OLTL Update Monday 11/23/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 11/23/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Roxy tells Rex and Natalie that she is freaked out and wonders if she is hearing and imagining things. She asks them both if there is any way that they could have really stated that Mitch Laurence is alive.

Brody asks Jessica if she should not be with her family tonight. She tells him that the person she is the most worried about is her sister, Natalie, after what has happened. She hasn’t a clue how to reach Natalie in her time of crises.

After Roxy confirms with her two kids that Mitch is alive, she freaks.

Mitch talks from his jail cell to an unseen being, informing them that he has a plan and is very confident. All he needs is “their able assistance.”

After Todd comes face to face with Dani, she asks Rachel and Greg who this creepy guy is. They are not certain what to tell her. Dani demands that Rachel tells her where her mom is. She can sense that Téa might be in danger. “Somebody” might hurt her if they don’t get to her first. Todd also seems to know that. He rushes out of the hospital to find Téa.

Ross looks like he is attempting to strangle Téa to prevent her from taking “his” daughter away from him or letting it be known that Todd Manning is her biological father.

Jessica tells Brody that she knows that Natalie will not want to accept anybody taking care of her or admit she needs help. She will just get angry. Brody assures Jessica that they are not going to let Natalie down, or her. He tells her that he knows that she considered Jared part of her family as he was Chloe’s godfather. Jessica knows that something is not okay.

Roxy tells Natalie and Rex that they must know that Mitch Laurence is dead. Natalie tells her mom that he is not. He killed Jared. Roxy protests that that cannot be. But Natalie explains that Mitch somehow faked his death and fooled everybody. Overhearing that, Rex asks how and why this could have happened. Natalie admits to her brother that she hasn’t a clue. He asks her how Mitch could have pulled off all of this, hurt and murdered all of these people and murdered Jared when he was supposed to be dead? Natalie has no answer to that question. Rex can tell that Roxy might know something about Mitch still being alive without anybody knowing for many years.

Schuyler walks into Rex’s old apartment to see Kim adjusting Stacy’s phony pregnancy pillow on her belly. When he sees it, he asks just what they are doing. They protest that she needs to wear that thing to protect the baby. He reminds her that he knows that she is the same person who could withhold stem cells for her nephew who was dying in order to “snag” his father. So, he can assume she might think “what is a little fake pregnancy among friends.” He asks Kim why she would want to encourage Stacy to fake this. He tells Stacy that he’s really glad that she is not really pregnant. No child should have to have a mother like her. Hearing that, Kim protests to Schuyler that he must leave Stacy alone because she had a miscarriage.

At the hospital, Rachel attempts to “clarify” things to Dani still not hearing from Téa nor knowing what is now going on.

Ross has choked Téa and she is now passed out on the floor unable to move.

Dani asks Rachel if it’s true that “that guy” is the reason her mom left her dad. She asks Rachel and Greg how anybody could “fall” for slime like that. Rachel then replies that you can’t always “choose” who you “fall” for.

After Ross has knocked Téa out, Todd manages to find her after Rachel has tipped him off. He attempts to revive her and urges her to “come back to him.”

At the hospital, Rachel tells Dani that unknown to her, her mother and Todd have a “history” together. She’s sure that Téa will fill her daughter in on the details. Responding to that, Dani asks Rachel how she can say that her mom would fill her in on anything. News flash, she’s not exactly the best communicator and has left Dani’s “dad” for this other guy without even telling her daughter. Her mom and this “Todd guy” obviously have something going on. Did she cheat on Dani’s dad with Todd? In response to that, Rachel admits it’s “not her place” to answer that. Dani then concludes that her mom probably didn’t want Todd to ever know that she was “saddled to a kid.” Why tell him? The guy is obviously not a family man.

Todd attempts to revive Téa. He holds her and gets her to wake up. Ross is not far away lying on the floor. Todd wants to make certain she is okay. She screams at Todd to go away. He asks her why she wants that. Noticing Ross in the same room beside Téa, he assumes that they want to be alone. Remembering that he discovered for the first time that Téa has a daughter, he asks the two of them if they have a kid together.

After Kim informs Schuyler that Stacy had a miscarriage, he tells her even if that is true, he knows that Stacy is still up to no good. She is determined to stop at nothing to ruin Gigi’s life. He tells her that whatever she thinks was “done” to her, it’s not fair to make Rex think that she is pregnant with his child when she is not. At that point, Kim tell Schuyler that he does not know that she is not pregnant. She then asks Stacy to “show” him. Stacy then exposes her belly and indicates that she really is showing from a pregnancy.

Natalie tells Roxy that she knows that something is going on between her and Mitch. She needs to know, for the sake of herself, Jessica and all people who have had to know Mitch Laurence. Rex then informs Natalie that he noticed that Roxy had some sort of “secret” involving the “bastard” whom she got the stem cells from to save Shane’s life. Hearing that, Natalie tells her brother she is “so sorry.” He tells her she need not be sorry because the person in question was Mitch Laurence--his father.

Schuyler asks Stacy and Kim how Rex could have possibly slept with Stacy yet again after getting her pregnant once before. Would he do that to the love of his life? He tells her that he’d have to be extremely stupid to think that Rex would sleep with her again. For the sake of an argument that is true, he knows Stacy all too well. There is no way that she’d have slept with Rex without going and rubbing it in Gigi’s face like she did the first time. She then tells him that she has “matured” since then. She is about to be the mother of Rex’s baby. He then tells them that if she’s pregnant, it’s with somebody else. Its pretty sick to go out and do the nasty with somebody else so soon after the miscarriage. They ask Schuyler to wait. They tell him that they need to tell him the truth. Hearing that, he asks why they think he could care what idiot Stacy slept with. Kim replies the reason is because it is he who’s the father of Stacy’s baby.

Rex informs Natalie that Corinne confirmed to him that Mitch is his biological father by showing him his birth certificate for the first time. Roxy has known that all along, yet never said anything. Plus, she knew all this while Mitch was alive yet never told anybody. Rex confirms that she must have known if she was able to sneak off to the clinic and see this mysterious donor. Hearing that, Natalie is horrified to find out that their mom has known that Mitch is alive all this while.

Brody gets out PJs for Jessica. He can sense that she won’t get much sleep. She tells him that he does not have to be with her. He tells her he has to know that she is safe. She tells him she has to unpack her suitcase. He needs to stop hovering. She is not broken. He doesn’t have to fix her. She cries and tells him that she has terrible guilt that the two of them are okay. Natalie’s husband is dead. Charlie lost his son. She knows that Brody lost his relationship with his sister, the only relative that he has left. He tells her that he will get through it because of her. He tells her that there is nothing wrong to have dodged a bullet. Just because neither of them have been killed, it does not mean that they have survived without a scratch. He tells her he knows that she is hurting. He urges her to let him take care of her while she takes care of him. At that point, she holds him.

At the hospital, Rachel is not certain what to tell Dani when Dani tells her she knows all about her mom and the broken promises. Dani gets on the elevator assuming that her “dad” is the injured party who her mom and Todd have betrayed.

Before Todd leaves Téa alone in the room with Ross, he asks her what she is hiding from him. Apparently the two of them have a kid, Daniella. He just met her. He wonders why she had to hide that from him. She then replies that for one thing, she knows that Todd is a jealous son of a bitch. She knows what he did with his own son when he thought Blair had him with somebody else. He then asks Téa why he is now hearing that the two of them set him up to scam him and take his money. He kind of doubts that they were going to do that. It makes no sense. They’d rather have him believe that than have him know the truth. At that point, he concludes that he believes that Téa must have been scared. She asks of what. Todd replies that she was afraid of losing Dani. He concludes that he can see that Dani is his. Isn’t she? In response to that, Ross tells Todd he must be very desperate to want to take another man’s child. He asks Téa to “tell” Todd. When she is silent, Todd also turns to her and asks her to “tell” him. Ross tells Todd that he and Téa conceived Dani after they got off that Godforsaken island. Todd tells them he won’t hear one more lie. Dani rushes in to see that her mom has been hurt. She hugs her and asks if she is okay, assuming that Todd hurt her mom. She also notices her “dad” (Ross) and rushes into his arms. Todd and Téa both stand by coldly to see that she only warms up to Ross.

After Stacy and Kim inform Schuyler that he is the “sperm donor,” Kim explains that it’s the stuff they gave him to “put him in the mood” when Stacy showed up at his door. He then concludes that he knew that they drugged him. He reminds them that he is an addict. They protest that even if he was “out of it,” he was fully functional and it’s not like Stacy raped him. They convince him that he had sex with Stacy many times even if he did not remember nor intended it.

Mitch is in his jail cell plotting a plan.

Natalie asks Roxy how it is that she never told a living soul that Mitch was alive and well and terrorizing everybody. Roxy protests that she had her reasons and if she’d known that Mitch would hurt anybody, she would not have let it happen. Natalie reminds her mom that her husband is dead. Mitch is an evil, destructive force that people need to know about.

Mitch writes a letter to Jessica. We then see her in the shower with Brody. Mitch tells his “daughter” that he wants to show her compassion and love. He tells her that she is not without blame. She disobeyed one of the commandments to honor her father. With Mitch’s “guidance,” she will learn contrition, he tells her.

Téa calls Rachel and is not certain what to do. At least Rachel knows that her daughter has found her. She doesn’t tell her anything else. Dani still believes that Ross is the only person she can trust, and she loves him. He convinces her that he won’t let anybody take her from him. She tells him that her mom told her all this terrible evil stuff about him, but she didn’t believe a word of it. Ross tells Dani that the two of them had a big fight about who would get to keep her after the divorce. He tells her they got it “all sorted out.” Todd then asks Téa if she wants to tell Dani just who her real father is. Dani only believes that Todd must be her mother’s “sleazy boyfriend.” Ross urges Dani not to listen to a word that Téa or Todd tell her. They want to convince her that he is the one not to be trusted. Yet, she seems to only believe Ross. He tells her that he will make certain that she is safe. He will take her away with him. Todd tells Ross no way. He is not taking Dani anywhere.

Stacy tells Schuyler that when he was drugged, he was definitely having sex wit her. And of course he was moaning Gigi’s name. Right then, he remembers being disoriented and drugged and very confused. Kim tells Schuyler that she can see that he is a junky and has this fantasy about two sisters. He then concludes that it must mean that if Stacy is pregnant, it’s not Rex’s baby. It’s his.

Roxy tells Natalie and Rex that he must believe her. If she had known that Mitch was on the loose, she would have stopped him. Natalie informs both Rex and Roxy that nobody can touch Mitch. He’s in jail in Napa. Rex then asks if he can find out where his father is staying.

Mitch is writing more letters from his jail cell.

When Rex tells Natalie that he needs to find Mitch, she urges him not to. She reminds him that Mitch can come after Rex and Shane and his unborn child. If Rex wants to protect them, then he won't go to Mitch.

After Schuyler finds out that Stacy’s child is his, Kim tells him that he needs never breathe a word of it or let on to anybody about it. It’s not like they want that anyway.

Natalie tells Rex that before he considers contacting Mitch, he needs to think this through. Once he tells Mitch that he is Mitch’s son and Shane is his grandson and all, there’s no going back. He should talk to Jessica first and find out what she experienced by learning she was Mitch’s child. Roxy then goes out the door and tells Natalie she loves her. She wishes she could bring Jared back. She tells Rex she wishes she could prevent him from feeling the pain. She then goes out to the hallway, sits down and cries.

Mitch talks to “somebody” from his jail cell about helping to get the letter to Jessica. He prepares for her to be the next of kin if something should happen to him.

At the hospital, Greg and Rachel what will happen when Dani finds out about her “parentage.”

Dani tells Téa and Todd that she won’t let them take her away from her “dad.” At that point, Todd clarifies to her that Ross is not her dad. He then faces her and reveals to her that he is. 

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