OLTL Update Friday 12/18/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 12/18/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Markko and Langston are together at Buenos Dias and remark that he is supposed to be working and she is supposed to be studying. They can both clearly see that they have other “priorities” for being alone together.

Dorian goes to Mitch’s hospital room and confronts him about the picture he sent her of her family and x's drawn on all of their faces. He asks her if she thinks he “did” this. He smirks knowing how to press all of her buttons.

Blair goes to see Téa in Téa’s hospital room. Téa assumes Blair is there to confront her. Blair admits that she wants to apologize to her.

When Todd is with Starr in the living room, a picture of Dani that Téa gave him falls out of his pocket. She picks it up off the floor and asks who that is. Todd replies that that is Téa’s daughter.

Nora walks into hers’ and Clint’s bedroom and is surprised to see her husband in bed. She sees him alone in the bed at first and asks if he is “sick.” At that moment, Kim makes herself known and declares that he has never been better. Nora then demands to know who Kim is and why she is wearing Nora’s robe. Clint tells her that what she sees appears to be an affair. Kim introduces herself in a cocky manner. Clint informs Nora that she is his new administrative assistant. They tell Nora that she hasn’t had any way of knowing anything about what Clint has done, whom he has met or who has been hired at B.E. She was obviously busy “getting off” somewhere.

Destiny goes to find Matthew at the Buchanan house. She demands that Nigel tell her where he is so that she can declare her feelings to Matthew. Nigel tells her that Matthew is not at home. He went to the diner with Dani.

Meanwhile, at Buenos Dias, Dani tells Matthew that she cannot live with the fact that her dad has been killed. She loves him .She doesn’t love any of the other people who think they care about her. They have no respect or regard for her dad. They won’t even give him a proper funeral. She can’t even say goodbye to her dad. She is furious and distraught.

Blair admits to Téa that she was wrong in the scheming she’s being doing recently regarding Ross, Todd and Dani. She admits that she should not have kept the secret about Todd’s daughter and she owes Téa an apology, especially, now that it looks like Ross may have been killed because of it. Téa does not seem to buy that Blair is sincere and tells her her apology is not accepted.

After Starr hears Todd talking about Téa’s daughter, she admits that she never before heard that Téa had a daughter. She then concludes that THAT must have been Téa’s “big secret,” and her mom (Blair) has been lying about Téa marrying Todd to take his money. She then asks her father who Dani’s father would be. Todd wants to evade the question but knows that Starr is not going to stop grilling him until he answers, so he tells her that Dani’s father is Ross Rayburn, Téa’s ex- husband. Hearing that, Starr asks where Ross is. Todd admits to his daughter that he may have killed Ross. Hearing that, Starr is overwhelmed.

Téa tells Blair that an “I’m sorry” won’t cut it. Blair ruined her divorce and her marriage. Blair tells Téa she cannot control Todd’s behaviors. Téa tells Blair that she played Todd. Blair tells Téa they both must accept that Todd is what he is and does what he does. Téa tells Blair that she and Todd deserve each other as messed up as they both are. Blair then asks Téa if she (Téa) is so perfect. Téa tells Blair that she (herself) does not intend to hurt people. Blair, on the other hand, sent Ross after not only her but Dani as well. Blair tells Téa that she is truly sorry and wishes Téa wouldn’t’ blame her for everything. She wishes she could help her with the fact that her teenage daughter hates her. She understands what that’s like all too well. Téa then tells Blair if she really wants to help Dani, then she needs to apologize to her for her father getting killed and tell her about her (Blair's) problems where she (Blair) would stop at nothing in order to get her hooks back into Todd.

At Buenos Dias, Matthew suggests to Dani that maybe the two of them can have a memorial service for Ross even if others don’t care about him. He tells her that he understands how she feels about her father and she need not get upset over her mother’s opinions.

Bo finds out from another cop at the station that more than likely Mitch Laurence will pull through and get out of the hospital soon. Bo admits that that is a disappointment. The cop tells Bo that Mitch has a visitor in his hospital room. It’s Mayor Dorian Lord.

In Mitch’s hospital room, he tells Dorian that he would never do anything to “harm” the Cramer girls. She tells him she knows what he did. She reminds him that she is now the Mayor of Llanview. He then tells her that he could use her influence for something, and there might be something “in it” for her. She asks him what on earth he is talking about.

At Buenos Dias, Markko tells Langston that although he is not superstitious, he does believe what Madam Delphina has predicted that “somebody” in her home could be in danger.

Assessing what she has just seen between Clint and Kim, Nora asks if this was “revenge” to her for being out of town. Kim then asks Nora to step outside so that she can get dressed. Nora furiously tells her she is not going anywhere. Kim tells her that she needs to get dressed and needs some privacy. Alone with Clint, she removes her robe. He tells her that he will happily offer her a raise and appreciates her help. She leaves. Nora then demands to know what is going on. Clint tells her that it “started” the night before their wedding at the lodge. He couldn’t figure out what was going on. He talks about his “experience” with Kim as though he is her that night with Bo. He tells her that he just found Kim one night. They were in the moonlight together at the lodge one night and they kissed. He then tried to pretend it didn’t happen and went through with marrying Nora (similar to her alibi regarding Bo and him). He later realized that he was not in love with Nora and was in love with Kim. He had many excuses and alibis for not telling her what happened. She knows all too well how “these things work.” He asks her if she does not know exactly what he is talking about. She then concludes that he must “know.”

In Mitch’s hospital room, he tells Dorian that he thinks he can be of use to her. She scoffs and asks him why he would say such a thing. He tells her that the two of them can work together. With her power and influence and his genius, they can benefit each other. She asks how he can be a genius strapped to a hospital bed. He tells her strapped or not, he knows where all of the Cramer women are. Starr is with her father talking back at the house. Langston is at Buenos Dias with her boyfriend, Markko. Blair is in Seattle looking for Téa Delgado. Bo enters and asks what he has just walked in on. Viewing Dorian and Mitch in the same room, he asks if this is a meeting of the minds. Dorian shows Bo the picture of all of the women with red x's over their faces.

Blair tells Téa that no matter how much Téa might want to vilify her, the fact still remains that Téa lied to Todd by never telling him he had a daughter, and she lied to Dani about whom her real father is.

Todd informs Téa that Ross attempted to get his own daughter killed by asking her to jump off a bridge with him. He prevented that from happening by shooting Ross. He knows that regardless of his heroic deed, Daniela hates him for it.

Destiny finds Matthew at Buenos Dias sitting with Daniela. She puts her foot in her mouth by telling Dani she can see that she (Dani) got rescued and she (Destiny) hopes that Dani’s crazy father went to jail for kidnapping his daughter and pulling a gun on her (herself). Hearing that, Dani blasts Destiny. She reminds Destiny if she had not ratted Dani out when Dani found her way back to the Seattle hospital this would not have happened. Dani tells destiny that her (Destiny’s) brother was too cowardly to operate on Matthew so they both had to escape. Destiny protests that her brother successfully performed surgery on Matthew. Dani is furious and storms out the door. Alone with Destiny, Matthew tells her she mustn’t take that personally. Dani is furious and upset and not herself. From inside the kitchen, Langston and Markko overhear them and come to make certain everything is okay.

At the Buchanan house, Kimberly rushes down the stairs while Clint confronts Nora upstairs. Noticing her, Nigel asks what happened to her clothes. She tells him he may ask his boss, because it was Clint’s idea.

Upstairs, after Nora concludes to Clint that he “must know,” he asks her what she believes he knows. He asks her just what her excuse was for not telling him that she was kissing his brother that night and that she and Bo have been carrying on their affair throughout the time they (himself and Nora) got married and this entire time. She tells him that she was grieving. She hadn’t a clue what to do. She didn’t fully understand the feelings she had for Bo. She believes that all that mattered was that she loved him (Clint). She brushed aside all of her doubts. He then tells her that for once in her life she needs to have the guts and the courtesy to tell him the truth. She then admits to Clint that she is in love with his brother.

In Mitch’s hospital room, Bo asks Dorian just what she and Mitch are talking about. She reminds Bo that she is now the mayor. That means she is his boss. He tells her that he just wants to know why the mayor would be having a private conversation with a sociopath. She then shows Bo the photo of the Cramer women with a red "x" written on their faces.

After Nora admits to Clint that she is in love with his brother, she protests that she and Bo did not know, couldn’t understand and certainly did not plan it. They thought that they could just be friends and forget that one kiss. She knew what he (Clint) was going through regarding Natalie and Jessica and she and Bo were busy with Matthew. He asks her what her excuse is staying married to him and having sex with his brother. She protests that she and Bo have never slept together. He tells her that he does not believe a word she says. He can’t believe how stupid and gullible he was to believe her all the times she called him and told him she loved him. All along she just wanted to get off the phone and get back to getting it on with his brother. Nora cries and tells Clint that that is not what happened. At least she and Bo “tried” to do the right thing. She walks into her own bedroom and found her husband in bed banging some two bit whore. He then tells her that he and Kim never had sex. They just wanted her to believe that they were. He wanted to make her feel as stupid as he felt to find out about her and Bo.

When Nigel observes Kim rushing down the stairs half dressed, he is aware that she is “working” Clint, and he indicates that he might let her know what she did to him and to his cousin. She tells him that if he dares spill the beans, she can “clean house” once she has the authority and replace him. He tells her he knows he can never be replaced. He is a trusted member of this household.

Blair tells Téa she has a lot of gall telling Blair that she puts her “love life” before her kids. She happens to know that Téa hid Dani from Ross knowing how violent and crazy he could get. She didn’t even let Todd know that they had a daughter together just so that she could “test” to see if Todd wanted to marry her not knowing. Téa asks Blair if she planned on telling either of them the truth. Blair tells Téa that they are both responsible, and they need to “move past it.” Yet, Téa reminds Blair that a man is dead, and there is really nothing to “move past.”

Todd tells Starr about “Téa’s daughter” and how she hates him even though he saved her life. She affirms to her father that his kids love him. They never broach the subject about the fact that Dani is his daughter and Starr’s half sister.

After Destiny expresses to Dani that she hopes Dani’s “crazy father” went to jail for holding a gun on her (Destiny) and for kidnapping Dani and Blair, Dani goes off on Destiny telling her how dare she say that about her father. Dani tells Destiny that it’s her fault that Ross is dead. If Destiny hadn’t ratted Dani out for hiding at the Seattle hospital, Ross would not have taken anybody hostage and Todd Manning would not have shot him. They both argue about who is the “hero” in Matthew’s life and who has the right to blame and judge the other. Dani goes off and finds Todd’s house and tells him that he has ruined her life. So she will ruin his.

After Nigel notices Kim coming down the stairs after playing as though she was in bed with Clint, she warns him not to tell anybody or else she will replace him when she becomes the lady of the house. He tells her that nobody will let her replace him. He is a respected member of the household.

Nora tells Clint that she’s sorry she hurt him and that Bo hurt him. He must know that they never intended for this to happen. He tells her hat she is a coward. She took the “easy way out.” If she had any integrity, she wouldn’t be justifying herself. She would have admitted it before marrying him and lying to him. He doesn’t want to hear any more excuses. She tells him she realizes that he is angry and justifiably so, but he must know that she would never cheat on him. She loves him. She remembers “old hurts.” Hearing that, he asks her to spare him the details. She then concludes that maybe she should move out. He tells her he realizes that this is her house. Asa gave it to her. She is the daughter whom Asa never had. She has paid him back by cheating on both of his sons. So she may stay there.

Bo tells Mitch Laurence that the Llanview PD won’t let him get away with what he did. Mitch tells Bo he’s not afraid of any consequences for his actions. He then leaves Mitch alone with Dorian. Mitch privately tells Dorian that he would like some “assistance” if she becomes the mayor. She must prevent the police department from putting him away as they obviously plan to do. Bo’s phone rings. He goes outside to hear Nigel warning him that Clint knows what is up. Maybe he doesn’t want to bring Matthew and Dani home so soon.

Blair gets ready to leave Téa’s hotel room and tells Téa that she an be assured that she (Blair) did not “win” Todd. She concludes that Todd does not want either of them and might prefer Marty Saybrooke. Téa cries and tells Blair that she fell in love with Ross and married him. Blair seems surprisingly concerned. Téa confides in Blair about how she has had her issues with Ross but doesn’t want him dead. Now, her daughter hates her. Hearing that, Blair surprisingly seems sensitive to her about that.

Alone, Kim plots her plan to become Mrs. Clint Buchanan and take all of Clint’s money. She writes on a napkin Mrs. Kimberly Andrews Buchanan and then Mrs. Clint Buchanan.

Dorian asks Mitch why she would want to prevent the police from nailing him for his crimes. He tells her that he knows of a good reason why she would want to. If she does not, then he can put an end to the Cramer girls.

Langston and Markko talk about Matthew’s new friend, Dani. At that point, Markko reveals that he knows that he’s met Dani somewhere before.

After Nigel “warns” Bo about what might happen if he faces Clint, he rushes home to chivalrously be there for Nora. She cries and tells him that she is very worried about what could happen. He assures her that everything will turn out okay. At that point, Clint “surprises” them by pulling out a gun. He tells Bo, “Guess again, little brother.” 

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