OLTL Update Monday 12/21/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 12/21/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Noelle helps Gigi move into her new place. She asks her if she really thinks she will be okay at Viki’s cabin in the wilderness all by herself. Gigi affirms that she will be okay. She just needs to figure out what she wants. Noelle then clarifies that it’s more like “who” she wants--Rex or Schuyler.

At that moment, Schuyler gets a call on his cell. He sees it’s from Stacy and does not answer it. She tells him that he is very foolish not to declare his feelings for Gigi.

Kyle brings Nick home from the hospital and lets him stay at Angel Square with him. Roxy tells them that maybe it’s not a good idea for Kyle to “shack up” with his ex. Oliver won’t appreciate that. Oliver appears in uniform and reveals that he is also helping Nick get acclimated staying with Kyle.

Kim returns to Stacy and is confident that she can “have” Clint. He is furious with Bo and Nora, and Nora just caught Clint in the sack with her.

Meanwhile, Clint aims his rifle at Bo and Nora.

In Mitch’s’ hospital bed, Dorian tells Mitch that she cannot fire Bo. He must know that everybody loves him.

Bo urges Clint to put the gun down. Clint reminds his brother that Asa would not let anybody who sleeps with his wife get away with it. He’d blow the bastard’s head off. Bo urges Clint to put the gun down and know that he does not want to do this. Clint asks his brother if he’s so sure of that. Nora tells Clint that shooting them will not solve anything. He tells her that it’s amazing that she talks now. All during the time they’ve been married and before their wedding day, she didn’t speak a word. He knows that she must have married him only for “insurance.” Bo protests that that is not the way it was. Clint tells them that he has been alone in his house trusting both of them. He didn’t have a problem with their being together because of Matthew and couldn’t imagine that they could do something like what they did. He has his family crises when his son-in-law was murdered. He realized that, maybe, he had to take care of himself without Nora. Now he finds that they have been messing around behind his back without so much the courtesy or courage to tell him what they are doing. Bo then tells his brother that he wishes this never had to happen. He owes him an apology. If he goes through with shooting them, it will hurt many people including Jessica and Natalie. Clint then puts the gun down but warns Bo and Nora that they are going to get what is coming to them.

Stacy tells Kim she has some good news of her own. Gigi moved out of the place she was staying with Rex. It appears they have broken up. It may not be permanent. But it’s a step in the right direction.

Rex goes to Angel Square and tells Schuyler that he must know that Gigi has moved out on him. Schuyler tells Rex that he has heard but doesn’t plan to “take advantage” of the situation. Rex tells Schuyler that regardless of what he wants or what he believes will happen, Gigi will come home to be with him and their son. Schuyler knows that Rex has his doubts about that. Maybe he is the reason she moved out. Rex clarifies that Gigi did not walk out on him. She just needed some time for herself. It was he who suggested that. He tells Schuyler that that is what people in committed relationships are able to do. He tells Schuyler that there is nothing for him in Llanview. So maybe he should go. Schuyler then reminds Rex that he planned on doing so, but it was Gigi who urged him not to move out of town. She didn’t want him to leave.

Gigi reminds Noelle that Rex got her pregnant many years ago when she was in high school. He then took off and she couldn’t find him. Now he has gotten her sister pregnant. Noelle clarifies that the high school pregnancy was an accident. Rex did not even know that she was pregnant. Very possibly if he’d known, he would have come back. The Stacy thing was an accident. She then asks Gigi about Schuyler. Gigi admits that Schuyler is hot and she likes him, but he has some issues. He has been an addict. He had this “life” in Vegas with her sister. Noelle tells Gigi that she thinks Gigi does not need anybody to tell her what she wants in her life and who she wants.

Oliver attempts to help Nick get situated into Kyle’s place. Outside, in the hallway, Roxy demands to know if he is moving Nick into his bed. Kyle attempts to clarify that they are not sleeping in the same bed. She reminds him that she knows exactly how many beds are in each room in this place. It’s not going to go over well with Oliver. He tells her that Nick knows that Kyle and Oliver are together. Roxy tells Kyle he needs to know that this is more than just helping Nick and being his friend. It could cost him the love of his life. Kyle enters. Oliver asks them a question knowing there is only one bed. He asks them where they are each going to sleep.

Schuyler tells Rex that if he slept with Stacy even once without protection, then he must know that he made a serious mistake and is responsible for the consequences. Roxy comes down and tells him that he cannot stir the pot with her son. Maybe he needs to move out of her building. Schuyler tells Rex that all he ever wanted was for Gigi to be happy. And it does not appear that she is with Rex. Alone with Rex, Roxy tells her son that she knows that she failed to take care of him throughout his life. But she is going to be there for him now.

After Mitch tells Dorian that she needs to get Bo fired, she asks him just whom would take his place as police commissioner. He tells her he has the perfect person in mind for the job and gives her his famous smirk.

Clint tells Bo that he will get what is coming to him even if his brother does not pull the trigger. Nora will cheat on him just like she did before. He remembers Sam Rappaport. He (himself) did not see that she cheated on both of them until it was too late. Clint tells Bo that Nora appears to be such a successful career woman, but underneath all of that, she is a lying, cheating whore. Hearing that, Bo tells Clint he must not speak that way about her.

Kim tells Stacy she still does not understand how she needs Rex’s father’s blood. Stacy tells her that if they do a paternity test, she can use that. She has to find out how to make the switch between Rex and his “father.” Kim then asks her what she knows about Rex’s father. Hearing that, Stacy asks her friend to be certain never to tell anybody what she has found out about Rex’s father. She has some files from the clinic about him.

Mitch tells Dorian that it is not himself who he wants to designate as the new police commissioner. She asks who he has in mind. When he does not answer, she turns her back to leave and tells him she refuses to work with him. He then reminds her that if she refuses to do what he wants, she will be the one to lose.

Nick tells Kyle that he is not going to expect anybody to take care of him. He has to get up and get things going again.

Rex tells Roxy that it’s a lot to process with suddenly finding out that Mitch Laurence is his father. She tells him she realizes that and wants to be there for him now. He tells her that that is a bit too much for Gigi. He admits to his mother that it was his idea for Gigi to move out. She then demands why he would throw the mother of her grandson out of the house. She does not want Gigi to start seeing Schuyler. She tells him that he must not give up on Gigi. He has been able to salvage relationships before, and he can do it again. He tells her he is not so sure that he and Gigi can salvage their relationship.

Noelle tells Gigi that he will be there for her. She knows that regardless of what is going on with other people in Gigi’s life, Gigi needs to think about herself. Right when Noelle goes out the door, Schuyler appears at the door.

Kyle attempt to help Nick to walk. He has injured ribs and his arm is in a sling. Oliver stands outside the door. Kyle asks him how he is doing. Oliver Fish remarks to Kyle that it appears that now Nick knows things about Kyle’s lifestyle that Oliver does not know. Hearing that, Kyle asks Oliver if he is getting jealous and reminds Oliver that Layla must know a lot of things about Oliver that Kyle does not . They live together. He and Layla are just friends. Kyle and Nick are the same thing. Oliver, obviously, has his doubts about whether Kyle and Nick are just friends.

Schuyler goes to see Gigi and informs her that Rex informed him that she moved out. He told Schuyler that she just needed to take some time for herself. She admits to Schuyler that is not entirely true. It was Rex who asked her to leave.

Stacy tells Kim that she is going to keep the tube of Rex’s father’s blood and hopefully use it as leverage. Kim talks about her own leverage in helping to end Clint’s marriage.

Nora faces Clint and tells him that he may be correct that she and Bo should never have split up. It took the crises with Matthew for them to figure that out. She tells him they both love him and would never intentionally hurt him nor intend to cheat on him. He looks at her with no expression and tells her if that is all she has to say, he is not interested. He tells her if she does not mind, he would like a moment alone with his brother. He tells Nora congratulations. She has not only destroyed a marriage, she has destroyed a family. Bo enters the living room. He tells his brother he does not know what to say. At that point, Clint decks Bo. Bo falls over and gets up and tells Clint he may hit him. He may shoot him, but it’s not going to change anything. He tells Clint that he has had his own issues with women. Bo tries to protest to his brother that Clint needs to do his own personal inventory. Clint then tells Bo he wants him out of his home. Before Bo leaves, Clint tells him that he is dead to him. He tells Bo he no longer has a brother.

Kim and Stacy talk about how it’s a real drag that Nigel will not spill the beans to Clint and is so loyal. At least Kim has her job. She can still work on Clint. They believe that now that Schuyler is moving in on Gigi and she is done with Rex, Stacy has a possibility with Rex. She knows that she has to wear the pregnancy pillow to make it look like she is farther along than she is so that it will appear that Rex could be the father of her baby. That would mean that this baby is a Laurence.

Dorian asks Mitch how she could possibly benefit from having one of his “friends” as the police commissioner. She will have to answer for why the crime rate has gone way up and why he is not going to prison. She tells him that he is going back to prison, and she won’t prevent it from happening.

Kyle kisses Oliver right when Nick walks out of he bathroom. Kyle walks Oliver out the door and asks if they should talk later on the phone. Kyle kisses Oliver again. Oliver admits that there is some tension. They kiss again, more out in the hallway, unafraid. Right then, Nick’s phone rings. It’s Roxy. She tells him that she thinks she might have an extra room available now that Schuyler has moved out. Nick can have a place of his own and Oliver doesn’t have to lose his man. Rex appears and tells his mother that he has to go and see Gigi. She tells her son that he has to let Gigi come back to him on her own.

When Schuyler appears at Gigi’s door, she tells him that the whole reason she moved here in the first place was to clear her head. It wasn’t for any other reason. She admits to him that she could not tell Rex what he really wanted to hear. She then asks if maybe the two of them should talk because they haven’t really had the chance to do that and they have always been avoiding this topic. She asks him if he wants to talk.

Oliver tells Kyle he has to get to work, and Kyle has to take care of Nick. He tells Kyle that he cannot be selfish. Nick was courageous enough to take a hit for all of them. Kyle returns to Nick. He sees that Nick got a call from Roxy and asks what she wanted. Nick lies and tells him that she just wanted to know of they needed more linen. He says nothing about the vacant room she wanted to offer him.

Nora waits for Bo outside the house. When she sees that Clint hit him in the face and he’s bleeding, she tells him she’s outraged that Clint could do that. She was so terribly worried that Clint could have shot him. She holds him and tells him she won’t let Clint hurt him. They both know that they have a lot of things to sort out. They leave.

Clint is inside alone with the smashed glass and the shattered wedding picture. He looks at the picture of his father, Asa, on the wall as if he can sense his father’s presence watching him. He admits to Asa that the gun was not loaded. With perfect timing, Kim calls him and asks if he is okay. She tells him that she was concerned about him and doesn’t want him to be alone if he prefers not to be.

In Mitch’s hospital room, he asks Dorian what it is going to be. She then goes outside, observes police and security and tells them that as Mayor she expects them all to watch over Mitch Laurence like a hawk. Stacy enters, greets “Mr. Laurence,” and assumes that he has never met her. He tells her he knows all about who she is.

Schuyler and Gigi are happily together not wanting to admit their feelings toward each other. He kisses her.

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