OLTL Update Friday 12/4/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 12/4/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

From the hospital, Rachel calls Téa in her jail cell and assures her that Daniela is okay. Téa is happy. She urges Rachel that Ross has escaped from jail and they must beware. He is out looking for Daniela and has a loaded gun.

In Llanview, Starr, Cole, Langston and Markko are at Ultraviolet ready for a party.

Gigi, Rex and Shane have a “family dinner” at Rodi’s. Shane asks his parents if they will have an extended family dinner with “all” of their family. Hearing that, Rex tells his son, he need not worry about Mitch Laurence. Shane tells his dad he’s not worried about that Mitch guy. He wonders if his dad will reconcile his differences with Shane’s grandma, Roxy.

When Fish takes Dorian to jail and they are interacting in a friendly way, they notice that Mitch Laurence is in the jail cell watching and observing them. Dorian appears like she is confident and unafraid of Mitch and informs him that she is now the Mayor of Llanview. He tells her he knows all about it. He remembers that she was Mrs. Laurence. She reminds him that their joke of a marriage many years ago has been annulled. He then asks her about “Mrs.” He asks Dorian if she makes Dorian feel as good as he did.

When Amelia and Nick are alone without Fish or Dorian, they get confronted by some gay bashers.

In Matthew’s hospital room, Rachel asks Greg to talk to her brother, Destiny and Dani. She urges them not to leave the room. She goes out the door with Greg. Alone with Matthew and Destiny, Dani tells Destiny she knows that Destiny wanted to rat her out. She knows that her mother is going to look for her, kidnap her and take her away. Destiny protests to Dani that she knows that Téa is not like that. Rachel and Greg go outside the room and she urges him to know that Téa has forewarned her that Ross is on the loose with a gun, so they must beware. At that moment, Ross appears out of nowhere, corners them and tells them it’s too late.

In the jail cell, Dorian clarifies to Mitch that she is only in jail for one night. If it helps “the cause,” it’s the very least she can do. Mitch smirks at Dorian and tells her she is “good.” He tells her he knows her too well. She only believes in one thing--Dorian Lord. That is why she married him. Dorian looks at him with a frown and tells him it was in name only and the worst mistake in her life. He tells her that it’s amazing that she was married to a woman. Her track record with men says it all about her. Mitch is clearly successful in pressing Dorian’s buttons by reminding her that Clint Buchanan dumped her for Nora. Ray Montez left her to be with his whack job daughter. Even David Vickers decided he had too much of Dorian. Dorian asks Mitch how he knows so much. He tells her that God hears and sees all. She tells Mitch that he is Satan.

Shane asks his parents what the situation is with Mitch Laurence in a local jail. They assure him that there is no way that Mitch is ever getting out. Schuyler appears and Shane gives him the high five. Gigi remembers that Schuyler told her that he was going to tell Rex “something.” Schuyler then looks at Rex but remembers being told by Stacy and Kim that he is the father of Stacy’s baby. Not Rex. He realizes that they were correct that it is not in his best interest in revealing to anybody that he is the father of Stacy’s baby.

Stacy and Kim enter Ultra Violet talking about her pregnancy. Kim reminds her that this pregnancy is not forever, but the “kid” is. Inside, Starr and Cole are with Langston and Markko and wondering how to juggle school, their social lives and their child as well as their families. Starr informs the others that her father has gone to Seattle after Téa. She does not know the details but wonders what he is up to.

After Ross has left the jail cell, Todd tells Elijah that Ross better not go anywhere near his (Todd’s) daughter. A guard enters and informs them that he spotted a man who fit Ross’s description at the hospital.

At the hospital,, Ross pulls a gun on Rachel and Greg and tells them that he will hold them hostage so that they cannot prevent him from going inside the room to find his daughter. He knows she’s in there. Greg reminds him that security will catch him. He is determined to get what he wants. He rushes in, locks the door and surprises Dani. Outside, Greg calls security to report a man with a gun in the hospital wing. Inside, Ross faces Dani, Matthew and Destiny and tells his daughter, “Daddy is here.”

At Rodi’s, Schuyler hesitates to tell Rex what he “intended” to. He tells him he wanted to offer his condolences to Rex for his brother-in-law, Jared. Rex then tells Shane that he would like to take him to work. Rex and Shane go off to Ultraviolet together. Once again, Gigi and Schuyler are alone.

At Ultraviolent, Stacy and Kim talk about the situation where Schuyler wonders whether he should admit to Gigi that Stacy’s baby is his and not Rex’s. Kim assures Stacy that she’s pretty certain that if Schuyler wanted to claim his baby or tell Gigi, he would have done so by now. It’s pretty definite that Schuyler will keep his mouth shut about it because he wants Gigi. Stacy tells her she hopes she is right. Kim tells Stacy she must trust her. She knows men.

At Ultraviolet, Kyle is on the phone. Fish enters to surprise him and informs him that they arrested the Mayor. He took Dorian to jail and they had a courteous exchange. Fish tells Kyle, he will never guess who they ran into in the jail cell. Not far away, Langston talks to her friends about whether Dorian might really be serious about same sex marriage rights. She tells the others that it’s kind of noteworthy that Dorian gets arrested by upholding her promise before she even gets to City Hall.

When Dorian is in jail beside Mitch, she tells him she is the Mayor of Llanview and this is her jail. He smirks. She tells him that she will devote all of her energies making certain that he stays locked up forever. He tells her that it might be difficult for her to do when she is locked up herself. She tells him it’s only for one night. He tells her that they will soon see which of them gets out of jail the soonest.

Greg is on he phone in the hospital calling security about Ross’s illegal escape from jail. Ross enters the room and tells his “daughter” that he will stop at nothing including escaping from jail so that he won’t lose her. He is taking her away with him tonight.

In the jail cell, Mitch tells Dorian that he knows she has acquired another daughter, the lovely Langston. Dorian tells him he will never get near her. He tells her he know about little Starr who is growing up and becoming a mom herself. He tells Dorian he knows all about Hope. What a pretty name. He remarks that she will be the “hope” for all of them. Hearing that, Dorian starts to panic.

At Ultraviolet, Cole talks to Markko and Langston about his surprise for Starr for a Christmas gift. Not far away, Fish and Kyle reminisce about their memories together. Kim and Stacy observe them. Kim tells Stacy that maybe they did one good thing by motivating Fish to know that he is gay. Kim knows that she better find a way to dress sharp and get the job for Buchanan Enterprises. At that moment, Rex and Shane enter together. They eye Stacy and Kim coldly. Shane reminds them that this is his dad’s club. He can bring his son there if he wants and he can throw anybody out who he doesn’t want there.

Amelia and Nick are at a table at Rodi’s. The gay bashers follow them and ask when it was that this dive turned into a gay bar. Hearing that, Nick tells them he doesn’t want any trouble. One of the guys tells him neither do they and he encourages them all to get “educated.”

While Todd and Téa are both still in jail, they urge Elijah to find a way to get them arraigned to prevent Ross from going after Dani. Todd asks Téa what she thinks. She knows Ross better than anyone, and what does she think he is capable of?

In the hospital room, Ross asks Dani if she would not want to live with him. She admits that the reason she called the cops in her mom’s hotel room was because of him. Matthew and Destiny both listen and observe them silently. Outside the room, Greg informs a security officer that a man is in the hospital room with three teenage kids. Inside, Ross hugs Dani. She responds.

Téa tells Todd she can assure him that whatever they may think of Ross, he could never hurt Dani. He tells her that this is all her fault. She married Ross and let this crazy man near Todd’s daughter. If anything happens to his (Todd’s) kid before Todd  even knows her, the blood will all be on Téa’s hands.

While Dorian listens to Mitch, he manages to taunt her and press her buttons by talking about penetrating her mind. He tells her that he knows all about her family. He knows about Langston and how that girl could have survived without the guidance of her parents when they died and she had only Dorian. She needs a father figure like him. He “reflects” to Dorian that all of her girls are in need of his guidance. They all “flock” to him just like her daughter, Cassie did. At that point she stands up, picks up a chair and smashes it against the iron bars ready to attack him. She screams, points her finger at him and tells him she will kill him. This time, she tells him, he will stay dead.

At Ultraviolet, Starr and Cole express to Langston and Markko how they are mindful of how Hope is sleeping without them. Starr declares that she has everything she needs. This is Hope’s first Christmas, and she loves her baby.

After Shane tells Stacy and Kim that his dad will throw them out, Stacy asks Rex if he really intends to throw out the mother of his baby. Rex says nothing but Shane firmly tells her yes. Rex then takes his son aside. Stacy then tells Kim that she has really tried to be civil to that kid, but she really hates him. Rex tells his son that he knows he does not care for his Aunt Stacy. Shane asks his dad if he does not feel the same way about her. Rex reminds his son that regardless of that, Stacy is carrying his little brother or sister. He asks Shane if he agrees that they should be protective of the new baby who is Rex’s child and Shane’s sibling. Shane tells him he agrees. Rex tells Shane that in that case, they must not upset the mother of the baby. He tells Shane that babies can hear what people say and do. So Shane goes to apologize to Stacy and adds that he and Rex will protect her from any evil force including his evil grandfather. At that point, Rex does not want to continue that conversation.

At Rodi’s, the gay bashers ask Nick if he plans to get in a fight with them and ruin his manicure. At that point, Gigi and Schuyler come to confront them and defend Amelia and Nick. Schuyler tells them he wants them out of the bar. One of them takes a swing at Schuyler.

At the Seattle hospital, Todd and Téa rush into the door with the help of Elijah. Greg and Rachel tell them that they have called the cops. Téa tells them that the man in question is Ross Rayburn her ex- husband, and the girl is her daughter. Todd reminds them that Dani is his daughter. Téa goes to the door and tells Dani she promises not to take her anywhere she doesn’t want to go. She tells Ross that she knows he does not want to hurt Dani. Dani then comes out the door. Ross tells Téa she’s right that he would never hurt Dani. He holds a gun against Destiny and declares, however, that he does not give a damn about this kid. We see Greg’s expression for watching his sister being endangered. Ross holds Destiny hostage and tells Greg, Todd, Téa, the cops and all the others that there will be no problem as long as they do exactly as he says.

Dorian emotionally tells Mitch Laurence that he will never get near anybody she loves; especially, her girls. He asks her if she wants to bet a wager on that. She tells Mitch that they know all about him and have been forewarned about him. She notices his smirk and screams in a terrified manner to him about how he can be smiling.

After the gay bashers get escorted out of Rodi’s after assaulting Schuyler, Gigi asks if things are always like that around here. She thought this was a nice town. She suggests to Nick and Amelia that maybe they can contact Dorian and see if she can change things. They leave together. When Gigi and Schuyler are alone, she is very protective of him asking him if he should not get his eye checked out to make certain he is okay. She grins to see that he took a punch for her. Outside, the gay bashers corner Nick and knock him down on the ground.

Fish and Kyle are together at Ultraviolet confident about their relationship. Shane acts “friendly” to Stacy by attempting to feel her belly. She tells him that he needs to learn some manners and panics. Rex pulls him away. Alone with Kim, Stacy admits that she is worried that maybe Shane and his dad will soon be onto them and know that she is “with pillow” and not as far along as she would be if Rex really had gotten her pregnant that one time when they were together.

At the Seattle hospital, after Ross takes Destiny hostage and demands that they let Dani go with him, he tells everybody that he is running the show. Rachel rushes into Matthew’s room. He tells his sister hat he wanted to do something, but he can’t get out of his bed. He felt so helpless to help his friends. She tells her brother he needs to rest and get his strength back.

At Ultraviolet, Rex gets on the mic to introduce himself and the band. He tells everybody he wants them to welcome his son, Shane Morasco. Shane then grabs the mic and asks everybody to give it up for American Reject. They sing the song about how everybody loves somebody. We see Starr and Cole. Then we see Fish and Kyle. Then we see Markko and Langston.

Meanwhile, we see Nick on the ground, injured and helpless.

At the Seattle hospital, Ross takes Dani away with him on the elevator even though everybody urges him to wait. 

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