OLTL Update Thursday 12/3/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 12/3/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Blair takes Jack home and tells him he must get into the living room. He is in trouble. He protests to his mom that she hasn’t heard his side of the story. She tells him that she heard from the principal that he took the mice out of the science lab and took them to the cafeteria to put them in the food. He protests that she should not believe a woman who gets paid less than their gardener over him. Hearing that, Bair tells her son that he is sounding more and more like his father every day. She also tells him that if his father were to find out what he just did, he would be angry and there would be consequences for Jack. But Jack tells his mom that it does not matter since his father is far away and he hasn’t a clue when he will see Todd again.

When Dorian gives her mayoral acceptance speech, she tells everybody that she will honor her campaign promises by authorizing gay marriages even though it’s currently illegal in the state of PA. Right then, the attorney general appears and tells Dorian he has a message to deliver to her from the governor. Hearing that, she assumes that the governor wants to congratulate her on her election victory. But the attorney general tells her no. He want to shut her down.

Todd and Téa argue about Dani. He wants to find his daughter and keep her away from the mom who prevented him from knowing her. And she has her arguments about that.

Meanwhile, Daniela tells Matthew she needs his help to escape from her mother’s attempt to kidnap her. Destiny stands beside Matthew’s hospital room and tells her that Matthew has just had surgery and cannot be pushed to help her or have any more stress. Dani then asks Matthew how he feels about that.

Mitch Laurence is in his jail cell, singing and looking very cocky. Right then, Charlie enter and stares coldly at him. Mitch asks Charlie if he is there to “finish him off”.

After the attorney general announces to Dorian that the governor intends to shut her down, he announces that they will not approve gay marriages. He tells her that the governor would like her to “go quietly”. He tells her that her speech does not violate the law and there will be no consequences if she gives up now. But her promise to legally authorize gay marriages is. She cannot file the certificate. But she tells him she will do it whether Harrisburg likes it or not. The crowds cheer her on. But the attorney general tells her in that case, she is going to jail. And by the time they are done with her, she will wish that Viki Banks were mayor.

Natalie sits by Jared’s grave with a photo of him. Viki goes to talk to her daughter. They reminisce happily about her relationship with Jared and their history together and how he proposed to her right about the same time Charlie proposed to Viki. And they reflect that this would have been Natalie and Charlie’s first Christmas together, were it not for Mitch.

Mitch tells Charlie that he is a prophet. It is his calling to help people like Charlie “find their way”. But he knows that Charlie chose to be a drunk throughout Jared’s life. Charlie asks Mitch why he did it. Why did Mitch kill his (Charlie's) son?. Mitch then tells Charlie that they both that know that he (Mitch) did not kill Jared. Mitch tells Charlie that he (Charlie) did.

Blair tells Jack that his dad must have told him what he did. Jack asks why his dad would want to find Téa after she “stole his money” (as Blair told him). Jack seems to know that his dad would not be doing that and there must have been another reason why Todd and Téa broke up. He asks Blair what she knows about it that she has never told him. She then admits to her son that the reason Todd and Téa have broken up might be “partly” her (Blair's) fault.

Elijah comes to announce to Téa, Ross and Todd that it appears that Dani is missing.

In Matthew’s hospital room, Dani wants to escape with Matthew’s help. Destiny again does not want him giving Dani attention. Destiny then opens the door to see Greg and Rachel ready to kiss. She goes back in Matthew’s room and tells Matthew and Dani that they have just lost their “escape route”.

By Jared’s gravesite, Viki tells Natalie that what everybody needs to do with Mitch is get him out of their mind, as impossible as this may seem. Natalie hysterically reminds her mom that Mitch escaped from prison and faked his death. He murdered Jared. And what is she and Jessica and everybody supposed to do about that?

Charlie tells Mitch that he twists everything. He is beyond crazy.

Viki tells Natalie that Charlie wants to kill Mitch. As does she and Jessica. But it is right when they want to get even with Mitch, when they have let him take total control of their lives. That is just what he wants. What they need to do is get on with their lives without him.

Mitch tells Charlie that he knows that Charlie is hiding something. He should be with Viki. He has lied to her. She does not know that he is there. She might mistakenly think he’s at a meeting.

In the jail cell, Ross protests to Téa that he couldn’t have anything to do with Dani escaping. He is locked up in there. Todd then assesses that they need to think of places where Dani might want to go. At that point, Téa concludes that she might be with Matthew.

Greg and Rachel enter Matthew’s hospital room to see Destiny with him. Dani knows she better hide from sight. Rachel then gets a call from Téa’s lawyer informing them that Dani has escaped. She asks if Matthew might know something about that. Both Matthew and Destiny say nothing about Dani.

After the Attorney General announces that Dorian can go to jail for attempting to legalize gay marriages, she wants to cause a scene to get support of the voters. He tells her if she stamps the certificate, she will go to jail. She then goes ahead and stamps it. At that point, the attorney general notices that Fish is the first officer in uniform he sees and instructs Fish to arrest that woman. Fish then asks the Attorney General what if he doesn’t?

After Rachel asks Matthew and Destiny if they have seen or heard from Dani, Matthew tells her that he has not seen Dani in a long time. Destiny asks what the big deal is about Dani. Rachel replies that Téa is very worried that Dani’s father could endanger her. Téa could be in danger. So they must tell her if they have seen Dani. Right then, Dani stands up and reveals herself.

In the jail cell, after Ross finds out that Todd and Téa want to hide Dani from him, he grabs a gun and pulls it on them. Téa screams to the guard.

Viki informs Natalie that Charlie attacked Mitch Laurence and almost killed him. Mitch is pressing too many peoples’ buttons. That’s just what he wants.

In Mitch’s jail cell, he asks Charlie where his “lovely bride” is. Charlie tells Mitch that Viki needs to never see him (Mitch) again. And if he ever comes near Viki again, Charlie will kill Mitch. Mitch asks Charlie if it’s “still working”. Does Charlie still want to drink? Charlie replies no. Mitch tells Charlie that Jared was a petty little con artist. He had no morals. Charlie did not teach him anything. All he did was drink. He was no example for his son. NO matter how great people want to think Jared was, in the end, Jared lied and cheated and had no honor. It’s who Jared is. Just like a drunk is who Charlie is. It’s the hand that God dealt them both.

Blair gets off the phone and informs Jack that his dad has been arrested for attempted kidnapping. Jack asks his mom whom his dad kidnapped.

Dani reveals herself to Greg and Rachel. They tell her that since all three of her parents are in jail, there is nowhere anybody can put her except with Child Protective Services.

Ross pulls out the gun, holds it on Todd and tells him that he better leave all further attempts alone to get DNA tests and keep Dani from him. Todd better say it, or he can shoot him.

By Jared’s gravesite, Viki tells Natalie she knows and appreciates how angry she is. She informs her that Mitch is making Charlie feel responsible for a crime he committed a long time ago that he does not even remember. And Mitch knows how to make Charlie feel as though that is the reason why Jared is dead.

Mitch informs Charlie that he had a conversation with Pamela Stewart about how Charlie always promised to sober up and be there for his family. But he never cleaned up his act or made good on his promises. Charlie protests to Mitch that he is an alcoholic. It’s a disease. Mitch tells Charlie that he knows all about the 12 step process. Charlie tells Mitch he won’t let Mitch get under his skin. Mitch taunts Charlie about how every time Charlie closes his eyes, all he can see is poor little Jared, the little boy he abandoned. And there is no way he can drown him out. Except for one thing. He knows what Charlie is carrying in his pocket. It couldn’t be a gun or else, Mitch knows that he (himself) would already be dead. It must be a bottle of booze. He tells Charlie he may go ahead and drink. Mitch tells Charlie that he will not judge him. They are all alone and nobody needs to know.

After the attorney general instructs Fish to arrest Dorian, Fish tells him that he chooses not to. He protests that when Dr. Lord and many other people protest for their civil rights, they risk breaking the law. He tells the attorney general that he and his boyfriend and many other gay couples like them would like the right to marry. And if the attorney general wants to arrest him and have his badge, he may have at it. Fish gets ready to remove his badge. But Dorian tells him that she won’t let him sabotage his job for her. She then announces to the attorney general that she offers herself instead and tells Fish she will let him take her to jail. She tells the attorney general that they may go ahead and cuff her. Behind the scenes, Markko films her. Langston, Starr and Cole all appear to be very proud of Dorian. She tells them that she will never fail to honor her campaign promises. She knows what she is doing. She is standing up for what is right. Fish protests that maybe she should not do that. Langston and Starr want to make sure she is ok if she insists on being taken to jail. She assures them that she will be fine. They may go to their concert as they’d previously planned on doing. She knows of all of all the attention this will get. She tells everybody she is going to be fine. She lets Fish cuff her and tells everybody she is only going to jail. And that is the safest place in town. Everybody cheers her on.

Charlie tells Mitch he would not give Mitch the satisfaction of seeing Charlie take a drink. Mitch tells Charlie if it’s not booze, then what does he want? Charlie tells Mitch what he wants is answers. The cops had him cornered. There was no way he could have escaped jail. But he had to kill Jared for no reason. He needs to know why Mitch killed Jared. He demands to know why. Mitch then asks Charlie if he wants to know the reason why it was time for Jared to die. He knows that Charlie’s own selfishness killed him Charlie should have never left Texas or revealed himself to his son or done anything he’s done. That’s what killed Jared.

Blair tells Jack that she has to go and see what happened to Todd.

Greg and Rachel tell Mathew, Dani and Destiny that the three of them should not be up to doing what they are doing. Rachel tells Dani that she must call her (Dani’s) mother and tell her where she is.

Ross holds the gun on Todd and asks him why he wants a kid who barely knows him and already hates him. Todd replies that she is his nonetheless. Ross tells Todd that he (himself) is the only father that Dani will never know. He tells Todd that he knows that if he kills him he will get locked up. And his daughter needs him. Right then, Ross gets up to go. But Todd and Téa are horrified of what Ross might do now that he can escape with a gun.

By Jared’s gravesite, Viki tells Natalie that she needs to get inside. It’s cold out there. Natalie tells her mother she cannot leave Jared. But Viki convinces her daughter that he is not there. He is in her heart and in all of her memories. They go off together.

Mitch is right then sitting on his bed in jail singing a happy song. Charlie walks outside alone and goes to Jared’s gravesite alone.. He observes the picture of his son. He remembers hearing Mitch tell him that Jared was doing ok in life until Charlie showed up. It was Charlie’s selfish needs for amends that killed Jared and that Charlie should have never left Texas. At that point, Charlie takes the bottle of booze out of his pocket and opens it.. He puts it up to his mouth, and drinks. He then takes another drink.

Fish takes Dorian to jail. He tells him he’s making this her favorite incarceration. He tells her he really appreciates how she stood up to him. They are talking in a friendly manner, until Mitch Laurence smirks and asks if that is not Dr. Dorian Lord. She clarifies that she is Mayor Dorian Lord and admits she is horrified to see Mitch Laurence. Mitch asks her what she got arrested for.

When Amelia and Nick are alone without Dorian or Fish, it looks like some gay bashers want to hurt them.

Rachel calls Téa and tells her that Dani is at the hospital and Téa need not worry. She is ok. But outside the door, Ross hides with his gun unseen.

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