OLTL Update Monday 12/28/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 12/28/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Rachel enters her office to see Schuyler undressing. He admits to her that he is currently homeless. Roxy kicked him out because Rex kicked Gigi out over him.

Noelle brings Shane to Gigi’s new place. She hugs her son and expresses how much she misses him. He asks her why she would miss him and if she does, then why doesn’t she come home?

Meanwhile, Rex goes to the hospital to see Mitch Laurence. Fish intercepts him and tells him that he can’t let him in there. Rex reminds Fish that Mitch is his father and he has the right to see him. Mitch is on his hospital bed on the phone with Dorian demanding that she gets Bo fired. Why is he still on the city payroll when Dorian is the mayor, he asks her?

At the station, John, Bo and Nora want to close the case about how Mitch got stabbed. Natalie enters and they ask her if she is willing to give a statement.

While Kim is in the apartment with Stacy, she gets a call from Clint. He asks her if she can help him with some paperwork to send to his lawyer. At that point, she is elated and ready to put her plan into motion. Assuming it must be regarding his divorce, she tells Stacy that Nora can take her butt ugly wardrobe with her. She’d really like to have Nora’s convertible to drive, but she notices that Stacy is not as happy for her as she would prefer. She reminds Stacy that she was happy for her when Stacy informed her that Rex’s dad would help her get his son. Stacy then informs Kim that Mitch had a condition for her in helping her to “have” Rex. He wants her baby.

At Gigi’s new cabin, Shane asks her why she is leaving. She tells him that she just needs a little time out. Shane reminds his mom that he is not stupid. He knows that it might have something to do with her wanting to hook up with Schuyler. He asks her if she is ready to dump his dad. She tells her son that he must always know that they are a family, and nobody is getting “dumped.” Alone with Noelle, Gigi admits she is afraid that she appears to be a terrible person to have done what she has done.

In Schuyler’s office, he tells Rachel that he still believes that Rex is a jerk. She asks if after Gigi has her new place and time away from Rex, does that include time spent with him?

At the hospital, Fish calls Bo and informs him that Rex wants to be able to get into Mitch’s hospital room because he says Mitch is his father. Bo asks to talk to Rex and warns Rex not to do anything crazy. Rex protests that he is “next of kin” to Mitch, and he won’t let Mitch get to him. Bo then asks to talk to Fish and authorizes letting Rex into Mitch’s room. When Bo gets off the phone, Natalie asks him, Nora and John what will happen if Mitch walks. He could come after her. They assure her that that won’t happen. John goes off alone with Natalie. Alone with Bo, Nora asks him if he believes that they are getting the whole story about the stabbing. Bo replies no and asks her if she believes it.

After Mitch demands that Dorian gets Bo fired, she asks how anybody could expect her to do that. He must know that Bo is one of the most popular police commissioners in the history of the state. He tells her she has until midnight and hangs up his phone. Rex enters looking distraught and not pleased. Mitch greets his “son” and tells him he has been expecting him.

Dorian goes to see Clint and informs him that there is a scandal going on and if something is not done about it, this entire town could be seriously damaged. She shows him a photo of Bo and Nora kissing. He asks her where she got it. She replies that it was sent to her anonymously. She asks him if it’s true. He tells her he doesn’t want her pretending to be sad. He knows that she is just there to gloat.

At the station, Bo tells Nora they both know there is no credibility in John’s story that Mitch stabbed himself. He asks her if she thinks that John stabbed Mitch. She replies unlikely. Even if he did, they don’t want to get him in trouble for that. Nora then tells Bo that it’s kind of odd that it appeared that Natalie knows nothing about how she (Nora) and Clint broke up. Clint is her father. Clint is keeping everything inside and she is worried what could happen.

In Clint’s home, Dorian tells Clint that she noticed the police commissioner in a “lip lock” with the D.A. after marrying his brother. She doesn’t want a “scandal” like that when she is mayor. She was going to attend the Mayoral Ball and highly endorse and praise Bo as Llanview’s excellent and widely respected law enforcement authority. She needs to know what Clint suggests that she does with this dilemma on her hands. In response to that, Clint replies that he suggests she fires Bo’s ass.

When Natalie and John talk alone at the station, she tells him that she can’t let him take the heat for her. He tells her he won’t have to. It’s all over and she must forget all about it. She tells him it’s not over as long as that psycho is free on the street.

In Mitch’s room, Rex tells Mitch that if anything happens to Natalie, he will be sorry. Mitch tells him that the two of them can take Natalie with them when his grandchild becomes his follower and bring hope to the flock. Hearing that, Rex assumes Mitch is talking about Shane and furiously tells him he is not going near Shane. Mitch clarifies to Rex that he is not talking about Shane. He realizes it’s too late for Shane to be purified. He is talking about the innocent unborn child of Rex’s.

After Stacy informs Kim about her conversation with Mitch where he wants her child to be part of the “flock,” Kim asks her just how that could work. She asks Stacy how giving Mitch the baby could enable Stacy to have Rex. Stacy admits she hasn’t a clue. Before Mitch could finish his conversation with her, Fish entered to interrupt them and escorted her out of Mitch’s room. Fish was very protective of her around Mitch. Hearing that, Kim laughs about how it was that the potentially “real baby daddy” got involved in that. She asks Stacy what she should assume about this nut job who is Rex’s biological father.

In Gigi’s new place, she admits to Noelle that she realizes she hasn’t a clue what she wants. She previously believed that having Shane and his real daddy was what was right for her. Now, she has to admit that she wants Schuyler.

At the station, Nora admits to Bo that she feels she is still waiting for the other shoe to drop. He tells her that he believes that Clint is done with them and they needn’t be afraid of him. She reminds him that Clint was ready to kill them both. She has never seen Clint so angry and out for revenge. Maybe Bo needs to know that his brother is out for both of their blood. She can sense it.

Dorian asks Clint if he would really want his own brother fired. He tells her yes and he’d fire Nora if she was not an elected official. She remarks she can sense he is pissed off and ready to go after them both for personal reasons. He reminds her that Bo is the police commissioner and she is the D.A. Looking the other way might make Dorian look like a coward when she’s the new mayor. She doesn’t want that. She then asks Clint to be very clear with her and asks him if she were to fire Bo tonight, would she not get any problems from him or from Buchanan Enterprises? Clint replies he will be in the front row cheering her on. She reminds him so will all of Bo’s friends and supporters. Clint must know how popular his brother is. Clint tells her Bo wont’ be popular when people see that photograph. She asks him if he might be embarrassed to have everybody know about his business. He replies no. It was Bo and Nora who behaved like horny teenagers. She then asks Clint if she can count on his support in getting them both in trouble. He tells her she can.

Stacy admits to Kim that she is not okay with handing her baby over to Mitch Laurence. Even though she didn’t previously “care” about the baby and only wanted to use it as a bargaining chip for Rex, she can feel it growing. It doesn’t really matter anymore whose baby it is. It’s hers. She knows all too well what it’s like to be alone and unwanted. If she gives the baby to Mitch, Rex obviously won’t approve of that nor want her unless she has his baby. Kim tells her she doesn’t have to decide tonight. Stacy reminds Kim that Mitch demanded an answer. Kim suggests she just tells him yes and sees what happens. Kim then tells Stacy she has to run.

In Mitch’s room, Rex tells him he better listen up good. Neither Shane nor his baby are coming anywhere near him. Mitch again clarifies that he is not asking for Shane. Shane may stay with his mother. He tells Rex he must give up on Shane’s mother and realize he has no use for her. She doesn’t want him. She has moved on. Although Rex argues, Mitch tells him that Shane’s mother does not deserve him anyway. If she would choose a low life drug addict over him, Rex is better off without her.

Noelle asks Gigi if she is in love with Schuyler. Gigi admits she doesn’t know. Noelle reminds her that she knows how throughout the years, Gigi was never interested in anybody and turned men down right and left. Rex was her one and only. But Gigi admits that Schuyler is so profound to her. She feels horrible to have the feelings she has for him. She has them and doesn’t know what to do with it.

Schuyler admits to Rachel that he believes that maybe it’s just as well Gigi is having second thoughts about Rex. He got her sister pregnant and broke Gigi’s heart. He knows about the miscarriage and has kept his mouth shut so that Gigi and Rex still believe that Stacy is carrying Rex’s baby. Rachel again asks Schuyler that if he cares about Gigi, then why can’t she know the truth from him? He must know that Gigi could understand that Stacy drugged him and realize he didn’t willfully sleep with her. If he is confident that Gigi respects him, then why lie?

Noelle tells Gigi that she really does have to get real and admit to her honest feelings about what she wants. At that point, Gigi admits that maybe Rex is not her destiny. She knows what a great guy Rex is. Noelle tells Gigi she agrees that Rex is a great guy, but maybe he is not the right guy for her.

In Mitch’s hospital room, Mitch tells Rex that he knows that it is not going to work out between him and Gigi. So here is his plan. Rex and his child can start anew with him. Hearing that, Rex tells Mitch he better stay away from Rex’s family or else Mitch will really find out how much Rex is “his son.” Hearing that, Mitch warns Rex that his “surrogate daddy” Bo Buchanan who is so important to Rex is going down. At that point, Fish enters to inform Rex that his time is up. Again, Mitch gloats. Outside the room, Fish asks Rex if he is okay. Rex tells Fish that that guy is not human. Fish then remarks that Stacy said the same thing after talking to Mitch in his room. Hearing that, Rex demands to know when Stacy went to talk to Mitch.

Kim rushes to meet Clint and helps him with his administrative paperwork. At that point, he asks her if she could accompany him to the new Mayor’s Inaugural Ball. In response to that, she tells him that she doesn’t have any clothes to wear and doesn’t want to be an embarrassment to him. He tells her he can take care of that. He then calls his chauffeur and asks them to take Ms. Andrews shopping.

Natalie talks to Bo and Nora and tells them it’s great that Matthew is ready to walk again. She indicates that she has no clue that her father has broken up with Nora and that Nora is back with Bo. Before Nora can continue the conversation with Natalie, Dorian enters to invite them all to the Mayoral Ball. An invitation planner announces, Mr. and Mrs. Clint Buchanan, Commissioner Bo Buchanan and “guest,” Lieutenant John McBain and “guest,” until Bo interrupts him.

Schuyler tells Rachel that it may be correct that he is rationalizing, but he still believes that he is right. Maybe Rex is meant to be with somebody else. Maybe he was meant to be with Gigi.

Noelle informs Gigi for the first time that Schuyler is homeless. Roxy threw him out of her hotel. Hearing that, Gigi is obviously surprised and secretly knows what that means. Before they can continue their conversation, Shane enters. He tells his mom he has to get back to watch the Super Bowl with his dad, so he has to go. Alone with Gigi, Noelle affirms to her that she must know that she is a great mom.

Rex goes to see Stacy and demands to know why she would ever consider talking to Mitch Laurence. Doesn’t she know that he is a dangerous man? Hearing that, she plays Rex into believing that she is afraid of Mitch and that he would hurt “their” baby. At that point, she tells him that she felt a kick. Hearing that, he tells her that it would only seem that when the pregnancy is this far along, the baby would kick by now.

At the station, Dorian tells Bo and Nora that since there is a new administration, the police commissioner and DA must both be there. Nora must bring Clint. Hearing that, Nora tells her that Clint “may not come”. Dorian encourages John to bring Marty. But he tells her he’s pretty certain that they have plans. She tells Natalie that she would really like her to come if she feels up to it. Natalie admits that she does not feel like celebrating. Dorian then assures Natalie she intends to do everything she can do in order to get Mitch Laurence off the streets. She reminds Bo and Nora that if they don’t support her, they cannot expect her endorsement. At that point, they reluctantly agree.

Stacy asks Rex if he wants to feel the baby kick. He tells her yes but is emotionless. She seems like she really loves this unborn child. Her phone rings. Mitch tells her it’s time for his answer. She tells him no. He tells her she needs to tell him if she will give him her baby. She tells him not to call back and hangs up. Rex asks her who that was. She tells him it was a wrong number.

Clint and Kim get back from the store where he’s bought her some expensive clothing to take her to Dorian’s Mayoral Ball. He is ready to pick her up and have her as his date.

Nora asks Bo if he believes that they are being total idiots to comply with Dorian’s demands to attend her ball. He tells her they can just attend briefly and then split. She reminds him that they have not even told Matthew about their plans. Clint could tell him first and hurt him because of them. Bo assures her that Clint has nothing against Matthew even if he’s angry at them. They can spend time together later.

Clint and Dorian talk on the phone still ready to work together to publicly embarrass Bo and Nora.

Schuyler calls Gigi who is very happy to hear from him. Since they both have no plans for New Year's, she invites him to spend it with her. He tells her there’s nobody he’d rather spend New Year's Eve with than her. 

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