OLTL Update Monday 11/30/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 11/30/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Rex talks to Shane wondering what to tell him about Mitch Laurence. Hearing that Mitch Laurence sounds like a bad person, Shane asks his dad if Mitch could be as bad as Aunt Stacy. Rex replies that Mitch makes Shane’s Aunt Stacy look like a nice person.

Stacy and Kim talk about their plans. Kim informs her that Clint Buchanan has agreed to hire her as his executive assistant. She plans on becoming “more” to him than that.

Meanwhile, Clint is in Llanview talking to his son Kevin who is in London. Kevin seems to be coming down with something. He reflects that “somebody” in the house can travel. In the other room, David Vickers is talking and scheming with Nigel’s cousin and Kevin’s butler, Neville. On the phone, Kevin asks his father how Natalie is holding up after losing her husband. Clint admits that she is devastated.

Todd, Téa and Ross have all been taken to jail wondering what to do now that both men have found out for the first time that Ross is no longer Téa’s daughter’s biological father. Todd is.

Matthew is in his hospital room talking to Destiny. He is able to move his toes and his legs and confident that he will walk and play sports very soon. She asks him about his ‘friend,” Dani. She indicates that she might be happy that Matthew might have “complications” for seeing Dani again.

Ross tells Téa that he’s glad that Dani is now in child protective services. At least that will prevent Téa from kidnapping her. She clarifies to him that she is not kidnapping her daughter by simply taking her where she doesn’t want to go. Ross tells both Téa and Todd that he knows they have many tricks up their sleeves for taking legal action to prevent him from seeing his daughter just because of biology. He tells them both that the only father that Dani has ever known is himself.

Jessica talks to Brody about all that has happened and how the California police may be incapable or unwilling to do something about Mitch Laurence.

Shane asks Rex and Gigi about his “grandfather.” Rex admits to his son that Mitch Laurence, his grandfather, unfortunately, is an evil person. It is true that he was able to donate his stem cells to save Shane’s life. He didn’t even willfully do that. It’s a complicated story that they are not certain how to explain to their son. Shane then asks his parents where his “grandfather” is. They admit that he is in jail far away where he cannot hurt anybody. Shane asks them what if he needs more stem cells. Rex tells his son that he will make certain that nothing can prevent him from having remission from his previous threat of Leukemia.

On the phone from London, Kevin asks Clint how the prospects are for Matthew. Clint tells Kevin that there is one positive thing he can report. They may thank the Good Lord that Matthew might very well be able to walk soon. Yet, he cannot answer his son’s questions about his new wife and Matthew’s mother, Nora, as he has not been able to spend any time with her.

At that moment, in the other room, David Vickers and Neville reveal that David’s “father,” Bo is going to take his brother’s wife from him. David asks Neville if the relationship between a Buchanan and his man servant should be one of confidentiality. He needs to ask Neville to never tell his uncle Clint that Bo and Nora were kissing one night when Matthew and Destiny saw them. He is concerned about his father having to sneak around with the woman he loves. Neville then agrees to never tell Clint what he knows about Bo and Nora. At that moment, Kevin enters and reveals he’s overheard their conversation.

At Rex’s old apartment, Kim gets dressed into her “executive” clothing with her shiny black spiked heels and her mini skirt. She knows that Clint Buchanan is alone without his wife and has a family crises going on and might need a “friend.” She tells Stacy that she must know that Schuyler will never tell Gigi that Stacy might be pregnant with his child. He wants Gigi, and as long as Gigi believes that Rex is the father of Stacy’s child, she won’t blame Schuyler for anything and it could cause Gigi and Rex to break up so that Stacy could potentially “have” Rex. Rex knocks on their door. Stacy knows she better put on her robe so that he cannot see how far along she is (or is not) in her pregnancy. He tells her that they must talk about a man whose blood he just found out is going through that baby’s veins.

In Matthew’s hospital room, he informs Destiny that the strangest thing happened. He found out that Dani is Téa Delgado’s daughter and having some serious problems with her mom. Téa is similarly making her go where she does not want as his parents did with him. In the hallway, while they speak, Dani is ready to scheme and takes some medical scrubs and pants off of a cart and looks like she will put them on so she can escape.

Kevin walks in the door to overhear David asking Neville to “keep a secret” about Bo and Nora and demands to know what is up with the “accusation” that they were seen outside the Buchanan lodge kissing. He knows that David is keeping a secret from him. David makes it a joke but Kevin finds it very serious and distressing. He demands to know if it really happened and if it is really true that Bo and Nora are in love and she is going to break up with Clint,(Kevin’s father).

In Llanivew, at the Buchanan house, Nigel answers the door when Kim enters. She is dressed to look professional and acts gracious about what happened to his son-in-law. He asks her if she “knew” Jared. She admits yes. She tells him she knew Jared “intimately.”

Rex tells Stacy that he knows that she might know something about his biological father. He shows her a recent photo of Mitch Laurence. She then remembers following and spying upon Roxy when she went to the private clinic to extract the stem cells from the mysterious comatose patient who was Rex’s father. Rex admits to Stacy that he found out for the first time in his life, that this evil man is his father. The reason he is telling her this is because very possibly, when Mitch finds out that Rex is his son and that he is having a baby, that is hers, he might very well go after her or “their” baby.

Jessica is with Brody, reading a letter written to her from Mitch. He tells her that he hopes that soon things will be “normal.”

Matthew talks to Destiny in his hospital room when Dani enters and interrupts them. She tells Matthew he has to help her.

Elijah enters the jail cell to talk privately with Téa about the outcome of Todd and Ross both finding out that Todd is her daughter’s father.

Jessica reads Mitch’s letter to Brody about how he “forgives” her and she will learn contrition for defying her father. He tells her that he looks forward to coming to Llanview to be with his beautiful daughter and meet his granddaughter. Noticing that, both Jessica and Brody panic. He then tells her that he will take that letter to John and make certain that Mitch can never hurt her again or go near Bree.

After Rex reveals to Stacy that his biological father might find out that she is carrying his grandchild, she asks if he really cares about “their” baby. He angrily tells her of course he does. He won’t let Mitch Laurence harm her or their baby. She acts gracious and has the idea that Rex is going to protect her. She now knows that she must never let anybody know that he is not the father of her baby.

Meanwhile, Schuyler goes to see Gigi (after Rex is gone) and is considering telling her that he just found out that Stacy’s baby is not Rex’s. When she goes to get them some coffee, he plays his “scenario” of what would happen if he did. When Gigi hears that he slept with her sister, she angrily tells him she never wants to see him again and will never forgive him for betraying her. She doesn’t want to hear any further explanation. Rex enters and they affirm to Schuyler that they are together forever. Stacy is out of their lives and so is he. He then realizes it hasn’t happened and doesn’t have to as long as he never tells Gigi. She returns with the coffee and asks him what he wanted to talk to her about.

Dani enters Matthew’ hospital room and informs Matthew and Destiny she managed to bust out of jail. It was actually easier than busting out of the boarding school with Matthew while he was in a wheelchair. She urges Matthew to help hide her from her “family.” Destiny clearly does not want Dani to get attention or help form Matthew. He clarifies that she is his friend and he owes her after she helped him with his issues regarding his parents.

Nigel’s cousin Neville calls his cousin and asks him what he knows about the hierarchy of the Buchanan family in Llanview. He and Clint have just met Kim for the first time. Nigel informs his cousin that Clint has been the head of the family since the death of Asa. In the other room, after meeting Kim for the first time but realizing he’s never heard of her, Clint concludes that maybe his son Kevin would know something about “new hires.” He calls Kevin. Meanwhile, Kevin is confronting David. David asks Kevin what he plans to tell his dad (Clint) about David’s dad (Bo) and Nora. When David sees that Clint is calling Kevin, he urges him not to divulge the information. Kevin talks to his father. Clint informs Kevin that this “new assistant” named Kimberly Andrews appears out of nowhere and said something about somebody hiring or interviewing with her. Yet, they both confirmed that neither of them have ever heard of Kim. David overhears the conversation and is very relieved that his “cousin” did not tell Clint that Bo and Nora are together. Clint gets off the phone and informs Kim that she has the job, realizing that he might need help in the office with all that his going on and does not have time to recruit or interview right now. So it looks like she’s in the right place at the right time to get the job with Buchanan Enterprises.

Shane returns from school when Schuyler is talking to his mom. He admits that he is also shocked to find out that his grandfather, Mitch Laurence is the person he is. He went on line and found out all the information about Mitch. He’s not comfortable to know that such a man could be Rex‘s father and his grandfather.

Rex then goes to talk to Jessica.

Matthew tells Destiny that he believes he owes Dani, and Dani need not worry that she is not welcome by Destiny. He indicates that she is not overstepping with asking him for favors. Were it not for her, he would be stuck in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. He looks at her revealing that he may have feelings for her.

Ross goes off with Elijah. Alone with Todd, Téa tells him that now that Ross is gone, he may now talk to her.

After Kevin gets off the phone without revealing to his father Clint that David’s father, Bo was cheating on his brother with his brother’s wife, he admits to his “cousin” that he is not certain what to do, and maybe it’s between Clint and Bo.

Neville then goes out the door declaring that he will tell his employer Clint Buchanan, that Clint’s brother and wife have betrayed him.

Kim returns to Stacy’s and informs her that Clint hired her. She is in awe and very optimistic that she will get what she wants from that arrangement. Stacy is similarly “elated” to find out that Rex came over to express his “concern” about the safety and well being of “their baby.” Now they have even more incentive to make certain that Schuyler keeps his mouth shut about this baby not being Rex’s.

After Shane expresses worry to his mother about Mitch, she assures her son that “this man,” his father’s father, can never hurt them. Shane seems to know about something else that is troubling his dad.

Rex goes to talk to Jessica about Mitch. She has absolutely no clue what he is there to tell her and assumes that the “Mitch situation” is not really a concern of his like it is for her. She has to accept that Mitch has come back from the dead and that he is her father. Rex tells her that it is a concern of his. He reveals to her that Mitch is his father also.

Alone, Téa asks Todd what his true feelings are now that they are alone and he can be completely truthful. Todd then replies that he hates her more than he has ever hated anybody in his entire life. 

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