OLTL Update Monday 12/7/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 12/7/09


Written by Jennifer S.
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After Ross takes Dani down the stairs of the hospital, Todd, Téa and Elijah are determined to stop him. Upstairs, Todd tells the cops they better do something about the fact that that son of a bitch has his daughter.

At Ultraviolet, Markko talks to Starr and Cole about his new filming project.

Cristian and Layla are together in the apartment drinking wine. He toasts to their great first date. She asks him if it could really be considered a date. He tells her that he realizes they have had really bad timing up until now, but he wants this to happen. He wants “them” to happen. He wants it to be special. He believes that Fish has the right idea. You have to take charge of the situation.

Meanwhile, Fish and Kyle return to Kyle’s apartment. Kyle tells him at least they have the place to themselves.

Marty is at the ER and calls John. He informs her that Mitch Laurence is now in the Llanview jail. He hasn’t a clue how he got a free pass out of the California jail. They make plans to get together for a date. Before anything can happen, she notices Nick entering the ER bloody, injured and barely able to walk or stand up.

Kyle tells Fish that they have waited a long time. Now, if this is the first time they make love, it will feel right. But only if he is ready. He kisses Fish.

When Marty sees Nick fall over on the ER floor, she tells John she has an emergency and has to go. She tries to revive Nick and knows that he needs urgent help. She calls for help. The medical staff comes and they check Nick’s vitals.

Fish and Kyle are together in Kyle’s apartment. Kyle then discovers a note from Roxy. She encourages him to be safe and have fun. Fish asks Kyle if he has shared their personal business with Roxy. Kyle replies that she has kind of gotten to be his best friend. She has encouraged him to not give up on Fish. Fish tells Kyle it’s kind of weird that all of this is happening so suddenly. He has just recently come out. Kyle tells Fish that maybe they can feel better if they try something new.

At Ultraviolet, Langston calls to find out about Dorian’s arraignment hearing. It appears that she won’t be in jail much longer. Langston admits that she heard from Dorian about some “mysterious man” whom is in jail beside Dorian. Although Dorian would not say who it was. Starr also knows that her mom has left town. Langston reflects that it makes sense that Blair would chase after Todd when Dorian is in jail and unable to stop her. Meanwhile, we see Blair in her car with a GPS ready to find the hospital and Todd.

In the parking garage of the hospital, Ross takes Dani with him and urges her to know that her mom can now take legal action against him to prevent him from being with her again. She is a lawyer. She is ruthless. Todd Manning will help prevent them from being together, and he knows that Dani does not want that. Dani appears not to trust her father’s motives. She remarks that he could get in a lot of trouble for threatening to kill Destiny. He urges her to know that he would never hurt Destiny. He just had to take her so that the cops wouldn’t prevent him from seeing his daughter.

Upstairs, Todd tells the security officers that whether they like it or not, he is going to find his daughter. They pull a gun on him to prevent him. Téa stands beside Todd and tells them they will have to shoot her also because she is going with Todd. In the parking garage, Blair gets out of her car and walks toward the stairs. At that moment, she runs into Ross and asks what he is doing there. She then notices Dani and introduces herself. She appears courteous to both of them and has no clue what has happened. She admits to them that she is looking for Todd. Ross informs her that Todd tried to kidnap her daughter. She then asks how that could have happened. She called the local police station and found out that both Todd and Téa were in jail. Ross then informs Blair that he is going to be with his daughter. Yet, Blair knows that Téa has prevented him from having the legal right to see her. She suspects that something is up.

Upstairs, Todd and Téa ask the security and police if they are going to prevent them from saving their daughter.

At Ultraviolet, Langston reveals to Starr that Markko has been too engrossed in his films class to have any time for her. Markko asks her to check out his films. She tells him he’s a great filmmaker, but an even better boyfriend. She wishes she had more attention.

Marty examines Nick with an ER doctor. They identify him from his wallet and realize that nobody intended to rob him. They wonder how he could have been assaulted. She asks what could have happened. He tells her that he knows that some guys jumped and assaulted him because he is gay.

Meanwhile, Fish and Kyle are together having their date alone in Kyle’s apartment. Kyle kisses Fish.

Marty calls John and asks if he could come to the hospital. She tells him that she just admitted a hate crime victim.

Kyle undresses Fish. Fish appears uncomfortable and uneasy. They are together longer when Kyle’s phone rings. Marty informs him that his friend, Nick has been badly beaten up. At the same time Fish gets a call from John informing him of the same thing.

At Ultraviolet, the band sings their song. Everybody cheers. Starr, Cole, Langston and Markko all join in with the crowd and dance together.

Fish and Kyle interrupt their time together and both go to the hospital to ask Marty about Nick. She tells them that he has a concussion, but he will be okay. They need to find the people who assaulted him. Kyle and Fish rush into Nick’s ER room together.

Meanwhile, Cristian and Layla wonder where Fish is. They appear to have heard about the local hate crimes.

John goes to the hospital to find out from Nick what happened. Nick informs John that he and Amelia just left Mayor Lord’s speech where she approved same sex marriages. They went to Rodi’s. Some guys harassed them. The waitress and bartender called the cops and had them removed. Amelia left. He left later. They were waiting outside for him and jumped him. He tried to fight them but couldn’t. He and Fish both recognize those guys. They were at Mayor Lord’s swearing in. John then informs Marty that Nick thinks he could identify these guys, and so can Fish. She tells him that she thinks this is despicable that these people can do this to somebody who has never done anything to them.

Todd and Téa both rush down the stairs of the hospital to see if they can find Ross and Dani in the parking garage.

When Blair runs into Ross and Dani, Dani confirms her father’s story about choosing to be with him. Blair asks if they might want to join her for a pizza. They find many reasons why they can’t. He then informs Blair that his “rental car” is not starting and asks if she could give them a ride. She tells them she could do that, but she must call Todd first. It will just take a minute. At that point, Ross pulls a gun on Blair and tells her she is not going to do that. She is going to do just what he says. She tells him that she can’t do what he wants. It’s clear that she does not want him to prevent Todd from finding his daughter. Ross protests to Blair that she must understand if she loves her own daughter. He reminds Blair that if she does not do what he says, then she will never see her daughter again.

John brings the gay bashers into the station and arrests them for what they did to Nick. Fish is ready to assault them when they provoke him. John tells Fish he needn’t get upset over them. They are not worth it. When they are alone, Fish expresses to John that he could sense the hate that they had for anybody with a gay lifestyle. He has known that throughout his life and has assumed that people would hate him for who he is. He used to be the person who hated what he is himself. He realizes that he does have some serious problems with coming out.

Kyle is with Nick in the ER and tells him that he cares for him and won’t let anything happen to him. Nick was unafraid to go public and risked getting killed for doing so. Kyle will always love him for that.

Back at the apartment, Layla and Cristian wonder what Fish and Kyle are doing. They find it odd that they can’t get ahold of Fish on the phone. They both know that they need to focus on themselves and their own potential and not so much about Fish’s life. He declares to her that although they first did not like each other when they met, he now knows that she is special. She means a lot to him and he wants her.

At Ultraviolet, another guy is ready to dance with Langston and she almost accepts when Markko is engrossed in his filming projects. Cole can see that Starr has baby Hope on the brain. She tells Cole that their baby is really lucky to have him as a father. She has been thinking that it’s not that she does not love her dad, but he has put them through so much in the last year. She would never want their daughter to go through what they have. He promises her that she won’t.

At the Seattle hospital parking garage, Todd and Téa find Ross and Blair. Ross holds the gun on Blair and tells them if they try to take Dani, he will shoot Blair. Téa urges Ross to let Dani go because he is scaring her. She urges Dani to come with her. He tells Dani that she cannot trust her mother. Dani then goes with Ross and Blair in the car. Téa and Todd try to prevent them but they are gone. The cops and security come down the stairs to prevent Ross from taking Dani and Blair hostage in the car.

At Ultraviolet, Markko admits that he could not imagine having kids. He sees it as far off in his life. He then asks Langston if maybe she wouldn’t want to come backstage. He wants to get some footage of the band. They go off together. Starr then tells Cole that maybe she can stay out past curfew also.

Cristian and Layla are getting naked and ready to sleep together.

Ross drives Blair’s car with her and Dani riding.

Fish goes to see Nick in his hospital room. Kyle is standing by him. Nick tells Fish he did a good job and thanks him. Fish says your welcome. It appears that he sees Kyle and Nick together and realizes he is a different type of gay man than they are. Outside, Marty is very grateful to John and the cops.

At the Seattle hospital, the cops try to prevent Ross from taking Blair and Dani away. He breaks the guardrail and drives away.

Ross tells Téa, Todd and the cops that he will shoot them if they prevent him from taking his daughter with him. Meanwhile, Blair drives to Seattle and runs into him. She knows what he is up to and that he is going to prevent Todd from seeing his daughter. He takes Blair hostage with him. Nick collapses on the floor of the ER after getting assaulted by the gay bashers. Marty and the medical team treat him. She calls John. He calls Fish and interrupts his romantic evening with Kyle. Before knowing what happened to Nick, Fish acknowledges that he is not comfortable about coming out the way Kyle is. When he finds out what happened to Nick for being unafraid to come out, he realizes that maybe Kyle is more suited for Nick than for him. 

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