi that he wants to make more money in order to help her and Shane. He can get more hours at Rodi’s,. She asks how he plans to do that in addition to paying for med school. He tells her that he still has some money from his mom’s estate. She tells him that she is used to being broke. She just has to watch her pennies. And she can handle her finances.

Elijah tells Rex that many lawyers might take his case. But they will only end up taking his money. He will lose. And it will destroy his family. He asks Rex to think about that.

Stacy gets in a struggle with the nurse and it looks like one of them might be seriously injured.

Dorian tells Langston she cannot fire Stanley Lowell. Langston asks her why not. She’s the mayor and could choose anybody she wants. Dorian then urges her daughter to know that it’s not that simple and hopefully some day she will understand. She asks Langston if she knows that Dorian loves her. Langston asks her what that has to do with this. Dorian tells her it has everything to do with this. She has to keep her safe. Right then, Blair calls to Langston and tells her that she can ride with her and Starr. Addie tells them that she will take the boys with her. They all have their winter coats on and their bags packed. Dorian demands to know where they are all going. Blair replies that they are not safe anywhere near Stanley Lowell or around anybody who would endorse him. Starr does not want him coming into her house and endangering her or her baby daughter.

Lowell places John under arrest.

Dorian is alone in her home, distraught and crying. She then sees a red rose and envisions Mel from the dead. He tells her that this is another fine mess she got herself into.

When Natalie is kneeling by Jared’s gravesite, Charlie comes over and puts his coat around her shoulders. He tells her that he is going to focus on somebody else’s grief for a while. He tells her that he knows that Jared would not want her to be out there all alone freezing like this. She cries on Charlie’s shoulder. He holds her and encourages her to go home with him and Viki.

Rex enters Buenos Dias to see Gigi and Schuyler together at a table. She tells him that she does not want a big scene. Schuyler tells Rex and Gigi he can leave them alone to talk. She tells Rex that they need to talk about Shane. He tells her that’s funny. He was thinking the same thing.

Stacy struggles with the nurse who is holding the needle ready to inject her. Right then, Mitch enters and remarks that it looks like “somebody didn’t follow doctor’s orders”.

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