OLTL Update Friday 11/20/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 11/20/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

At the station, the cops are wondering what to do with Mitch Laurence and the fact that he’s out of their jurisdiction.

Gigi tells Rex that they can spend the night alone without Shane while he’s with his grandmother. He admits to her that he is lost in thought and not okay with now finding out that he is the son of a cult leader, a murdering rapist and sociopath cult leader.

Stacy and Kim are busy trying to make her look pregnant. Kim finds a “pillow” for Stacy to wear underneath her clothes. She tells her that it can buy them enough time to plan their next move. Roxy pounds on the door and demands they let her in. They know that it might be time to plan their “next move.”

After Téa has dropped the “bombshell” upon Ross that Dani is not his daughter and is Todd’s. Rachel tries and fails to reach Téa on the phone.

When Todd attracts attention in the hospital and Dani comes out to confront him, they argue. They haven’t a clue whom the other is. He asks her just whom she is and how she plans to stop him from going into the room. She tells him she can. She stares at him and asks Dr. Greg just who this “creep” is. He does not know how to answer that.

Roxy forces her way into the apartment and demands that Stacy and Kim tell her why they called her and demanded that she comes to their home. She observes Stacy looking pregnant and asks what she wants. Stacy replies that Roxy is going to tell her son that he better “do something” since he is the father of Stacy’s child.

After Rex admits that he is very disenchanted to find out that he is Mitch’s son, Gigi reminds him that Stacy is going to have his baby. That doesn’t make his child less of a person. Right? He then tells her he would just like to spend one day of his life with some peace and enjoyment without having to think about Mitch being is father or Stacy carrying his child. He then gets on the phone to attempt to call Natalie.

Natalie is staying at John’s home. He tells her that she needs to know that Mitch Laurence has already taken too much from her and can’t ruin her future also. She must find a way to focus on her family and to say goodbye to Jared. She asks him how she’s going to do that. He admits that he does not know. Maybe she should just trust that the people who love her will be there for her. She needs to forget about Laurence. Natalie reminds him that he knows her too well to believe that it’s as simple as that.

While Mitch is in his jail cell he asks a guard to give him a bible. He tells him it can’t be too much to ask. A “God fearing” man must understand his need for the “good book.”

Todd introduces himself to Dani. Rachel then returns from making her call to Téa and asks Todd to leave Dani alone. He asks who this strange girl is. She tells him that her brother’s friends are none of Todd’s business. But Todd still wants to know why there was some secret behind the door in Matthew Buchanan’s hospital room. Can’t he go in and say hi to Matthew?

Ross tells Téa that it’s one thing for her to find out that Todd is Dani’s biological father. But if she thinks she’s going to take his (Ross’s) daughter from him, she’s got another thing coming.

Todd asks Rachel and Greg what the big secret is. They tell him there is no secret, but he can’t go in Matthew’s room. They know that he might pull out Matthew’s stitches and stop at nothing until he tells Todd what he wants to hear. Matthew is under their care while his parents are away. Overhearing that, Dani asks just what they plan to do until her mother takes her away, realizing that there is some sort of secret and they appear to be “ignoring” her and her concerns.

Téa tells Ross that he must know that things between them have not been great for a long time. He tells her that if she wants to go back to Todd, that’s her business, but Dani is his. He has been there when she took her first steps and spoke her first words. She is his daughter. Téa cannot just rewrite history in order to suit Todd. She then tells him she does not want to deny his connection to Dani, just the paternity test. He asks her what if the lab test is a fake. She tells him he may run his own test. He tells her he will do that. She just needs to tell him where his daughter is.

John calls Rex on the phone. Rex reveals he has no clue about Jared’s death and appears upbeat telling John he’s really happy that his sister is okay and John has brought Natalie home safely. Hearing that, John asks Rex if he has not heard what has happened with Natalie. Rex asks what he has not heard.

Stacy tells Roxy that she is going to go to Rex and motivate him to accept “paternal responsibility” for the mother of his child. Roxy asks Stacy why she can’t do that herself. Stacy replies that Rex would not listen to her. She reminds Roxy that she knows Roxy’s big secret about the mysterious person she has stashed away in the clinic. If Roxy does not do what they want, they can tell Rex about Roxy’s “little donor.”

After Rex gets off the phone with John, he informs Gigi that he heard that Jared has been killed. He has to go and be with his sister. He reflects to Gigi what might happen if he lost her. She tells Rex that he won’t lose her and encourages him to go. As soon as Rex is out the door, Schuyler appears. He can see that Gigi is not okay and asks what is wrong. He asks her if it’s about Shane. She replies no. He’s fine. Jared Banks has been killed. Hearing that, Schuyler is shocked as he remembers that he met Jared. He seemed like a nice guy. She tells him that she is just a little worried about his being there at a time like this. Schuyler agrees that if Rex has family crises, maybe he should not be coming there. He tells her he just wanted to let her know that Roxy gave him an earful about noticing that he let her stay at his place. He suspects that Kim and Stacy overheard. She concludes, it may appear that it’s just a matter of time before Kim and Stacy tell Rex.

After Stacy and Kim tell Roxy that they can disclose the secret to Rex about his father, she tells them she is not afraid of their threats. If Stacy thinks she can manipulate Roxy, then her peroxide has fried more than her hair. The two pole bimbos don’t know what they are talking about, she tells them. Rex already knows about his father. If they think they’re going to break Rex and Gigi up by telling him that Gigi is with Schuyler, it won’t work. Roxy then goes out the door. At that point, Stacy and Kim are astounded to hear Roxy's completely unafraid of their revealing the secret of Rex’s father for the first time and wonder how Rex could have found out.

At that moment, Mitch is alone in his jail cell chanting his prayers. He seems confident that he will find a way to escape and commit more evil.

Natalie tells John that she falsely blamed him. He was only following up on the evidence the way a good cop was supposed to do. She acknowledges that he has been a really good friend to her and to Jared. She is really sorry to cast him as the enemy. She admits that she is not good at getting over the murder of a person she loves and knows that he has faced that also with losing his fiancé Caitlin. She then tells him that she needs to get going and really thanks him for all he has done for her. He asks her if she is going to be okay. At that moment, he gets a knock on his door. It’s Rex. He rushes in and puts his arms around his sister.

Téa tells Ross that the results will not change. DNA is DNA. He must face the reality that he and Dani are not related. He asks her if she wants some reassurance that he will not take Dani away. He asks her just what they plan to do. He doesn’t trust her any more than she trusts him. Will they both chain themselves to the radiator, or will they just have to trust each other? She gets on her phone and hears Rachel’s message informing her that Todd is talking to his daughter right now. At that point, Téa is horrified.

Outside Matthew’s hospital room, Todd tells Dani, Rachel and Greg that Téa Delgado is playing games with him, and he doesn’t trust her. Hearing that, Dani tells him he better not talk that way about her mother. Having no clue that Téa has a daughter, Todd asks her what her mother has to do with that. He doesn’t know her mother or her. She tells him that Téa is her mother. He then stares at her speechless.

After Gigi reveals to Schuyler that Roxy was considering telling Rex what she suspected and that Kim and Stacy overheard, he tells her he won’t live in fear of that and neither should she. Nothing happened. She is worried about all of those things happening when Rex’s sister lost her husband. Roxy barges in the door and assumes that Schuyler is moving in on Gigi. They try to explain to her that it’s not the way she assumes. It looks confusing to her and she’s very stressed about Rex finding out that Mitch is his father.

Kim tells Stacy that all they need to do in order for Stacy to have Rex is to find some “beer for brains” guy to tell Rex what happened between Gigi and Schuyler.

Gigi tells Roxy that she may not have heard. Rex went to see Natalie because Jared is dead. Hearing that, Roxy is shocked.

Rex holds Natalie in his arms while she cries. John leaves them alone. Rex then informs his sister that that story that Corrine gave him that she was sick was just a lie to get him to go to MI and he deeply regrets that. He should have helped her find Jared before it was too late, assuming that that is how Jared got killed. She explains that it had nothing to do with any fault on Rex’s part. Jared was murdered by “that bastard.” Hearing that, Rex asks just whom she is talking about who killed Jared.

After Dani informs Todd that Téa is her mother, he asks how it can be that Téa has a daughter that he’s never heard of. She then asks why it is that nobody has ever heard of her.

When Téa plays her message from Rachel about Todd “meeting” his daughter, she tells Ross that she has to go. He asks her what she has to do. He prevents her from leaving. He grabs her phone and she smacks him. He prevents her from leaving and he hears the message from Rachel that Todd is talking to his daughter.

At the hospital, Dani asks Todd what his problem is. He asks her again if she is Téa’s kid. She tells him yes. Rachel then demands that Todd leaves Dani alone and that she goes with her. Todd tells Dani he must ask her one question. If Téa is her mom, who is her dad?

After Gigi informs Roxy that Jared has been killed, Roxy tells her she does not believe that. She may have heard inaccurate information. She doesn’t want to believe that her daughter would have lost the man she loved. She has assumed that Natalie has not been in touch because she’s been looking for Jared. She’s worried that maybe Rex could be with Stacy right now as they speak. She then goes out the door. Alone with Gigi, Schuyler tells her that they must both know that people should know that nothing happened. Maybe Rex should just trust them. He goes out the door.

In John’s apartment, Natalie asks Rex if he did not hear what happened. He told her that he called John and heard that she returned home. He hadn’t heard about anything happening to Jared. He then asks her just whom they “believe” is behind all of this. In response to that, Natalie tells her brother that he is not going to believe this. It’s Mitch Laurence.

Mitch reads his bible and creates a mausoleum. He appears in a white robe. He lies on his bed and asks God to take him out of this prison. The guard informs Mitch that he has a visitor. It doesn’t appear to be anybody coming to see Mitch. It appears Mitch has “super powers” yet again.

At he hospital, Todd corners Dani and asks her how old she is and when she was born. She tells him like it’s any of his business. He better just leave her alone. Greg tells Todd he better back off. Todd tells her she must wait. He informs her that his name is Todd Manning. He just wants to find out some things. He informs Dani that Téa is his wife. She tells him that could not be. Téa is married to her dad. His name is Ross Rayburn. She asks Todd, is he “happy?”

Ross and Téa get into a struggle. He tells her she must know that he’s not going to hurt his own daughter. She tells him she is not his daughter. He tells her that he is going to find Dani and take her to the airport. Téa is more than welcome to join them, but they are going to go. End of story. He then packs a bag. She then urges Ross to listen and tells him she knows that he loves Dani. She doesn’t want to keep him from her. They can work out a visitation agreement. He tells her that he knows that she is just talking more lawyer jargon. He does not trust her and won’t let her shut him out and be at the desperate mercy of court ordered visitations. She cries and urges him to know that they can work things out. He tells her that he knows all too well how Téa works things out and she will not take his daughter from him. She can take that to the bank. She then cries and tells him she is so sorry. He tells her she is going to be sorry when he finds his daughter.

At the hospital, after Dani reveals to Todd that Téa is her mom and he reveals that Téa is his wife, Dani runs off. He then confronts Rachel, telling her he knows that she is keeping a secret for Téa. Rachel better tell him where Téa is.

Kim and Stacy wonder if it’s likely the baby will be a boy or a girl and which she would prefer. They wonder how they can make Rex believe what they want him to believe. Kim suggests that maybe they can motivate Schuyler to say something to Rex about something. Maybe they can “plant” Gigi’s underwear in Schuyler’s home to get Rex to go there. Rex will confront Gigi and she won’t be able to lie to save her life. Stacy tells Kim, Schuyler will know that they are behind it. Kim suggests maybe they can get him to lie for them. Stacy knows that Schuyler has gotten “moral” since he’s quit doing drugs. When they are adjusting Stacy’s phony pregnancy pillow, Schuyler walks in to see them.

After Natalie drops the bombshell on Rex that Mitch Laurence is the reason why Jared is dead, he asks her how that could have happened if Mitch has been dead for years. She then tells Rex that for some reason unknown to anybody, Mitch is alive and well and has killed Jared. Hearing that, Rex is horrified.

Mitch tells the prison guard that he knows how to get God to do what he wants.

Ross packs a suitcase. Téa urges him not to go through with what he intends to do. She tells him that he must know that things between them have not been good in a long time, but the one good thing they have is Daniella. He tells her that she is as much his as she is Téa’s. She assures Ross that he can see her. He tells her that of course he will see her because she is coming with him. He gets into a struggle with Téa, picks her up and throws her on the bed to prevent her from leaving. She screams.

At the hospital, Greg and Rachel attempt to find Dani and know that she might be going to find her mother. Todd wants to find Téa before it’s too late. Rachel then admits to Todd that Téa is at the hotel across the street.

It appears that Ross is attempting to choke Téa. He is determined to find his daughter against her wishes, and she is screaming for him to let go of her. 

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