OLTL Update Tuesday 12/22/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 12/22/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Natalie decorates her tree alone in her home and cries when she sees a Christmas tree ornament of herself and Jared together. Right then, she hears (or believes she hears) a knock on her door.

Meanwhile, Stacy goes to visit Mitch Laurence in his hospital bed. He “graciously” tells her how kind it is of her to visit him while in her “delicate” condition and given that she must have heard how evil he is to have murdered Jared Banks.

When Natalie gets her door, she envisions that it’s Jared there for her and that his death has all been a nightmare. It’s Rex. He can see that her mind is elsewhere and asks his sister if she is ok.

Meanwhile, Schuyler has gone to visit Gigi in her new place at Vicki’s cabin in the wilderness. And he kisses her. Right then, he pulls away from her and remarks that this is the “second time he’s taken leave of his senses”.

Bo goes with Nora to the hotel she’s moved to after she’s left Clint’s home. They assess that they have some problems on their hands when they noticed that they just provoked Clint to want to blow them away with a shot gun.

Meanwhile, Clint is alone in his home and gets a call from Kim. She asks if he is ok and if there is anything she can do. She tells him she’s really sorry that this things happened between his wife and his brother and wishes she could make him forget all about it. She suggests that he comes over to hang out with her. Maybe have some popcorn and watch some cheesy Christmas movies or something? He tells her he appreciates her concern but he’s ok alone. Right then, Nigel enters and asks his boss if he is ok and admits that things have really gotten out of control.

When Bo and Nora are alone in the hotel, he asks her just how it is that Clint could have found out about the two of them. They were planning on waiting and seeing how things would play out after letting Dani stay with her and Matthew and helping Matthew to walk and everything. She admits that she really hasn’t a clue how or from whom Clint could have found out. All she knows is that she was ready to pick up Matthew and Dani and before she left, she entered the bedroom to see Clint. And she discovered him in their bed with another woman. He surprised her and admitted to her that he found out that she and Bo have been together. But they haven’t a clue just how it could have happened.

Back at the house, Renee gets up and tells Nigel that she can see that he has something on his mind. She remarks that she thought that Nora and Matthew would be back by now. He then tells her that he regrets to inform her that Mrs. Buchanan and Mr. Matthew won’t be living there anymore. At that point, Renee notices Clint’s shotgun out of its case. And she knows that Bo and Nora must have fallen in love again.

After Bo finds out for the first time that Nora caught Clint in bed with another woman, he asks who on earth the woman could have been. Nora replies that it was allegedly his new secretary. Bo asks if it’s the one they’ve had for many years knowing that is highly unlikely. She replies no. It was some younger, trampy little thing and she hasn’t a clue where she came from. And what really shocked her was that Clint admitted that he was not having sex with Kim. He told her that he put on a show for her. And she could clearly see the anger and the hurt in Clint’s eyes from their falling in love with each other.

After Schuyler kisses Gigi at her new place and she does not stop him, they admit that it was yet again not an accident. She admits that she is not certain what to do regarding Rex and the fact that he got her sister pregnant. So what do they do, she asks? Go out on a date? He tells her he has a better idea.

When Rex comes by to see Natalie, she tells him she doesn’t want to keep him if he’s busy. She knows that Gigi is probably waiting for him. But that is not the case. He is concerned about his sister. She admits that she remembers when she and Jared were taking care of Jessica’s kids last summer. They thought about the two of them having kids when the time was right. And she was thinking of that very thing when she decorated her tree and gazed at hers’ and Jared’s wedding picture. Rex then asks Natalie if she thinks it might be possible that she is pregnant.

In Mitch’s hospital room, he seems to know exactly what Stacy wants and why she is there to talk to him. He tells her he can strike a deal with her. If she gives him what he wants, he can make certain that she and Rex spend the rest of their lives together.

Outside Mitch’s room, while he talks to Stacy, Fish observes that the other cop left for a while and tells him he cannot leave Mitch “unattended” even for a moment.

Inside the room, Mitch tells Stacy he knows all about how she is wiling to stop at nothing in order to “win his son’s heart”.

Rex admits to Natalie that he has a serious problem with finding out that Mitch is his biological father. And now Stacy is not only carrying his child with the issues going along with it that he does not want. This baby is Mitch Laurence’s grandchild.

Mitch tells Stacy that he really admires her tenacity. He tells her he knows all about how she followed Rex’s mother, unseen into the clinic and the big secret. She knows that his blood saved his grandson, Shane’s life. And then recently when he was unconscious and got a blood transfusion, she stole a tube of his blood in order to get “leverage” with Rex.

Right then, Gigi and Schuler are happily together ready to chop down a tree and be together. He acknowledges that she is upset to know that her sister is carrying her boyfriend’s baby and realizes he better not tell her that that is not the case.

Stacy remarks to Mitch that he is “really creepy”. She asks how he could know so much about her and just what he would want from her.

At the house, Renee tells Nigel that the last thing she could ever imagine would be that Nora could cheat on Clint with his brother. She then asks him just where Clint is right now. In response to that, Nigel admits that he now has some real “disconcerting information.”

Clint then reconsiders Kim’s offer and goes to visit her. He admits to her that after she left, he pulled a gun on his wife and his brother. He needs to cool off and maybe vent without all the gossip going around in his home.

Bo and Nora talk about whether Clint might have really blown them away.

Alone with Kim, Clint tells her about the situation and admits that he so wanted to blow their heads off.

Bo tells Nora that Clint would have never fired that gun. But she tells him regardless, he wanted to. She could see it in his eyes. That is what she pushed him to. Resorting to this thing with some low life bimbo. Pulling a shot gun on them. That’s what their love has caused Clint to do.

Clint tells Kim that what really irks him is that neither of them had the guts to tell him what they were up to behind his back. And his brother has the gall to judge him.. And maybe he made a serious mistake to marry his brother’s ex wife.

Bo tells Nora that maybe they made a serious mistake. Look at all the damage they have caused and all the people they have hurt.

Kim tells Clint that he should not believe that he’s been made a fool of. It’s Nora who is a fool to have done what she did.

After Gigi and Schuyler go out in the woods and attempt to find a tree, he tells her that he could not bring himself to cut down a tree. He doesn’t want to be accused of killing wildlife. At that point, she reflects that this is the first conversation they have had that is not about Rex or Stacy or the big mess.

Stacy asks Mitch just what his dastardly plan is. He tells her that Rex has just fathered a new born baby child who is his own flesh and blood. He asks her if she does not know what a “gift” that is. She asks what Rex’s child has to do with him. He then reflects to her that he has a daughter named Jessica who does not love him and wants to keep her kids away from him. She then asks what that has to do with her or Rex or their baby. He tells her that he does not really care about either of them. But it’s his grandchild that he wants to “take back” with him.

Outside Mitch’s room, the cop tells Fish that it doesn’t really matter if he “left his post” for a short time. Nobody is in there. Fish tells him that he does not know that. It’s detrimental to leave the entry to Mitch’s room unattended for even a moment.

Mitch tells Stacy that his new born grandchild needs to be molded into something pure that will not be tarnished. He tells her she must realize that she could care less about the baby. She doesn’t need it. She only wants to use it as leverage against Rex. So why not let him have the child for his “workings”.? She then asks him why he doesn’t want to “mold” Rex’s brat son Shane instead of her child.. He tells her he knows there’s no point in that. Shane is too old to be purified. Rex has already poisoned his mind against his grandfather. She asks what Mitch intends to do with her child and what he plans to offer her if she does what he wants. But before they can continue their conversation, Fish walks in and tells Stacy she must get out of there at once. She needs to know that this man is dangerous. She cannot be left alone in this room with Mitch. He escorts Stacy out before she can find out what Mitch’s “plan” is.

Rex informs Natalie that he and Gigi are living apart. He told her that she needs to figure out what is important to her. He knows that she might be interested in somebody else. He has some real issues that he cannot cope with finding out that Mitch is his father. Gigi has been emotionally unavailable to him as he knows he has been to her regarding Stacy’s baby.

Meanwhile, Gigi and Schuyler are happily together alone in her new place.

In the hospital hallway, Fish asks Stacy if Mitch threatened her. He can see by her expression that she looks spooked. Noticing his “uncharacteristic” concern and chivalry toward her, she ask shim what is up. He admits to her that he does feel a sense of loyalty and reverence to her. She did help to wake him up that one night when he was in a really bad state of mind and afraid to admit that he is gay. He knows she is pregnant now. And he realizes that that baby could have been his from that night they were together. So he feels a connection to her.

Nigel admits to Renee that he is really disappointed in Mr. Clint for going to spend time alone with Kimberly. She seems like kind of a low life, not to be trusted and not to mention, young enough to be his daughter.

Meanwhile, Clint and Kim are alone in the apartment drinking, talking and listening to music she likes.. He remarks to her that he finds it kind of odd that she would appear so friendly to him. She’s an attractive young woman and young enough to be his daughter. It doesn’t seem “credible”. What is more, he informs her, he “checked out” her resume. He found out that she has never before worked as an administrative assistant. She has spent her entire adult life working as a stripper in sin city. Hearing that, she asks him why then didn’t he fire her after finding that out. He replies that the reason he didn’t fire her is because he thought that she might come in handy some day. And she did. He did like having her in his bed when Nora walked in on them. But he would like some answers to some questions. Did his son in law, Jared hire her? Did she learn about B.E. through Jared?. Or is that a lie too?

Back at the house, Nigel asks Renee just how Matthew is going to deal with his uncle Clint throwing his mother and him out of the house and that his mother and his father are back together. She tells him she that she knows that she always wanted Bo and Nora back together. But not at this cost.

Bo tells Nora that he knows that living a lie and covering this up any longer would not have done any good. And it would have only hurt Clint more.

Clint confirms to Kim that when he saw his daughter distraught and ready to go off the wall in anger toward her, it was because she rubbed Natalie’s nose in the thought that she had a private conversation with Natalie’s deceased husband or maybe more. Kim then admits that Natalie had good reason to want to kill her. He tells her that he does not intend to judge. But he wonders just what her motive would be to seek him and his company out and go to these drastic measures. Again she asks him if he intends to fire her. Right then, Stacy enters. Clint then tells the two of them that he has to get going. But Stacy urges him not to rush off on her account. She can make herself scarce if he wants to be alone with Kim. He then looks at Kim in a friendly manner. He tells her he enjoyed himself with her. Yet he indicates to her that she must know that she can’t fool her new boss. He grabs his coat and departs. Alone with Kim, Stacy tells her that she really is “moving fast”. She picks up the booze and notices that they drank together. Kim asks Stacy how it went with Rex’s father.

After Rex tells Natalie that he and Gigi might be through, she urges him not to give up on Gigi. Maybe it’s just a passing phase that she thinks she’s interested in Schuyler. She urges her brother to know that this is the one chance he has before it’s too late. She would give anything to be able to make things right with Jared but she can’t. He tells her that he’d rather just go to the video store, rent a movie, and bring Shane over to visit her in her grief over Jared and not think about Gigi. But she urges him to know that Gigi is still here so he must not make her only a memory.

Nora gets ready to leave the hotel and tells Bo she has to pick up the kids and tell Téa that Dani is going to be staying at the hotel not far from her mom. She is worried about how things are going to turn out. She goes out the door.

Clint returns home. Renee and Nigel have been waiting up for him. She wants to play gin rummy with him and Nigel has silver to polish, she tells him. But Clint tells Nigel he is relieved of his silver polishing duties for tonight and he encourages Nigel and Renee to have fun together. He compliments Nigel on the Christmas lights and goes upstairs.

Kim tells Stacy that it appears that Clint kind of “likes” her. He might want to get laid. But knowing that he could pay for it if that’s all he wanted, she is kind of puzzled as to what he wants with her. They both know that it’s a good sign of Clint likes her. Stacy reflects that she has a similar “question” about that Mitch Laurence guy.

In Mitch’s room, Fish rushes in and demands to know why he is acting so happy. Mitch tells Fish that his spirit and his being is living on through his progeny.

Right then, we see Rex outside the door of Gigi’s new place, in the dark and snow and cold, looking depressed and hollow inside. They are inside happily together and not giving him a thought.

Mitch remarks to Fish that he really feels sorry for the fact that as a homosexual, Fish will never have the joy of passing on his genes and having descendants.

Right then, alone in her place, Natalie does a home pregnancy test. She sees the spirit of Jared standing by her asking if they have a child together. She notices that it’s come back negative. She cries bitterly and tells Jared that she will never have anything of his again. He’s gone forever. But he tells her that is not true. His spirit lives on. She then watches an old Christmas movie about people finding their way back to each other when they thought that they would never be together again.

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