OLTL Update Thursday 12/17/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 12/17/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

In Mitch’s hospital room, Brody and John argue about how it doesn’t sound credible that Mitch would have stabbed himself. John tells Brody if he wants to arrest or accuse somebody else of the stabbing, he will take the rap. Mitch is awake and very aware of all that is going on. He demands that Brody arrests John after what has been “admitted”. But Brody does not do it. Natalie appears and clearly does not want John to take the rap for what she did. John tells her she needs to wait outside. But she does not leave. Brody tells her that John is right. But Mitch knows that she is going to admit that it was herself that stabbed him. So she admits that that is what happened.

At the Seattle hospital, Dani is furious at her mother and at Todd. She tells Téa that she treated her father like garbage. So what if had a “temper” and they argued when she was a small child and their marriage didn’t work out. Does that make it ok for him to drown? Does that make it ok for him to never see his daughter again? She tells Téa and Todd that she wishes they had died instead of Ross.

Dorian tells Amelia, Madam Delphina, Starr, Cole, Langston and Markko that she is not afraid of Mitch Laurence. But the fortune teller seems to have a premonition that she is going to die.

Brody asks Mitch what he knows about getting stabbed. Mitch talks about how its’ clear to see that both he and John are a “sucker” for red heads. And they all know that he would not have any motive to kill himself. He was not afraid of going to prison as they want to falsely believe. He knows that John simply wanted to make something like that up so that Natalie would not go to jail for stabbing him. They saw the evidence and knew what the letter opener looked like. He remembers all about it. It had the initials, JB for Jared Banks. And he knows that John framed him. He found another knife and wanted to make it look like the fake murder weapon. He wanted to put Mitch’s prints on it to make the false charges stick. Mitch knows all that happened.

Nigel serves Clint and Kim some sandwiches. They both tell Nigel that he is the best. Alone with Clint, Kim reflects that this poor guy is embarrassed by all this. Clint reflects that Nigel worked for his father for many years and has seen many things. He’s been a very loyal and excellent butler. And it looks like Clint has a plan that he wants Kim to help him with.

Téa tells Dani she realizes that they have along way to go. And that is why she wants to take things one step at a time. But Dani keeps telling her mother that all she wants is to get away from her. Matthew and Nora tells Dani she can stay with them but they have to let her know it wont’ be forever. She is furious and tells her other to go to hell. Téa cries.

Mitch tells Brody if he searches John McBain, he will find the murder weapon. So Brody needs to stop standing still. He needs to do his job. But Brody does not budge.

Amelia tells Dorian that she is getting back with Madam Delphina. And they need to go about their quest to legalize gay marriages. Her plan is to take this bill to the legislature. And Delphina is going to be her partner.

Noticing how distraught Téa is, Todd tries to console her. Blair tells her that she must take heart knowing that Dani is her daughter regardless of circumstances. Téa then pulls out a pictures from her brief case and tells Todd this is the most recent picture she has of Dani. And Téa tells Todd that Ross would have killed her if he’d gotten her to jump off the bridge and attempt to swim. Todd had no choice but to shoot Ross. He saved Dani’s life. And, she tells Todd, Dani will come to realize that in time.

Amelia tells Dorian that she will always be grateful to her. But she hopes more than anything that they can part as friends. So she asks Dorian what does she say.

Kim announces to Clint that Bo and Nora are back. And it seems that they have a plan to make them pay for what they do. Bo and Nora enter with Matthew and Dani. Nigel greets them. Nora introduces Dani to Nigel.. Nora then asks Bo if he could take the kids to Buenos Dias so that she can talk to Clint. Hearing that, Dani asks if that means that she is in the way. Nora tells her of course not. But she thinks Dani will like the burgers at Buenos Dias. When Nora and Bo are alone, she tells him she knows that she will have to tell Clint the truth. But maybe tonight is not the night after she’s promised Téa to take care of her daughter.

Elijah accompanies Téa back to her hotel and tells her that she must know that Dani will get over hating her. She’s a teenager and she says things she does not mean. And Téa mustn’t blame herself. Maybe Dani defends Ross but she knows that Ross went too far and Dani will realize that sooner or later. But Téa appears distraught over the situation.

At the airport, Blair tries to console Todd. He tells her that he’s found out that he has a 15-year-old daughter for the first time in her life. And she believes that her father is a murderer. Blair reminds her ex-husband that Starr has told him she hates him many times. And they’ve gotten over that. But Todd tells Blair that at least Starr has always known that he is her father. He wonders what will happen as soon as Dani finds out the truth. Blair tells him that he needs to let it go and move forward. She tells him he just needs to give it time. She tells him he cannot just go back to an empty house. He needs to know that he has three wonderful children who want and need to see him. He needs to be with them even if he doesn’t want to be.

Dorian hugs Amelia good bye and tells Delphina she needs to lighten up. But the fortune teller tells them that she senses evil all around them. She knows that this is real and not fake. The Cramer women are in danger. Hearing that, Markko asks if that means Langston. Cole asks if that means Hope. Delphina tells them that what she knows is that Dorian has a message coming from some psychic messenger. They all asks from whom. She replies if she didn’t know better, she’d say Satan himself.

In Mitch’s hospital room, he tells Brody that John is putting him in a terrible position while hiding evidence. He tells Brody that when he looks at John and at Natalie, he must be able to see the truth. He knows about Brody’s issues with not being able to escape the truth. He got a young boy killed and couldn’t escape that truth. So he cannot escape the truth about the crime that Natalie committed. He asks Brody if he plans to put his neck on the line for him. John tells Mitch he can talk all he wants but nobody could care less about what he says. He tells them that somebody is going to take the rap for stabbing him. And he votes for John. He tells John that he thinks he should take the rap and let Natalie go free.

Dorian asks Delphina how it could be that the Cramer women are in danger and some evil “force” is sending her a package special delivery. Delphina tells Dorian that she will soon get something delivered to her from somebody who appears to be Satan. But Dorian is not worried about that. She tells the others that maybe Delphina is just trying to scare her because she was going to take Delphina's “woman” from her. Langston, Markko and Cole go off together. Alone with Dorian, Starr asks her aunt if she wants to stay up and read baby Hope a story with her. Dorian tells her niece maybe some other time. Starr goes up the stairs. Dorian then hears her doorbell ring. She asks who it is without opening the door. The delivery person tells her that they can’t just leave the package outside the door. They need a signature. Dorian then signs for the package. And she notices an envelope. It looks like a holiday greeting card.

Natalie tells Mitch that she knows she stabbed him. She is not going to let John take the rap for it. He killed Jared and she is not afraid of the consequences for stabbing him. John tells Mitch that nobody will be prosecuted for stabbing him. Mitch asks if he is really so certain of that.

Alone with Nora, Bo tells her he misses her already. But they know they better not kiss when they are in Clint’s home. He goes out the door. Nora goes into the living room.

Blair and Todd return home. Starr rushes to hug them. She asks what happened. But they are a bit hesitant to tell her. Blair asks where Dorian went. Starr tells her she doesn’t know. She was nearby not long ago. Blair asks if the boys are asleep. Starr tells her parents she’s really glad they are both home.

Alone in her hotel room, Téa opens her briefcase. She notices a portrait of Dani as a little girl. She then notices the art display that Téa made for her mom when she loved her. She talked about how her mommy so pretty and so smart and she will always love her with all of her heart. Dani learned French and her mommy always encouraged her to strive for excellence and be a princess. Dani told her mom that she will love her forever and ever. Téa remembers that and cries.

Nora enters the living room alone and notices that Clint is gone. And she notices the wedding picture thrown on the floor. She asks Nigel where Clint is. She tells him she will just go upstairs and unpack.

Outside Mitch’s hospital room, John tells Brody and Natalie that nobody is going to jail for stabbing Mitch. He stabbed himself. His prints are on the murder welcome. He wants Brody to report his “story” to I.A. He won’t let Brody get in any trouble for doing so. He wont’ let Natalie go to jail. But Brody knows that forensics will find out that he is lying. And both Brody and Natalie are very worried that John’s plan won’t work and will get all three of them in serious trouble.

Starr tells Todd that she heard that he was in “terrible trouble” while in Seattle. She wants to know what happened. Todd asks his daughter if he can just get his coat off before she interrogates him. But right then, a picture of Dani falls out of Todd’s pocket. Starr picks it up off the floor and asks who this is.

Meanwhile, Blair goes to see Téa at her hotel room.

Dorian goes to the hospital to talk to Mitch. She shows him the picture he sent her of her family with red X's over their faces. And she demands to know what he is doing.

At Buenos Dias, Matthew encourages Dani to patch things up with her mom. He tells her it’s not that he doesn’t want to see her. But he hopes things can work out. She tells him that she hates to be a drag. But she’d rather freeze in Llanview than stay with her mom and her mom’s evil boyfriend.. In response to that, Matthew tells her then it’s settled. She can stay with him and his mom. He knows that his uncle Clint will approve since he would do anything for Nora. He’s in love with her.

Right then, Nora walks into the bedroom. And she seems Clint in bed with Kim.

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