OLTL Update Monday 1/4/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 1/4/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Dorian calls Mitch and tells him that now that she has done what he has wanted by firing Bo and exposing him and Nora, he needs to leave her and her family alone. He tells her that they are not done with Bo Buchanan yet.

Rex enters Bo’s office. Rex has no clue what has happened until Bo shows him the article in the Sun that states that Dorian has fired him and exposed his secret with Nora. He tells Rex he intends to fight it, however. Rex tells Bo that, maybe, he needs the help of a P.I. It looks like there is dirty business going on. Bo tells Rex that he does not want to burden him with his problems. He asks Rex to tell him some good news and asks how Rex and Gigi are. Rex does not know how to answer that question.

Meanwhile, Gigi and Schuyler wake up in bed together in her new place. She admits that she is happy to be with him. He asks her if she is not freezing in this cabin. She admits not anymore. They cuddle together.

Fish and Kyle wake up together.

Outside in the hallway, Roxy picks up the Sun to see what Dorian has done, and she states she is very happy she did not vote for that witch.

On the phone, Dorian reminds Mitch that Bo is fired. She has done everything she needs to do in order to ruin the man’s life, and she doe not intend to do any more. Mitch tells her her work is not done. He tells her that she needs to “cover her backside” by getting some damaging evidence against Bo and Nora before it backfires on her. Something will arrive at her doorstep and she must use it. At that moment, John enters Mitch’s hospital room and demands to know whom he is talking to. While Dorian is on her phone, Viki walks in and asks her the same question and seems to overhear that Dorian is talking to Mitch.

Roxy walks into Kyle’s room and encourages him and Fish to know that they are two gorgeous hunks. However, she has some bad news to tell them. She informs them that Dorian fired Bo. It’s not cool, but she bets it’s likely that John McBain will take over his job.

While Viki overhears Dorian talking to Mitch on the phone, Dorian knows she better sound as though Mitch is threatening her and she wants nothing to do with him. John grabs the phone from Mitch and demands that Dorian tell him what they are talking about. She tells John, and wants Viki to overhear, that she is the mayor and wants Mitch put away. Viki knows that Dorian has fired Bo. She tells Dorian she suspects that Mitch is behind it. She tells Dorian she knows that her readers will know what her motives are for firing the best police commissioner the city has ever known. It’s a little too suspicious that she just happens to walk into Dorian’s home and catches her on the phone with Mitch. Hearing that, Dorian affirms that she is now the mayor. Viki gave up on her chance to run the town and must accept that Dorian now runs the show. Viki protests that the reason she gave up on her chance to be mayor is to help her family while they are in a crises. Hearing that, Dorian tells Viki that the reason she is talking to Mitch is in order to protect her family. At that moment, Viki seems to know that Mitch must have threatened Dorian if she did not fire Bo.

Brody tells Charlie that he knows that he is lying about not drinking. He knows that Charlie is hiding his drinking from Viki and asking Jessica not to tell her. He tells Brody that he refuses to lie for him. He urges Charlie to go to a meeting with him. Charlie tells Brody that he has already gone to meetings and gone on sobriety pledges before, and it hasn’t worked. Brody tells Charlie he better do something. Maybe Viki can help him. Charlie does not want her to know anything about it.

After Rex finds out that Dorian fired Bo, he tells Bo that he doesn’t want to talk about his problems with Gigi. He admits that Gigi moved out of their place.

Schuyler and Gigi are both cold and wrapped in blankets. She is ready to start breakfast, and there’s a knock at the door. Schuyler gets the door wrapped in a blanket and appears awkward to see Shane. Shane looks similarly disappointed to see what he sees at his mom’s new home.

Bo asks Rex just how it is that Gigi has moved out of their place. Rex admits that she needs to find out what her feelings are regarding him and regarding Schuyler Joplin. Bo asks Rex if they are separating. Rex tells Bo no. He just wants to give her time to figure out what she wants in her life. He admits to Bo, he wonders if maybe he did something that pushed her into this jerk’s arms.

When Shane walks into Gigi’s new place unexpected, Gigi asks her son how he got there. He admits that he took a cab. She asks if his dad knows where he is. Shane tells his mom he just wanted to wish her a happy New Year. Schuyler then goes to the other room so that Gigi and Shane can talk alone. Shane then asks his mother if she has left them and dumped his dad for Schuyler.

Natalie and Jessica go to talk to Nora after seeing what has happened from the newspaper article and demand to know if she is dumping their dad for Bo. Natalie tells Nora it’s a disgrace that she would have an affair with Bo when Clint would do anything for Nora. Jessica asks her sister to calm down. Natalie tells her that she is not going to let this go. Nora tells Natalie that she really does apologize and loves Clint and them, but right now, she is busy. She needs to find out about the case of Mitch getting stabbed. Hearing that, Natalie asks her if she and the DA’s office is going to let Mitch go free. Nora tells her no. She just wants to close the stabbing case.

John tells Mitch that the stabbing case is closed. Mitch smirks and tells John he cannot wait to see his bogus report. John tells Mitch that he can prove that Mitch stabbed himself. Mitch tells John that when he is released from the hospital, he will be a free man, but John tells him no. As soon as he’s out of the hospital, he’s going back to jail.

Fish calls John after Roxy has informed him that Dorian fired Bo. He tells Kyle and Roxy that he has to get to work. He has to find out what has happened and pull strings so that Mitch goes back to jail after he’s out of the hospital. Roxy tells Fish he better make certain that that son of a bitch is put away.

After Brody tells Charlie that he wants to help him get sober, Charlie fights Brody and tells him that he won’t let Brody “carry” him and bear the burden of his problems. Is Brody trying to be his son and/or replace Jared? Brody tells Charlie that he knows all too well what it’s like to run from ghosts. He’s done the same thing. They always find you. He hit rock bottom himself with alcohol and got sent to St. Anne’s. He can help Charlie if Charlie lets him. Brody then is interrupted by a phone call. He tells Charlie that it’s work. Charlie tells him to go ahead. Brody asks Charlie if he is okay. He urges Charlie to stay away from Mitch Laurence and not let Mitch hurt him more than he already has. When Charlie is alone, he replies to Brody’s comment about Mitch by saying that it’s impossible to do that.

When Viki asks Dorian why she would want to fire Bo, Dorian tells her that the people need to be protected from a scandal. Viki tells her she must know that nobody could care less about Bo’s personal life. She reminds Dorian that Bo and Nora were married the last time Nora was DA. There was never any problem with that. Dorian protests that she needs to protect the criminal justice system and cannot allow even a hint of conflict of interest. Viki concludes that she knows that Mitch Laurence has something to do with this. Dorian pretests that Bo and Nora have disgraced City Hall, and they have broken poor Clint’s heart. Doesn’t Viki care about that? Viki tells Dorian that whatever is going on, Dorian cannot let Mitch win. Dorian tells Viki  that she (Viki) needs to go and take care of her own family. Viki urges Dorian, if she is in trouble, to tell her and let Viki do something to help her. Dorian tells Viki she must know the way out.

Fish goes to the station. Alone with Kyle, Roxy tells him he must tell her all the details of how he got his man back. He admits to her that Nick moved out. He also informs her that Nick never told him that she called and offered him the extra room. She tells him that he is like the gay son she never had, and she puts her arm around him. He asks her how her son is doing. He tells her that he heard the unfortunate news that Rex and Gigi broke up, and Rex got Stacy pregnant. She admits to Kyle that that is unimportant compared to the fact that Rex has found out that Mitch Laurence is his father. At that point, Roxy’s happy tone turns to fear. Hearing that, he admits to her that he cannot understand how it is that she could have a kid with somebody who scares her so much.

Rex tells Bo that he does not feel that things will be okay for him until Gigi comes home.

Shane asks Gigi why it is that she moved out of their home to be with Schuyler. He tells her that it’s very obvious that they had sex. She tells her son that she is going to take him to school and inform his father that he left without telling him. She demands that he waits for her while she goes upstairs to shower and dress. She will be only two minutes, a she will then take him to school. Alone with Shane, Schuyler tells him that he is sorry. He sees the awkward situation. Shane tells Schuyler that he has busted up his family. He angrily goes out the door.

A messenger comes to talk to Dorian and informs her that the Banner and other regional papers want to hear from her about how she got Bo Buchanan fired.

Natalie tells Jessica that maybe they should call Nigel and see if he knows what is going on if Bo and Nora won’t tell them.

While Bo is in his office talking to Rex, Nora asks Bo if he has a minute. Rex then tells the two of them that he will get out of their hair. He encourages Bo to call him if he wants to talk. When Rex goes out the door, he comes face to face with Natalie, Jessica and Brody, who are all staring at Mitch. Rex stares coldly at his smirking biological father.

Viki returns to Charlie and tells him that she needs to know if something happened. He admits to her that there is something he needs to tell her.

When Gigi comes down the stairs, dressed and ready to take Shane to school, she asks Schuyler where her son went. Schuyler replies that Shane would rather sit outside in the sub arctic temperature than near him. Gigi runs out and tells Shane he may warm up the car. Shane tells her while she is with her boyfriend. Gigi is clearly rushing to get Shane to school and finish being with Schuyler.

At Dorian’s, she asks her press agent what about the disgrace that Bo and Nora have done to the city. He gives her all the information about her popularity rating and how voters really don’t care about Bo and Nora’s business. She tells him that they have to change things. She then notices an envelope. He does not know where it came from but remarks he can see that it’s hand delivered.

When Mitch is at the station with the cops, he greets Rex. He tells Bo that that he (himself) has been framed. Nora tells Mitch that his stabbing has been ruled an attempted suicide. Mitch reminds them all that that is fraud. Bo has already been fired. He doesn’t think that their office could afford another scandal.

Meanwhile, Dorian opens her envelope to see that Bo’s career in law enforcement could be ended.

Charlie admits to Viki that he lied to her about the bottle of booze that was empty. He did not pour it out. He drank it. He admits that he bought it the day of Jared’s funeral. He did not drink it that night. He could not. He was afraid that she might see him, and that was enough. So it stopped him. He’s been through the cycle before. She asks him just what happened. He replies that that night when he told her that he was at a meeting, he went to visit Mitch in jail. She asks him then what. He replies that he got drunk. Hearing that, she tells him that he merely slipped and that happens from time to time. He tells her that he has been slipping every day ever since.

Kyle tells Roxy that he cannot understand how she could have “fallen” for Mitch. Was he “different” back then? Was it a one night stand? At that point, Roxy’s nonchalant and joking tone turns to anger and fear. She tells him that there is no way she could ever have fallen for that dirt bag. He needs to know that Mitch Laurence is Satan’s wing man. She obviously doesn’t want to talk about that. He tells her he’s sorry. He did not mean to upset her. He affirms to her that she is one of the best friends that he has and he knows that she has not talked to anybody about this. He tells her that he was at the clinic when she had her big secret. He was there and saw the situation regarding Rex and his father and knows that there are many things that Roxy is not telling anybody.

At the station, Bo, Nora and the cops are ready to lock Mitch up. Natalie, Jessica and Rex stand around. Before they can go through with taking Mitch to jail, Dorian enters and tells them that she has some things to say first.

Rex attempts to call Shane.

Alone in Gigi’s new house, Schuyler asks her just what the reason is for why she moved into this place, and what happened last night. He tells her that if what happened between them is going to come between her and her son, then maybe they should think about it.

Charlie tells Viki that it is not her job to hold him up. She tells him yes it is. She is his wife. She hoped that if he is in trouble, that he would tell her. He tells her that he has failed her. She tells him that he lost his son. That is hardly failure if he got really upset and drank. He admits to her that he lied to her and asked Jessica not to tell Viki when Jessica caught him. Hearing that for the first time, Viki asks about that. He tells her that he falsely told Jessica that it was a “one time thing.” He knows that she did not sign up for what he has been doing since Jared has died. She tells him that she did sign up to be with him and be married to him. He tells her that he is not going to drag her down with him. She tells him that she is not going to give up on him. She reminds him that he did come clean with her by admitting what he did, and that’s the first step. He admits to her that the only reason he is confessing to her what he’s done is because Brody threatened to expose his secret to her and Jessica, if he did not. Hearing that, Viki asks her husband if his choice would have been to continue to lie and drink if he could have. He tells her that what he wanted or didn’t want has nothing to do with it. He tells her that this is “who he is.” He cannot stop. She must know that. She tells him that she knows that he must feel that he can never beat the bottle. But he can. He’s done it before. She knows that this may be the worst pain he’s ever had to fight in his life. She tells him he’s not going to get rid of her. He tells her he is not the man she married. She then asks if he thinks that she is an idiot. She knows that he has had a horrible time and Mitch Laurence has worked on him, but Mitch does that to all people. Charlie tells her that this has nothing to do with Mitch Laurence. He did this to himself. He’s a drunk. Viki then tells Charlie that he is not going to lose her, and she is not going to lose him. She cries, and he holds her.

Alone in Gigi's new place, she and Schuyler talk about Shane. At that moment, Rex comes to bang on the door and demands that they open up.

After Kyle inquires to Roxy about Mitch, she tells him if he really is her friend, he won’t ask her anything more about the secret she had at the clinic or about how Mitch got her pregnant with Rex.

At the station, Dorian reminds Bo that he was informed of his termination the previous night. Nora reminds her that it’s not going to stick. Nora says she must get to court. Bo tells Dorian he cannot fire her on personal grounds. She tells him what about obstruction of justice, false charges and corruption. She shows him the evidence that Mitch has given her about the cover-up that has started a long time ago with John McBain and goes all the way to the top. With Bo. 

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