OLTL Update Thursday 12/10/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 12/10/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Stacy leaves a message for Rex telling him that she has a doctor’s appointment and the baby needs its daddy. But Rex is “busy”.

Right then, a doctor contacts both Rex and Jessica to inform Mitch’s “kids” that their “father” will die if he does not get a blood transfusion for an immediate family member. Hearing that, they are both not certain what to do with the fact that Mitch’s life is in their hands.

Meanwhile, Kim is spying and overhearing the conversation between Nigel and his cousin Neville about how Nora is cheating on Clint with Bo.

Bo and Nora go to see Matthew at the Seattle hospital. They tell him they have good news. The doctors say he is good enough to go home and doesn’t need to be there and they are taking him back to Llanview. But he tells them he cannot go until he knows that Dani is ok.

Meanwhile, Ross drives Blair’s car with Blair and Dani in it.

At the hospital, Todd and Téa argue about how to get them back.

Blair tells Ross she knows that he loves Dani. But this has gotten way out of control. She suggests that maybe it’s time he turns himself in. Hearing that, he tells her he has a “better idea”. And he pulls to the side of the road.

Téa and Todd are at the Seattle police station. She tells him that he’s right that Dani would not be where she is, were it not for her mother. Todd asks her what about Blair. Hearing that, Téa realizes that Blair won’t let any harm come to Dani no matter how much she does not care for Blair.

Ross gets out of the car and gets Dani out. He notices that Blair is taking her time about getting out of the car and he clearly does not trust her. He tells her that nobody will find the car out there. Dani tells her together this is crazy. He tells her he knows she is scared. But once they get to the Canadian border, they can start a whole new life. She tells him she is hungry. He assures her he can get her something to eat soon. But he notices Blair is reaching in her purse and demands to know what she plans to do.

After Matthew tells his parents that he cannot go back to Llanview until he knows that Dani is ok, Bo and Nora tell him that they know that he cares for her but he can contact her when he gets home. But he reminds them that Dani was not going to turn her back on him when he needed her help. He was in a wheelchair yet she wasn’t going to bail on him. SO he doesn’t want to bail on her when she might need his help. Hearing that, Bo and Nora assess that he really does care for his friend.

Kim comes outside to see Neville and comes on to him. She tells him when she saw him standing there, she saw something. She asks him to come with her before he is able to enter the Buchanan house and talk to Nigel and to Clint.

While Mitch is in the ICU, the doctor asks Rex and Jessica if they know their blood types. Rex answers that he is an A negative. The doctor concludes that he is not a match. Rex appears relieved. Right then, a nurse asks the doctor to come with him. Alone with Jessica, Rex tells her that they should have known that it would not be “that easy”.

Right then, Stacy observes the photo that Rex gave her of Mitch and has a flashback about remembering following Roxy to the private clinic to see Rex’s father. She then gets on the internet to look up Mitch Laurence.

Rex and Jessica observe a doctor and nurse attempting to save Mitch’s life. He asks her if she should be relieved that it’s not his blood that will save Mitch’s life. He reflects to her that maybe he should want to save Mitch’s life since Mitch’s blood saved Rex’s son’s life. She then tells him that maybe she owes him an apology when he dropped the bomb shell on her that Mitch is his father. He tells her that he realizes that finding out that the man who raped her mother, dug up her dead husband’s grave and murdered her brother in law is not only her father but his too, was too much to take. She tells him that at least one thing is positive. Shane is her nephew. Rex is Bree’s uncle. Hearing that, they both conclude that their kids will never have anything to do with Mitch Laurence.

Kim takes Neville to the place where she is staying with Stacy. She comes on to him while Stacy hides. She privately tells Stacy that she knows how to get the truth out of him by getting him drunk and manipulating him. She overheard that he might be the only person to reveal the truth about Clint’s wife cheating on him with his brother.

Matthew asks his parents why they won’t let him stay with Dani. Nora tells her son that there is not much he can do for Dani at this point. He tells her that maybe he can simply be there for her. They are not listening to him just like they did not listen to him when they put him on a plane and forced him to go to London. Dani, on the other hand, knew what he needed and helped him. SO he is going to do the same for her.

At the police station, Todd asks Téa what Dani is like. What are her likes and dislikes and her personality? Téa replies that she finds their daughter not unlike him. She is very stubborn and capable of some crazy behaviors. He notices her briefcase and asks what she is hiding there. She replies it’s the story of their daughter’s life.

ON the road after Ross stops his car, Blair reminds him that she has nothing he needs to be afraid of now he’s taken her wallet and keys. All she has is her make up. Yet, it appears she’s kept the GPS in her purse. She indicates to Dani that she won’t let any harm come to her. Dani tells Blair that it may seem hard to believe. But her dad is a good guy. She tells Dani she realizes that people can do crazy things when they are desperate. Ross then asks them both if they can offer him some ‘help” in hiding the car.

Neville tells Kim that he really shouldn’t drink. But she insists. She then encourages Stacy to enter. She makes herself known and tells them that while she goes to her doctor’s appointment, she encourages them to “have fun”. Kim continues to come on to him. She tells him that it was so good and loyal of him to come all the way from England to tell Clint the truth about Bo and Nora. He asks her how she could have overheard. And he reminds her that she must have heard his cousin urging him to keep quiet. At that point, she exposes her cleavage to attempt to get Neville not to do what Nigel asks of him.

Bo and Nora agree to let Matthew stay in Seattle a while longer and see if he can contact Dani. Bo tells his son that he will do some “asking around” to see if he can locate Dani and Blair. Nora then asks him if he plans to “ask around” or “get involved”. Bo replies that Blair is a friend and he wants to make certain she is ok. Nora then goes in to talk to Matthew. She tells him that she finds it terribly coincidental that he would have met Téa’s daughter and developed a friendship with her when they were both put in a boarding school in London. And she seems to know that they two of them talked about and how they plotted their plan to go to Seattle against both of their lawyer mothers’ wishes.

Blair tells Ross that she knows that Téa will do anything to protect her child. Dani asks Blair how she would know her mom. Blair then admits to Dan that she and Téa have had a “long story”. She informs Dani that she was married to her mother’s “boyfriend”. But Blair is kind of awkward in admitting that she was married to Dani’s father. Ross then asks Dani if she can “work her magic” and maybe hitchhike. Blair then asks Ross if he is “kidding”. If he has not noticed, this is not Tahiti. And asking his teenage daughter to hitchhike may not be the thing to do. But he tells her that he won’t let any harm come to Dani. She tells him that maybe some harm will come to him if he messes with Todd. She tells him that maybe they should hope the cops get there before Todd does because they both know how far Todd will go to “protect” his kids.

While waiting at the police station, Téa and Todd talk alone and she shows him what is in her briefcase regarding Dani’s history. She shows him all of the mementos. He reads her report card about how she was a rebellious overachiever and he smiles. He looks at a poem she wrote when she was a little girl about loving her mommy. He puts the bracelet that Dani made for her mom on Téa’s wrist. She cries and Todd holds her. Bo enters and Todd asks what he is doing there. Bo informs Todd that he and Nora are going to take Matthew home. But they also want to see if they can help Blair and Téa’s daughter. Todd tells Bo that he realizes that maybe he (himself) is the last person Bo would want to help. Téa may be the 2nd last person any ex husband of Nora’s would want to help. But he would like Bo to help Blair and a teenage girl. Bo tells them he will get right on it. Alone with Todd, Téa asks him why he did not admit to Bo that Dani is his daughter. Right then, Bo informs them that he thinks they have spotted a car that Ross is driving and they are headed for the Canadian border.

Right then, Dani gets a car to stop and drive them to the border. But the driver asks some questions that Ross does not want to answer.

Kim reveals to Neville that her new boss is Clint. She has some loyalty for the fact that Clint’s brother and wife are betraying him. She gets him to drink more and tells him that she can give him what he wants when he tells MR. Buchanan the truth.

Nora asks Matthew if he really “hated” her that much when he talked to Dani. He tells her he doesn’t really know. But he hates what she and his dad did. She admits she may have been a tad overprotective. Matthew clarifies to her that they kidnapped him and forced him to a boarding school and lied to him. That is more than a “tad” overprotective. She then tells her son that she maybe went over the top afraid that she would “lose” him. He tells her that he may have taken similarly drastic measures because he was afraid of never walking again. He then concludes to his mother that he thinks he understands now how it is that she and Bo kissed that night. Their situation with him brought them closer. That’s a good thing. He still has no clue that Bo and Nora are planning on being together permanently and she is breaking up with Clint. He concludes that Dani’s issues with her mom brought him closer to her in a similar manner. Right then, Clint calls Nora and asks her when she is coming home. She does not know how to answer that.

Jessica asks Rex how it is that Mitch would have stabbed himself right in front of Natalie. That doesn’t make much sense. Rex tells her that he bets that that is Mitch’s way to manipulate her. Jessica then tells Rex she will go and call Natalie. Right then, Stacy enters and asks Rex how he could have forgotten their appointment. She tells him that Mitch stabbed himself. But she tells him that “their” baby needs him as much. Right then, he tells her he forgot that he needs to call Gigi and tell her what has happened. Meanwhile, Stacy goes to view Mitch Laurence in his hospital room while he is unconscious. She is able to enter. She tells an unconscious Mitch that after she and Rex get married, she will call him dad. She has a feeling that Mitch will be very “useful” to her. Right then, Rex enters and demands to know what she is doing there. She tells Rex that she was just getting a “good look” at him. She wanted to make sure if she sees him, she will know to protect herself and their baby if he should come after “them”. But Rex reminds her that it’s kind of odd that she would want to spy upon Mitch when he is in a hospital bed. He remembers her also seeing him and spying upon Roxy and manipulating and threatening Rex’s son’s life in order to get what she wants.. She then tells Rex that she is sorry and wishes he could forgive her. But Stacy has a plan when a doctor comes and finds some blood for Mitch.

Neville tells Kim he would not possibly tell Mr. Clint Buchanan what he knows. Even if it’s true, it’s the “proper” thing to do. But she knows she cannot tell him either. He then concludes that the only person who can tell that to Clint is Nigel. He’s Clint’s right hand and has earned his loyalty. And he tells her that he only wishes he could be more like his cousin.

Meanwhile, Clint is on the phone telling Nora that if she and Bo want to stay in Seattle with Matthew a while longer that’s ok with him. He thinks it’s great if Matthew wants to make certain his friend is ok. Nigel overhears the conversation. Nora asks Clint how Natalie is holding up. He tells her that she is upset but getting through it. He tells Nora he loves her. She tells him she loves him too. Matthew overhears his mom’s phone conversation with Clint and asks her if she is ‘ok”, sensing that she might have problems with her new husband. He tells her that at first he was not “ok” with her being with is uncle. But now he is completely cool with it now and doesn’t want to keep them apart. Right then he lifts his leg and can sense he will be able to get up and walk very soon. Nora hugs her son.

In Seattle, Bo shows Todd and Téa the radar of where Ross had taken Blair and Dani. But it appears that something is not working now that there are no phones or devices on the car after Ross has disabled them.

Ross tells the guy who stops to pick up Dani that they had an accident. Their car slid off the road. The guy tells him that he needs a tow more than a ride. The guy offers to make the call for him. But as soon as his back is turned, Ross jumps him and knocks him out. Dani and Blair both observe shocked and speechless.

Stacy grabs a tube of blood for Mitch’s transfusion and when she is confident she has what she needs, she tells Rex that he need not worry about the doctor’s appointment, They can always “reschedule” it. There’s no point in having Rex find out that the baby could not possibly have his or his “family’s” blood. Right then, Jessica enters. Stacy greets her in a gracious manner. Right then, the doctor is ready to do the transfusion on Mitch. He is conscious and senses that this “children are there for him.” Jessica then clarifies to him that they are not there for him. They are there for their own children. Rex tells Mitch that the next time he tries to kill himself, he needs to try harder. Hearing that, Mitch asks where Rex heard that he tried to kill himself.

Nora helps Matthew to move his legs. But he is clearly distracted and not ok not knowing where Dani is.

At the police station, Bo shows Todd and Téa a GPS unit but has difficulty locating Dani and Blair.

But then we see Blair reach in her purse to uncover and activate her GPS. At that point, Bo is able to see that maybe they can locate them after all.

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