OLTL Update Tuesday 1/5/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/5/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Brody locks Mitch up and tells him that after DA Hanen is done with him, he will be locked up for the rest of his life. But Mitch tells Brody that he wouldn’t count on that. It seems the only thing that DA Hanen has been able to prove is her undying love for the commissioner. And the commissioner has been fired so he can’t do anything. Brody tells Mitch that Mayor Lord fired Bo without cause and the commissioner’s attorneys are going to have a field day with this. But Mitch is confident that that won’t happen.

At the station, Bo tells Dorian that there is no evidence that John stabbed Mitch. But she shows him what Mitch gave her in the plastic bag and expresses that it had John’s fingerprints and Mitch’s blood all over it. She asks John if he would care to explain that.

When Rex bangs on the door of Gigi’s new place, Schuyler asks if she wants him to hide. Rex informs her that Shane informed him that the power was out and that she needed help. But, he then notices Schuyler and tells them that it’s great that she’s alright. But apparently Shane thought that she needed Rex to save her from him. Rex observes them together and tells them that he thought he was giving her time to work things out. And this is what he walks in on. He caught a glimpse of them decorating the Christmas tree together when he first came by. So this is not the first time they’ve slept together. But Gigi and Schuyler clarify to Rex that this is the fist time.

Mitch tells Brody that he has something to say to him about his daughter Jessica.

After Dorian presents the knife that Mitch gave her, Natalie tells her that John does not have to explain anything. Bo demands to know where Dorian got the knife. She replies that it does not matter. It’s evidence that John stabbed Mitch. Bo then asks John to step into his office and asks if he was framed or if he is covering for somebody else.

Téa tells Dani that she knows of a great shrink named Marty Saybrooke who is an expert with trauma and could help her. But Dani tells her mom that she must know that she is not a murderer. She had to get revenge for what Todd did to her father. She wishes her mom would realize that does not make her a head case.

Meanwhile, Blair tells Todd he should know that Téa is still head over heels in love with him. So she’d tell him any excuse she can sell him about Dani. But he tells her that he wants to be alone. Blair tells Todd fine. She’s out of there. But maybe he needs to know that with all the hurt and all the lies, maybe he needs to be honest with what is really going on with Téa.

Dani opens he door to see Matthew. She asks her mom to let them talk alone. Téa then tells them she will go and run an errand. She tells Matthew she’s really happy to see him walking again. He thanks her for her help. She hugs him and goes out the door.

Rex demands that Gigi and Schuyler tell him if they are sleeping together. Yes or no. She replies yes. They made love. And she asks if he is happy now.

Blair goes to surprise Elijah after he left her a message.. He has just gotten out of the shower. She is looking him over. He tells her that he wanted to talk to her about what happened last night. He asks her to promise that she won’t tell anybody that Dani showed up at her house with a gun. She agrees and asks how Dani is. He tells her that Dani told him she was working things out. She did not go into any details. But Téa informed him that Dani would not repeat what she did last night. Hearing that, Blair asks Elijah if he thinks she is supposed to take Téa Delgado’s word for what little she can promise about Dani and put her (Blair's) kids’ father’s life at risk for it. She tells Elijah that Dani needs help. And she wonders if Elijah is concerned about Dani. Or is he concerned about her mother.

Right then, Dani goes to talk to Matthew. He asks her why she missed the New Year's Eve party. She replies that she decided to kill Todd Manning instead.

Téa goes to see Todd and informs him that Dani was in shock the previous night. She tells Todd that she has to say something. She told Dani that she promised never to see Todd again. She told Dani that Todd was out of her life for good. She felt that telling Dani that was the only way to help her to heal. She tells Todd that she will always care about him. But she knows he does not feel the same way toward her however and he will never forgive her. But right when Téa is ready to go out the door, Todd asks her to wait and tells her she is wrong it assuming he’s done with her.

After Dani informs Matthew that she found Bo’s gun and went to threaten to kill Todd Manning, he is shocked. He tells her that he thought that she was feeling better after they agreed to have a memorial service for her dad. But she admits that she stole Matthew’s dad’s gun from his safe. She could have gotten not only herself but Bo into lots of trouble.

At the station, Dorian tells Bo and John that John’s finger prints were all over the knife that stabbed Mitch. Bo tells Dorian that he would take the word of a respected police lieutenant over the accuser’s word. She reminds Bo that he must know about John’s track record of cutting corners when he doesn’t get his way. Bo asks her why she thinks that John would be so stupid that he would not wipe his prints form a murder weapon if he used it. She reminds Bo that his covering up for his subordinate is proof that he is not fit to keep his job. But right before they can continue their conversation, Natalie tells them that she will not let John take the rap for what she did nor let Bo get fired for it. She admits that it was she who stabbed Mitch Laurence.

Brody goes to see Mitch and asks him if he is bothering Jessica again. Mitch reminds Brody that he is Jessica’s father. The father saves his kids. And Brody should not be so cocky when it was Mitch’s stem cells that saved his grandson’s life. And Mitch tells Brody that he needs to make certain that his children have partners who are worthy of them. And Brody should not be getting any ideas that he will be adding another “birthstones” to the necklace that Brody gave to Jessica. Brody turns away when he hears that. Mitch tells Brody that he knows all about what goes on everywhere. And Brody must know that his (Mitch's) heirs are very important to him.

Natalie informs Bo that John was unaware what happened to Mitch after she stabbed him and assumed that Mitch stabbed himself. Hearing that, Bo urges Natalie not to say anymore. John then tells Bo that it was he who stabbed Mitch and Natalie is covering for him.

Matthew tells Dani that he knows that his parents are in serious trouble now that Doran is the mayor. She asks him about Destiny. He admits to her that Destiny admitted that she “liked” him and used the “L” word. He told her that he just wanted to be friends. She got upset. And now he feels like a jerk. Hearing that, Dani says she is sorry. But, Matthew, reflects, at least Destiny is ok compared to what has happened to Dani.

Todd tells Téa that he knows of the history they have had. With all of the crazy things he has done and all he has put her through, she has loved him anyway. He remembers at their wedding, it was the happiest he has ever been. And he doesn’t want to throw that away. He tells her that what he is trying to say right now is that he loves her.

Elijah is getting ready to get dressed in his hotel room. Blair can see that he might be going on a date. He admits that he took Téa out noticing that she was upset over the situation with Dani. Blair asks him if he was just being the courteous brother in law. He tells her that regardless of whatever they could potentially have, he can clearly see that Téa is not over Todd.

Rex asks Gigi if this is the only time she has been with Schuyler. She tells him that is true. He then admits that maybe this is not entirely on her. He was the one who asked her to go away and figure things out. He then concludes that if she has gotten “this” out of her system and wants to come home to him and Shane, there are ways they can work this out. He admits that he slept with Stacy and she was able to forgive him and get over it. Yet, Gigi admits that her association with Schuyler is not “temporary” like what Rex had with Stacy. Rex tells her that it has to be. She has to choose. WHO does she want? Schuyler or himself? Gigi then urges Rex to know that she loves him. She cries. He tells her he is hearing a “but” coming. She then admits that she made a decision last night. She asked Schuyler to stay with her. SO she guesses she made a choice to be with him. Rex then asks her what she wants today. She replies that she still wants to be with Schuyler. Rex then tells her that he never thought he’d end up saying this but his “father” was right about one thing. Hearing that, she asks how he could possibly be talking to his father, Mitch Laurence.

Right then, we see Mitch alone in his jail cell reciting biblical verses.

Blair admits to Elijah that sometimes when she is dealing with Todd, she cannot tell the difference between love and stubborn pride. She just had to “win” and turn Todd away from Téa when she pulled her most recent stunt.

Téa admits to Todd that the reason she came to see him was to say good bye. She and Dani are going away.

Matthew tells Dani that Destiny was there for him ever since he had the accident. He might have never gotten out of the wheelchair were it not for her. And were it not for Dani, he would not have been able to bust out of the boarding school. She is also a great friend to him. Hearing that, Dani tells Matthew unfortunately, he wont’ see any more of her. Her mother is taking her away.

Bo tells Dorian that even if she is the mayor, he will not let her run a dictatorship. He tells her if all she wants and needs in order to end all this crap is his badge, then she can have it. Observing that, John and Natalie urge Bo not to do it. But Bo hands over his badge and tells everybody they may consider him fired.

Gigi asks Rex if he has been talking to Mitch when everybody knows how dangerous he is. Rex coldly tells her he appreciates the concern. But, psycho though Mitch is, he had a point when he told Rex that his son was wasting his life with a woman who would prefer Schuyler over Rex. Rex then concludes to Gigi that if she wants to be with Schuyler, she can. She may enjoy it while it lasts.

At the station, Dorian picks up Bo’s badge and tells him she will accept his resignation. And, she tells John, he mustn’t be surprised if he hears from internal affairs. She leaves. Natalie, Jessica, John and Brody all tell Bo how sorry they are. Brody asks John how it is that Dorian would want to fire him. What motive would she have? Bo tells him that very possibly, something or somebody might not be giving her a choice.

Meanwhile, Dorian goes to see Mitch in his jail cell. She informs him that she did what he wanted and it gave her no pleasure asking Bo to hand over his badge. She respects Bo and knows she may never be able to fill his shoes. Mitch then tells her he can take care of that.

Dani tells Matthew that it’s just as well she is leaving town. She doesn’t want to live in the same town as her dad’s murderer knowing that he is free. And there is nothing left for her in Llanview except for him (Matthew).

Todd tells Téa that it may be just as well that he never sees his daughter again. She does not want to be in the same hemisphere as him after what he did to the man she believes is her father. But Téa is not complete about the situation the way it is.

When Schuyler is alone with Gigi, he asks her if she meant what she said that she wants to be with him. She admits that she meant ever word of it. He holds her. She cries and realizes that feeling bad for what she did to Rex may “come with the territory”. She will have a lot to figure out when she gets home. She knows that she will have to return to her son and his father and offer them an explanation at some point. But for now, she just wants to be with Schuyler.

Elijah is with Blair. He assures her that a beautiful woman like herself won’t have any problem becoming “distracted” from Todd Manning. She tells him that a handsome man like himself won’t find any trouble finding something to distract him from Téa Delgado. At that point, they end up kissing passionately.

When it looks like Matthew and Dani are going to have to say good bye, he kisses her.

Dorian tells Mitch that she needs to know what he expects of her now.

Bo asks John how t is that Mitch could have been motivating Dorian. How could he have found John’s letter opener and put John’s finger prints on it? They conclude that Mitch must have many people working for him.

Mitch tells Dorian that he knows the perfect person to replace Bo and police commissioner. Hearing that, she tells him that is impossible. But he reminds her that she is Dorian Lord. She of all people must know that it’s impossible.

Todd and Téa are together kissing.

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