OLTL Update Tuesday 12/15/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 12/15/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Gigi goes to see Viki and greets her. She asks how Natalie and Charlie are holding up after Jared’s death. Viki admits that they are both distraught. She tells Gigi that this family will survive Mitch Laurence once again. But he seems to always come back to make their lives miserable. Gigi tells Viki that she really cares for her and her family. Viki tells Gigi that she is also a part of the family. But Gigi admits to Viki that the reason she came by was to let Viki know that she (Gigi) won't be around anymore. Something has happened.

Alone with Shane, Shane asks Rex why it is that his mom has left. Rex explains that she had some things she needed to figure out first. Shane asks his dad if they are still together. Rex does not know how to answer that.

Stacy and Kim are outside the Buchanan house ready to plot their plans to snag the men they want.

Nigel comes into Clint’s living room and notices the broken glass and the wedding picture that he smashed and threw on the floor. Clint admits to Nigel that he is upset but is very grateful to have such a great butler.

At the Seattle hospital, Greg announces to Matthew that he has good news. Matthew is free to leave. He doesn’t need to stay in the hospital any longer. Matthew tells him that’s great. But he doesn’t want to leave and go back to Llanview until he knows that Dani is ok. In the other room, Dani accompanies Téa, Todd, Blair Bo and Nora. Elijah is there to talk to them. Blair admits that Todd shot Ross when Ross attempted to take Dani with him and swim across the river to the Canadian border. And they are not certain if Ross survived. But when Dani hears that, she tells them no. Her father is still alive. Todd looks at her annoyed and indicating that she should see things differently./

Viki asks Gigi if she and Rex are braking up. Gigi admits to Viki that she is concerned about the way Rex has been shutting down after finding out for the first time that Mitch Laurence is his father. Hearing that, Viki informs Gigi that Jessica told her about that> And it doesn’t surprise her that finding that out would upset Rex. She asks Gigi if that has some6thign to do with why she is going away. Gigi tells Viki she wishes it was. And for once it’s not her sister that is making trouble for them. Gigi admits to Viki that she is looking at the problem.

Rex asks Shane just what type of explanation his mom offered for why she is going away. Shane tells his father that she told him that she has some things that she needs to work out. And she thought it would be best for everybody if she did that somewhere else. Shane admits to his dad that he kind of grilled and guilt tripped his mom by asking if she no longer loves them. Rex then tells his son that he does not want him to be angry wit his mom and he admits that it was also his decision to give her some space. Shane then asks his father if the end result of her going away is to end up with Schuyler.

Schuyler sits alone at Buenos Dias with his coffee and his cell phone. Stacy enters and talks to Kim on the phone. Kim tells her that her next plan is to be sexy upbeat, classy and be able to pull the wool over everybody’s eyes.

Inside the house, Clint tells Nigel that eh really appreciates his discretion> But he is not in any mood to talk. Hearing that, Nigel tells Clint he will get a broom and dust pan to clean up the broken glass. Alone in the room, Clint takes his wedding ring off his finger.

At Buenos Dias, Shaun tells Destiny that he was terribly afraid that something happened to her. He tells her that Rayburn guy is lucky that he (Shaun) was not there. Because he would have blown him away. He asks his sister how he flight went and most importantly the status of Matthew. She reports that Matthew is doing good. Greg and the doctors told him he can return home. But he has to make certain that his friend, Dani is ok. Hearing that, Shaun assumes that “Dani” is a male friend of Matthew's. But Destiny admits she is a girl. At that point, Shaun assumes that Matthew might have done to his sister what Rachel has done to him.

In Matthew’s hospital room, Nora and Bo explain to him that Dani’s father attempted to kidnap her. But they found him before he crossed the Canadian border. They cornered him on a bridge. He tried to get Dani to jump in the river with him. And that was when Todd Manning shot Dani’s “father” and he fell off the bridge and into the water. Hearing hat, Matthew is surprised and baffled to find out that Todd Manning would have gotten involved in that and shot Dani’s father. He asks if her father is dead. Nora admits that it does not look good for Ross. But Bo adds, to his son, that he believes that Todd Manning was a hero to risk his life for Dani. It’s usually been Todd’s habit never to make sacrifices unless there’s something in it for him.

Outside in the hallway, Dani tells the others that her father cannot be dead. They must keep looking and not give up. She knows that he is a champion swimmer. He dives off of cliffs, goes deep sea diving and swims in the ocean every day. But the coroner tells her he’s sorry. There’s nothing more anybody can do. Ross Rayburn is presumed dead. She tells them that if her father is dead it’s because of Todd. She stares at Todd and demands the cops arrest that son of a bitch.

At Buenos Dias, Schuyler observes Stacy eating ham and drinking black coffee. He asks her if she is not aware of how this is not something that’s good for the baby. He asks her if she does not care about this baby. She asks him why he would care and reminds him that they had a “deal”.

At the other table, Destiny explains to Shaun that Dani is that guy Rayburn’s daughter. And the reason he pulled the gun on her (Destiny) was so that he could take off with her. Shaun tells her that’s “messed up”. Destiny tells her brother that she may not like Dani. But she feels for her. Her mom wouldn’t let her see her dad and her dad could have been killed. He didn’t’ want to lose her again. So he did something crazy and got her in the middle of it. Hearing that, Shaun assesses to his sister that she knows that she wishes that Dani would have gotten somebody else involved in her issues besides Matthew.

Dani is furious with her mother for the fact that Ross got shot. Téa tells her daughter that she is not giving up on her. She needs to come home with her. Dani refuses and tells her she is not going anywhere until she knows that her dad is ok. Todd finds Blair and tells her he knows that she knew that Dani was his daughter and never told him.. At that point, Dani hasn’t a clue where she’s going to live. She’s not going to Llanview. There is nothing for her there.

Gigi admits to Viki that she kisses Schuyler Joplin and it was “real”. It wasn’t like the time when she wanted Rex to falsely believe that she was sleeping with Brody in order to save Shane was Stacy with threatening them. She got drunk one night when Rex told her he couldn't attend couples’ counseling with her. She thought he was choosing to keep secrets from her and believed his aunt when she said that Rex dumped her. She did not know that Rex had a family emergency and was helping Natalie find Jared. And now it appears that it’s too late to resolve her issues with Rex.

Rex demands that Shane tells him why he is always bringing up Schuyler. Shane tells his dad he knows that he gets “all weird” whenever Schuyler’s name is mentioned. Rex does not want to talk about that and demands that Shane finishes his milk. But Shane tells his dad that he knows what is going on and wishes Rex wouldn’t try to deny it. Rex then tells his son he’s sorry> Shane then asks Rex to tell him. Is his mom moving out because of Schuyler or not. Rex finds he cannot answer that.

Watching Stacy eating the bad food at Buenos Dias, Schuler tells her it may appear weird. But he does actually care about “his offspring”. Hearing that, she asks if he cares about it as much as he cares about Gigi. And she reminds him that as soon as her sister finds out it’s his baby, she won’t want anything to do with him and it might enable her to get back with Rex. He certainly does not want that. Does he? She won’t speak to Schuyler when she finds out he’s been lying to her She asks him if he does not love Gigi. Schuyler confirms that yes, he loves Gigi. And he also remembers how he loved pills and coke and how he went to drastic and dishonorable measures in order to get them and lied to himself and everybody in order to get what he wanted. It may be déjà vu. Maybe it’s accurate to say that he’s “addicted” to Gigi. He obsesses about her and thinks about nothing else and is depressed when he cannot see her not unlike his drug addiction and withdrawal went. But Stacy tells Schuyler that this is not the same as an addiction to a drug. However, she agrees to “make things easy” by calling Gigi so that she can find out the truth. She reminds him that she knows he can “have” Gigi. But Schuyler tells her go he cannot. And she cannot have Rex. They both need to get real and know that Rex and Gigi are going to get back together.

Shane asks his father how long he plans to be separated from his mother.

Gigi tells Vii that she is not about to break up with Rex. She just needs some time to get things in order. She knows she feels something for Schuyler. She can’t really figure out if it’s because she’s angry at Rex for being with Schuyler. Or maybe she’s grateful because Schuyler was there for her when Rex was not. Or maybe she really does have feelings for him. Viki warns her that she knows she has a dilemma on her hands. But she will have to choose which man is right for her.

Kim enters and tells Clint that she has helped out in his office. He had some business associates who expected him to be at the office. She prepared bagels and coffee for them and let them know that he could not attend the meeting because of a family crises. She acts gracious about his state of mind. And at that point, eh blurts out that his wife is in love with his brother.

Bo and Nora tell Matthew they know that he cares about Dani. But she is ok. He needs to get home. Greg reminds Matthew that he has to start physical therapy in Llanview. He asks them where Dani is. Bo and nor inform him that she is at the police station. Matthew then gets up out of his bed and falls over. They all smile and appear confident that he will be walking soon but caution him not to push himself too soon. Bo admits how he is in awe of his son’s determination to be there for his friend.

At Buenos Dias, Destiny tells Shaun she is not “jealous” of Dani. But he tells his sister she is jealous. And it’s cool. When someone appears to have “been around”. When they look like a fashion model. And when they have more experience with the opposite sex, and saves lives. Hearing that, she knows that he is talking about himself, Greg and Rachel. And that has nothing to do with herself, Matthew and Dani. Shaun asks his sister if this Dani knows that she is getting “in between” anybody. Does Matthew know how she feels? He didn’t think so. She then protests that she will tell Matthew when he gets home. And with any luck, Dani’s mother will take her to the other end of the world.

After Dani demands to know what anybody thinks is for her in Llanview, Todd replies that “her family” is in Llanview. Téa tells her daughter that her home is with her mother. And her uncle Eli is there. Hearing that, she asks Téa and Todd how they could have the gall to say that after what they did to her father. They are not her family. But, Todd tells her, there is more than that. The others don’t want to hear from Todd. But Blair urges them to let Todd talk. He tries to “explain” to Dani. But she furiously tells him that she will never forgive him. He is the man who killed her father. He better stay away form her. She will hate him for the rest of her life. Téa protests for her daughter to know that this is not Todd’s fault. Dani asks her how she could say that. She saw, with her own two eyes when Todd shot Dani and made him fall off a bridge. She tells them all she ahs to get away from all of them. Especially Todd. She wishes that he was dead instead of her father. She cries and talks about how she misses her daddy.

Right then, Matthew moves his wheelchair swiftly out of his hospital room and gets ready to meet Dani at the police station. Bo and Nora are really proud of him. But she knows that it will not be easy to break the news to Clint about what they have done.

At Clint’s home, after he has blurted out to Kim that his wife is having an affair with his brother, he collects himself and tells her that that was a inappropriate thing to say to her and he apologizes. But she tells him that’s ok. She won’t say anything. He thanks her. And she tells him that she can tell him one thing. She does not understand now someone could be unfaithful to such a wonderful man. He tells her he appreciates that but she does not know him. She tells him she may not. But she can see that he does not deserve this. Right then, he gets a call from Nora. She is still unaware of what he has found out. She tells him that Matthew has to go and see Dani and make sure that she is ok. But they will be back with him soon. He then asks her if Bo will be with her. She replies that Bo will want to get home soon. She tells him that she loves him. IN response to that, he tells her he is sorry but they have a bad connection and he can’t hear a word she says.

Gigi tells Viki that she needs to go somewhere else. Viki then gives her keys for a cabin that she owns on Llantano Mountain. Gigi tells Viki she really loves her. Viki tells Gigi she loves her too and gives her directions to the private and peaceful cabin up in the woods. She encourages her to enjoy it and hopes she can find the answer she needs.

Schuyler tells Stacy she needs to “take care” of the baby. Hearing that, Stacy asks him if he’d rather have a baby with her or have a chance with Gigi. She knows that he would never want Gigi to think that he would knock Stacy up. She tells him that he need a “window of opportunity” with Gigi.

Gigi returns home and tells Shane that she is going to be with him for Christmas. He tells her he does not want her to be gone for too long because his dad makes lousy pancakes. He leaves. Alone with Rex, Gigi asks him if he’s sure they are doing the right thing.

At the Seattle police station, Blair takes Dani outside to get some air. Téa remarks to Todd that she can’t even comfort her own daughter. Elijah tells Téa she just needs to give Dani time. Todd the reflects when Dani told him she hated him and will never forgive him, it reminded him of something or somebody he knows all too well.

Stacy goes to see Rex and Gigi’s and looks gleeful when she sees that her sister appears to be packing her bags and leaving Rex.

Destiny admits to Shaun that she has something special planned for Matthew. Right then, she gets a call from Greg. He informs his sister that they found Destiny. Matthew will be home soon. She hangs up and tells Shaun she realizes he is angry at their brother but he needs to get over it.

At the Seattle hospital, Téa tries and fails to get her daughter to come home with her and realize she is doing what she believes is best for her. But Dani does not listen and tells her mother she is not going to live near her and doesn’t trust any of these people who think it’s ok what happened to Ross. She admits that she doesn’t know where she’s going to live now or with whom. Elijah then offers to let her stay with him since he is her uncle. But she does not want that to happen. Right then, Matthew enters and tells them that Dani can stay with him. He and his mom and uncle Clint have enough room in their home and he believes they all owe her for what she did for him. He turns to face his mom and asks if that would be a problem. Nora says nothing.

Meanwhile, back in Llanview, Kim is “working” on Clint, telling him how sorry she is to hear what his wife and brother did to him. And she tells him she remembers being in similar situations with being cheated upon. And her way to handle that is don’t get mad. Get even.

At the Seattle hospital, in response to Matthew’s inquiry about letting Dani stay with him, his mom and his step dad, Nora tells her son she doesn’t think it’s such a good idea right now. But Téa pleads with Nora to at least do this for her daughter. She needs a place to stay temporarily where she can stop hating her mom. Hearing that, Nora asks Téa since when anybody would consider Nora’s home a place for someone to stop hating her. But Téa tells Nora that her daughter won’t be a problem. She promises. At that point, Nora agrees to take Dani into her home.

Viki gets ready to go to work when she notices that her patio door has been open. She goes outside and discovers a bottle of booze on the ground. And she seems to know where it came from.

Right when Gigi is ready to leave and go off on her own without Rex, Stacy enters. She knows that her sister is up to no good. Rex follows her out the door and urges her to know that he will always love her. He also reminds her that they found their way back to each other after 10 years. So if that can be done, getting back together after this should be very easy. She goes off.

Kim tells her new “boss” that she wants to be there to help him with whatever he needs. Clint tells her that he has a plan. When his wife and brother get back to Llanview, he will give them a “welcome home” they will never forget.

Right then, Bo and Nora get ready to return home. They agree that maybe they must still wait a while before telling Clint. And they believe that sooner or later, they will be together.

Téa talks privately to Todd about when they will let Daniela know that he is her father and not Ross.

Alone with Matthew, Dani tells him she is eternally grateful to him. He reminds her that they had a deal that he would help her to get back to her home. And he bets she will like the house he lives in.

Alone with Rex, Stacy appears gracious and tells him that she has been to some parenting classes and knows that a baby needs to be in a positive environment. She needs to at least be his friend. And in order to prove that, she will leave him alone. She knows that is exactly what he needs.

Kim then calls Schuyler and asks if he is not aware of that “window of opportunity”. He asks what she is talking about. She then informs him that Gigi just moved out. And now it’s his opportunity to “move on in”.

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