OLTL Update Tuesday 12/29/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 12/29/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Rex is in Ultraviolet getting ready for new years. But his employees assume that Gigi is coming and are ready to serve her favorite Cosmo. Rex then has to clarify that GIgi is not expected to come. And not far away, Stacy is observing with smug satisfaction.

Meanwhile, Gigi is on the phone in her new place, ready to go out with Schuyler and have a serious encounter.

Schuyler goes back to his place at angel square ready to find some clothes. But Roxy corners him and tells him he is a shameless home wrecker.

Clint and Dorian are both ready for the New Years party and inaugural mayor celebration that will involve exposing and firing Bo and Nora from their jobs.

Meanwhile, Matthew is with his father happy and waiting for Dani to come and join them at the party.. Neither has any suspicion of anything.

At the party, Dorian again asks Clint if he is really ready to go through with getting his brother in trouble. He asks Dorian the same remembering that she never had any grudge against Bo nor desire to hurt him. She has no answer for that question however. But when she is alone, she remembers Mitch’s threat to her family.

At Blair’s, she sees Starr and Cole off on their date for New Years. Todd comes downstairs. Blair asks her ex if eh has any plans for the evening. He replies that he just planned to fall asleep in front of the television. She tells him that they could watch their granddaughter together.

When Roxy catches Schuyler coming back to his old place where she threw him out, he tells her that he has to come and get his things and his old clothes. But she reminds him that she gave Kyle’s friend, Nick Schuyler’s old room.

Inside Kyle’s apartment, he tells a disgruntled Fish who’d like to be alone with him, that he would like to be alone with him without Nick there.

Outside in the hallway, Roxy tells Schuyler that she knows that he lies and steals and cheats in order to get what he wants. And neither of them are able to see that nobody has moved into Schuyler’s old room.

Meanwhile, Gigi is alone in her new place with candles and a nice dress awaiting Schuyler’s arrival. But she admits that she cannot “do this. She puts on a jacket and blows out the candles and says: “Who do you think you are, Gigi Morasco?”

At Ultraviolet, Stacy enters and accidentally bumps into Shaun and Destiny. She yells at them for not looking where they are going and reminds them that she is having a child. Rex demands to know what is her problem and takes her aside. Destiny then tells Shaun that she feels sorry for that baby. He tells her his sister so does he.

While Dorian and Clint are ready for their celebration, Kim enters wearing her elegant new clothing Clint has bought her and her hair done up all nice. She comes by, appearing to look very respectable and kisses Clint on the cheek. Dorian observes and smiles.

Bo and Matthew are talking in their new hotel room. He tells his dad that he is concerned about Dani hating her mom and being stuck in the hotel room. He knows she has something on her mind that she is not letting on to anybody. Right then, Dani enters and appears happy to Bo and to Matthew and they suspect nothing.

Nora enters Téa’s room and acts friendly and supportive. Téa tells Nora she really appreciates having her and Matthew taking Dani into their place even though they are now stuck living in the hotel. Nora tells Téa that she thinks Dani might enjoy the New Years Eve bash and assures her that Bo will make certain that nobody serves Dani any alcohol or else he will revoke their liquor license. Hearing that, Téa laughs and appears to appreciate Nora’s assistance. Nora tells her that she does want to help Dani to enjoy New Years.

Dani is ready to go to the party with Matthew and Bo. They are ready to celebrate without any negativity. But she remembers being ready to ruin Todd Manning’s life.

Schuyler goes to see Gigi and there is some awkwardness when they meet alone.

Back at Ultraviolet. Rex asks Stacy just why she is there. He knows it’s because she knows that Gigi has moved out. She smiles and tells him that she has no ulterior motives. There are no more stem cells or bags of blood or threats. He then looks at her irritated and again demands to know why she is there. She tells him with a smile that she saw the look on his face when he felt the baby kick.

Inside Kyle’s apartment, Oliver Fish expresses that he would prefer that Nick finds somewhere else to stay. But Kyle protests that Nick was almost beaten to death. There are no ulterior motives for him to stay there. Nick is having nightmares and cannot be left alone. But right then, Roxy walks in and is shocked to discover that Nick is still staying at Kyle’s place when she told him she had an extra room for him. Hearing that, both Fish and Kyle admit that this is the first they heard that she offered Nick his own room.

Nora and Téa talk about their present situation. Nora tells Téa she is not comfortable to have to attend Dorian’s inaugural mayoral ball. Téa appears cordial and supportive. But Nora is not certain what to do out in public now that she and Clint are apart and she’s seeing Bo.

At the party, as soon as Dorian notices Kim she remarks to Clint that he has a lovely date. He then takes Dorian aside and tells her he can assure her that all of his reporters have “clean” information. Right then, they both observes “guests” walk in whom they have apparently hired to help them with their “cause”.

Bo puts his gun away in the safe in the hotel and enters up his digital security code while talking to Matthew and Dani. Dani observes him very intently. He acknowledges her for being instrumental in helping Matthew to walk. Observing Matthew walking pretty well with only the assistance of a cane, she smiles at Bo and remarks that he is a great Dad. He tells them that he has to get going. Alone with Matthew, Dani admits that she is not ok with her present family situation involving Téa and her father’s death and Todd Manning. He tells her that maybe she’d feel better if she accompanies him to the party.

Meanwhile, Blair asks Todd if he plans to get back with Téa now that they have a daughter together. He evades the question.

Dani tells Matthew that she has some personal stuff going on. She doesn’t want to attend the ball with him because she is afraid she might not be good company. He gets ready to leave and gets on the elevator asking her to call him if she changes her mind. As soon as he is gone, however, she reveals that she has other plans. She notices where Bo has stashed his gun and remembers the security code. She opens the safe and pulls out the gun.

At Ultraviolet, Destiny can see that Shaun has some secretive plan. He tells her that Dorian has asked for his help with something and he needs for her not to ask him many questions.

At angel square, Roxy reveals to Kyle and Fish that she informed Nick about the new room but apparently he was not interested. Fish asks Kyle just what would be up with that. Kyle answers that he(himself) knew nothing about the conversation nor the room. Fish tells Kyle it’s pretty obvious why he did not know about it. Nick didn’t want him to know.

Schuyler notices that Gigi is uncomfortable. She tells him that she has a confession to make.

At Ultraviolet, Markko and Langston talk about her interest in a photo of another guy. And little does he know that the guy is going to be there because he knows she will be there.

Cole and Starr are together when they notice Mathew enter walking well with his cane. They smile at him and run up to greet him.

Todd tells Blair that Téa lied about their having a kid together. But she reminds him that he did not answer her question about whether he has feelings for Téa. She tells him that she knows she has spent a lot of her life believing he is the love of her life. But she’s done with hit. Why she would she be sending Todd off to be with Téa in Seattle?. So all she is asking from Todd is the truth. She won’t be angry if he admits that he is in love with Téa and no longer in love with her.

Téa privately admits to Nora that she has feelings for Todd. She asks Nora how it’s working having Dani staying with her. Nora admits to Téa that Dani seems to like staying with her and with Matthew. But she is angry at her mother. And it’ won’t get any better for Téa’s relationship with her daughter if she keeps getting closer to Todd.

Meanwhile, inside the house, Todd answers Blair’s question and admits yes, he is still in love with Téa. Outside, Dani observes them through the window unseen and holds a gun. Todd wants to end the conversation and asks Blair where his granddaughter is. But she reminds him that he needs to realize that if he loves Téa, he needs to forgive her. She admits that she has never been a fan of Téa’s. But Todd needs to let it go for the woman he loves and if nothing else, for the sake of his daughter.. She tells him that maybe if he and Téa are able to heal, then it might help Dani to heal also. Right then, from outside the window, Dani spies upon them and puts the gun down.

When Téa is alone in her hotel room dressed elegantly, Elijah enters with a tuxedo and Champaign and admits that he does not have a date.

Clint is happily with Kim when Bo and Nora enter to observe them. Dorian asks an employee why “they” are not there. Clint approaches Dorian, calls her madam mayor and tells her let the good times roll. It looks like he’s going to help her engineer their whole plan for Bo and Nora.

Starr rushes up to Matthew and hugs him. Cole shakes his hand. They wish each other happy New Year and Matthew declares that he loves his friends.

Fish asks Nick if he really does not remember Roxy calling to inform him that there was an empty room for him. And he tells Kyle that maybe now is the time to get packing and help him move into his new room. Kyle then asks to talk to Fish outside. He demands to know what Fish’s problem is. Fish tells him that Nick is “working him’. Kyle asks if he really believes that Nick is faking being sick and having nightmares and lying about not remembering Roxy offering the other room just to manipulate him. He tells Fish that he is too suspicious and playing cop. And Kyle reminds Fish that Dorian and Amelia did not let Nick stay with them after they promised. Hearing that, Fish questions whether Nick even told Dorian or Amelia what happened or even asked them to let him stay with them. But Kyle tells Fish that they (himself and Fish) might not have even gotten back together where it not for Nick’s heroic campaign about gay’s coming out. At that point, Fish senses that maybe he is not welcome and tells Kyle he has to get out for a while.

Dorian delivers her mayoral speech and introduces Bo. Everybody claps. She praises him and also acknowledges Nora and invites her to join Bo and herself at the podium. She tells the crowd that these two people are the most honest and honorable people that this city has ever known. And right then, “out of the blue”, people in the crowd ask Dorian about the “rumors”. And in response to that, Dorian asks what they are talking about and states she has heard of no “rumors”. But several people say that they have heard that the DA has recently married the police commissioner’s brother and is cheating on her husband by sleeping with his brother. Bo and Nora look around the room horrified. Clint makes eye contact and grins at Dorian. Hearing that, Dorian plays the crowd by telling the “hecklers” how dare they make such malicious allegations against the police commissioner and the DA. A person remarks that they know that Bo and Nora are living in the same hotel. Bo protests that they are staying in separate rooms. The person asks if it’s true that Nora and Clint have broken up. And Dorian pretends that she has found that out for the first time. And right “on queue”, somebody asks what about the “picture” that somebody took of Bo and Nora kissing. And it’s revealed to the public where Dorian appears shocked and mortified.

Alone with Schuyler in Gigi’s apartment, she tells him that she is kind of ill at ease about being out and about for New Years. She feels as though she is maybe not ready to be seen among “all these girls”. But he tells her that he thinks she is more attractive than any girl he’s seen in a long time. She smiles.

At Ultraviolet, Rex tells Stacy he does not trust her and demands to know if this really is his baby. She smirks at him.

Schuyler tells Gigi that he is completely ok spending the evening alone with her in her new place listening to music and having fun.

At The party, Kim acts as Clint’s’ dutiful spokesperson and tells the reporters that Mr. Buchanan has regrettably ended his marriage and speaks in a way that makes Clint believe she is an honorable person. Alone, Bo and Nora ask if they have been set up and both believe that’s exactly what has happened.

Blair tells Todd that she has to go and check on their grandbaby. And then she will come back and continue the conversation with him. As soon as Todd is alone, Dani enters. He seems surprised to see her and asks what she is doing there. She pulls the gun on him.

Téa tells Elijah that she doesn’t think she can go anywhere with him. He asks her if she is with Dani. She admits that her daughter is not speaking to her. He asks her if she is going to be with Todd. She replies no. He then asks her what is stopping her from going somewhere with him.

After the crowds accuse and prove that Bo and Nora are having a secret affair. Dorian announces that she is shocked to hear that such fine and upstanding people as Bo and Nora could disgrace the offices where they serve. So she has to fire them both. Right then, Clint and Kim are together smirking and laughing. Dorian then privately pulls out the picture Mitch gave her of her family with the X’s over their faces to reveal that she is doing this only because of her fear of his threats.

While Dani notices that Matthew is there and Dani is elsewhere, she approaches Matthew and declares that she loves him.

While Markko is busy with is filming, a guy who Langston has noticed approaches her and markko does not see them.

Rex is not ok being alone, unable to reach Gigi and having Stacy there harassing him.

At Gigi’s new place, she dances with Schuyler and asks why he did not tell her that Roxy threw him out of her place. He tells her that he didn’t want to get her involved in his problems nor with the reason why Roxy does not want her son’s “nemesis” staying at her hotel.

Rex demands that Stacy tells him if the baby is his. She tells him yes. He walks away disgusted.

Nick and Kyle are alone and Nick makes it very clear that he wants Kyle. He kisses him.

Elijah tells Téa that he wants to toast for the New Year to be a successful one for her. And he also proposes that he wants Dani to come back to her mother and be able to accept her real father.

Right then, Dani pulls a gun on Todd and tells him she’s going to kill him just like he killed her father.

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