OLTL Update Monday 12/14/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 12/14/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Bo, Nora, Todd and Téa come to a bridge and spot a car stuck on the road. It’s the one where Ross, Blair and Dani are in. Bo yells to Ross that it’s over. Blair urges Ross to listen to what Bo said. Ross tells her it’s not over until he says it’s over.

Charlie is outside the house secretly drinking while Viki is inside and unaware. Jessica enters and admits to her mother and stepfather that she saw Mitch lying on the floor, in the pool of his own blood.

Brody and John are talking at the police station. Natalie appears to see the pool of blood that occurred from her stabbing Mitch. Outside, Brody tells John that it seems suspicious that Mitch would have stabbed himself. John realizes that he lied for Natalie.

Rachel tells Schuyler that he really needs to know how it’s not going to work for him never to tell anybody that Stacy is carrying his baby and not pregnant by Rex. She asks him even if he “pulls it off,” does he think that it will enable him to have Gigi in his life?

Rex tells Gigi that he believes that they should break up. She asks him why. He tells her that this hasn’t just come up suddenly. He cannot do this anymore.

Outside the Buchanan house, Kim reads a book about their lifestyle. She is confident that once Neville tells Clint about his wife cheating with his brother, it’s a done deal that Clint is single and ready to marry her. Stacy has her doubts that it will work the way Kim assumes, that easily.

Inside, Nigel admits to Clint that he has a secret about Nora and Bo.

When Bo corners Ross Rayburn, Ross refuses to stop the car. Todd gets out of Bo’s car and walks to attempt to get his daughter out of the car and doesn’t appear afraid of the car Ross is driving. At that moment, he backs up. Téa rushes to Todd and he tells her that Ross now knows that he will not back down. He will not let Ross take his daughter. Bo rushes to make certain that Nora is okay and appears very emotional with the fear that something could happen to her. He kisses her.

Neville plays Nigel to Clint and gets drunk on Brandy. Clint notices very odd behavior in his butler and asks him what is up. Nigel then informs Clint that Nora and Bo are having an affair.

Outside, Kim asks Stacy why she was willing and able to cancel her doctor’s appointment and is content even though she is not pregnant with Rex’s baby. Stacy replies that she was able to get a tube of blood from Rex’s father.

Gigi cries and asks Rex if he is pushing her out the door and if they are breaking up for good.

At the station, Brody knows that John is covering something up. He tells him that he has to get a statement from Natalie sooner or later if she was a witness to the same thing John says he saw. John tells Brody that after she watched her husband get murdered in cold blood and then watches the murderer go free, she’s in no condition to give any statement. He indicates to Brody that he’d really prefer he keep his mouth shut, also. He tells Brody that if he wants to get John in trouble with IA or report him to his superiors for failure to question Natalie, he will have to have John put in a cell first.

Jessica informs Viki and Charlie that as far as she knows Mitch stabbed himself and nobody else did.

At the station, John asks Natalie how she is. She admits that she is confused. He tells her that they need to get their story straight. She tells him it’s pretty simple. She stabbed Mitch. What she does not understand is why he is covering for her.

Téa tells Bo that she and Todd have to make certain that their daughter is okay. Bo tells them that they must make certain that Ross is disarmed before he kills them. In the car, Blair reminds Ross that he is surrounded by cops on the bridge. He has no place to go, she reminds him. He reminds her that he “still has her.”

Rex tells Gigi that he is not breaking up with her. She then asks him what he is doing. He tells her that they need to figure out what they want. She needs to find out if he is really the guy who is right for her. She protests that she has been single for 10 years without him. He tells her regardless, it appears that maybe Schuyler is the right person for her. She tells him that maybe they need to go to counseling to work on their problems. He asks her if going to counseling will enable her to get over Schuyler. He doubts that will happen. She cries and protests that she does not want to end it with Rex, regardless.

Rachel asks Schuyler what if everything works out the way he wants. What if Gigi leaves the father of her son and falls in love with Schuyler and never looks back? Is that going to solve all of their problems? She tells him that if the only reason it happens is because Rex and Gigi break up falsely believing that Rex is the father of Stacy’s baby, then Schuyler’s entire future with Gigi would b based upon a lie.

Outside the Buchanan house, Stacy tells Kim she is very confident that she has “leverage” with Rex now that she’s found a tube of his father’s blood after Mitch stabbed himself.

Neville plays Nigel inside Clint’s living room and tells him that he knows what he is talking about to tell him that Nora and Bo secretly declared their love for each other. Clint asks him how he would know or have heard that. Neville admits that he heard it with his own ears.

At the station, John reminds Natalie that if she admits that she stabbed Mitch, and he lies for her and tells a different story, he will be in big trouble. She admits to John that when she heard that Mitch might walk, she went to find Mitch and lost it. She went through Jared’s things and found a card that he sent her where he tells her how he wants to start a family with her. She realized that that will never happen because of Mitch, so she grabbed the letter opener and went to find Mitch. He protests that if she confesses that she knew what she was doing and willfully, knowingly attempted to kill Mitch, then she will go to prison and he won’t be able to do anything about that. She asks John what will happen when Mitch wakes up and tells everyone what really happened. John asks her what if he never wakes up.

After Jessica informs Viki and Charlie that John informed her and Brody that Mitch stabbed himself, they don’t believe that that could have happened. Mitch is too egotistical and confident to want to off himself. She seems to agree and realizes that “somebody” attempted to kill him. Viki then informs Jessica and Charlie that Clint informed her that the cops may not be able to make the charges against Mitch stick. He might walk. They all know that this would devastate Natalie and they have not seen her for a while. Viki leaves. Alone with Charlie, Jessica knows that he is not okay. She asks him if he has been drinking. He cannot answer that.

Bo tells Todd and Téa that the Seattle cops are going to do something about Ross. Todd tells Bo, no. He urges Todd to let them do their jobs. Téa protests that they must let her talk to Ross. At that moment, Ross grabs a hold of Blair, gets her out of the car and fires a shot in the air. He asks the others if he’s “gotten their attention now.” Bo tells Ross he better put the gun down. Ross tells them that he has something to say to Todd Manning. Todd then tells Ross that he is listening now. He tells Todd that he better find a way to get the cops to stop preventing him from taking his daughter. He holds Blair with a gun pointed to her throat and tells Todd if he does not comply, he will turn Todd into a single parent.

Neville plays Nigel to Clint and admits to him that David Vickers is the source that Bo and Nora are having an affair. Hearing that, Clint laughs uproariously and asks why anybody would believe a word that David Vickers says. Neville (as Nigel) tells Clint another source that knows all about it is Clint’s own son, Kevin.

After Rex tells Gigi that they need to break up, she asks him what about Shane. What will he do without both of them. She suggests that maybe he stays with Noelle for awhile.

In John’s office, he asks Natalie what will happen if Laurence walks and is free and goes after her family. Does she want to go to jail and be incapable of doing anything about that? He tells her if she sticks to the story that he is going to tell, then he can protect her. Viki enters and asks John if she just overheard that John wants to “protect” Natalie. She asks him from what.

After Jessica asks Charlie if he is drinking again, he tells her that the last thing he’d want to do is drink. She tells him that she can smell it. He then bluffs by telling her that he had some cough syrup. He then admits to her that he slipped and had a drink.

Rex tells Gigi that he is just trying to figure out what is best for everybody. She needs “room.” Shane needs a home. She tells him she does not intend to take a break from being a mom. He tells her that maybe she needs to take time and not upset Shane until there is a “reason.” He tells her whether she intends to admit it or not, she needs to take some time and figure out what she needs in her life.

Schuyler tells Rachel that when Gigi looks at him she sees a “good guy.” He’s very worried that when she finds out that he got Stacy pregnant, that will ruin it all. She tells him that lying about it won't solve anything. She asks Schuyler to look at her and realize that this is the “junkie mode.” Where he has to “have her at any cost.” Even if he has to lie about it, he will stop at nothing in order to get his drug. He tells her this is different. She asks him if it really is.

After Viki enters John’s office and overhears his private conversation with Natalie and suspects that John might be covering for her daughter, they both inform Viki that Mitch stabbed himself. They both saw it.

Back at the house, Charlie confesses to Jessica that he went to visit Mitch in prison, knew that Mitch killed Jared and got away with it, and knew he was looking at the devil.

In John’s office, he tells her that Mitch grabbed a letter opener and stabbed himself. She does not buy that and asks Natalie if that’s true.

Jessica tells Charlie that she is concerned about his drinking and asks if her mom knows about this. He tells her no. He urges Jessica not to tell Viki. He tells Jessica that he just went to a meeting previously. She knows that it did not do any good when he drank as soon as he got out of the meeting.

After Neville informs Clint that he saw Bo and Nora together, Clint appears emotional and seems to realize that maybe their old feelings have never died. He looks like he is ready to cry when he asks why they didn’t just tell him before the wedding. Neville goes out the door to see Kim and Stacy waiting for him. He admits to them that he “did the deed.” He tells them, "God help Bo and Miss Nora."

On the bridge, Todd tells Ross that if he is the only one who can “help” him, Ross may take him instead of Blair and Dani. He tells Ross if he shoots Blair, it will be all over. The cops will come after him. He knows that, and Dani will be put in foster care. He tells Ross he may take him instead of Dani. Ross asks Todd how he can help him or why he’d want to. Why should he trust Todd? Todd then tells Ross that he has money and influence and can prevent him from getting found by the cops if he flees to Canada by himself as long as he lets Dani go. If Ross takes Dani, Todd will find a way to hunt him down. But if Ross does what Todd asks, then Todd will want to protect the man whom his daughter believes is her father and won’t let him get in trouble.

Jessica tells Charlie that he mustn’t be afraid to have Viki know that he took a drink. At that moment, he gets on the phone and calls his sponsor to inform him he will meet his sponsor shortly so that Jessica will believe she has no cause for alarm.

Neville tells Kim and Stacy that maybe he should have kept his mouth shut about Bo and Nora. He inquires if Kim is “serious” about him. Yet, she is clearly not, now that she’s gotten what she wants. Clint is alone in his living room staring at a picture of himself, Nora and Bo as his best man.

Todd urges Ross to let Blair and Dani go. Bo and Nora are behind them urging Téa to know that they won’t let any harm come to her daughter. Blair escapes and attempts to get Dani free. Todd and Ross struggle with the gun. Dani runs, but she refuses to run from Ross as Téa demands she does. Todd then pulls the gun on Ross.

Brody tells John that he really disapproves of his lying about Mitch stabbing himself. They both know that it didn’t happen. Natalie stabbed him. He reminds John, that is not proper police work.

Viki returns home. Jessica asks if Natalie is okay. Viki admits that she is distraught and needs her sleep. Viki ask where Charlie is. Jessica replies that he’s at a meeting. Viki asks why he’s at a meeting again when he went to one earlier today. Viki asks her daughter if there is something wrong with Charlie. Jessica tells her mom that “he seems to be handling it” although she knows that is not the case. Outside, Charlie swigs the bottle of booze secretly and unseen.

Rex tells Gigi that she must never forget that he loves her no matter what. He goes out the door. She cries.

Rachel tells Schuyler she did not know that Gigi is the first “relationship” he’s had since he’s been clean. So it makes sense to her. He tells her that it’s not all about his not understanding life without the junkie mode. She admits that she is not suggesting that. It’s not going to work if he avoids the truth. If he lives a lie, it will come crashing down on him.

Kim tells Neville that maybe he needs to go back to England. So she tells him that he needs to go so that she can focus on what her real “goal” is which is getting Clint to marry her.

Inside, Clint looks at the wedding picture of himself, Nora and Bo. He remembers at their wedding where she told him that all she knows is she loves him and he deserves the best. Bo was standing right beside them. At that point, he smashes the picture, and the glass shatters on the floor.

Téa screams to Ross to let go of Dani. He attempts to get her to swim in the river with him and escape with him. She cries and tells him she cannot do that. At that point, Todd shoots Ross. Ross falls over and off the bridge, into the river. 

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