OLTL Update Tuesday 12/1/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 12/1/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Natalie looks at a picture of Jared and sits in the chapel distraught. She asks God to please bring him back to her. She lost Cristian. Then she lost John. And she needs for Jared to come back to her. She is dressed and ready for Jared’s funeral when Roxy shows up. Natalie demands to know what she is doing there. Roxy tells her daughter she is there for her.

Rex announces to Jessica that Mitch Laurence is his father. Hearing that, she assumes he must be joking. He explains to her that he is not joking. He went to Michigan. His aunt Corrine confirmed it with his birth certificate. Roxy also admitted that Mitch got her pregnant with Rex. And that means that Jessica is his sister.

When Charlie is ready for his son’s funeral, he notices a bottle of booze that somebody has wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper and put under the tree. And he tears it open looking like he might want to relapse. Right then, Viki enters and asks her husband if he is “alright” And we wonder who wrapped the bottle of booze for Charlie to see and be tempted to open and consume.

Clint and Nigel are ready for the funeral. Clint admits that he can hardly wait for Nora to get home. He has missed her and missed his brother. But he still has no clue what Bo and Nora have been up to behind his back.

At the station, Nora admits to Bo that she is worried and hasn’t a clue what to do. He tells her he knows but she must know that he loves her. He is right then, ready to kiss her. And Marty appears to see them. And she asks if she was “missing something”.

When Todd and Téa are left alone in their respective jail cells after Ross has left them alone, he tell her that he can never forgive her for preventing him from knowing that he has a daughter. She clarifies to him that throughout Daniela’s life, she thought that Ross was her father. When Todd left her and abandoned her on the deserted island to get back to Blair, she thought she’d never see Todd again. She would not have survived without Ross. And she only slept with Todd once. She cries and admits that she blocked the one and only time she made love to Todd out of her mind. She had to. He left her one day after they had sex. She does not know how he managed to do that. But she did it by burying her feeling s for him. She remembered all of the dreams she had of being with him and having his child. After he abandoned her on that deserted island, she had no choice except to forget him. She doesn’t know how she did it. But she had to. Todd had to be her past and only a bad nightmare. Whereas Ross was her future. She believed that he was Dani’s father. And when Daniela was born, Téa forgot about everything and everybody else. Because Daniela gave her life meaning in a way that she never had meaning before. Hearing that, Todd tells Téa that he wishes he had a chance to also know Daniela.

After Viki enters to ask Charlie if he is alright, he hides the booze and indicates to her that he is hanging in there. She seems to know that he is hiding something.

Natalie furiously tells Rosy that she does not want her anywhere near her ever again. Roxy did not tell Natalie or Rex or Jessica that Mitch Laurence was alive. She will never forgive her for that.

Brody goes to show John the letter that Mitch wrote to Jessica about wanting to see her, Teaching her “contrition” and wanting to see his granddaughter Bree. John remarks that he’d like to know how Mitch could have gotten that letter into the mail and past the California corrections. Brody replies that it really doesn’t matter. The point is, he did it and the question is what they are going to do about it.

At the funeral, Roxy protests to Natalie that she had no clue that Mitch was alive. She wasn’t about to tell Rex that Mitch was his father for obvious reasons but had no clue that he was alive and well and ready to do more destruction. But Natalie doesn’t want to hear it. She accuses Roxy of being is responsible for Jared’s death. It’s her fault. Roxy tells her daughter that she is going to be there for her family whether Natalie wants her to or not.

Clint and Nigel talk about Clint and Nora not seeing each other for so long. But he trust and loves Nora more than anything. He indicates that he has no clue that Nora and Bo are together and she is going to divorce Clint.

When Marty runs into Nora and Bo at the station, Nora is not certain what to tell her she just walked in on (seeing them ready to kiss). But she tells Marty that they are really happy. It looks like Matthew will be able to walk again soon. He had the surgery and it was a success. Hearing that, Marty hugs Nora and tells her how happy she is. She still feels terrible that she was responsible for Cole’s drug problem and letting him drive and endangered Matthew. But all of that is over now. Yet, Marty can see that Nora has something going on that she is not ok about. Nora hasn’t a clue what to tell Marty about her situation.

Téa cries and admits to Todd that she never got over him throughout all those years when she was trying to get on with her life without Todd. But he tells her he still doesn’t understand why it is that she committed to marrying him yet never intended to tell him that they have a child together until it was too late.

Viki tells Charlie that she won’t let him shut her out. She will do whatever it is that he wants or needs her to do. So she tells him if he gets ready, she can lay out his clothes. He goes into the other room where he is not seen with the bottle of booze hidden in his pocket.. He opens the bottle and looks like he’s tempted to drink out of it.

Roxy tells Natalie that may can ignore her. Natalie can yell at her and hit her and throw things at her or do anything she wants. It’s ok. But she’s not going to abandon her daughter. She cries and puts her arms around her Natalie and tells her that she knows that when she was drunk all those times when Natalie was a child, it was taking care of her. She should have taken care of her child. And now she’s going to. She knows that Natalie has a real problem letting anybody take care of her. She tells her she notices she didn’t even let Roxy do her hair at the salon. And she loved that lug of a husband of Natalie’s. She knows he was the love of Natalie’s life.

After Rex reveals to Jessica that Mitch Laurence is his father, she tells him that she wishes that he didn’t have to go through it just like was the case with her.

Téa tells Todd that when she went through Daniella’s entire life without telling Todd about his daughter, partly because she was forced to emotionally detach herself from Todd. But also because he is not exactly “father of the year”. She knows that he got charged with raping Marty Saybrooke. He pushed Starr down a flight of stairs. He kept Jack from Blair. He’s done more than enough throughout his life for her to have her misgivings about having Daniela knowing that he was her father.

While Viki is laying out Charlie’s clothes on the bed, he is in the bathroom alone wondering what to do with the bottle of booze. He is ready to pour it down the sink. But he hesitates and closes the bottle.

Clint welcomes Nora back and kisses her. He tells her how good it is to have his wife home. He tells her that he has to shower and change before Jared’s funeral. When she is alone, she looks at the wedding photo of herself and Clint and their best man, Bo.

Bo talks to John and Brody in his office and reflects to them that Mitch Laurence isn’t just “any psycho”. He knows from experience that Mitch Laurence doesn’t know when to stop.

Nigel enters to welcome Nora back. He tells her that he got a message from Renee that she is too distraught to attend Jared’s funeral. And he asks Nora if it would be ok with her if he stays and looks after Renee. She tells Nigel of course.

Marty finds John at the station and informs him that Nora has great news about Matthew. He got some sensation in his legs after the surgery and will probably be walking soon. John admits that he had no clue. He had not heard anything about it since he’s been so busy with this case. And he acknowledges that this will be great news for Cole.

Téa confesses to Todd that it’s been too many times that she’s been taking care of him and saving him from the consequences of his behaviors. He’s been so screwed up throughout the entire time they’ve known each other. She knows that he was an absolute disaster for so long. His life was a mess. He had her head over heels in love with him one minute and scared to death of him the next. She had every intention of telling him about Daniela. But in the short time she’s been back in Llanview, first she had to save him from getting charged with raping and kidnapping Marty. She almost got disbarred because of Todd trying to save his ass. Then she almost died of gas inhalation from the KAD murders because of Todd. There were so many things throughout the years. All the while she kept wanting to tell Daniela. But everything that Todd did made it impossible for her to have any reason.

The funeral attendants bring out Jared’s casket. Natalie rushes and falls down on it crying hysterically unable to stop. Viki, Clint, Charlie, Roxy, Rex and Jessica all stand around her not knowing what to do..

Todd tells Téa that when he crawled back to her and asked her to marry him, she could not tell him about his daughter. He loved her and wanted to marry her. He screams at her demanding to know why she never told him. She then tells him that she made a mistake and hopes that some day he can forgive her.

The priest comes out and says his prayers for Jared while Natalie and all of hers’ and Jared’s friends and family stand around distraught. Bo looks at Clint and tells his brother that regardless of anything he is there for him with whatever he needs. .Clint tells his brother he knows that he can always count on him. Right then, Clint, Bo, Charlie and 3 other poll bearers carry Jared’s casket.

Téa tells Todd that she’s knows that he has always been in love with Blair. And she didn’t want to wonder for the rest of her life if the only reason he would have chosen to marry her is from learning that they had a child together. That is why she didn’t tell him before their wedding. She wanted to know that the only reason he was with her was because of her and not because of their child.

The priest tells all of the people at the funeral that they are there for Jared. And he announces that Jared’s sister in law, Jessica will give the eulogy. She stands up and announces that not long ago, she was in her sister’s place. She buried her husband and all of their hopes and dreams. She lost it and took it out on many people including Jared. Yet Jared has forgiven her, been there for her and taken care of her child when she could not. She tells Natalie that she and Jared were both always there for her. And she knows that Jared is the man for Natalie. And even the man who killed Jared can never take away what Natalie and Jared had and what Jared meant to all of the people in the church. Right then, we see Rex with Gigi listening attentively. Jessica tells Jared that everybody here will always love him wherever he is. The priest then asks everybody to stand and recites the Lord’s prayer. John and Marty are at the back of the church and he gets a call on his pager. He tells her he has to take this call and goes outside.

Téa tells Todd that what he wanted was one perfect night with him where they didn’t have to worry about anything else. She wanted a perfect wedding night. And didn’t they have it.? It was beyond her wildest dreams. And when she walked out, she was ready to be honest with him. But when she walked out the door after their honeymoon, she discovered a check written to Ross from Blair. And the rest was history. And she tried and failed to tell Todd what happened after it was too late and he found out. But she couldn’t get the words out. He asks her why she couldn’t simply tell him that they have a child together. She tells him that when she tried, she discovered him in bed with Blair. And Todd must know ht Blair will do whatever it takes to get him back. Especially after she’s lost John to Marty.

Téa tells Todd that the night that she and Ross found him and Blair together, they knew that Todd was going to believe that Téa pushed her out a window. And Todd believed Blair that Téa and Ross were going to take him for his money. Todd believed her lie. Blair wanted him to believe it when she knew but didn’t want to tell Todd that he had a child. Hearing that, Todd tells Téa that there is no way that Blair could have known about his daughter and not told him. She knows what family means to him. Hearing that, Téa laughs and reveals to Todd, for the first time that right before she had that struggle that resulting in Blair falling out of the window, Blair was able to get Téa to admit that she and Todd had a child together. Blair lost her memory after the accident but must have gotten it back and never wanted Todd to know. SO instead of telling Todd about his child, Blair told Todd that Téa and Ross were still together and ready to take Todd for his money. She made up that story because she was afraid that if Todd found out that he had a daughter with Téa, that he would go back to her.

Right then at the funeral, after John gets his call, he approaches Bo to notify him of something. And it looks like Jared’s casket is opening. Everybody notices the casket opening.

Téa cries and tells Todd she is sorry. She was wrong. She should have never kept Daniela’s secret from him. But he tells her that she needs to understand what he is going to do. Very soon, he will get out of this jail. And when he does, he will find Daniela and be her father. But he wants Téa to go to hell.

At the funeral everybody watches in horror as the casket opens and Mitch Laurence rises out of it with a smirk on his face.

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