OLTL Update Tuesday 11/24/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/24/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Reporters are outside demanding that Viki answers their questions. She assumes they want to know about Jared’s death. Clint attempts to shoe them away an tells them she has nothing to say.. And they want to hear about Viki’s recent election victory.

Markko is preparing candied yams in Dorian’s kitchen with Langston. He is very afraid, noticing Dorian on the warpath that she will find out that he voted for Viki Banks. Langston assures him that he need not worry.. Many others did not vote for Dorian either. He tells her that they are not in her kitchen right now.

Dorian then goes to Buenos Dias to confront Moe. Noelle and Carlotta and demands to know if they or anybody they know voted against her. Carlotta tells her she must accept the fact that she lost and get over it. In the dining room, Shane wants to talk to his mom about Noelle’s famous new pie. But she clearly has her mind elsewhere.

Schuyler finds out from Stacy and form Kim that Stacy is in fact pregnant. And they convince him that it could be his since she did drug him and he slept with her. But, they realize that he sure doesn’t want to deal with that. SO, it might be in his best interest, as well as theirs because they know he does not want Gigi to find out. He would prefer that Gigi and Rex break up just like they do. Right then, Schuyler gets a call from Gigi who is very worried that word could get out that she stayed at his place the other night when she drank too much even though they never slept together. At that point, he realizes that Kim and Stacy might be correct that he’d rather not have anybody know that he might have a child with Stacy.

Todd informs Dani that he knows she is his daughter. But she does not want to hear that. She only wants to believe that he is her mom’s sleazy boyfriend with whom she cheated on her dad, who is Ross. She tells both Todd and Téa that she has a dad and they are leaving together.

Markko tells Langston that it’s clear to see that Dorian is out for blood. But she tells him that Dorian just needs to blow off some steam.

Dorian tells Carlotta that she is a Cramer woman and does not accept defeat. Carlotta tells her she needs to face the fact that she has been defeated. Dorian then tells Carlotta that it is precisely that defeatist attitude that may be the reason why Carlotta is still wearing an apron and working in a kitchen. But Carlotta reminds Dorian that she no longer works for her. Dorian tells her be that as it may, she expects loyalty from Carlotta and all of her friends whom she has been there for. Carlotta then admits to Dorian that she voted for Viki and she exits. Dorian then tells Moe and Noelle that she would like to know who everybody voted for. Moe tells her that she cannot find that out. It’s confidential and unconstitutional for her to demand to know who anybody voted for. She then reminds Moe that she gave him and Noelle her house. Noelle then tells the two of them they need to not argue and have all of his negativity. It’s getting very close to Thanksgiving.

Clint congratulates Viki for becoming the new mayor of Llanview. She tells him she is going to make a statement to the reporters outside. He tells her she can wait until Jared’s funeral. But she tells him she needs to do this now.

After Rex informs Bo that he found out that Mitch Laurence is his father, Bo doesn’t want to believe that and tells Rex that Corinne might not be a reliable source. Even if she showed him his birth certificate, it could have been falsified, remembering the little stunt Corrine recently pulled with getting him to go to MI only to drug him. But Rex admits that Roxy also confirmed it when she never wanted to let him know throughout his life. So they couldn’t both be lying when it’s the last thing they’d want to do. But his main concern right now is Natalie. Bo assures Rex that they will be there for her. Bo can sense that Rex is really “down on himself”, knowing that Mitch is his biological father. And again, Rex admits that he wishes that Bo was his father.

Schuyler reminds Stacy that she went after her sister’s boyfriend and threatened to let her nephew die of leukemia. He tells her she’s delusional to believe that Rex could love her. Kim reminds Schuyler that if he “does the right thing”, and commits to his child and reveals that it’s his and not Rex’s, then Gigi might have nothing more to do with him and will get back with Rex . That’s not what he wants.

Dorian returns home to Langston and Markko. He appears to be shaking in his boots with facing her. They inform her that they are taking the candied yams that he prepared to the homeless shelter. She informs Langston that she made promises to people. They trusted her. And she feels she let them down. Markko is then ready to divulge his secret. Hearing that, Dorian assumes that he’s going to tell her about his parents’ reaction to her supporting same sex marriages. Of course she does not hold that against Markko. But, at that point, he blurts out to her that he did not vote for her. He voted for Victoria Banks

The reporters ask Viki about the police investigation and suspicion that Jared is a murderer and that Mitch Laurence is Jessica’s father. But she clarifies to them that her son in law did nothing wrong. He did not murder anybody. He got framed and then murdered by Mitch Laurence.

Bo tells Rex he must know that he is nothing like Mitch Laurence. Rex then informs Bo that Gigi said the same thing. Bo tells Rex he should listen to her. She’s a smart woman. Rex then informs Bo that Gigi showed him the sonogram of Stacy’s baby and reflected that this baby is perfect regardless of who it’s mother or its paternal grandfather. And Rex must not think about Mitch or the past and should only think about and the future and the people who love him. Bo tells Rex that he agrees.

At Buenos Dias, Gigi's mind is clearly somewhere else and not interested in the conversation between Noelle and Shane regarding Noelle’s Thanksgiving pies. Shane goes with Moe into the kitchen. Noelle then tells Gigi she has to snap out of this. What did she do that was so terrible? So she had a bad day, got drunk and Schuyler let her stay at his home to sleep it off so that Shane would not see her in that condition. It’s not like she drove drunk nor slept with Schuyler. Yet, Noelle knows there is something up. She then asks Gigi if she has a “thing” for Schuyler Joplin.

Schuyler tells Stacy and Kim that if this is his child, he has rights. But they know that he obviously doesn’t want to be tied to Stacy forever nor have Gigi ever finding out that he would sleep with Stacy. They are giving him an “out” here, they tell him. If he keeps their secret and let Rex believe the baby is his, they won’t ruin Schuyler’s chances with Gigi.

Dani tells her mom that she knows that Todd is violent and sick. He is the one who hurt her. She does not want to believe that it was her “dad” who assaulted her mom. That man could not possibly be her father. Could he? But all three of them cannot answer her question the way she wants them to.

Schuyler asks Stacy if she wants him to lie to Gigi and deny his own child. He asks them just how Stacy is going to deal with Rex’s questions about whether the baby is his after it’s born. She must know that he will get a paternity test and prove it’s not. And everybody will ask who is.

At the police station, after knowing that his fellow officers have seen him “come out” on TV, Fish assumes that another uniform cop is judging him. But the other cop reveals that not everybody is. Kyle is with him and encouraging Fish to admit that they have a relationship.

In Bo’s office, he assures Rex that he won’t let Mitch Laurence get to him. But Rex inquires what if he wants to contact Mitch.

After Viki informs the reporters that Jared was framed and murdered by Mitch, she also comments that her daughter, Jessica Buchanan only knows of Clint Buchanan as her father. So Mitch Laurence has absolutely no place in their lives. She then informs them that she is very honored to be elected as mayor. But she cannot serve.

After Dorian finds out that Markko did not vote for her, she asks him if he does not know what he cost her and what he cost the people of this city. But Langston tells her she cannot blame him for voting once. Dorian reflects that she cannot put to rest that she lost by only one vote. Langston then tells her that for that reason, maybe it’s a sign that there are many people who love her. And maybe it’s a sign that’s she needs to be with one person whom she knows love her. That’d David. Maybe she needs to follow her heart and be with him. Amelia then walks in and tells Dorian she agrees that she should go to London and be with David.

Téa urges Dani not to go anywhere with Ross. But he reminds her of the time when he taught her to snorkel. She cut herself on a coral reef. And it was he who rushed her to the hospital to have stitches. He tells her he’d die for her. She believes that. But Todd adds it’s more like he’d “kill” for her. Téa then urges her daughter to see that Ross tried to strangle her.

Viki tells the reporters that when she ran for mayor, she could not have foreseen such a tragedy happening in her life. Her daughter has lost her husband. Her husband has lost his son. And a man who has caused her family unimaginable hurt has come back to their lives. There will be a trial for Mitch Laurence in another state. And she does not think it would be fair to the people of this town or to her family for her to be the mayor with all of this going on. They protest that she is going to walk away from them. Clint tells them they need to leave Viki alone. She protests that she hopes they understand what she must do.

Amelia tells Dorian she must know that we did make a difference for same sex marriage rights. She tells her that people have the right to love who they want. And that is true for Dorian in her own situation.

Ross is able to convince Dani that her mom has lied to her and was going to kidnap her and keep her away form her dad. He admits that he had a fight with her mom. He should not have touched her. But he was desperate when she threatened to take his daughter away from him so that he could never see her again. Right then, Dani gets on her phone to call the police.

After Rex tells Bo that he is considering contacting Mitch, Bo tells him it’s a bad idea. He tells him that Mitch Laurence is pure evil. There’s no telling what he might do. He might come after Rex or his son or his unborn child. He is not Rex’s father in any real way. Rex asks if Mitch is too dangerous for even him to speak with. BO replies yes. Bo again tells Rex he needs to focus on Gigi and Shane and his new baby. They are his family. He tells Rex that he is his family. And Mitch Laurence is nothing to him.

At Buenos Dias, after Noelle inquires to Gigi if she has feelings for Schuyler, Gigi rationalizes that the only reason she stayed with Schuyler is because she was drunk and didn’t want Shane to see her like that. But Noelle inquires again if she has a thing for Schuyler. Gigi cannot answer that. Noelle asks her what is going on with her. Gigi admits how great a friend Schuyler has been to her. He means a lot to her. Right now he’s with Stacy urging her to keep her mouth shut and not tell Re about the two of them being together. Noelle then asks Gigi why she couldn’t just discuss the matter with Rex. Gigi then replies that maybe now is not the time to tell Rex anything of this nature. Rex just got some shocking news. He just found out for the first time in his life whom his biological father is. It’s a guy named Mitch Laurence. That’s the evil psycho who killed many people including Jared Banks. So it’s not the time to discuss that with Rex. Noelle then asks Gigi what if Stacy beats her to the punch.

Schuyler tells Stacy that he knows that she had to spitefully show Gigi the sonogram and rub her nose in it in order to hurt her. And it caused Gigi to get drunk and end up in his home because she didn’t want Shane to see her like this. But they convince him that he obviously doesn’t really care about Rex and would prefer that Gigi chooses him over Rex. And, hearing that, he remembers what his life used to be like as an addict where he would go to any desperate measure to get his “fix”. And he concludes that he is not that guy anymore.

Dorian concludes to Langston and Markko that she is no longer fighting the election results. She is not angry at Markko anymore. It may have put her on the right path to finding the love of her life in London. They are all happy at that point.

Kim concludes that Stacy belongs with Rex and Schuyler belongs with Gigi. So why not make this happen? She asks Schuyler if it is not true that he loves Gigi. He admits that it is true. Stacy concludes that she knows that Schuyler would rather have babies with Gigi and now he can. So they both ask him what it’s going to be. He then agrees that he will not tell Rex and Gigi that it’s his baby “for now”, “under one condition”.

At the police station, Bo asks Rex to promise him he will not go anywhere near Mitch Laurence. Nothing good can come out of it. Rex does not need this kind of poison in his life and cannot let this destroy him. Rex leaves. Bo urges Rex and his family to have a great Thanksgiving.

Ross urges Dani to know that even though he may have made a mistake with her mom, she must know that he would never hurt her. Right then, the cops enter. Dani informs them that her mother is trying to kidnap her. And “this guy" (Todd) is helping her. Téa protests that her daughter ran away. Ross tells the cops he did not know where his daughter was. Todd informs them that Ross tried to strangle Ms. Delgado and kidnap his daughter. The cops then tell the four of them that they will all have to take a trip downtown. They can come willingly or the cops will have to arrest them. What is it going to be?

Schuyler tells Stacy and Kim that the “condition” for keeping his mouth shut about his and Stacy’s baby is that Stacy does not tell Rex that Gigi stayed with him the other night. They inquire why he wouldn’t want to enable Rex and Gigi to break up. He tells them that he won’t do it regardless. It would not be fair to Gigi. He will not hurt her. They don’t say anything. He won’t way anything. And that is the deal for now. But he tells them that he feels ashamed already. He leaves. Kim assures Stacy that they got Schuyler to do what they want.

Rex goes to see Gigi at Buenos Dias. She gets a call form Schuyler that she does not want Rex to know about. So she gets Rex to go in the kitchen with Shane. Schuyler tells her that she may put her mind at ease. She is safe. She appears eternally grateful.

Viki tells Clint he really appreciates all of his help. He tells her that he believes that she would be a great mayor. This city has a great loss. But he does know of “one person” who will be delighted.

Right then, Dorian is ready to go and Langston, Markko and Amelia are seeing her off. But Amelia gets a phone call informing her that Viki Banks has publicly announces that she will not serve. And that means that it’s “not over”. At that point, Dorian might be ready to change her plans.

The cops get ready to take Ross to jail when Téa and Todd convince them that he assaulted Téa and was going to kidnap Dani. Dani tells them they cannot do this to her dad and is furious. Téa and Todd are alone in the room. She declares to him congratulations. “It’s a girl”.

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