OLTL Update Friday 12/11/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 12/11/09


Written by Jennifer S.
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Kim drugs and attempts to seduce Neville and tells him it’s incredible that he looks just like his cousin. She tries to convince him that even if Nigel does not tell Clint that Nora is cheating on him with Bo, he must tell Clint.

Rachel returns and informs Nigel and Clint that Matthew is doing better and wont’ be needing the wheelchair much longer. Clint hugs her, welcomes her home and asks her if she might have brought her mother home with her. She does not know how to respond to that.

Meanwhile, Kim attempts to get Neville to tell Clint about Bo and Nora. At that moment, Stacy enters and informs Kim that although Rex did not join her for her doctor’s appointment, it was not a total loss. She was able to get a tube of blood from Rex’s father. She ‘s keeping it right in her pocket, just in case Rex has any “questions” about her pregnancy.

Rex returns to Gigi and seems distracted as to what is going on with her and with Shane. She asks just what Stacy did with this doctor’s appointment. She then remembers that Stacy has already cancelled enough appointments. He then remembers that he tried and failed to reach her to inform her that his “father” tried to “off” himself.

Cole talks to Schuyler and tells him that his life is pretty good with the girl he loves and a perfectly happy baby.

Gigi asks Rex if it could really be true that Mitch could stab himself. This is the man who faked his own death many times. She asks how it is that he could have gotten a hold of a letter opener if he was in jail. Rex informs Gigi that apparently Mitch used it to stab himself and that he and Jessica got pressured to offer their “father” a blood transfusion. She couldn’t because of her hepatitis condition. He (Rex) was no match. So they were both off the hook. Yet, wouldn’t you know, the doctors found a donor somewhere and were able to save Mitch’s life without Rex’s or Jessica’s help. He tells her that he wishes this whole hideous event with Mitch would be over and he could just see only Bo Buchanan as his father.

Bo is with Todd and Téa attempting to find Dani, Blair and Ross. Blair is secretly getting her GPS to work from her purse while in the car with Ross. At that point, while Ross is driving, it appears that Dani does not trust her father and remembers that he pulled a gun on her mother.

Cole admits to Schuyler that he finally got it through his thick head that Schuyler did nothing wrong. He was there for Starr when Cole was not. Starr feels really bad that he lost his job as a teacher because of her. Schuyler assures Cole that he’s fine. He is getting back into med school. He’s working. He indicates to Cole that he has a female friend. He smiles when he talks about how he really likes this girl.

Gigi asks Rex if he wants one of her famous cupcakes. He tells her he’s not hungry. He reflects that throughout his life, he believed his real father died and wished he could have lived. Now that he knows that his father is Mitch Laurence, he wishes he would die. He tells her that he attempted to call her, but when her phone was turned off, he figured that she was too busy. She asks how she would be “too busy” for him. He then reminds her that she was too busy to tell him about how she and Schuyler had the confrontation with the gay bashers last night. Remember?

Kim tells Stacy that she has been working on Neville to get him to inform Clint that his wife is cheating on him with his brother.

Clint tells Rachel he cannot tell her how much he appreciates her staying with Matthew so that Nora could accompany him to Jared’s funeral. He tells her that they lost Jared so suddenly that he wanted his family to know how much they mean to him. She tells him that she was worried that she might have worn out her welcome. Clint tells her that she is always welcome in his home and she’s family. He can’t wait for Matthew, Nora and Bo to all get back so that they can all be one family.

Nora is with Bo, Todd and Téa at the Seattle police station when it appears that Bo has spotted the car that Ross is driving headed to Canada.

While driving, Ross tells Dani that she need not worry about her mom anymore. They can “start over.” She asks her father what about Blair. At that moment, they hear the notification from Blair’s GPS that their destination has been located. Ross knows that Blair has tricked him.

Rex asks Gigi why she didn’t tell him about how the gay bashers could have hurt her but Schuyler was there for her. He can clearly tell that Schuyler did not “like the way those creeps looked at her.” The reason she kept quiet about what Schuyler did for her was because she didn’t want to admit to Rex what it meant to her. She then reflects to Rex that how is it that after his father tried to off himself today, he still wants to talk about Schuyler. She tells him that he is seeing something that is not there. He tells her he wants to get real and that they both know that this is not about Mitch. She reminds him that she wanted to work on their relationship and that is why she wanted them to get counseling. Yet, he couldn’t join her. She knows she has an issue with Stacy having Rex’s baby. He tells her that he knows that she has feelings for Schuyler. He knows that her feelings for Schuyler have not gone away. So the question is what she wants to do with those feeling and about Schuyler.

At the office, Rachel is asking Schuyler the same questions about his feelings for Gigi. She reminds him that they both know all too well about the behaviors and tendencies of an addict. He admits to her that there is more to this than the feelings he has for Gigi. He asks Rachel if she can take the code of silence. Rachel agrees. At that point, Schuyler informs Rachel that Gigi’s sister had a miscarriage and is not pregnant with Rex’s baby. But she’s gotten pregnant again, and it’s by him.

Meanwhile, Kim and Stacy work on Neville to tell Mr. Buchanan about the “bad news” he has. They want him to disguise himself to look like Nigel so that Clint believes he is his cousin. He knows that it will back-fire and he can get fired. He tells them that he cannot do that.

Clint is on the phone asking someone to put a rush on some things. Nigel notices that Clint is buried in paperwork. He tells Nigel he really hopes that “Mrs. Buchanan” appreciates the fact that he’s getting his work done so that he will have more time for her when she gets home. At that point, Nigel knows he must tell his boss something about “Mrs. Buchanan.”

Bo drives with Nora, Téa and Todd in the car. He asks Téa what she thinks that Ross might be capable of. She admits that she knows that Ross would never hurt Daniela, but he might very well hurt Blair. Hearing that, Todd is furious and untrusting of the other three to handle this.

When it appears to Ross that he knows that Blair has alerted the cops, he pulls a gun on her. Dani asks her father if he really plans to shoot Blair. He then assures her that he does not intend to do that. But when she got on that GPS, it could have ruined everything. Blair then protests to Ross that he must know if he loves Dani and believes he wants to keep her safe, then he must know how he has scared her with his behavior. Does he want to take her away from her mother and from Todd? Hearing that, Dani asks what Todd would have to do with her.

In Bo’s car, Todd asks if they are going to find Ross before its too late. Nora then remembers that all the while she and Bo were married, she had to navigate whenever he would drive. One thing she learned with him was how to find a shortcut.

Meanwhile, Kim and Stacy persuade Neville to go and pose as Nigel.

When Nigel is ready to tell Clint the big secret about Bo and Nora, he hesitates and tells his boss that he has a bridge club to attend to. Clint can sense that Nigel is “stressed” about something but hasn’t a clue what is on Nigel’s mind. Nigel tells Clint that he wants to stay there and miss his bridge club.

Neville tells Kim and Stacy that he knows that his cousin will be out of the house tonight to attend his bridge club.

Clint insists that Nigel goes out and plays bridge. He tells him that he looks a bit stressed and needs to take the night off.

After Schuyler admits to Rachel that he may have gotten Stacy pregnant, she asks him how that could have happened. He replies that she drugged him one night, knowing that he is an addict and he may have gotten her pregnant. He did notice that she wants to make Rex believe that she is pregnant with his child. She had a pregnancy pillow to make it look like she is farther along than she is. He could see that she is pregnant and the kid is more than likely his. Rachel then tells Schuyler that at least Gigi and Rex must be happy now that they know that Stacy is no longer having Rex’s baby. When Schuyler hears that, he does not reply to that.

Gigi tells Rex that she wants to be with him. He knows that she has a secret involving how she feels about Schuyler. She tells him that she loves only him. It does not erase the fact that Stacy is still having his baby. Rex concludes that Schuyler is still there for her when he is not. She tells him she does not want it to be this way. He then asks her how they are going to fix this.

Schuyler admits to Rachel that Rex and Gigi still are unaware that Stacy is not having Rex’s baby. She asks if he plans to tell them.

Rex tells Gigi that he knows that when she sees Schuyler, she sees a guy who listens to her, who is there for her, who takes punches for her and who did not get her sister pregnant, unlike himself.

Schuyler tells Rachel that he cannot bring himself to admit to Gigi or to Rex that Stacy is carrying his baby and not Rex’s. He knows he’s a jerk. He does not want to lose his friendship or potential with Gigi. He does not want her to see him as another guy who knocked up her sister.

While in Ross’s car, Dani demands that Blair tells her why Dani’s “mother’s boyfriend” would care about her. Blair is not certain how to answer that and doesn’t want to reveal, with Ross overhearing, that Todd is her father. She tells Dani that she and Todd were married, had a daughter together and Todd cares about kids. Ross then panics knowing that it’s just a matter of time before Téa and Todd take Dani away from him. Blair warns him that she knows that Todd is going to find him. If Todd doesn’t, the cops will.

Rachel urges Schuyler to know that he is going to be a father. He informs her that Stacy had made it clear to him that she wants him to have no part in this child’s life. He seems content with that. She tells him she knows that he does not want Gigi to find that out. She gets that he has feelings for Gigi. Rachel urges Schuyler to know it won’t do him any good if he has merely won Gigi over based upon a lie.

Rex concludes to Gigi that he needs to figure out what to do about this baby. She needs to figure out her feelings about Schuyler. He needs to give her some space to do that. She then asks what he is saying. He replies that what he is saying is he thinks it’s time they split up.

Kim and Stacy get Neville to make himself look like Nigel and spill the beans to Clint. Stacy is confident that she will get Rex to marry her. Kim will get Clint to stay married to her for at least 90 days with no prenup. They laugh in triumph.

While Ross transports Blair and Dani, it looks like they will get stopped by the border patrol.

Clint notices Neville believing he is Nigel. He tells him he knows that something is troubling him and asks what. At that point, Neville is about to tell Clint the big secret.

It looks like Bo, Nora, Todd and Téa are ready to find Ross, Blair and Dani. 

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